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"I believe clemson would have beaten Alabama. Because they were good on offense and defense!!!" Maybe you should have watched the actual Clemson game before you posted.
Actually BS just started coaching over in Oxford. Cochran can see through that I'm sure.
Apologized to HIS team and coaches.... what about an apology to MS State fans, team, and coaches? Not sincere.
...same place you got your Engerish degree AT?
Oh, great. Now I have to go buy a FARM, because I wouldn't want to miss a lock bet like this.
What is the deal with this stupid pop-up slide show. It will not go away.
Gary...no one cares what you think. We heard "He has no conscious.." several times from you. He's a sophmore, for crying out loud. You don't seem to have a conscious either.
When did Saturday Down South start using the European plural (... 'the Tide have', instead of 'the Tide has') to describe SOUTHeastern Conference football teams?? Don't they have a Southern editor to prevent this pillage of our Southern English?
Plenty of Home-and-Away games in the SEC regular season. He usually adds 2-3 unscheduled Away games at the end of each season. Georgia seems to be catching on this this trend with Kirby at the helm.
Proving again that ESPN was correct in demoting him to Twitter analyst.
I personally think that the University bears some responsibility, or perhaps better put, gave the 29+ yo too much responsibility. How in the world did they give these guys a CC which allows them unlimited funds with no limits on what they can purchase? In todays computer age, limits like these should be simple to implement.
Living in CO, I have seen what recreational MJ does to communities. It attracts petty-theft vagrants and demotivates the 'using' workforce. Far from harmless.
You can bang on Auburn, but I'll bet Gus handled this one right. Every program has a few bumps along the way. They aren't the worst in the SEC by a long shot.
Congrats to LSU for representing the SEC with class!
Since none of us were there, could he be yelling words of encouragement to the AL players for a great play? Look like he's looking at Reggie to me. I wouldn't know Nick's son if I sat next to him.
Somebody SlapDocy. That's heresy...
I think he made a red mark on the helmet of most of your interior linemen and linebackers, just before that humble red flash ran past them.