Disabled, fat man, Mississippi State alum

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As a state fan, i must disagree. I agree on the position It should be eric moulds. He actually made it in the league; doin odell things before odell was even bornp
Leach's offense was top 5 in fewest 3 and out6 combined with a defense that forced 3 and outs 47% of the time
I'm still a young pup(38) but lifelong state fan and now,calukni. I'm used to run, run, run, run, to set-up a shot play. Now it's gonna be short oass, short pass, short pass, to set up the shot play. Will be exciting to watch. They'll catch somebody offguard
These players that are testing positive came back to practices from AHOME! They didn't get it im the car on 5he way back
6-6 receiver that a 4.38 40. This kid was vorn to be an outside receiver for mike leach
The innovator of the 5-5-3 defense, joe lee dunnis a former mississippi state DC who took the defense # 1 in the nation, in total defense back in '98. Arnett has taken it and modernized it under his mentor, and defensive guru, rocky longanmodernized it
The schedule is set up for that. Sec defenses are built to stop the run. Lsu exploited that last year. I'd say it worked out pretty well, and state is bringin in a top 10 national QB
better kickers are comin in. the writin was on the wall for that young man. here's hopin he's blessed in his future career
never heard of him, did he leave because he was so burried down on the depth chart. Hudspeth probably. recruited him
he''s a grad transfer so we'll have him for 1 year. there's plenty of depth there
state is bringin in a coach whoseboffense is a perennial. top 10 offense and a top 10 national QB to run said offense. I hope the people operatin the scoreboard can keep up
yeah, I was seein a "redshirt year" for the heir apparent to adjust and learn the playbookbehind the veteran
both schools need to get with ESPM, to renegotiate. the egg bowl broadcast contract. the game got a whole lot more entertaining
lame kitten has been a complete failure a every power 5 school he's ever coached at if you take away the years he was saban's c!&ck holster. in 18 years as a head coach, Leach has gone to a bowl game in 16 of said seasons.
lame kitten is inheriting a 4-8 team that NO NFL team wanted anything to do with no player on the team. not one player was drafted. plums sucker better enjoy his move to the slot. kiffin's not Dan mullen. he's not gonna ask his QB to run the ball 20 times a game. state is bringing in a perennial top 10 offense and a top 10 QB that passed for 3500+ yards in '18. along with one of the most unique defenses that is hard to prepare for
I couldn't imagine how hard that must be.
I don't want to watch entitled procks with no sense of humor. Bhe probably wants to use thevwomen's bathroom
Those that weren't good enough to get interest from anybody else. So they jumped at the chance to play for an sec school
People need to get a freakin sense of humor. Who, outside tuscaloosa gives a crap what finebam and those satellite dish ears, thinks. This is just evidence of our coddled, everybody fets a trophy spciety
Everybody is losin their minds over somethin that has existed forever. Check your lysol cans. This is nothin but an effort by the media to blow in out of proportion to tank the stock market and wreck the economy so Trump's not reelected. I guess i'm just a conspiracy theorist
He's already deleted tweets. Personally, i think it's stupid because he's an American, and we're free to express ourselves
That's basically all bama and lsu did on offense last year and state has a top 10 QB in the nation, transferrin in. I'm excited
Defense that was an innovation of former defensive coordinator joe lee dunn and he had the # 1 defense in the nation. The game has changed obviously with the spread, but arnett has modernized it
Bama wnd lsu werevbqsically passin offenses, last yearm. The face of sec football could be changin
Be great to see the ball in the air on 3rd and long as opposed to a QB or HB draw that has been the call for a decade
*Win a new years bowl. Not some junk, mid december bowl game
As the sayin goes, "if you have 2 QB's. You really have no QB's. Also keep in mind that plimlee and ealy, both play baseball which takes them out of spring practice. Kiffin's not gonna ask his QB to run the bal 20 times. He's neither rich rod, nor dan mullen. So plumlee will likely cede the QB job to corral and be expected to learn a new position(slot) in fall camp