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Auburn need to win. Kentucky starting to think they reaching tier 1 in SEC. put them back with Missouri Vandy South Carolina Arkansas and AM. And miss teams Top Tier LSU Auburn Florida Bama Georgia Tennessee
Glad we don’t have this bickering on West SEC lol Transfer rule already too lax. Want a poor me LSU will start 18 freshman and sophomores 9.26
Kentucky getting better but not ready for Prime Time. Watch LSU with 18 freshman and sophomores starting to shock again
About 10 of these players will not play this year Chase Shelvin Newman etc Watch LSU. Arik Gilbert and Jabrill Cox
There has always been a question mark on Moss ability to play thru injury and effort and work ethic. I think we got the best of him for a short time at LSU.
The comment about Ben Simmons is dumb....watch documentary This elite athletes can barely walk to class cause of all attention. Simmons knew he was going pro...why go to class when you are mobbed by fans and leaving anyway Starks was a long shot recruit. Didn’t get eligible till August. Some change behavior from HS some don’t...that’s why I’m glad they backed off Texas RB
Best college football analyst...what’s wrong with being sure she’s the one. Think about how many gold diggers have chased Tebow over the years. I will never forget during his senior bowl week and he couldn’t play because of bronchitis but still quietly visits Mobile jails and ministers.
Almost every year The Bama vs LSU becomes “the game” to decide the West. Granted LSU success as not been great but in most years the teams are equal minus the QBs Tide has had (Tua and Hurts). Alabama fans upset that the “Best Team Ever” has forever stolen the Bama shine...that started fading after getting hammered by Clemson
Next LSU D coordinator will be Richard from Dallas and Munoz will replace Brady
Brady never really recruited for LSU. We be fine without him. If we can overcome coaches leaving and players go to NFL early we not great program. Burrow will be missed BADLY but everyone else leaving we can replace. Best college team ever can never being taken away
Are you kidding...the one thing that’s happened is not only EVERY LSU team for a generation be compared to this team but all college teams. This team has taken all the luster off Bama Clemson etc. Not one of those teams was ever considered BEST EVER... No team will ever surpass what this years Tiger Team accomplished...7 of Top 10 ..4 of 5 pre season top 5. A passing TD per quarter over a season. Don’t care what Bama might do, they be in shadow of this team forever
First a lot of people know Jarvis and OBJ were Tigers...they were and still are two of the biggest ex Tigers who sing the praise of LSU. Not sure how you can have Delpit ahead of Adams and Peterson or Mathieu even. To me, even though injured has been a disappointment this year...yep I’m being picky but Guice being ahead of those three is iffy as well. My top 5 would be JoeB, Devin White, Peterson, Adams and Fournette...in 10 years Stingley and Chase will be perennial All Pros Gosh, there are so many great ones..what I love is how much the pros continue to praise LSU. No other schools have the support of their ex players like LSU
It’s Impossible for the 2nd tier SEC schools to compete year in year out especially in SEC West...unless they luck out with a sleeper like Dak Prescott, it’s just impossible to recruit the Louisiana Mississippi Alabama areas and get enough depth to compete.
Bottom Line and heck he may be right...he had zero chance next year to play...didn’t want to compete with other 4 and 5 stars. Good riddance
Fromm could not have had the season JoeB had if he was at LSU this year. What Burrow does that very few college QBs do ( including Tua) is side step in the pocket and ALWAYS keeps his eyes downfield Even though I’m a Tiger fan the guy everyone seems to be sleeping on and could still be next Peyton Manning is Trevor Lawrence...
Gonna be different SEC next year...u think Bama gonna dominate without Tuna...and if SaBan bows to pressure to play little Tuna next year Mac Jones will transfer. I love to hear Bama fans diss Burrow and LSU like they would have still been dominant without Jalen and Tuna
The only big time player who got hurt in bowl game was Jaylon Smith with Notre Dame who the Cowboys stole with the late pick...he’s now a Pro Bowl Type Player....only reason this guys turn pro early is they can get advances $$$ wise from agents etc...
I agree...I thought he was a much better QB in 2018 then he was given credit for...now nobody saw Heisman in his future, but it was laughable SEC media had him as 4th best QB behind Tua, Fromm and Monds...I honestly had him 1B with Tua...but having watched him all season 2 things stick out ...his ability to side step in the pocket and his EYES are always downfield. ALWAYS
A Louisiana Legend ...yes his talent is unbelievable and as many other Tiger Greats are forever remembered. What endeared JoeB to Louisiana people was his toughness, his humility and his focus...If we win the Natty he will be up there with Shaquille Pistol Pete and kevin Faulk has the cream of the crop
Even before this year JoeB was popular amongst fans because of his toughness, humility and being so team oriented He is now a LA Legend, a lot because of his play this year WHILE staying tough and humble....trust me he wouldn’t be this popular if he was a cocky jerk He, Coach O and this all Tiger Team are forever part of LSU and Later folklore
Honestly the difference the last 5 years have been QBs Bama of course had Jalen and Tua and then from nowhere we get this transfer named Burrow. Other than that these teams have been pretty equal ( and a small notch above Auburn Florida and A&M) Both teams recruit the same kids....I knew we would be good this year but dominate like we have...no one predicted that. One thing unnoticed by many is LSU is becoming the “thing” amongst recruits...it’s a combination of great recruiting by Coach O and the “ jibe” of the LSU product We are now getting a 5/star or high 41/2star like Bama does. Not only are we keeping homegrown talent , but still doing well in Texas,but have kids coming from California and Virginia Kids see how much fun players are having being
Tua little Bro made huge mistake signing with Bama. Imagine pressure on whoever replaces Tua and Jalen ...much less a relative....think how he be received at Tenn or Florida
I’m a big Tiger Fan who honestly was not crazy about Coach O hiring...big time wrong To humble himself and delegate to others is #1 strength...think of any person in last part of their careers who changes so much...BUT always been a great recruiter and haven’t seen him make an on field coaching mistake. Gonna be tough to replicate this year but as before and in the future LSU is still top tier SEC team Kids love LSU, atmosphere etc. How many ex Bama or Georgia players you see on sidelines or in NFL bragging on their college like ex Tigers
1st , it’s funny seeing Razorback fan comparing how many points they scored to claim better team. One thing this great Tiger team has had issues with and that’s playing down to competition. Thankfully they were UP for the tough games. Texas, Auburn, Florida, Bama and AM. They definitely had D problems 2nd half vs Bama and lower tier SEC games Lastly A&M fans will learn how overrated Jimbo is...look at stats. He rode Saban coat tails as LSU asst and then got lucky to get Jameis Winston..remember how many games he bailed Seminoles out. Now it’s gonna take Fla St YEARS to recover from his recruits. Personally A&M looks same as they been for 10 years
Sorry King Only Way Georgia makes playoffs is to run the table...I agree Bama shouldn’t in and they won’t unless Oregon or Oklahoma lose. But Bulldogs with 2 losses not jumping 1 loss teams. Plus they look awful against AM. Tigers will torch that D and Fromm is getting worse each year
Jimbo left cupboard bare at Fla St and he will mess up AM too. It’s kinda sad to not see seminoles in mix anymore
The accepted his commitment because they were not 10-0 ranked #1 and talk of college football...1st hand knowledge is these kids see they are not “hot” recruits anymore and reopen their recruiting so they still go to a big time school. Happens everywhere....it’s recruiting. Works both ways. Dylan Moses commits to LSU in 9th grade, probably attended 20 home games on sideline free, went to camps, got Tiger swag and signed with Bama with no notice to LSU. It’s why early recruit signing in Dec is so important. U snooze U may lose
For Arkansas to be successful they need to petition SEC to move to East Division....since we know that not happening they need to come up with a niche offense...some kind of run and gun like Houston has....There recruiting base is too small. No good high school players in the state. Hard to rebuild playing A&M LSU Auburn Alabama in your division
I’ll be honest I wasn’t crazy about when Tigers hired O but *I haven’t seen him make a game time mistake * He’s a great recruiter and leader of coaches * He’s tough but players love him * most important—- how many successful 60 year olds in any industry change and let others do their thing * he genuinely Loves LSU