Disabled, fat man, Mississippi State alum

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This was a bit of an obvious one. Kj was brouggt in by leach, to run his system, not, waste him and further diminidh his draft stick. He came to elevate under the wb whisperer ala gardner minshew
The sec is gonna get an eye opener. This the type of offense that is unlike anything any sec coach has prepared for
Leach succeeded at texas tech and WSU(took them to a bowl game in all 8 seasons he was there, at a school that had never been to one). Both of these schools were mid tier their conference. 7th winningest active cfb coach. 12 8 win seasons in his 18 years as a HC. He has gone to a bowl game in 16 of thkse 18 seasons. State'svlike 3 or 4 deep with 4* rb's. Last year,vlsu proved a passing offense can succeed in the sec if you have a running back that can pound the ball when you need those tough yards. Lsst year's sec rushing leader returned. State brings in a top 10 national QB
Leach is a QB whisperer and recruitin the wr depth that his offense depends on. What a change to see mississippi state actually be a draw to offensive players besides running backs an wb's that can run with no arm and 2 star recrivers with juco talent
Need all the pass catchers that we can get in this offense, especially one with that type of production and already knows the offense
This is the second player in 6 years to be be arrest6 for rape. It's a new coach so it's a program culture
I'm an MSU fan and i agree he deserved more punishment than that. They also made him go to counseling. It's not like this was somethin that happened all the time. This was the first time it had happened. He was gettin the lady off his sister and she started wailin on him after insultin his dead relative. He wasn't a member of the team yet. He was still in high school. I'm not just stifyin what he did. NOTHIN justifies a man hittin a woman, especially a man his size. I personally thank the Lord for second chances. He was a model student sthlete and 4.0 student
As q state tan, whether we play this year(pains me to say it,cbutbjot lookin good) or we have to wait until. I'm just ready to see somethin beside state's usualt 1st down... Run 2nd down.... Run 3rd down.. now that we have them stackin the box, let's do somethin different.. incomplete pass 4th down.. punt Offense. Now it will be throwin a short pass to set up a shot play
As a state fan, i must disagree. I agree on the position It should be eric moulds. He actually made it in the league; doin odell things before odell was even bornp
Leach's offense was top 5 in fewest 3 and out6 combined with a defense that forced 3 and outs 47% of the time
I'm still a young pup(38) but lifelong state fan and now,calukni. I'm used to run, run, run, run, to set-up a shot play. Now it's gonna be short oass, short pass, short pass, to set up the shot play. Will be exciting to watch. They'll catch somebody offguard
These players that are testing positive came back to practices from AHOME! They didn't get it im the car on 5he way back
6-6 receiver that a 4.38 40. This kid was vorn to be an outside receiver for mike leach
The innovator of the 5-5-3 defense, joe lee dunnis a former mississippi state DC who took the defense # 1 in the nation, in total defense back in '98. Arnett has taken it and modernized it under his mentor, and defensive guru, rocky longanmodernized it
The schedule is set up for that. Sec defenses are built to stop the run. Lsu exploited that last year. I'd say it worked out pretty well, and state is bringin in a top 10 national QB
better kickers are comin in. the writin was on the wall for that young man. here's hopin he's blessed in his future career
never heard of him, did he leave because he was so burried down on the depth chart. Hudspeth probably. recruited him
he''s a grad transfer so we'll have him for 1 year. there's plenty of depth there
state is bringin in a coach whoseboffense is a perennial. top 10 offense and a top 10 national QB to run said offense. I hope the people operatin the scoreboard can keep up
yeah, I was seein a "redshirt year" for the heir apparent to adjust and learn the playbookbehind the veteran
both schools need to get with ESPM, to renegotiate. the egg bowl broadcast contract. the game got a whole lot more entertaining