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If leach had not refused to run the ball on 4th downz last year, etate 2ould have beat lwu in death valley. Barbay is a mcelwain disciple, whose offense proved to be successful in the sec. There's no more forcing a big aXII offense to work in the sec
13 straight nowl games. I remember the days of 1 and 2 win seasons
The pirate ship wasn't to honor leach. It's the nucaneers home field, so the pirate ship is always there
The pirate ship wasn't to honor leach. It's the nucaneers home field, so the pirate ship is always there
To this point, coach A has done and said all the right thing. That's starts with bringin in a coach that runs an offense that has been proven to win in the sec. Barbay is a mcelwain(who won the east in back to back seasons) disciple
I think he's hopin saban won't put up 60 points on him if he loses his head far enough up nick's @$$
I think lame wishes nick was his daddy. Of course, he owes the rehab of his career, ti saban
Yes sir, state and UGA both have beautiful dogs. Current uga is no. 10, right?
Yes sir, state and UGA both have beautiful dogs. Current uga is no. 10, right?
Lemonis isn't sec COACH material. He's an ace recruiter, but can't make bench decisions. Jow about a stolen base pinch hitter/runner sometime and make a pitchin change BEFORE h walks 3 straight hitters and you blow a 10-1, lead. Fohen left before he had to deal with any ramifications from fans over 2 lost seasons from his hire. Selmon needs to hire lane burroughs away from la tech
He's a lifetime loser that got his coachin start because his dad is monte kiffin. Bhe hasn't proven he can recruit and develop. You can't whine and cry about not bein able to sell your program to 5 star recruits like georgia & bama. If you wre a coach, earnin $9 mil, prove that you can develop a winnin program so you don't have to use your years of experience buyin players to poach players from other rodters. Keep in mind that the "portal king" has lost 5 of the last 6 games #fupcakekiller
They need to save the salt for their fries and cheese steaks. Just because owne them and showed how to beat the regular season's top team. Dak didn't make them dominate the first half before fallin flat and surrenderin a 10 point first half lead. He owned them on the field &:lives in their heads, rent free off the off the field
Impressive that he was able to hold the entire recruitin class, minus 1 with no OC and only a few days to sell them on HIS vidion as a first time head coach. I'm eager to keep the progression of euccess, continue
I love the youth of the staff. A 36 year old "should"be able to connect eith an 28 year old out of college a LOT better than a 60 or 70 year old coach. The DC is 36 snd the OC is 41.
No, his offenses didn't do that against sec defenses. He also didn't have sec players. His offense excelled anongst like competition
Jans just has to recruit plsyers that can put the ball in the basket
Both he and tulu deserve more touches on the offensive side of the ball. With their speed, if they can make one man miss; you're not catchin them. It takes two eyes to watch them run. One to see where they were and one to see where they're goin. I don't get paid to make those decisions & nobody called to ask my opinion
He never had eye-poppin stats, but he was my favorite receiver. If you forget the muffed punt in last year's lsu game, there was no other person who could consistently be founted on for a first down
The pirate was a simple, selfless man. He was always usin hisbplatform to help others. He wanted prople to be as, if not more, successful than himself
Olevmiss had the no. 3 rushin offense in the nation. Netate held them to 78 rushin yards. First time ole miss has been held under 200 yards since kiffin has been there. Bama wasn't typical "bama" this year, but the defense held them to 28 yards, rushin. What they ro struggle with is runnin quarterbacks
We're the a2ay team, eo it depends on what they will let them wear
We're the a2ay team, eo it depends on what they will let them wear
The irony of what leach fell a few weeks shy of, coachin in a stadium with a pirate ship. his post game conference would have had more to do with the cannon, than the game. The man was a treasure. There will never be another one like him
I was eo excited to see what leach'sboffense would look like with a QB that had the slightest bit of athletic abilityand sec caliber. I'm a rogers fan. He's the most unathletic QB who could make the dafe plays, but would never make the "Heisman moment" plays that it takes to beat the bamas and georgias of college football. Of course, we got eo used to the uber athletic qbs like daknprescott and nick Fitzgerald RIP pirate
I don't know what's goin on but i have unique experience in this matter. I had a wreck in starkville,goin back to school, in &03. They took me to the small medical center there in th that county. I was BAD. They weren't equipped for it; so they transferred me to UMMb i suffered a traumatic brain injury, in the wreck. Then, 2 days, in UMMCz, i had a etroke. Prayers for coach leach qnd his family. the irony is that UMMC is the university of mississippi medical center(ole missvmed school). It's a very good hospital
If you need your ego stroked so much that you can't handle criticism from your coach. Where's the proof that leach said it? Slthough it totally sounds like a mike leach thing