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Hogs are somewhat back to full strength now (Minus Bumper, and of course Catalon). I know Mizzou is going to be fired up to get bowl eligible. I know we’ve blown leads in Columbia a few times, but I just don’t see this one getting away from the Hogs. Good MU defense, but our O-line will where them down eventually. Hogs D the last 2 games have shown Hog fans what we expected pre-season…gritty bend, but don’t break D. I’m going 30-10 Hogs. I’ll be watching this one live from Columbia…can’t wait! WPS.
No shame at all! I just thought the implication from the post was that Tennessee deserved a bowl in Fla. Good luck in whatever bowl you guys play in! Hopefully the SEC represents strong this year.
But wouldn’t you agree that if you look at your wins, you only have “quality” win in UK?
Could it be possible Dave, that everyone in Fayetteville "clutches their pearls" when you make that statement, because it's flat out stupid? Boyd ran for 1100 yards and averaged 6 yards a carry in a Chad Morris offense. Do I need to repeat that? You know, an offense where we didn't have a QB to help carry some of the load? Boyd was our main bright spot on an absolutely deplorable team last year. You can't be serious man. This is why I tend to stay off these silly boards, because fans like your self make illogical comments that make zero sense. I think you should go back and watch some game film from last year...that might help your conversations with your Fayetteville friends.
Yes, he'll be serving a first half suspension vs Mizzou for the bogus targeting call against LSU. Definitely hurts...that and Boyd opting out now too.
BossHog, seriously? So, we lose basically the biggest back we have, who really is our only short yardage back, plus, Hammonds hasn't played most of the year in the backfield, and somehow that means we are good to go? Yeah, Boyd has had an up and down year due to injuries and Covid, but losing him is not just a small loss. In the SEC, we need a big back. Trelon will do well I believe against Mizzou, but that does not mean we have the depth we need in the backfield. Dominique Johnson (Frosh) may get some carries, but he is inexperienced at this point. Plain and simple, Boyd's departure depleted our depth, and our ability to run between the tackles.
Guinny, I was at the game is well...unfortunately, lol. Was not the game any Hog fans were expecting, albeit we did have some doubts, due to just firing Nutt and not having a HC. I actually almost walked on for Nutt, but ended up playing D2 ball (QB) outside of Chicago. Fun times, but I'm 40 and overweight, and that seems like an eternity ago, lol. Now I just drown my tears with watching my Hogs blow games and fire coaches. Hopefully we get it done on Saturday, but it will be tough task vs a Mizzou team that I believe is hitting their stride. I'm encouraged with our guys, as we played LSU without 3 starting D-lineman, and a starting nickel back, and still should have won the game. Boyd opting out hurts bad, as he's our bigger back, which I believe we need against your big D line.
Actually, just read that Rakeem Boyd just opted out, SMH!! Can I change my prediction?? Lol.
No asterisk's from this Hog fan Cap. A W is a W. There can be no excuses given, that would justify any loss. I will only say this, as a former player myself, you can't be a winning program, when you have had 4 coaches (Counting Barry Lunney Jr.) in the past 4 years. 4 coaches...4 different systems. Not good. Petrino brought us a winning program, but couldn't stay on his motorcycle. This program has been a dumpster fire for the last decade. We like to fire coaches on the field, or before bowl games (Cotton Bowl vs Mizzou), lol. I personally, being here in KC, would love this to become a rivalry, and I actually think it will, whether Odom was here or not. Eventually Odom will move on, and that won't be the headliner anymore. It will be more about two good football teams who are close in proximity, who recruit the same areas, who are in the same conference, who rebuilt their programs respectively, and most importantly, who are hopefully fighting for a conference championship. I think this year is the turning point for our abysmal showing against Mizzou. Hogs 27 Tigers 21 (** Here's my asterisk...Lol...if we hold Roundtree to under 100 yards). Woo Pig.
I think there were a few reasons (Not that I necessarily agree with): Just like the case with our game vs. TAMU being at Jerry's World, it has a bit to do with recruiting. I also think that there are quite a bit of Hog fans here in KC, and with this being a "rivalry" game, they were trying to build this up with a bit more hype. Lastly, since the MU/KU games at Arrowhead pulled in a good bit of revenue for the conference, I think they were hoping for the same. Trust me, I would love a home game vs. Mizzou...just not at War Memorial in Little Rock. I think it's ridiculous why we would choose that stadium to play you guys. War Memorial holds about 30K, and DR in Fayetteville holds near 80K. Absolutely stupid.
Agree with everything you said. Still waiting on a score prediction though, lol. Wishing this game was here in KC. Was so looking forward to taking my sons to Arrowhead to watch it.
Tony, do you have a score prediction in mind yet? Going to be within 7 points either way in my opinion. If we can hold Roundtree under 100, then I like the Hogs 27-21.
TonyTiger...first and foremost Happy Thanksgiving. Secondly, you Mizzou fans can’t get past this dude. Seems like everytime there’s an Arkansas article on SD with Odom’s name mentioned, y’all can’t get this man’s name out of your mouth. We get it...he’s not a good HC. Thankfully we didn’t hire him to be one. Give the man a break bro, lol! Btw...can’t wait for our game this year. Hopefully we don’t blow another opportunity to win the border line trophy this year. We need a dub this time around! Hopefully we get to see two healthy teams go at it.
Not sure what you’re trying to dig for here. Here’s the fact, we almost didn’t play last week due to not having enough players. Pittman said today that only 2 of those would be out of Covid protocol in time for Saturday...on top of the new players in protocol, based off the test results received this AM. Carry on with your conspiracy theory though. At the end of the day, were not afraid to suit up against your scary Tigers.
Just curious, why are you not excited about Johnson or Coates?
Honestly I, with I bet most Hog fans, would take the L against Mizzou if that meant a W vs LS-Who.
Huge pick up! Kid is legit. Definitely will bring some hope to our secondary.
Even though the Hogs have been down the past few years, somehow we’ve figured out how to play Mizzou close the past 3 out of 4 years. So...not sure what you mean by “hopefully Arkansas can play decent enough to be a challenge.” Just sounds like an uninformed big brother comment. Looking forward to Arrowhead next year nonetheless. WPS!