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He's excellent at identifying QB talent. He's not excellent at determining which one should play or determining which, as the coach speak goes, "gives us the best chance to win."
@ The G fan 43, I believe a healthy George Pickens is just as good as Jameson Williams and a healthy Jermaine Burton is just as good as John Metchie. Bama throws the ball much more than we do and in turn their receivers will put up better numbers. Bama would be just as deadly with Pickens and Burton.
Supreme Gump, he evolved when he hired Todd Monken. What he needs is Saban's ability to choose the right QB. Taking Hurts out of the Natty in 2018 was not the most impressive decision because the way Hurts was struggling, that was understandable. Choosing Tua as the starter over an extremely accomplished Hurts was UNBELIEVABLE!!!
Okay, another year of blaming our receivers. I really wish I could see this "coach's tape" that I've been hearing about for many years. I guess Ladd McConkey isn't fast enough to beat man coverage nor is Jermaine Burton. AD Mitchell is not either, huh? Aren't the plays designed to get receivers open against whatever coverage the defense presents? Pickens and Jackson are coming off injuries so I won't even comment on them. Is it remotely possible Bennett is not comfortable with throwing receivers open and needs for them to be open before he releases the ball? Waiting until they're open is often times too late.
After 13 games, Bryce Young is the absolute best QB Saban has had since he's been in the SEC. I know that's a big statement but Bama fans, am I wrong?
I doubt Ole Miss would beat us because they would have a tougher time with us on both lines of scrimmage than Bama did. That's the clear advantage we've had on every team except Bama. Is Florida's offense awful and is Tennesse's offense awful. What about Arkansas? Here's the thing, each team can only play who's on their schedule and if we didn't play good offenses before Bama, then we did exactly what we should do and that is destroy them all.
Got exposed? Really? What does that mean? Does it mean Michigan will do the same? I saw a Bama team that played with a focus that I have not seen maybe since Clemson in the 2018 playoffs. I saw a Bama offensive line dominate a great defensive front all game long and that defensive front was the main reason I thought we would win. Bama fans, in my opinion, this is probably the greatest single game coaching job Saban, and his staff have done this year. This Bama team has the lowest amount of "high end" talent in the starting 22 that I can remember, and I am basing that on the draft projections of your draft eligible players. With that said, you again sit atop the toughest conference in College Football and in turn atop all of College Football. Congratulations!!!
I've never heard that before but I like it. Well said Dartha.
Well said Coach!! You, Kiffin, Leach, and Mike Tomlin are legendary in press conference quotes!
I didn't think Bama's O-line would play this well and that's the difference in the game. We couldn't get to Young and he made us pay. Well deserved and well done Bama!
Exactly right Tidefan, and your O-line has dominated our pass rush and I didn't see that coming. Well done, Bama!
Bama fans, did you think your O-line would play this well? I didn't. That's the difference in the game.
I didn't think their O-line would play this well because they haven't all year. This may come down to who has the ball last.
I'm more bothered by the blown coverage that left him wide open. It's not uncommon for refs to miss calls.
We win by at least 17 because not since the National Championship Game against Clemson has Bama had the least amount of superior talent on the field. Clear advantage to Young at QB and a clear advantage to Robinson as an edge rusher. Bama has 2 receivers we have to be concerned about. Who else on their top 22 should we be wary of? They have to stop our front 7 and even then, the back end of our defense is no slouch especially since we play way more zone than ever under Smart. A pass rush enables you to play zone. Our run game is healthy and very effective and because Bennett spreads the ball around so much, they have way more than 2 receivers to be concerned about. How are they going to stop our offense all game long unless they create turnovers? We average 40 points and it's not as exciting as theirs but it's still 40 points. Can they win, of course? This is not 2019 or 2020 Bama though, and this is arguably from top to bottom the absolute best team Smart has had. If they win this will be the best game day coaching job Saban will have ever had and there should be no debate about who the greatest college coach of all time is. Today, I can't say he is a better coach than Spurrier, Meyer and a few others. He is an EXCEPTIONAL recruiter and has legendary results but I think those guys would have won championships with the same Bama teams he had. My longest post ever and I won't post this long ever again.
I have backed up off OC's because when a play breaks down, it often times has nothing to do with the OC. Did the QB make the right read? Did an O-lineman miss a block? O'brien's offense is averaging 42 points per game so would a better play caller have this Bama team averaging 52? The chances of a guy who has successfully called plays for Tom Brady and Desaun Watson not being able to call successful plays for a college team is really slim. He is not a "1st and Chaney" play caller-two runs up the A gap on first and second down no matter what.
If he keeps the best of those California kids, he may have an easier shot at the playoff than most SEC teams. There's no way an undefeated USC gets left out of the playoff in favor of a one loss SEC runner up. The days of 2 SEC teams in the 4-team playoff are quickly coming to an end.
It's too early to label him a failed NFL coach. This is his first season and it's not like he walked into a team laden with talent. I think he will be a playoff coach at Jacksonville if he stays. If I remember correctly, Jimmy Johnson was 1-15 in his first year with the Cowboys. For the record, I am NOT an Urban Meyer fan at all but he can coach.
Riley ran towards a better route to the playoffs with the top recruiting base in college football. If he gets USC to the playoffs, he will be revered.
Being a national brand is over rated. LSU is an exceptional program. What school can say our last 3 coaches have won national championships? I also don't believe Kelly will struggle to win because he's proven he can coach and recruit and LSU already has top shelf talent. The question is how many of those experienced players will hit the portal?
Do we SEC people really grasp the quality of the coaches in the conference now? Unbelievable!! We are on the verge of there being a 2 loss SEC champion and playoff participant. It's already hard to go undefeated in the SEC and soon will be almost impossible.
Agreed Tidefan8x5. To me, it's called having a contract that allows him to leave before fulfilling the contract. Unless he looked those players and recruits in the eye and said I will never leave you nor forsake you, then leaving after one year is not a character issue.
No way Finley is better than Nix. The way Auburn's defense played in the Iron Bowl, it's a win with Nix because he would make more plays with his feet. I was not a fan of Mike Bobo as on OC his first two years at Georgia but when he left for Colorado State, I wanted to cry. Auburn fans, give him time to acclimate to the talent you have and to recruit his guys. I doubt you will be disappointed.
I think you're right about a two loss Bama team not getting in. If my Dawgs win as does Michigan, Cincinatti and Oklahoma State, how do those 3 conference champions get left out when at worst they will all have 1 loss.
I still can't believe Drink went for two in that game against the Gators. He should have done the Sam Cassel celebration at the press conference instead of the Star Wars thing. The NBA fans among us know what I'm talking about. Google it everyone else.
There's nothing about 2021 Bama that says this should be a close game. They are way more reputation this year than actual performance. Vintage Bama does not allow the 2021 Gators back into the game by running the ball. 2020 Bama does not allow an A&M team with an inexperienced QB play well regardless of how tough it is to play at Kyle Field. 2020 Bama does not allow Arkansas and LSU to hang around. Are they capable of winning Saturday, absolutely, but not without help from us. If they create multiple turnovers and we have to play from behind late then they will probably win. Outside of a complete melt down on our part we will win because we clearly have the best 22 in the country. Other teams have more talented individual players at certain positions but who has our level of talent among the top 22? We're not playing 2020 or 2019 Bama.