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I'm personally never in favor of firin a coach, mid season. Playe poprs need consistency in message. Can you blame jomo for the lack of a passin game, last year. He was ha.strung With a QB that was recruited for his ability to RUN the ball, not pass. This year he has has a man crush on a transfer QB that has been a bust because he's to soft for the SaeC , so he's relied on a true frosh that finally rewarded the position he's earned. He needs time to get the players that he recruited for HIS offense instead of players recruited for a QB draw every down and distance, offense. I believe that every coach should be afforded the time to build a program! I'm obviously in the minority, but i'm used to that because i'm also disabled. There was never this kind of vitrial when mullen loet to s. Alabama or perhaps there was and it's just the fact that social media wasn't such a "thing", yet. As state fans, we preach "family"'and supporting our players. I'm not a hypocrite. Once we roll upig, ACU, and win the egg bowl; to go bowlin for the 10th straight year. There won't never the uproar to fire jomo. A lot of fans have lost their privileges to brag, as a "fan". I am proud to be an MaSU alum. Ole sissy is the program in the editch. We need to take advantage, not put ourselves in the ditch beside them not bring out the pitchforks. I HATE fairweather fans. It's never been a better time in my life, admittingly, i'm young(37) but i remember 2 and 3 win seasons wirh wnnual loses to teams like UAB, troy, maine. Okay, I'm steppin off my soapbox now!
He ain't goin nowhere, it's Midway through his second year with "mullen's team". These guys were recruited for a run first, run second, run third, run QB draw every play, offense. It's half way through year 2. He's signed through '22. He ain't goin nowhere
Jenkins, Dak, Redmond, Preston Smith were talked about the whole game
Mr. Brad, I agree with everything except holding lsu to 27. I'm thinking more along the lines of 42-17! Joe burrow definitely has an invitation to NY in his future
Patience is needed. Give Moorhead time to get "his" team on the field. Where were no fans walkin around, cryin that the world was over. After we smoked Kentucky. If we smoke UT in the next game. Everybody will be happy again. Leave the fair weather fan stuff for the tools in Starkville north
Exactly, he's having to adjust to a new league while tryin to rebuild after losing so much of last year's production
Well if you are worried about effecting the recruitin. How do you think it will affect recruitin if you change coaches, mid season. Players build a bond with a coach after bein recruited by them for a year or better. The problem is the youth on defense. I'm not saying you're wrong. I'm just saying that I disagree
Moorehead is fine. 2 years is harcontribute all over the fielddly enough to install your system. The team is YOUNG with true freshmen havin to
Why can we not have a good offense and a good defense in the same year. I still that if afforded the same amount of time as Mullen. Moorhead will get us back to "that" level. The defense doesn't have 3 first rounders. To expect the same results as last year would be misguided.bbi thought we could at least have a top 25 defense
I don't like runnin him so much in these non conference games. We need him fresh for sec play
That's plenty of experience in the offense. Just don't expect the efficiency in the passing game
Exactly, jomo said go out there and talk to the media so there is no widespread fear amongst the fan base, but don't confirm anything. You leave that up to me
Was Moorhead callin all the QB runs or was kick Makin those "reads" because he wasn', confident enough in his throwin ability
He's gonna listen to his agent and get himself on another team. He hasn't done anything to warrant be the League's highest paid player. He hasn't won a super bowl or mvp. There are players that have done that and are Makin less
I would have to give Mississippi state's to kylin hill. I think Joe Moorhead learned last year that sec games are won and lost on the line of scrimmage. He came out of the spring and told hill and the other backs that they'd be gettin the ball a lot more, this year
I don't think Moorhead is completely confident with givin complete control of his offense over to KT. He saw exactly what his offense was capable of with an inefficient QB, last year They ran some plays with Steven's on the field with mcsorley. Like he ran some plays with KT and Fitz on the field together. Steven's was brought in as a known commodity and insurance policy. They've never called and asked my opinion, though
If you'll notice. Bjork was immasculated by Moorhead after egg bowl. Bjork packed up and shipped out before it happened again
Keep in mind, this kid has never started a college game. Then again, he left Penn State because he wasn't named the starter. Why would he transfer somewhere that he wasn't given assurances that he was goin to start of assured that he would be a strong candidate to win the starting job of he came in
You shoulda hung out with me. Disabled people can have a blast. I'm biased, but I'm pretty freaking awesome
Oi think this move is 100% to push keytaon and an insurance policy. i don't think Moorhead feels comfortable, turning the offense over to KT. That's the real reason Moorhead didn't turn it over to him in the midst of Fitz's struggles. He's just not efficient and routinely makes bad reads
He's obviously never coached on the sec level, but he has won everywhere he's been. He put up 8 wins with a team of players that didn't fit his offense in any way. Mullen recruited players that just push people and paved the way for his predictable offense. Offensive linemen didn't have to make reads or pass block. He had to deal with a mental midget at QB that couldn't make the right reads. He was recruited for 1st.. QB draw. 3rd & 15... QB draw. Moorhead needs a QB that can complete a pass longer than 5 yards.bbstate's been winning 7 and 8 games with recruiting classes in the 30's. Moorhead is gettin those top 25 classes. Recruiting is the lifeblood of a program. This is a steal!
One year/player could turn out to be the exception, not the rule
Sorry naysayers but ANY coordinator would bolt for an AFBS HC job. That's every coordinnators dream is to become a HC. I don't know the exact numbers but I'd guess 50% of head coaches got their start as a coordinator. Some on that list are washed up former head coaches that couldn't pickup a ride
The woman was in a tight with his sister. He was breaking up the fight. She swung, he was a teenager. I'm a pretty big man myself. Bi've always said that I'll never hit a woman. If she tries to fight a man; she put herself in a man's position
He was a model student after given his second chance. What teenager hasn't made a mistake? Personally, I thank God for second chances
I personally, don't know the "pre-existing condition" is it somethin that is commonly diagnosed and controlled like high blood pressure or cholesterol) or is it somethin structural. If this was known about before Indy. It's nothin that they were worried about and tried to hide
Like you, I'm skeptical, but the defense was deep with sophomores and juniors. When you're not Rollin in 5 stars every year like bama; it's hard to replace the production of 2 first rounders on the DL. That constant pressure bis what aids your secondary to be one of the best