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I love these even when they make me say OUCH!!!!!
It's interesting that he asked the man who coached Julio the shortest amount of time. I love Calvin Ridley but he's not Julio. I do not see how we are a better team without Julio especially with getting a 2nd and 4th round pick in return. Restructure Grady Jarret's contract and keep Julio. Gonna be a long season for the Falcons and yes, I hope I am wrong. UGH!!!
I'm still pissed my Dawgs did not try to hire Pearl after his NCAA exile was over and how is that he got exiled by lying to the NCAA and Will Wade is still coaching? What?
Taylor may be on to something. I do believe if Denver had crafted an offense around Tim's strengths like Urban Meyer did at Florida, he may have succeeded as a NFL QB. Cam Newton's best years were running the read option as he still is not a drop back passer as we've seen in New England and neither is Lamar Jackson. Josh McDaniels did not help Tim's development by playing him so early. He probably should have sit for 2-3 years like Aaron Rodgers did.
I can understand having confidence in your team but, Coach Fisher, come on. If their QB is ready, they will be the same problem they've been for all of college football for almost 15 years. I am just as impressed with Coach Saban's ability to plug and play coaches as I am with his recruiting. It amazes me that with the turnover on his staff, they keep recruiting better than most everyone and winning more NC's than most everyone. A friend said to me that Coach Saban runs the greatest Coaching Rehab Facility in the country. #Respect
I was not a big time athlete so I have no experience with what I am about to write but when you walk on at Bama as a QB, do you really think you are actually going to play? I know it probably has happened somewhere but a walk-on QB at a major Power 5 school like Bama is not going to see the field, nor Clemson, nor Florida, nor Auburn, nor just about anywhere. Am I missing the mark on this?
I see you Crean. I am starting to look for a seat on the bandwagon again.
Yes,Texas,please take Bruce Pearl so maybe some of these Metro Atlanta kids will go to Georgia instead of Auburn and back years ago to Tennessee when Pearl was there.
In the NFL, the 2001 Rams with the greatest show on turf, lost to the Patriots in a low scoring game, 20-17. The 2007 Patriots set the NFL scoring record and lost to the 9-7 Giants in a low scoring Super Bowl, 17-14. The 2020 Chiefs with their "explosive" offense lost in the Super Bowl, 31-9. There are other examples in the NFL where the "all-everything" offenses were shut down by dominant, down linemen pass rushers. College defenses will catch up to college offenses in due time.
I respect his candor. There are teams that come along from time to time where their opponents best hope is to keep them from scoring 50. 2019 LSU and 2020 Bama were such teams. Will there be such a team in 2021?
For his sake, I hope he goes in the first round. For my sake, I hope he falls to the Falcons in the second round.
Cody, I doubt what Saban has done at Bama will ever be surpassed by any Coach. To continue to lose coordinators and other staff every year and still remain among the top 3 in recruiting every year and be in the hunt for National Championships every year is legendary! It's just not accurate to say Kirby's sales pitch falls short with the collection of talent he's gathered unless he's pitching National Championships. He's done exceptionally well in developing players for the NFL. Developing for the NFL is more important to these kids than winning national championships but they have to say that so they will be deemed as "team players". I doubt Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray, Jalen Hurts and Spencer Rattler went to Oklahoma to win national championships. Lincoln Riley's QB development is what drew them. I hope my Dawgs win another Natty soon but if they don't, kids are still going to go to Georgia and still go to the NFL. Much respect to Bama!!! Go DAWGS!!!!!
Dvhill100, I'm speechless! Your point is well made but the imagery in my head is disturbing. Maybe too much Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom when I was a kid.
How did I mistakenly post an incomplete post twice? Let me try one more time. How about this? He was a UGA commit under Richt and went on the to make one of the greatest catches I’ve ever seen. Not in the Natty game as a true freshman but a HIGHLY contested catch against Eric Stokes back in October. That was unbelievable!!!!
How about this? He was a UGA commit under Richt and went on the to make one of the greatest catches I've ever seen. Not in the Natty game as a true freshman but a
If you can play, NFL scouts will find you. Exposure is not only found in FBS schools. If Deion gets 3 or 4 consecutive years of 3 and 4 star recruits,Jackson State will get some television time. I wish him well except when he recruits kids my Dawgs want, LOL!
Watson is not the problem. The problem is the owner never should have said they would consult with Watson on who to hire and then lie to him. Players are labor and it's the owners fault for giving them management/ownership level power.
As much as he tormented my Dawgs, I'm happy he left the Gators and I'd be surprised if he doesn't succeed in Jacksonville immediately. With Trevor Lawrence who I believe is ready to play from day one but not carry the team and with a ton of cap space for free agents, it would not shock me to see a 9 win team in 2021 and knocking on the wild card door. He has much more control than most any other first time NFL coach in that he gets to choose the GM and other executive personnel from scouting to everything else. The owner said he wants his team to be coach-centric and from watching the press conference, Meyer is in control.
Please come to the Falcons and I win twice as a Dawgs and Falcons fan, LOL!
They very well may do that but OSU's passing offense is no slouch either. I think people made too much of their struggles in their last two regular season games. With their starting receivers back, Bama is going to have to defend a top flight passing attack too.
Oh yeah, I got your left-handed compliment. Well played. I'm not a betting man but what you're proposing is intriguing. I think you're right because Najee will be targeted more in the passing game than Sermon. Najee is the best back in the country in my opinion and I can't believe he was not first team All-American. He was second team behind the kid at Iowa State and the kid at Buffalo.
6th best? Wow, that's about as absurd as Najee Harris being second team All-American.
@Slak, I don't know if Pollock came from the same financial background as a whole lot of the kids do who are choosing money over school loyalty. Christian McCaffrey didn't play in Stanford's bowl game and I don't recall any talk of him quitting and he came from a wealthy family. Is it possible he saw to great of a risk to play in Stanford's non-championship bowl game?