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This kid has played QB for 4 years at the highest level of college football and may have been a two-way player in high school so what makes people think he can now play a whole different position in the NFL? The highest level of football in the world. Sure, a few others have, but that's not the norm. I hope he gets to play QB in the NFL and if not, go to Canada and pursue being a QB. Change positions if no team gives you a legitimate shot to be a QB.
You're right about scoring in the 3rd quarter. I initially thought they went up 28-17 in the 3rd quarter.
Okay Frank Clark, your team won so congratulations. Slow down on the stopping Derrick Henry talk. Derrick had 60+ yards on around 12 carries in the first half and that is not an indication of being stopped. If your team didn't get a double digit lead in the third quarter and the Titans could continue to run the ball according to their game plan, I doubt Henry would have been held under 100 yards.
Agreed, Bayou Tiger, I'd cast my vote for Burrow too. LSU's scheme was not revolutionary for college football, it was revolutionary for LSU. Burrow was the main reason this offense was unstoppable.
@AggieRider, Obviously Kirby Smart felt that way too, but I wonder why. I've read the kid was suspended twice this season but the only reason I've read was he refused to give up his cell phone. Clearly there has to be more to the story. Based on his YouTube videos, someone is going to get a supremely talented kid and if he carries himself right, he will definitely upgrade their running game.
I would hate for our kids to have to play against him for 3 years.
I'm surprised by this, especially a running back. This kid is talented and if he didn't get at least a 2nd round grade, I guess playing his senior year is worth the risk. I'm a Dawgs fan, and I'm convinced the only reason Chubb and Michel came back as seniors is they did not get high enough draft grades as juniors. It worked out because they both didn't get injured and got drafted in the 2nd and 1st round respectively. I hope the same for this kid. Bama fans, what about Trey Sanders? I know he was injured but was he able to get back to practice at any point during this past season? Very big game for both of us come September, huh?
Agreed at boxster355. I think his offenses will move the ball but I hope he knows he's going to need a good defense to win in the SEC. You can't just rely on your offense. I can't wait until his post game press conferences and maybe for the 1st time in my life, I may go to the SEC Media Days just to witness it live. On another note, how did you get the Power G icon beside your screen name? I would love to do the same thing.
I'm a Georgia fan. Will someone tell me how I can sign up for Leach's press conferences in the fall? Please!
Why is CDM regarded as such a great coach? He did well in getting Miss State to bowl games but so did Croon. What QB's has he developed to be considered a QB whisperer? It took Alex Smith 7 years to become an NFL QB and I dare say that's more Harbaugh and Andy Reid than Mullen. Tebow, come on. The reason Tim has been out of the league is lack of accuracy and accuracy along with decision making is a QB's greatest attributes. So that leaves Dak Prescott and if developing one QB makes you a whisperer, then so be it. Beginning with Saban and continuing with Meyer, winning SEC football is about recruiting. I don't know if Smart is a better coach than Mullen or vice versa and I'll give Mullen this, he took McIlwain's players and won 10 games which was a great job but to keep touting him as better than Smart, first recruit better and then beat Smart head to head a few times.
@UFgator87, I'm a Dawgs fan and I agree with your assessment. Our defense is exactly the reason the Gators lost the last two years. The Gators have scored 17 points in each of the last two games. The final score in 2019 made the game look closer than what it was. I think our scoring defense will be just as good in 2020. Until the Gators start to get top 3 SEC recruiting classes year after year, I think we'll win more games head to head than not. Finishing top 10 in the Nation in recruiting could put you 5th in the SEC. Bama, LSU, Georgia, A&M are all top 5 in the Nation this year. I want to see the Gators and the Vols back. That would make the SEC the unquestioned best conference in America. Dawgs, Gators, Vols, Bama, Auburn, LSU, A&M of the upper echelon. Fill in the rest and what conference would be better.
Winning the East is vital because it gets you to Atlanta regardless if you win or lose. After Auburn destroyed us in the 2017 regular season, no one thought we'd beat them in the SEECG 3 weeks later. Losing to Bama in 2018 was tough and thus far no one has beaten LSU in the 2019 season, so we're 1-2 in the last 3 SECCG's. I'll take that rather than the alternative of not winning the East at all. If you don't win the East, that's when your season doesn't mean much.
Gus did right by the team but for Marshall, not so much and I'm not blaming Gus. If 20 million is in your future as a DB, but playing QB sends you to Canada as a DB, don't take one for the team. Elite athletes should make decisions that helps their schools without hurting their professional future. The vast majority of people in America with advanced degrees and 40 years of experience don't earn 10 million in their lifetime let alone 20 million.
People at UGA were upset that Richt had him at DB. He played QB at Auburn but is a professional DB in the CFL and for a brief time in the NFL. If he'd played DB all through college, he probably would have had a NFL career exclusively.
@MattyJ, I like where your head's at. I tolerate the Patriots because they have a long history of drafting Dawgs as far back as Robert Edwards. I DESPISE the Saints and it was hard seeing Jonathan Sullivan, Charles Grant and others on their roster, so here's to the Patriots taking Fromm.
As a QB, why come out early to go in the 3rd round? I hope he got a better draft grade than that.
@JunkyardDawg65, Lord I hope he goes so I don’t have to read the phrase “sweet Hawaiian prince” anymore…it gives me the willies… That is absolutely hilarious to me!
Would he really have a press conference to announce he's coming back? That seems strange.
Adam, any idea why UGA hasn't sent in the LOI? The issue with his high school coach was weeks ago. Has there been some other incident?
Emory Jones is getting the Justin Fields at Georgia treatment (don't trust him to throw the ball in big games, but hope he breaks a big run although the defense and fans know what's coming) and for Jones' development as a QB, that's not good. If he has NFL aspirations, he should transfer to a school that will commit to him as the starter because game reps matter more than practice reps.
I am a little surprised by the level of discipline we imposed upon ourselves for minor infractions. It is better though, than having the NCAA overreact and take scholarships and impose a bowl ban. Gator fans, please wait until Mullen wins the East as a head coach a few times before comparing him to Smart. I know he will win the East at some point but to tout his superiority to Smart while he keeps losing head to head is just hard to understand. One more thing, why was the best QB on your roster sitting behind Franks for two years if Mullen is such a great offensive mind and QB coach?
@TheScribe, I am a Dawgs fan and when I saw Trask play those several games after Franks was injured, I had the same question as you regarding why Trask was on the bench. I wonder if he was really bad in practice all of these years and that's why Franks was the starter but in the GAMES, he was better than anything I have seen from Franks. I'm still shocked Franks was the starter.
Why not judge coaches on their records in their biggest games and not their overall record. I believe the better coaches win their biggest games more times than not. Padding your overall record with wins against inferior competition counts in the record books but doesn't really tell the whole story. Before I'd consider him anything beyond a very good SEC coach, he has to win the East at least 3 times. The 1st one makes a statement. The 2nd one proves the 1st one was no fluke, the 3rd one says I'm better than you without question. Can you be nationally elite without ruling your division let alone your conference? Too early for elite status for Mullin. Until Smart rules the conference, too early for him too with the elite coach status. You can have an elite season without being an elite coach. There must be some measure of high level consistency to approach elite status.
@Biggie, I am with you, Geaux Tigers! I'm a Dawg fan and it was good to see the Vols turn their season around. The East is on the way to being just as formidable as the West once the Vols, Gators, and Gamecocks are back at the same time. It is really going to be extremely hard to get through the division undefeated once those teams are fully back - meaning their 3 deep is very similar. We still have a more talented roster but the gap is surely closing. I thought we would have gone undefeated in the East again this year but the Gamecocks had other thoughts. Go Dawgs, Go SEC!
Most all SEC schools recruit elite kids that are committed until they sign. Does UGA's attempt surprise anyone who follows recruiting?
How is 11-1 with a third division win in a row with a chance to make the playoff an unproductive year for us? Disappointing year but far from unproductive.
Joe Marks, I was going to make the same point. Well stated.