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Colleges can produce NBA players if they stay 2-3 years. 90 % of one and done players would have been drafted out of high school.
How is Andrews, Glenn, or Floyd not ahead of Baker?
I'm all for kids leaving school early to turn pro if their skills warrant it. I just don't see it with Claxton. I don't yet see one NBA caliber skill he has right now. I hope he makes it but two more years of developing an outside shot off the dribble and ball handling could make him a top five pick. Of course he needs more size and unless he has a metabolism that is superhuman, picking up size should not be hard. I wish you well Nic.
Joe, players and fans usually trash talk. The vast majority of coaches do not. Good point on Dak Prescott. Coach Mullen is known as a QB guru/QB coach and Coach Smart is not. That is why I would expect Mullen to produce NFL caliber QB's. I'm still surprised Mullen would trash talk Georgia now. I hope both teams starters are fully healthy at game time and let's see what happens.
Coach Mullen, I don't get it. Your head to head matchups against Kirby Smart when he was DC at Bama and now head coach at UGA have not been close. If Spurrier or Meyer were taking shots at UGA I could understand, but not you. It's one thing to fire up the fan base but if you don't have the talent on the field to back it up, well, it could be interesting again come October. As a Dawg fan, I would be really concerned if you could recruit and develop an NFL caliber QB, but outside of Alex Smith, well, I'll leave it at that. In today's college game, you must have an NFL caliber QB to consistently compete with Bama, Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia, Ohio State. This may not have been true 10 years ago,(Tebow Era) but it appears to be true now.
Lane Kiffin, Steve Spurrier, and Mike Leach are 3 Coaches who I enjoy listening to because they usually say some very entertaining things. I'm not surprised by this as Lane and CKS worked together at Bama for 2 years.
@KirbySmart "fat BS" is ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS to me!!!! And while I would not have chosen those words, I totally and gleefully agree.
Well said @ Spearo Dawg. It's not the first time a kid has flipped from his "dream school". It happens almost every recruiting cycle.
Maybe Pickens wants to play with an established proven QB for at least one year and maybe two?
Wow, Mudragon, tell us what you really think, LOL! I must admit I don't get why they would offer a scholarship to a punter who averages 38 yards per punt in JUCO. High School punters average more than that.
It's going to be hard for a back who splits carries to win the Heisman now with the level of QB play in college football. The kid from Wisconsin ran for 2100 yards and didn't even get invited to the ceremony plus Bama is no longer a feature back team like they were with Mark Ingram and Derrick Henry.
Is anyone else very surprised at Martell's decision to transfer? I though he had a legitimate opportunity to beat out Fields and that is he has been in the program for two years and already knows the playbook and the receivers. None of that is true for Fields. I'm a Dawg fan and wished it could have worked out for Fields in Athens but I didn't think he'd beat Fromm out nor Martell mainly because of experience in the system. Kelly Bryant and Jalen Hurts got beat out because they were not good passers, I wonder if that's true for Martell also?
Is there a way to cover recruiting without actually interviewing these teenagers? I didn't watch his original interview but after reading his statement, I don't think it helps. The attention high school athletes get certainly can help some of them think more of themselves than they should. College football coaches don't have to demand loyalty from high school recruits nor from enrollees. Coaches control playing time and that can produce loyalty. If by chance it doesn't, the playing times goes to someone else. There's never a shortage of recruits. Yes, some Coaches are less than honest but I doubt Chaney was planning on going to Tennessee while recruiting for UGA.
@LukeDabbs. . . You're so right about the 2016 Ole Miss game. I had forgotten about that one.
@ladonvol67. . . I'm not speaking for all Dawgs fans with this but here is why I'm not going to cry: Just like a team needs its best players to play their best in big games, a team needs the same from it's Coordinators. There were way too many questionable if not outright horrible play calls by Chaney in crucial moments in big games. His incessant desire to run between the tackles the vast majority of the time on 1st down killed us against Auburn the first time in 2017. It worked well against everyone else the whole year including in the Rose Bowl but not against Auburn that day and another point is, he is too stubborn or too slow to make in game adjustments when the inside running game is not working. In the 2017 SEECG against the same Auburn team, he ran Chubb and Michel off tackle more and the running game worked. I thought at that point he would no longer force between the tackle runs on first and second down and then pass on 3rd down when everyone knows you have to pass. Texas had the simplest defensive game plan in the Sugar Bowl, stack the box on 1st and 2nd down and blitz on 3rd down and Chaney never made the adjustments and they shut our running game and entire offense down. In the 2018 SECCG against Bama, he was masterful in his play calling in the first 35 to 40 minutes of the game but like the LSU game, he went away from the run and Bama regained control of the game. I personally appreciate what he did as the results speak for themselves and he is a big part of the coaching staff whose early successes spoiled me to the point to where failing to get to the playoff is not such a good season. We needed to capitalize on the fact that we have the most talent across the board in the East because it is not going to remain like that. We haven't lost a game in the east since the 2016 season. That will change soon, if not this season. The Vols, Gators, and Gamecocks are coming which is going to make it harder to win the East and by the way, LSU and A&M are going to make it harder for Bama to win the West also.
I'm a Dawg fan and I don't hate Clemson but I was definitely pulling for Bama. Dawg fan first and SEC fan second, although my dislike for the Gators makes it tough, lol!
In my opinion, he should have been redshirted. They way the staff used him was a waste of a year of eligibility. If he's as good as has been stated why wouldn't the staff trust him with a series or two in every game? I don't believe they trusted him after seeing every practice from January through August. They should have told Fields by game 4 that Fromm is our starter and will play 95% of the snaps. There was too much hype around Fields based on Elite 11 camps. He only started 19 games in high school,12 as a junior and 7 in an injury shortened senior year. He just doesn't have a lot of game experience compared to Fromm's 46 starts and Trevor Lawrence's 55 in high school. That matters and to me explains part of the reason Fromm and Lawrence have excelled. Fields just wasn't ready to compete with Fromm this year.
@Class of 94, it appears to me that it would hurt UGA more if Fields quit now and not after the bowl game. If he quits now and Fromm gets hurt in the Sugar Bowl, where would that leave us? I wonder if that's why CKS is allowing Fields to continue through the bowl game?
Why not go JUCO where he knows he's the immediate starter in 2019 and come back to Power 5 in 2020. If he goes to OSU and redshirts, there's the risk of Haskins back up, Tate Martell, playing in 2019 and being much better than everyone thinks and keeps the job as Fromm did.
@ Ellis- There's nothing for Fields to compete for. Once he didn't beat Fromm out in camp and once he saw he only earned token snaps, not even a series, in the first 4 games, he should have followed Kelly Bryant's example. He's talented enough to start at most Power 5 schools that don't have big time productive incumbents atop the depth chart. If he had gone to Clemson, I believe he would have beaten out Bryant and I think if Trevor Lawrence had come here, he would not have beaten out Fromm.
I am stilled stunned that he signed with the Dawgs in the beginning. How can any QB coming out of high school look at Fromm and say, I'll beat him out? I understood how Trevor Lawrence could beat out Kelly Bryant and how Tua Tagovailoa could beat out Jalen Hurts. In those cases, the incumbents were not accurate passers and when defenses took away the running game, their teams lost. Fromm had an outstanding freshman year and was even better as a sophomore. If he transfers, then go to Oklahoma as Lincoln Riley has proven he can develop QB's.
The statistics are clearly in Bama's favor and they are well earned. Most of the writers and broadcasters make it seem like the Dawgs should not even bother to show up. Bama is going to get tested in this game and this game will tell more of their greatness than the previous 12. If we can block them and it's a big IF, Bama will have their hands full all day. There are plays to be made against their secondary and against their linebackers in coverage against Swift. None of the other 12 teams have been able to block them but they haven't had our O-line either. If Bama wins, then I hope they win the whole thing. If by chance they lose, then drop them to 5 because I wouldn't want to play them again with anger raging inside them, LOL!
@J0256- I agree with your common opponent statement. As a Dawgs fan, if we can block Bama, we can make plays against their DB's. They are very talented but inexperienced compared to our under rated receivers. Also gotta blitz Tua and play man to man. He kills every team that plays zone. If we can pass the ball and pressure Tua consistently, we can win. Otherwise, Bama's front seven are too dominant for us to consistently run on them and Bama will go on to win it's sixth championship in the Saban era.
If we can block them, there's plays to be made against Bama's secondary. They are talented but inexperienced and our receivers are under rated. For some reason, we don't have a screen game which can be devastating to a dominant pass rush especially in man coverage. Come on, Chaney. I doubt we'll beat them by running the ball as their front 7 is too good. Blitz Tua from his left side and make him escape running to his right and throw across his body. We can't just rush 3 or 4 and rely on coverage. Our secondary is very good but no DB can cover for 4 or 5 seconds.
MattyJ, I must disagree with you on Beasley. While I'll concede he's not a bust but there's no way you should pass on Gurley. They could have traded Freeman for a pass rusher. Beasley has had one great year with 15 sacks and 4 of those came in one game. Gurley has scored double digit touch downs in 3 of his 4 years and went over a thousand yards in 3 of 4 years. No comparison between Gurley and Freeman nor Coleman for that matter.
In last year's first meeting, Auburn was up 33-10 with a little over 6 minutes left and threw a throw back screen to Kerryon Johnson for a 40 plus yard touchdown. That game was totally in Auburn's control long before that play. In that light, is there a reason for Auburn fans to complain?