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Looks like since LSU is currently above Notre Dame, that a Bama loss to LSU would move them down to the 3 spot.
**Fortunately for both schools Fulmer ended up in Knoxville.**
No worries both will probably play half the game until November when the schedule gets real.
No one is talking about Waddle...lets keep it that way, maybe some team will kick to him. That kid is electric. Duece Jr.
Lol, Auburn doesnt control anything, especially Tiger Stadium. Well said.
Right,LSUSMC. Lets say LSU wins out...hows that control your oen destiny thing look then?
Wow that tamu guy has lost his mind, however i do believe florida being favored is a joke. Tamu takes this game. Tick tock? Lol
Go Tide wins the comment war....crickets now. Nice job by you.
Pretty sure each team has its own SI this week. They are all jinxed in that respect.
Dobbs is going to get drafted in the NFL as a wide receiver right? He's not an NFL QB.
Oh SDS, I'll take this as a compliment. Roll Tide!
Bowl games have nothing to do with this. Take the Bama Oklahoma game for example, Bama had zero motivation there. So just take the West vs East head to head over the last few years......the east hasn't been relevant since tebow left.
Playoffs roughly 10 weeks away, so he has a shot, I'm not a doctor, but fractured leg typically a 6 to 8 week recovery time right?
Nice got chills when I saw the Groves tribute at the end, well done. Roll Tide.
Failed to include* you know what I meant lol.
Yeah I'm a Bama fan, and I felt it was strange the author failed to leave out the 2013 Auburn game under the kicking woes section. Just lol.
3rd down in a critical situation, he was THE guy. BOL! RTR!
Does anyone really care how it effects their NFL careers? The answer is no. Win now baby. Whatever it takes.
Usc Texas was the best hands down. Garbage TD by Clemson to make the score closer? Or Vincent Young epic run with 20 seconds left to take the lead? Roll Tide though.
The 2010 team was loaded with talent, I just think a bit of complacency set in. That team was better than 2013 and 2014 at the very least imo.
We all know that Saban isn't concerned about Henry's health? Seriously?
The early season annual Ole Miss loss is the defining moment for every Bama team lol. A wake up call if you will. RTR!
Alabama was an underdog vs LSU and Notre Dame? I don't think so.