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@UsmcDawg, I agree with you in that it doesn't matter right now. I do believe Bama gets the benefit of the doubt because of their dominance in the past. Florida and Notre Dame were ranked in the top 10 when we beat them and somehow a horrible loss to an unranked SC team outweighs two wins against top 10 teams. Wow.
4 turnovers on SC's side of the field and a missed field goal by one of the top 5 kickers in the country. It's hard not to lose with those mishaps on any level of football.
Bama doesn't have top 15 wins like Georgia and should not be ranked ahead of them. This has to be their decade long dominance giving them the benefit of the doubt. Go Dawgs!
The weakness of Auburn is their offense. They're not very good running nor passing and we've handled their stellar defense the last two times we've played them. I expect the same next week. I'm not going to complain about a 27 point shut out especially against a division opponent in a Power 5 conference. Mizzou, I hope Kelly Bryant is back next week and you beat Florida. Go Dawgs!
Does anyone think Bama's last two losses were because of bad coaching by Saban? How was he schooled in either game? Sometimes the opposing team just outplays you. Congrats LSU, much respect Bama. Go Dawgs!
Great game. Ohio State is the best team in the nation because of their defense which is strong on all three levels. Bama's program is not in decline in my opinion, LSU has come up. What makes the SEC elite is when Bama, LSU, Auburn, Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee are all close to each other in talent and you really can't tell who'll win until the game is over.
Our defense has played well but I'm concerned about the passing yardage we gave up against Tennessee and Florida. We are reluctant to blitz even when we're not getting pressure with our front and that scares me if we get to play BAMA or LSU.
Mountain Dog, I'm very happy with the win and I'm very concerned about our pass defense. We don't get consistent pressure with our defensive front and for some reason Lanning is reluctant to bring pressure. Not too concerned about Mizzou,Auburn, or A&M's passing attack, but if we make it to Atlanta,I'll definitely be concerned about Bama's or LSU's passing game,especially with no pressure.
Mister2Bits,as a Dawgs fan, much respect to you for an honest post. One question I have is why isn't Mullen running the ball? Your backs are talented and the game was not out of hand in the first half to where he should abandon the run? I've been more surprised by the lack of rushing attempts by the Gators than anything else. Pierce and Perrine are good players.
You were down double digits until less than 3 minutes in the game. This was not a 7 point game throughout. Sometimes the final score and the play on the field says two different things. Our game against Texas shows that. They dominated the entire game but 28-21 makes it look like a close game. It was not. This is what I mean by talent gap: (1) how many of your players would start for us and (2) you held the strength of our offense in check all game long and were down by double digits all game long. How is it not a talent gap? The media says your Coach is much better than ours. There were no turnovers. The refs made calls that worked against both teams. When you get better players then neither team will have 3 year winning streaks. Respect to the Gators, go Dawgs.
The SC game was about 4 turnovers and 3 of them in SC territory. We still have far superior talent than SC. We beat Kentucky 21-0. Swift didn't have a great statistical game yesterday and we still won and to me that's evidence of superior talent. There were no turnovers in this game but penalties hurt both teams. Regarding Auburn, we've actually handled their defense without much problem the last two games and will be going for 3 consecutive wins against them. Their problem is on the offensive side of the ball. You guys had handled them pretty well. At the end of the day, talent matters. I think Spurrier is a better coach than Saban and as a matter of fact, I think Spurrier is one of the top 5 coaches of all time, but Saban stacks 4 and 5 star kids on his roster better than anyone. Talent matters, coaching helps.
@NashvilleGator, the talent discrepancy is the reason you had 3 points through 3 quarters. You have maybe 4 players who would start on our team. Your TE, both DE's, and maybe a CB would start on our team. That is a huge talent discrepancy and with all due respect, this game was not as close as the score indicates. I believe the talent gap will close after Coach Mullen gets several top 5 recruiting classes and until then, there's a distinct difference in talent.
@ CO Jones, The wheels only fall off if we lose today or next week against Mizzou. The first goal is winning the East. Style points really don't matter. Fromm was not the problem against SC as only one of the INT's were really his fault. The offense as unexciting as it was, put up over 450 yards in spite of 4 turnovers. Most fans buy into media hype too much. I never heard CKS say this was his best team ever but it was certainly trumpeted by the media. Here's the bottom line, we are more talented across the board and if we play our best and the Gators play their best, we should win by double digits. How many Gators would start on our team? Your TE and your DE's and maybe a CB? If the Gators win this game it would be a colossal failure on CKS and a huge credit to CDM. Now, in the future if CDM stacks up consecutive top 5 recruiting classes and closes the talent gap, then all bets are off as to who would win in my opinion. Today, the Gators should not win.
I am a rare Dawgs fan who loves Spurrier and Tebow but respectfully dislikes the Gators. Coach Meyer took the respectful dislike to HATE. With all that said, Gator fans, how did Trask not beat out Franks in seasons past? If Franks was still QB1, I would have no doubt this would be another double digit Dawgs win. Franks and Jake Bentley are long on potential but short on consistent progress to be 3 year starters. Trask makes your offense much, much, better than Franks. Now all I will say is based on overall talent we should win but if Trask get going, I wouldn't be stunned if we lose. Does Trask suck in practice and Franks looks like the number one overall pick? I am stunned that Trask has played as well as he has and it took an injury to get him on the field. What can you share about this Gator fans?
I'm a Dawgs fan and I don't believe he'll take the FSU job. Why? I know nothing about some of the points in the comments about FSU's financials but from a win now perspective, it doesn't make sense. Southern Cal does. As much football hate as I have for Meyer, he's an unbelievable Coach and it did my heart real good to see him leave the SEC as well as Spurrier. (How do you have back to back 11 win seasons at South Carolina)? I am the rarest of Dawgs fan who hates Florida but loves Spurrier and Tebow. Should be a great game coming up in Jacksonville.
Gatorgrad, other teams have played better but that doesn't make them better. I was among those last season who thought Alabama would win because Clemson steamrolled inferior competition in the ACC and had not been tested. Well we all saw how that turned out. I just think an undefeated returning Champion on a 18+ game winning streak should not be penalized for winning while not playing well in every game.
They are the defending Champs and have not lost a game since 2017. How can the polls drop them? I'm not a Clemson fan and it's RIDICULOUS that they're not number 1.
I am still stunned by the number of people blaming the receivers. What I want to know is do they beat press coverage in practice? If not, then maybe the issue is the receivers but if they beat press coverage in practice against our DB's who are pretty good, then the issue is something other than the receivers. I am more inclined to believe it is "Simple Routes" as stated by the Notre Dame coaching staff. That is on Hankton and Coley. Robertson can't beat press coverage? Neither can Pickens and neither can Blaylock? What? Come on?
Gococks, I'm a Dawgs fan and I agree with you 100% about your defense. It was vastly overrated but won't be any more. They deserved to win and they did.
Cockyfan97: If it's true that Tagovailoa outplayed Hurts in the scrimmages and practices, then I have no problem with him considering a transfer because Coach Saban was not being true to what was best for the team. Coaches are not always objective in their assessments of talent. That is a failure of leadership.
Much respect to Notre Dame. They played much better than most everyone thought and probably are better than what most everyone thought. This is a great win and it's pointless to be disappointed about not blowing them out based on the opinions of people who didn't play nor coach in the game. I'm very glad our kids didn't buy into the hype. Other than Texas vs. LSU, what other top 5 teams have played a competitive opponent? The Dawgs, ND, Texas, and LSU know more about their teams than any other top 5 program. Great win, go Dawgs!
Most everyone grossly underestimated Notre Dame except our coaches and players.
Andrew Luck, Patrick Maholmes, Carson Wentz, and Jared Goff have been drafted within the last 10 years. Trevor Lawrence has started 11 games in College and is off to a shaky start and you'd take him above these players? I'm not a Clemson fan nor hater, but I think Lawrence is overhyped after 11 starts, just like Tua was last year. The team he should have carved up was Tech and he STRUGGLED. Time will tell if he's not the latest version of Matt Linheart.
Come on Coach, I'm a Dawgs fan and I know the Vols haven't had the right coach since Fulmer. I still think Pruitt will get it done if they give him time. He didn't have Coach Smart's nor Coach Mullen's level of talent to work with from day one and it's going to take him longer to compete with the better programs. Go Dawgs!
I'm a Dawn fan and I believe the reason Clemson won the game in 2017 was Hurts' inability to complete passes when his team needed it. Clemson did a better job in the second half of controlling Derrick Henry and that forced Kiffin to dial up passing plays. Hurts just could not beat a good defense with his arm at that time and the same was true in the title game against my Dawgs. Bama's defense and running game was the main reason Hurts was 26-2 not his passing skills. Tua was just better as a passer than Hurts in 2018. If Hurts wins the Heisman and Tua is not a finalist then, maybe Coach Saban may regret the decision. Unless something out of left field like that happens, Coach Saban made the right decision. I must admit it was fun watching Hurts throw the ball last night but not watching him run as much as he did. Hopefully we'll win the east and Bama wins the west and we do it in Atlanta again. Go Dawgs!