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Everybody is losin their minds over somethin that has existed forever. Check your lysol cans. This is nothin but an effort by the media to blow in out of proportion to tank the stock market and wreck the economy so Trump's not reelected. I guess i'm just a conspiracy theorist
He's already deleted tweets. Personally, i think it's stupid because he's an American, and we're free to express ourselves
That's basically all bama and lsu did on offense last year and state has a top 10 QB in the nation, transferrin in. I'm excited
Defense that was an innovation of former defensive coordinator joe lee dunn and he had the # 1 defense in the nation. The game has changed obviously with the spread, but arnett has modernized it
Bama wnd lsu werevbqsically passin offenses, last yearm. The face of sec football could be changin
Be great to see the ball in the air on 3rd and long as opposed to a QB or HB draw that has been the call for a decade
*Win a new years bowl. Not some junk, mid december bowl game
As the sayin goes, "if you have 2 QB's. You really have no QB's. Also keep in mind that plimlee and ealy, both play baseball which takes them out of spring practice. Kiffin's not gonna ask his QB to run the bal 20 times. He's neither rich rod, nor dan mullen. So plumlee will likely cede the QB job to corral and be expected to learn a new position(slot) in fall camp
That's not really a smilebis it. It looks like a smart alic "i'm back" grin
Ole miss aint gettin to 7 wins. That schedule is BRUTAL . Due to the sanctions, they haven't been able to recruit the horses and depth. I'm a state fan so of course i'm gonna say that but i just think kiffin has walked into a BRUTAL beginningbto the sec. He doesn't have nfl talent all over the field like he did at bama. Matt corral's just not explosive enough. Kiffin's NOT gonna ask his QB to run the ball 20 times. He's not dan mullen. How does plumlee settle in, in the slot where the corners and safeties are just as fast. Will ealy be back or will he go in the mlb draft. I have said the same for state. How do they fare not that they qre completely buckin the tradition of bein a runnin team to now, throwin the ball 40-70 times a game. As a state fan, i've never been more excited for football season. Ole miss fans should be excited as well. Football in mississippi is changin for the better. I just don't see them gettin to 7. That schedule is BRUTAL!
I'm more excited for the defensive coordinator they've brought in. He runsva 3-3-5 whichbisva very unique defense that's hard to prepare for. Joe lee dunn, the originator of the 3-3-5. He was qt state in '98 and '99 and had the # 1 defense in the nation. Offenses have changed drastically with the spread. The 3-3-5 is made to get more speed on the field and cover sideline to sideline. His defense wt san diego state was # 6 in the nation,vlasy year. Yes, he's makin a jump from mountain west to the sec, but he's also gettim sec athleyes. Leach's offense hasn't finished outside the top 20 since '00 when it was # 11. It'll be nice to see the ball in the air on 3rd & long instead of a QB or HB draw on 3rd & alabama.. lol
I'm not sayin they will because UGA is a great team with a great coach. Like mississippi state, how do they adjust to an offense that is a complete contrast to the traditions of the history of offenses at said schools. Both teams have been known traditionally as hard-nosed runningboffenses. Obviously, mississippi state doesn't have the same record of success as UGA. The fact that msu brought in a top 10 QB will help ease their transition. The sec seems to be changin the "brand" both bama and lsu have basically been throwin the ball all over the field
The past several years,vbama and lsu have been passin offenses. UGA is also bringin in the qir rqid. Like state, they are traditionally a runnin team. Leach + costello woll bring offensive numbers likebnever seen in starkville, by state. It'll be great to see the ball in the air on 3rd & long instead of a HB or QB draw
I've never been more excited for football season. Mike leafh is one of the best coaches in america. His name alone brings national relevance
I have nevermore excited, as an msu fan, for football season than i am for 2020. An offense that hasn't finished outside the top 10 since it was # 11 in 2000, and the return of joe lee dunn's famed 3-3-5defense that was last year's # 6 defense in the nation. Top offense and top defense. Immediate relevance, in his 18 seasons as a head coach. He has gone to a bowl game in 16 of them. Bama and lsu have both basically turned into passing offenses!!!
Icompletely agree. Stewart's jump shot is as good as i've eeen. Perrybalready is a star. Etewart is an emerging etar
I think back to the days of the # 1 defense and the originator of the 3-3-5 defense, joe nlee dunn
We signed a nice class of taller//physical receivers to give osirus some help
Especially for the offense that the fan base has wanted and thoughtvwe had, in moorhear. No more HB draw on 3rd and 25. We don't have a heisman QB, but it excited me to watch the natty title game because lsu's offense is a lotbof air raid foncepts that joe brady took from the saints to lsu. I seriously can't even fathom what it would be like to have a QB that was that accurate and seemingly hits all their shot plays downfield. State hits one or two a year
I wasn't a fan of the hire, but the more i read and think about it; i am more and more amped i become
It's gonna take time for them to build aveinner. Neither coach has the talent on hand to run their offenses
We're really not sure what our receiversvare capable of. You'd have never convinced me that osirus mitchell would ever be our best receiver
Passin the ball 70 times with be a welcome change from watchin HB draws on 3rd and 25
They need to get eith espn and renegotiate the egg bowl broadcast contract. . In one offseasom. I can't wait for kiffin & leach start trsdin barbs
State and ole miss need to get eith espn to renegotiate the egg bowl contract. In one offseason it became one of the most entertainin rivalries in the nation. It's gonna be so hilarious when leach and kiffin start sharin barbs