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There’s a stat somewhere talk that less 50% of commitments sophomore year do not sign with that team. Going on visits , being on SM too big a deal for 16 year olds to pass up
How far has Auburn fallen?? Mississippi St fan is trying to comfort you
StephenA is a name dropper who’s knowledge of college FB is lacking
Watch for Ohio St. Be a upset cause Dogs tuff but……
Trust me for Kelly the cupboard was empty. Big thing 4 TRUE STUD freshman of which 2 are offensive tackles and 1 is TE( u know how hard that is) and the barring injury the next Lawrence Taylor or Micah Parsons is Harold Perkins. Georgia is da daddy now, but they still in the East which is easy
I’m happy too but might want to chill on us taking on the world. Next up AT Arkansas. We see if coach and team avoids hangover loss. In 2019 beating Bama really propelled us to Natty. We see what happens this year too
Not kidding I think fans affected Saban. He seemed lost at times. Could have been the hit he took tho. Not sure about other SEC fans but for LSU , Bama is the pinnacle and no kidding the program everyone chasing
Like beating Georgia …that QB never recovered Last nite was nuts Tiger St was rocking(yep was there)
Coaches are glad to leave Bama, if not only because of intensity. O’Brien is a retread
Someday the story of LSU blowout loss to Tenn Not saying we win but no blowout
Wasn’t this predicted? Alabama of the last 15 years changed college FB forever. To be that dominant for that long is awesome. Every decent programs goal was to get to level of Bama. People don’t realize how hard the SEC West is. You can’t take 1/4 off or u can be beat. Also what other people don’t get is schedule begets injuries. I know beating Bama is the pinnacle for LSU. Much Respect If u noticed during the 2019 Natty, it was after finally beating Tide, LSU kept peaking till win over Clemson This week Bama Ole Miss game will say alot
If I’ve learned anything about current recruiting is not to get too excited before the early signing period and in writing. It’s barely a blip to me when a 24 or 25 year committs$ Be nice if there was a no contact on a committed player
After last year in Baton Rouge it’s hard to feel sorry for anyone, the problem is not losing the locker room. 75% all players are SEC worthy so losing players sucks. Proudest I was of the LSU debacle last year was the effort they played with only 35 scholarship players.
Looks like Kelly really building OL…and the big Q is can we coach them to improve I don’t think we always done a great job doing that
Ole Jimbo. He was one play away or close to losing by 10
I’m not sure I want him fired SEC hard enough. If somebody ever unlocks AM it be even harder. Fine line in most SEC West between winning and losing
No kidding I told my kids when they were 15-16 years old that e-mails, texts, and social media never disappears and even though they not even thinking about their futures I always tried to see they understood. Heck I think employers now can sift thru your social Media.
Been saying all year, having a bunch of high 4 and 5 star players that they prolly only have for 3 years and prolly never played special teams takes another facet of coaching/managing teams that only a few have. ( Saban and Day) LSU struggled with it and actually the 19 natty team had a bunch of 3 stars.
I’ve been saying he’s most overrated coach out there. His success on tails of Winston and Heineke or when he was O coach at LSUand had Jamarcus Russell. None of them ran his playbook, they winged it based on who playing. I am so glad he didn’t come to LSU. Even if we still had Burrow Jimbo figure out how to mess up 19 Natty Champs
Yep they looked awesome. Daniels is a stud and as soon as Perkins started playing our D looked real good. I’ve learned my lesson over last few years to see one game at a time and not project too much. Is nice tho that like many many games it’s the LSU Bama in 2 weeks to mb decide things
That’s the one difference about LSU 2019 Natty Team. We had no close games which is surprise in SEC West. Team has said for us to beat Bama, instead of folding in week 10, really shot us momentum wise. Of course I sometimes forget we had 16 players from team drafted and 8 offensive guys starting in NFL the next year
That def was a great SEC game and win for Tennessee….now the hard part is for Coach H to keep kids focused. It’s not as EZ as some would think. Many many teams have made that expense. One of things make Saban so good is that is one part of game he has mastered. Keeping all those studs focused year after year prolly harder than an upstart team with low expectations.
Such a tuff league, I finally come to be calm whenever a SEC team, coach, players and fans talkBS after big win and then usually can’t be found when they lose following week ….it’s so hard to win in SEC WEST and now East getting better that a little bravado after a win is ok
Sugar Vols. When did you play in B33. I also played in game many many years ago. In those days we played a team from Ohio….I moved soon after so not sure when they switched to Maryland. When I played there was no social media so 33 was way to mb meet and see other players you may have only heard of. Back then, all info was usually generated newspaper sports editors. Penn is huge state with a natural east/west line so this game was so cool. My son later played in game (22 years later)