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It's a bit farfetched to say Sanders can't teach technique just because he was physically gifted. For that matter, all fast DB's should end up in the Hall of Fame. Speed helps but it is not everything. As a Falcons fan, Trufant and Alford were both fast but consistently got torched. These kids development really boils down to the caliber of coaching staff he puts together and let's not drink the kool-aid that only Power 5 schools can prepare kids for the pros. The NFL has been littered with players who played from Division 3 to HBCU's. With all of that said, Deion I am a fan but stay away from my future Dawgs!!! LOL!!
Agreed. This is way too early for any school to be all hyped up about commitments.
@Nashville Gator, I agree with so much of your assessments that I refuse to take issue with your points on Newman. Well stated!
What QB's has Dan Mullen developed who has made a name in the NFL other than Dak Prescott and Alex Smith. Harbaugh thought so much of Smith that he benched him for Kaepernick and the Cowboys think so much of Prescott that they could not wait to sign him to a long term big money extension right? I'd take Matthew Stafford over both of them. Please don't talk about Mullen as a QB guru. If you think about it, most big time college QB's with NFL careers don't come from the SEC. They come from other conferences and I think that's because of the run first style of the SEC. Who has Saban developed other than Tua? If he had developed Hurts properly, then Tua would be starting this year for the 1st time as a junior. Who did Spurrier develop that has had an impactful NFL career? Rex Grossman? For decades the majority of impactful NFL QB's come from places other than the SEC. Mike Leach and Lane Kiffin will change that, I think. @JTF, I'll go out on that limb also and say there will never be a time UGA does not have a top 10 QB on its roster. It's hard to negative recruit against a winning program.
Running the ball as a QB is entirely different than lining up in the back field and running the ball. I would be stunned if he could be effective as an NFL running back. I can see him being a dominant slot receiver.
Or, are you saying Dak is the best SEC QB currently in the NFL? I'd take Matthew Stafford.
@bad Dawg, are you saying Dak is the best QB from the SEC or MSU?
I don't even understand the comparison to Sherman. He burned Atlanta over 150 years ago. People were lynched as late as the 1940's and possibly later. Let someone make a joke about concentration camps and let's see how many think it is "just a joke"
What if someone in your family had been lynched? Not in the 1700's or 1800's but in the 1940's. Do you think you would find a joke with a noose funny?
I don't know Coach Leach but I have long enjoyed his sound bites, interviews, and press conferences and I'm happy he's in the SEC. Can you imagine him at SEC Media Days? With that said, I have no doubt he didn't intend to offend anyone but what if someone in your family had been lynched in the 1920's, 30's, 40's. Under that scenario, a joke with a noose has a whole different meaning. I thought his apology should have been sufficient without his superiors getting involved.
I agree with you. Some people are reacting as if Herbstreit said definitively there would be no football. His opinion is grounded more in fact that Davis's is. Every football fan out there is optimistic and hopeful the games will be played and that includes Herbstreit but it is more likely Herbstreit is right.(I hope he's wrong). We're almost into April and the virus is still spreading in Georgia where I live. By the way, your petri dish reference is really funny and I'm trying hard not to laugh.
I'm astounded by the incessant Florida hype. For 3 years our defense has been their biggest problem and will be again this year barring injury. Have the experts taken a look at what they've lost on offense? I'm more concerned about Tennessee than Florida. In the trenches, Tennessee will be stout.
In spite of him breaking my heart in the national title game, I hope this kid lights the league up unless he's playing the Falcons.
Dirty South, "People in hell need ice water" I can't tell you how many times I heard that as a kid growing up in Hogansville, Georgia. As a matter of fact, you're the first I have heard mention that outside of Hogansville. It was funny then and it's funny now! Are you from there?
Interestingly BLSINSC, most big time pro QB's don't come from the SEC. If Burrow indeed becomes the 1st overall, he will be the second SEC QB to have that distinction in the last 10 years. The other is Cam in 2010.
The problem the last 18 months has been his arthritic knee, the same one he injured against Auburn in 2015. Let's face it, if he was still producing like he was in 2017, the Rams would not have released him. If he can get back to 80% of what he was in 2017, this is a steal for the Falcons. Go Falcons, Go Dawgs!!!!
The key to running backs thriving in today's NFL is health. Not this fake news of backs being less important to winning. Yes, the money they make league wide is down compared to years past but the role they play on winning games is just as important as it's ever been. The last Super Bowl the Patriots won was because of Sony Michel and if I remember correctly, they ran the ball almost the same number of times as they passed it with Michel averaging almost 5 yards per carry. I love the passing game of today's NFL but I started watching football in the 70's so LONG LIVE THE RUNNING BACK!
If he's 80% of 2017 Todd Gurley, then I don't know of a better free agent running back signing for the Falcons since Michael Turner.
All of the draft experts were high on Ryan Leaf who had no physical limitations. Look at Jake's games and you'll see what he's capable of. Training camp will determine his future and not the Combine.
Life adversity and athletic adversity are not the same. If you're 30 and got passed over for a promotion by someone who's 60, you can stick it out for 5 years or go somewhere else with no restrictions and have an illustrious career. If you're an 18 year old freshman QB and the starter is an 18 year old freshman and is a baller but you believe you're better, why sit behind him for 3-4 more years? Usually teams play one QB at a time. Athletically, you have a 2-3 year window to get it done in college before they recruit someone better than you. It's usually not that short of a shelf life in the traditional workplace. How long was Adam Silver Deputy Commissioner of the NBA while an older man served as Commissioner? He waited his turn for at least 15 years. How long was Roger Goodell in the league office working his way up before Tagliabue retired? Decades. Also we're fooling ourselves if we think coaches are truly objective in their evaluations of players abilities on their teams. I love Jake Fromm but what Dawgs fan thinks he's better than Justin Fields. What Gators fan thinks Franks was better than Kyle Trask? I hope they institute the new transfer rule especially in light of how coaches change jobs and leave kids high and dry.
Agreed. I was glad to see Clowney leave a few years back also.
You're right. That was a horrible call. We got the win but it doesn't feel right. I'm sure our players don't quite see it that way.
That was Chris Carter's advice. I don't know Herm personally but I believe he's too classy to make such a ridiculous statement.
You know what Y'all, elite collegiate athlete's do the same thing. If Fromm, Swift, and Thomas stays, tell me we are not pre season top 3. If Tagovailoa, Judy, and Ruggs stays, tell me Bama is not top 2 if not number 1. Tell me their leaving early is not a let down for their teams and what it could possibly accomplish if these proven players returned for their 4th years. Those kids had 4 year scholarships meaning the schools made a 4 year commitment but those kids left because they felt it was in their financial best interest to do so. I applaud them for their decisions but this whole leaving before your agreement is fulfilled works for them as it does the coaches while not in an exact manner.
For an elite high school kid to choose a school in spite of the coach could be narrow minded. If it's the degree they're after then the coach doesn't matter but let's face it, most of these elite high schoolers are not going to college primarily for the education. They see college as an NFL development league otherwise they would stay until they graduate if it's truly about the degree.(See Jake Fromm among others) If they get injured, then they can complete their degree. Playing for a coach who doesn't enhance their NFL potential is worse than being injured. An injury is beyond their control but playing for the wrong coach is not beyond their control. Primarily, it's the NFL they want. I'm not suggesting your position is wrong and quite frankly, I think both of our positions are valid.
@Weagle99, It's not as simple as choosing a school and not a coach when it comes to athletics. Academics yes, but the coaching staff has more to do with a kid realizing his NFL aspirations than the school. The NCAA should allow all incoming freshmen to be released from their LOI's in specific situations like this. I hate it for those kids and I doubt many of them would have made a different decision than Tucker's if they were in his shoes.