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I am stunned that Lobo does not believe she's one of the greatest college players of all time because of not winning multiple titles. The Halls of Fame in any sport is not made up of teams. It's individual players. Come on, Lobo and everyone else on the championship narrative when discussing a player's greatness in a team sport.
Come on Sankey, this is not Power 5 football. There are tons of kids good enough to play Power 5 basketball but are in smaller leagues. The tournament has shown that for over 40 years.
What I don't get about Coach White is his reluctance to play zone defense although we played more zone in these last two games than we have all season. Our zone defense got us back into the game in the first half after being down double digits and then late in the first half he goes man and the Gators took advantage of it. For some reason, we start the second half in man and about five minutes in, the game was over. We have no rim protection and opposing guards walk down the lane like it's a grocery aisle...take your time and get what you want. With the 23-24 Dawgs, play zone and make teams beat us from the perimeter. It's too easy for Power Five players to beat you if they are in the lane most of the game. There were literally 4 games in the regular season we could have won if we'd played more zone. This team was much more talented than last year's team and it took a late season win over Vandy to match last season' win total. At first, I thought Gator fans underappreciated Coach White when we hired him but now maybe our AD overappreciated him. Finally, there's just no way those Mississippi schools and the Gamecocks should have a better basketball program than we do.
After Anthony Richardson STUNNINGLY went 4th overall, who knows where Milton will go.
You chose the players. Didn't you see their flaws before you offered them scholarships?
Very talented kid without a doubt. Stop holding the ball too long waiting for a big play and taking unnecessary sacks, when people watching on TV and in the stands knows your O-line is a sieve. Hit open receivers on multiple third downs in the second half and keep the chains moving ESPECIALLY in the Stanford game. Stop forcing the ball to Travis Hunter when other capable receivers are open. Be better in 2024 and see if you're the best QB in the 2025 draft.
That Knecht kid is an unbelievable player. He lit us up like Vegas at night and he's fun to watch.
My question is why anyone would doubt Harbaugh after what he did at Standford and then San Fran? It took him some time to get Michigan's talent level up, but as a X and O guy, a talent evaluator, and a motivator, come on Finebaum. I hope Arthur Blank calls him. Go Dawgs and Go Falcons!
Does this mean Quinshon Judkins is one the way? As a Dawg, I hope not. It's going to be difficult enough to deal with Haynes next season.
I am happy we won the game but can we please stop acting like those opt-outs and key injuries didn't not play a HUGE role in the outcome. This game was the equivalent of us playing 95% Bama but us without Beck, Bowers, McConkey, Thomas, Lovett, Mims, Lassiter, Milton, Edwards and Williams. Come on, this is not the same FSU that played in the ACC championship game. Be real, be humble, GO DAWGS!!
Yeah, I root for SEC teams too and the only teams I have sports hate for are the Gators and the Saints. Now, Bama, go win this thing and bring the trophy back to its rightful home: SEC, SEC, SEC!!!
This kid is an unbelievable back. Happy for the success he's had and he's a definite NFL player. Now Mizzou. y'all already know, beat you know what out of Ohio State.
Go to the African American History Musuem in D.C. and then see if its's plausible to compare anything to slavery.
Coach Saban's explanation makes so much sense and is another reason, in my opinion, why he's the greatest Coach in the history college football.
I think you're right and I think most people who follow SEC football knows if Lane ever gets a defense, Ole Miss will be a MAJOR problem.
First of all, congratulations Bama. I knew you would score some points on us but I did not think you would outscore us. Well played. Now, there is no way the committee should leave you out of the playoffs. I think the only team capable of beating you is the team you just beat. I hope you get in and go win it!!!
When Auburn and Florida are back to their normal levels and with Texas and Oklahoma next season, the SEC will be tougher than it has ever been.
The main reason Coach Saban is 17-1 or whatever the record is in Atlanta is because he usually has the most talented players on both sides of the ball. There's nothing special that he does in Atlanta that he does not do in every other stadium they play in. With that said, this is the first time in the Smart Era that we have the better offense and I think our defense will slow them down more than their defense will slow us down. We will win but if we do not, they absolutely should make the playoff.
What are you talking about? I wrote we and no other school had an answer for Metchie and Williams.
If we lose this game because we could not stop a QB who the entire SEC knows will run and we're going to spy him (unlike we did against CJ Stroud), then we absolutely deserve to lose and drop out of the top 4 and replace us with a Conference champion. Burton and Bond are good, but they are not Metchie and Williams who we, and no other team, had an answer for nor are they Marvin Harrison. Come on, Neuheisel. I am stunned that's how he sees this game. If we do not turn the ball over in our territory, I do not believe their Defense can stop us all game long and yes, I do think our Defense will fare a little bit better against their offense. Gonna be a great game!!
Look at the high number of NFL players Bama usually brings to the game. Those guys made the difference in the outcomes of each of those games. That's the story, not the jerseys nor the history. This is the first time where we have an advantage at the offensive skill positions and the O-line. I don't believe Milroe, McClellan ,Burton, and Bonds will beat us. That's why I am of the opinion we win by 10 unless we have turnovers in scoring positions.
Schrader is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH! I don't know if he'll win the Doak Walker but I wholeheartedly believe he will be a very productive NFL back.
I have never been a fan of 3-man rushes, let alone 2. That's just way too much time for a QB to find a receiver. What makes coaches think the defensive calls that were good enough to lead the game are not good enough to finish the game?
Get better O-linemen and do not hold the ball so long.
A couple of things: I'm a Dawgs and Falcons fan and there's only two teams that I have sports hate for: The Gators and the Saints. That said, why do a lot of writers including this one, question the Coach when they lose to a superior team? Hats off to Napier because Mizzou is more talented than the Gators and I thought the Gators were going to win after going ahead late in the fourth quarter. Mizzou just had better offensive players and they played better down the stretch. I think Napier is a good Coach and will bring the Gators back to where they are a legitimate threat. It's not like Mullen had stacked up multiple years of top 6 recruiting classes like Richt had before Smart took over. Last thing: strength of schedule is such a lazy metric. If it is as viable as the media makes it, then explain how Clemson, who played a "weak" schedule every year in the ACC, and a "weak" non-conference schedule somehow managed to beat Bama twice in Natty's? If you have superior talent, it really does not matter who's on your schedule or what your strength of schedule is. During Bama's reign of terror, I doubt they played top 10 schedules every year either, but we all saw what happened 95% of the time when they took the field in the Playoffs. Come on, Man!!!
Of course the Vols have a chance. They have very good players. It's not like they're a high school team. Just win, Dawgs.
I'm no Urban Meyer fan at all, but if I'm A&M, he's the first call I would make.
TIDEFAN8x5, if Deion fails because he has never coached a position or coordinated an offense or defense (credentials), then being 27-6 and getting Jackson State into the Championship Game in back-to-back years, as a figurehead, may be a smarter move than A&M signing the highly credentialed Jimbo Fisher. Jimbo was OC at LSU and won a Championship and then won a Championship as Head Coach at Florida State and FAILED his way into 76 million dollars' worth of "go away" money at A&M. Is your post really about credentials?