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Please come to the Falcons and I win twice as a Dawgs and Falcons fan, LOL!
They very well may do that but OSU's passing offense is no slouch either. I think people made too much of their struggles in their last two regular season games. With their starting receivers back, Bama is going to have to defend a top flight passing attack too.
Oh yeah, I got your left-handed compliment. Well played. I'm not a betting man but what you're proposing is intriguing. I think you're right because Najee will be targeted more in the passing game than Sermon. Najee is the best back in the country in my opinion and I can't believe he was not first team All-American. He was second team behind the kid at Iowa State and the kid at Buffalo.
6th best? Wow, that's about as absurd as Najee Harris being second team All-American.
@Slak, I don't know if Pollock came from the same financial background as a whole lot of the kids do who are choosing money over school loyalty. Christian McCaffrey didn't play in Stanford's bowl game and I don't recall any talk of him quitting and he came from a wealthy family. Is it possible he saw to great of a risk to play in Stanford's non-championship bowl game?
Most coaches who leave for other jobs are 95% of the time still under contract with their current teams. Most head coaches do not coach on a contract in its final year because they usually get extended with 2 years left so yes you can make a case they "quit" on the players and schools. I don't see it that way neither do I see post season opt outs as quitting. I am not a fan of opting out during the season like some kids did. Pollock should walk in these kids shoes first before labeling them quitters. Let him experience their financial background and then realize that come April, the signing bonus will be more money than anyone in the family has ever seen, IF you don't get hurt. Is avoiding being labled a quitter by people who don't financially support you more important than "securing the bag" for the people who do?
I believe Bama wins but I don't think they dominate OSU's offense. OSU is legit in the trenches and their skill players are too. Bama wins in a high scoring game.
How is a 17 point win not a blow out especially considering Bama was up by 24 with less than a minute left?
@Boondocksaint,your last paragraph should be immortalized!! Well played!!
I want to believe Houston would not have made that statement if he knew how many starters were going to opt out. At least I hope he would not have. I am an SEC guy through and through but I also realize OU, Clemson, OSU are no slouches either.
He has a valid point. Clemson is the better team and more complete on both sides of the ball than any team in the playoff. If my opinion mattered, Texas A&M would be in OSU's slot because they played 10 games and their only loss was to BAMA.
@CLVOL I am an SEC guy so I definitely want BAMA to win and I believe they will. That said, BAMA's defense is not the juggernaut of past years mainly because they don't have a great pass rush. Notre Dame is much improved from years past on the line of scrimmage and I think they will score some points and it still may not be close as you suggest. The Dawgs scored 24 with Stetson Bennett at QB and very easily could have been more. Ian Book is exponentially better than Bennett.
I doubt anyone would make the argument that Hurts is the better pure passer but it's hard to say who will have the better QB in 5 years. Tua will throw more and will have better passing stats but will passing stats mean he's the better QB? I hope they both excel for their teams! I just hate they excelled against my Dawgs.
Come on, there’s a big disparity in talent between P5 schools and G5. I wish there was a way they could play an SEC schedule in 2021 for just that year and then let’s see how unfair the committee is. In the East, they may beat Vandy but absolutely no one else and they won’t beat anyone in the West. It’s one thing to beat a P5 school on any given Saturday but it’s a whole other thing to line up against superior talent EVERY Saturday. That’s what it would be for a G5 school for 12 consecutive Saturdays.
I have been astounded by how Tennessee has fallen in light of the Fulmer years and now Auburn may be headed that way if they miss on their next coach. Think about it, they’ve played for 2 NC’s under two different coaches in the last decade which is better than most schools in the country can say. It’s a great job but with a very difficult schedule. They have to play Bama, LSU, A&M, and Georgia every year. That’s almost 4 top 10 match ups every year. I hope they get it right.
Stoops would make the coaching talent in the SEC unreal if it’s not already.
And that's why recruits should be released from their scholarships when this happens. Most kids don't sign because of the school, they sign because of the coaches.
@cbmckay, I'm going to push back a little bit with points 1 and 3 regarding actual performance and championship losses. In 2018, the Dawgs lost the second game of the season in the last minute to Bama in the SECCG. Bama never led until the game winning drive. That championship loss kept us out of the playoff and I don't think anyone would say, in spite of two losses, we were not one of the 4 best teams in the country that year, in spite of that last minute championship loss. It appears the committee has no set standards to judge teams. How can your Gators not drop to at least 10th after to losing to a 3 win LSU team who had more starters opt-out more than any team in the SEC and with a true freshman QB? Your Gators were just mainly missing Pitts and not multiple starters on offense and defense like LSU. Now, beat Oklahoma and I hope the rest of the SEC wins their bowl games so we'll remind the rest of the Power 5 who has the greatest conference.
Wasn't Herman on Meyer's staff at OSU? I'm surprised he would talk to the LongHorns while Herman is still the Coach.
That's one of the boldest pre-game comments I've ever heard from a Coach and THEN his boys backed him up! Wow!!!
Very well stated and you have to recruit high school kids who want to play pro ball and not just college ball. Kids who want to play college ball gets you between 6-8 wins per year. Kids who want to play pro ball gets you 9-12 wins per year in my opinion.
Doubledawg, all scholarship athletes get those same benefits and if some other player had a life saving diagnostic procedure, I am certain UGA would have done the same thing. Mathis doesn't owe the rest of his future to UGA. The football team more than any other team makes TONS of money for the school from multiple avenues so the players scholarships are earned. You stick it out when you're 22 and your boss is 60 and you want his position. You stick it out as a backup NFL QB because you're getting millions to hold the Microsoft surface on the sidelines and maybe one day you'll get a chance to play. You do not stick it out as a college athlete with pro aspirations, with at most a 5 year window to ply your trade, especially a QB. According to Bill Parcels, the best chance for a QB to make it at the next level is starting at least 30 games in college. I think plenty of people are sick of adults trying to impose their views on kids who they didn't raise.
"They've had 3 head coaches in 4 years." Wow!! Why is Swinney coming at them so HARD????
A twitter beef about strategy and playing time, I can agree but this is about Pittman's support of a player and the program. I support Pittman on this one. It may not be a good look publicly but I bet it carries more weight in the locker room and in recruiting.
@Reurn of the G, until I read what Daniels's Father said, I was skeptical about Smart's handling of Daniels also. Even with his Father's statement which was based on a scrimmage in August, I still don't understand how he can be medically cleared for the past month and running the scout team but not ready to play in the games before now.