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No. The reality is that life doesn't normally give you an immediate second chance when you make a wrong choice. How many would declare for the draft with a no foul, no harm safety net. Nothing is stopping them from returning to school to finish their education but they need to do so without playing eligibility or scholarship.
We really do need a like button. Never forget that one "Oh crap" wipes out 10,000 attaboys.
I liked Tennessee's Smokey Mountain helmets and Vandy's Anchor Down helmets. However, the best new helmet in the country belongs to Navy. They wore helmets against Army that had different ships based on playing position. Very cool.
The only bias these people have is $$$$.
Reminds me of the Kiffin deal. USCjr will regret it for a long time.
Kiffin's time at UT was anything but "too brief".
You have obviously forgotten Randy Sanders, but I agree that Debord has to go.
Pretty sure Tennessee will be back in soon.
Sounds like you're already worried about Oct 10.
No, they have fans all over the country (Catholics) and that is the reason they have the TV deal. Don't look for it to go away anytime soon.
Tennessee: where the men are men and the women are champions.
No problem, it's LSU. The charges will be reduced to trespassing and they will all be available for the first game of the season.
Interesting that Ron Widby is not listed. To my knowledge he was the last 4 sport letterman at Tennessee: golf, baseball, football and basketball and played football and basketball professionally. I understand that he thought about the pro golf tour but a bad back stopped that.
How surprised am I to like a Bama post about recruiting?
Well, at least they didn't do it on a national stage with all the marbles on the table.
Richt probably remembers what happened to Fulmer. Don't think it will happen this year, but another year or two of falling way short of expectations hasten his departure.
Need a "like" button. Jordan Cox obviously didn't watch the game.
You read a lot into posts that aren't there don't you.
Ironic if a loss to Tennessee helps Spurrier decide to retire.
Hope the redshirt goes through. Bates deserves 4 full years on the field.
If you read the article, that's what it says.
I agree. Just ask the Auburn fans that visit Toomer's Corner.
I have seen the loyalty of Notre Dame fans up close and personal. I have always wondered just how much of their loyalty is religion based and how much is sports based.
What's the over/under on how long he lasts in college?
When I go into my profile I don't get a list of logos. What am I doing wrong?