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You realize that corral lost his top 2 pass catchers. They have "bodies" at the position but it's not particularly easy to replace the production from star players. I'm sure kiffin will find a way yo scheme around it with more routes out of the backfield with ealy. I,bpersonally don't believe it will be easy tor them to replicate last year's offensive output. Of course, I'm a state alum so my opinion caries with it, a bit of bias
I'm only 39 and watch pregame, game, postgame. Of course, i'm disabled with no job. So i got time to kill.. lol
state fans i know that were sittin in the same section said espn came and put mics their section so espn perpetuate the problem. If you've seen the dumb and dumber movie where they're driving down the road and one asks the question; do you wanna hear the most annoyin sound in the world? The vandy whistlers is the answer. Take away the very first innin and state dominated the series. Vandy had nothin special outside rocker, leiter
That was horrible for nc state. I smell a rat, personally. Somebody got paid
Thank ya, i know that was hard to say, ad an ole miss fan. Me personally, i'm a missisippian first. Anything to make the state get some positive attention on the national stage
Is this really a problem that they6 focused on; are there enough meth dealers in town to accomodate?
8-8 was the expectation with romo, who couldn't win in the playoffs. Dak has yet to prove that he can Mccarthy is a super bowl winnin coach. Bhe says dak is super bowl caliber. Havin won one, he knows what it takes. Mccarthy is responsible for aaron rodgers' development. Look at the numbers, pre injury. If they get that defense turned around. They'll be back atop the division this year and keep a strangle hold on it for several years. Romo's back was shot from all the times he had to get up off his knees. The coach is no longer a former cowboys backup QB
Did you put any thought into this pr were you just tryin to meet some sort of quota? He had one 5 win season at ole miss. He lost his top twonpasscatchers Leach is the 7th winningest active coach He was a tezas tech from 2000-2009 He was at washington state from 2012-2019 Leach stays at a job and develops a reputation ooffensive innovator Kiffin stays long enough yo be fired for cheating and ineffectiveness Mike leach got his start by bein a good coach. Lane kiffin got his start by ridin the pine at fresno st. But his daddy is monte kiffin
I'm a state alum, so i will forever be critical ole miss. Ole miss had the 126th of 127 defenses last year and gave up 200+ ypgbon the ground. Corral loses his two top pass catchers. You can credit the poor defense to the vid preventing practice time tonlearn a new scheme(i certainly blame that for state's horrendous offense) . I know they had a nice recruiting ranking as usual. Where they go wrong, in recruiting, is that they focus all of their attention on offense. Scorin 30+ is sexy, not shutouts! I'm not sure how much of the incoming class are immediate difference makers.
As an msu alum, I don't mind it at all. My only complaint is that it makes it hard to do the family thing when uyou live as far away from the stadium as i do(3 hours). I'm just one person. I'm disabled, now so it's not like i'll be goin to the game. There's never a bad day to watch a game
The kids actually get a spring to LEARN the offensive & defensive systems. Tough defense is what state is known for.
To bad rogers throws for 700 on a defense that is annually a laughing stock. Marks rushes and receives for 100+.
Nathan pickering, who opted out last year was the starter at nose will should be back. Fred peters will be back at safety along with former 5* jalen green, who transfered in from texas
It took a state team agreein to play with fewer than the required number of players. Elijah moore and yeboah are off to the nfl, ealy has essentially been a bust. He bettervthrow for at least 600 yards. Kiffin brought the same defensive staff that brought you the 126thbof 127 defenses
Exactly, it mrans nothin until the pen hits paper. Kids aren't taught to honor rheir world
Agreed, i think that distinction will go to the freshman, robertson. I'm not sure he'll takethe reins in year 1 but he's definitely gonna pressure rogers, who played in the air raid in high school while backin up minshew(which i think was a reason leach recruited will, to wazzou
They ran the ball a lot more and much more effectively, late. The OL was garbage, early. They started learnin to pass block 50+ times a game. They were recruited to run the ball 20+ times a game.
Everytime he touched the ball, he came up, limpin. His heart was protestin the flag of a state that gave him 4 free years of a college education
I would agree. State's gonna surprise siom people this year. A 9 win season wouldn't surprise me, but i'll go safe with 8 because get the rent-a-win games, back. Leach's offenee is simplistic so he wins via practice and execution. His offenses can execute it better than the defense can defend it. At texas tech, michael crabtree was the biletnikoff winner. He spent anbentire bowl gamevpractice just runnin go routes. The year 2 mike leach magic is legit. How often have we, as state fans seen OUR qb play just 9 games and pass for just under 2000 yards. That's just my opinion, as a 38 yearbold, disabled, former engineering major. I admit i''m young,vdumb, and a homer
I like the selection for msu. Wateon is the only iLB on the roster. Not a sexy WR pick,vyou'd think given the type of offense and the coach. Great research of the roster
Look how production went up once he got the right QB in there. running the air raid takes the right players.bbthe team was recruited to run first Ryn second Incomplete pass Punt Now they're runnin 50+ pass plays a game. It takes time!
Why do you assume he's runnin them off.bbyou know, guys signed up to play for a different coach. Roster turnover is goin to happen with a coachin change. Bleach doesn't let them run the ship, like moorhead, did. leach is in charge. if they're not onboard.. bye felicia
I thought this was interestin. Mullen's first season was 5-7 and failed expectationd. He took over a team that croom had already done a goodvjob of establishin a culture. He just wasn't a good coach. That followed, with so far 11 consecutive bowl games. Leach's first year ended at 4-7. He had to purge some players to establish his brand of culture
His offenses in year 1 are sure to suck. Bmississippi state has historically been a run first, run second, incomplete pass, punt offense that won with the hope that its runnin game puttin up jusenough enough points for a stout defense to hold the opponent down. Now they're bringin in a coach that's known for throwin the ball more than anybody. His teamsvpick WAY up. He recruited rodgers(who went to the same high school as gardner menshew, coached by rogers' dad) menshew engineered an 11 win season under leach at washington state.