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The storyline is 100% why this and most bowl matchups, happen. It's all about tv ratings. It's a great recruiting opportunity for state as they get in on a lot of recruits, in texas because of his time at texas tech. Lots of texas high schools run the air raid offense after seeing it ran so effectively at ttu
His name's not lane kiffin. State won't bbe goin for it on fourth & 1 in the 3rd quarter from their own 30 when up by 40!
His name's not lanevkiffin. State won't bbe goin for it on fourth & 1 in the 3rd quarter from their own 30 when up by 40!
I'm not a bama fan, in the least. I'm a mississippi state alum. All you have to do is ask auburn fans about what it's like to feel as if you have bama backed into a corner as you're droppin "haymakers". Auburn doesn't have nfl-ready talent all over the field like bama. In the end, talent makes up for a lot. Georgia DOES. If they get behind to UGA, i don't see bama gettin back in it. I've been mistaken more than a couple times. Never wrong,vjust mistaken.. lol
Sec AD's voted UNANIMOUSLY to allow them. State puts "save the bell, just yell" on the video boards("this is why we can't have nice things".. lol what if they outlawed rolling toomer's corner in auburn, or the hotty toddy cheer, bringin a razorback, no more eagles at auburn just because somebody thought it was stupid or annoying
How about coaches tellin their players to fake injuries when he wants to hault momentum. If you need to stop momentum be a man and call a timeout. You know,like they do in basketball. Again, remember that schools in the sec voted UNANIMOUSLY to allow state to keep the bells. What school wants to give up traditions. If they take away the cowbell. Would auburn fans be cool with losin the eagle or rolling toomer's corner, which the university has already asked them not topartake in that tradition but they continue to do it, or ole miss fans stop singing the hotty toddy cheer, although it is an accurate question to ask, ,"who the h*ll are we". All because somebody thinks it's stupid somelState puts on the video boards not to ring the bell.. "save the bell, just yell". Okay, my novel is done!
You mean the same thing he has had at every stop he's made in his 20 year career. The offense has been much more balanced these past couple weeks. Gettin ready beast on that juco defense next week on thanksgivin. Have fun runnin the score up on vandy. Batbleast this is a power 5 yeam
Mike leach isn't like lame kiddin, who leaves his starters in to play game against tulane when they were winnin by 40 in the 3rd quarter when he goes for it on 4th and 1 from his own 30. Gotta inflate those stats for a never had a chance heisman campaign of matt corral. Meanwhile, will rogers leads the sec in most every passing statistic
The lsu ADvis known for takin a premier coach from a comfortable blocal to a new job. He brought peterson from boise st. To washington and also brought jimbo fischer from florida st. To a &m. Lane is makin 5 mil, this year because of a $500,000 bonus for stayin all season. So 4.5bmil/per. Lsu can offer him 6 or 7 mil/per plus vast respurces in the fertile recruitin grounds of Louisiana
State just made good halftime adjustments and quit bitin on play action
I must admit at halftime. Part of me remembered the comeback against la tech, the other part of me said but this an sec defense with a stout secondary and prepared for the @$$-wgoopin that we were about to endure. Best 4 los team in the country. That's a huge accomplishment (sarcasm font). Leach does a good job of gettin these "geeked up" for the ranked opponents
When your players miss 3 field goals in a game, includin a 23 yarder. It's his job to coach the team up. Mike leach is a very unorthodox coach. This is leach sayin nobody's job is secure. This is motivation for them to try harder
Jeckel & hyde, when he's on, he's good. When he,'s off, he looks like a three fingered monkey havin a stroke
*inherited, most of them. He's only recruited one class(the last). Mostbof those are redshirting
Coach prime is currently away from the team at jackson state. Nobody really knows what's happened just that he's goin through a lot of physical trauma. I'm not goin to speculate. I'mississippi born and raised. Jackson is a crazy dangerous place that gangs have taken over. There's basically a shootin there every night. I was in the hospital there in after a car wreck for 4 months. They came by the hospital room every night to make sure we'd locked the door.
Comin from Mississippi state alum. Scot strickland was the AD at mississippi state while mullen was coach. Mullen was an icon at mississippi state. I'm a realist though. Any amount of success would earn icon status at a lower end of the conference, team. Florida expects championships. Heck, they fired mcelwain qfter winnin the sec east in back to back seasons. A mid december bowl game will get you job security at mississippi state. You can do that with 2& 3 star recruits. There's a reason he never beat bama. Coachin will only get you so far. Talent wins out, in the end
They fired him before and he took them to court over his buyout i believe. Why would he go back and why would they want him back. This is just click bait
That's what the air raid offense is.. a barrage of dink and dunk stuff that controls time of posession and keeps the chains moved. That's a recipe for tirin the opposin defense
Mississippi state led by will rogers is head and shoulders than the kj costello-led mississippi state team from last year. Just ask kentucky. They held state to just 2 points, last year. This year, state dropped 31. Unlike ole miss, state's not gonna surrender 50+ points.
Only team in the nation to beat three top 25 teams
Rogers had a 92% completion rate and 344 passin yard an average defense is good enough to win that game. UK has been turnin the ball over all season. That's not new. UK hasn't won in starkville since '08
5th opponent that state has held to under 100 yards, rushin. State is gonna have to throw the money at zach arnett to keep him in starkville
Jordan rodgers had sprees, in the box up in the booth! Lol
Kind of borin, unlike the gem that is the pirate #hailstate
That's just it, there hasn't been enough research to know any of the problems. How about all the people gettin blood clots
As a state alum, i'm admittedly a homer who keeps my maroon and white shades, on. I realistically see 7 wons. Vandy, tennessee st.(homecomin). Arkansas is provin each week that they're overrated. That overrated team recently recently dropped 50+ and almost 700 yards on ole miss in oxford. They will be playin state in starkville. I realize i have high expectations, but isn't that what is expected of a fan. I didn't pay tuition money, to state so i could gove up on them