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I would like to see once in 1st few games SEC vs Big 10 like they do in BB random draw yep might have few mismatches but for most part would be fair Last year Michigan played no one in out of conference games
Agree with Engine. Y supposed Tiger fans post stupid stuff trying to be funny..think they cool … especially when u don’t have to sign name. Not a fan if all u can do trolll Tigers#justsayin
Bowls love LSU cause fans travel well
AM must score +40 pts to win OR get Daniels out of game (see Bama). He’s that good
Always find “star” rankings to be wrong a lot. Look at rosters of big boys and it be littered with 3 and 4 stats.
It’s really awesome to be in another “game of the century” with Bama. All I can say is beware of the wounded Tigers on defense. I believe this good matchup for LSU. They will score 30 + points ??? Is can we hold them to 1 less point we win 38-36
Bottom Line. If Bama can hold Tigers to 30-36 pts They prolly win
Match Up perfect for LSU. Weak QB and Receivers Freeze get them there when he recruits QBs
Do we dare compare this Offense to 2019?
I win no matter AM vs Tenn. one of them loses and get to hear Jimbo say it was one or two plays and kids played hard or Vols saying how well they did vs LSU last year
Doubt anyone be begging. ESPN /ABC has good announcing teams.
No Malik Nabor LSU is why. All teams play 3 WR. He has to be on this list
Shame on me for forgetting we lost Coach Leach last year. It’s obvious the State offense was recruited for the AIR attack. OL that have pass blocked till now are in a different system. Question for Mossyman? Is it true Leach offense had only 6 or 7 pass plays, that Coach kept it real simple
Vols fans seem to be happy and content on how their teams are “ perceived “ by others and also look to find excuses for their failures. Love hearing them diss LSU for use of portal, when in fact Tenn got more transfer players than Tigers (granted Skenes and White were diamonds) although honestly PS was way better than he was forecasted to be ( eliminating hitting and being at a sports powerhouse benefiting him
There’s a stat somewhere talk that less 50% of commitments sophomore year do not sign with that team. Going on visits , being on SM too big a deal for 16 year olds to pass up
How far has Auburn fallen?? Mississippi St fan is trying to comfort you
StephenA is a name dropper who’s knowledge of college FB is lacking