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@Ranger37, Much respect to you. You are among the few who actually gave us legitimate credit for the game we played. After that game, I said to my friends, there's no reason for us to fear any team in the country. That doesn't mean we'll definitely beat OSU but I certainly like our chances if we don't turn the ball over and give them short fields.
Maybe there are some fans who think we're immune to the portal and if so, they probably are less than casual fans. We lost 13 to the portal including Burton to Bama, Kimber to the Gators, Robinson to Mississippi State and there are others.
I like interacting on fan sites of other schools as a conversation piece without the name-calling and other insults.
Winning 6 Natty's in 14 years may be over but the likelihood of competing for a playoff spot with a realistic chance of winning another Natty within the next 3 years is not over.
First round draft buzz from whom? Media or NFL decision makers? It takes more than physical attributes to play QB in the NFL. Based on QB play, he's not in Stetson's league and if Richardson is a first rounder, what does that make Stetson?
Wait, Anthony Richardson is entering the draft? For real?
Coach,why not start with a winning season, then your division, and then your conference?
TCU has to be #4. It's dangerous ground if the committee sets the precedent of losing without falling in the rankings.
Thank you for this article. The historical perspective makes these last two seasons all the more incredible.
I was impressed with Kelly at Notre Dame and I think he will win a Natty at LSU. Does anyone think he can't recruit and Coach at a championship level. He proved all of that at Notre Dame in my opinion.
Wow, "should beat us easily because they have better talent than Notre Dame..." LSU is certainly good enough to win this game but to beat us easily is an extreme stretch. Having better talent than Notre Dame is not the issue, Kelly needs better talent than Georgia.
I believe 2021 Bama was much better than the 2022 team even though Coach Saban said 2021 was somewhat of a rebuilding year.
Lane is just legendary on Twitter and a heck of a Coach. In my opinion, I doubt Bama would be the offensive juggernaut it has been without his two seasons there.
Sami, y'all hung 52 on Bama and your defense is nowhere near as good as ours. Why do you think we want no part of Bama? They don't have Jameson Williams and John Metchie and the likelihood of them hanging 49 on us is real slim. After the game against y'all, there's no offense in college football that we should fear.
Until a team gets 4 or 5 touchdowns against our defense, then I'll be concerned about losing before the 2023 season. Are these analysts going to continue to overlook that in 2022, teams score more against each other than they do against us? It will be hard for any team to run on us and against Tennesse we showed how we can defend high octane passing attacks. If we have multiple turnovers on our side of the field and the opponent scores touchdowns instead of field goals, then we probably will lose but the likelihood of a team lining up and whipping us on both sides of the ball all game is just unlikely in 2022.
Come on, that kid needs at least one more year. Playing QB is HARD especially in the NFL. Pro Scouts are not enamored with arm strength and running ability. They are enamored with decision making and accuracy.
Wow,gatorlakelife,clearly I don't follow your program, but I think Napier is a good coach. Has the fanbase soured on Napier?
I am a SEC guy and I believe SEC bias is real and it's the SEC's fault because we usually win not only Natty's but most intra-conference games. This is a well earned bias. SEC,SEC,SEC!!
To make that kind of "joke" on television is immature as all get out. Clearly "Friend" doesn't mean the same thing to those two men.
I think the Dawgs will to win is underestimated. If LSU wins the SEC you best believe they will have earned it. The Dawgs will be just as motivated as they have been all year and can this team get a little credit for winning when they don't play their best...Missouri and Kentucky games come to mind.
Tennessee got way too much credit from the Media and unfortunately from the Committee for beating Bama when Bama is not the defensive juggernaut it once was. Bama scored 49 points with a less than Bama like receiving corps. Why did the committee overlook this? The Georgia game showed everyone who Tennessee really was. If your offense is all that, then there's no way you should be held to one touchdown. The committee never should have ranked them number one and then should not have rewarded them with a number 5 ranking after they lost to a team the committee thought they were clearly better than after.scoring.one.touchdown. Vols fans, this is not meant as a shot at you. This is about the Committee and some media members. The media overhyped us in 2008 and 2015.
Gator fans, it's not the end of your program to lose to Vandy. We lost to Vandy in Coach Smart's first year on Homecoming.
Tennesse with its generational offense should have fallen lower than 5th after scoring one touchdown with a little over 4 minutes left in the game against the Dawgs. If the one thing that you're best at does not show up when you need it most against a team the committee declared was inferior to you (Tenn#1, Dawgs#3), how do they get rewarded with a 5? At best, they should have been 7.
Okay, so I could not wait until he and Ronnie Brown left Auburn and with that said, I hope the team plays well over the remainder of the season and make it real hard for them to hire someone else!! Well done, young man!!!!!
Stetson has attempted 330 passes and has 5 INT's. There's nothing for him to clean up. I think the problem is we had no turnovers in the first 3 games and that set an unsustainable precedent in a lot of fans eyes. We have 13 total turnovers in 10 games which is nothing to be alarmed about. It's not like we have 25 turnovers. The likelihood of playing the next 4-5 games with no turnovers is highly unlikely. We'll be fine.
@NashvilleGator, if he remains healthy, Bowers is a future first rounder but he's not clearly the best player on the team. Teams are game planning for him more and he's not producing like he did last year. He had 3 catches against Tennessee and played okay yesterday. He's the best pass catching Tight End on the team but nowhere near the best blocker among the Tight Ends. Does he clearly play TE better than Carter plays tackle,than Ringo plays corner, or Chris Smith plays safety, or Nolan Smith plays OLB? I don't know if the answer to that question is clearly and easily, "Yes".