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That clearly was holding. The Kentucky player clearly drives the guy down to the ground. You can't do that. Kentucky beat themselves. Sounds like a bunch of excuses to me.
I'm no SC fan but 4-8 is not a correct prediction. At worst, I think they repeat 6 wins in the regular season. At best, if a few things swing positively in their direction, 8 wins.
How is an Ole Miss fan going to try and take a shot at two programs that will be far better off in the long run than that dumpster fire in Oxford. I think it will be a good match up.
Hugh Freeze just dug the Ole Miss football program into a hole so deep, it's going to take many years to recover from it. All of that cheating and still got mediocre results.
Just keep beating a dead horse. This subject has just become annoying. They aren't leaving the SEC anytime soon. Move on and talk about something else.
I would have to go with South Carolina or Missouri. The reason is because both programs know what it's like to have 10+ win seasons back to back and make it to Atlanta. Kentucky just made positive strides towards becoming a threat in the east. I feel like any of those teams above can play spoiler to Florida, Georgia or Tennessee's season.
I think he's being realistic and not delusional. SC doesn't have a championship caliber roster, plus I'm sure SC fans have been let down a lot. So I understand his point. Just a realistic fan is all I see.
No surprise at all. Clemson just won a national championship and will have their pick of top recruits. Sorry SC fans, Clemson will have a grip on that state for a long time. Muschamp is a good recruiter but don't believe he'll get SC to the level of winning national championships. Thank your former coach for it.
I want to know how is this article "perpetuate racism"? He's only pointing out something that is historical in Tennessee football. Typical troll.
If he was expecting to win a national championship during his college career, he definitely shouldn't have gone to South Carolina. Lets be honest, SC won't be winning any type of championships in the near future. Building a championship program from the bottom up takes years and he definitely won't be around.
Georgia would be the obvious program to reach a national title game before South Carolina. I've always said, Georgia is a sleeping giant in the east of they could just get the right coaches to bring them to that national championship level. They have always been good at recruiting, just lacked the coaching to win the big ones. Smart is a good coach but I'm not sure about the OC pick. Chaney isn't a great OC. Pick a better OC and Georgia will be dominant in the east. South Carolina is going to have a tougher path to any type of championship. Muschamp is a good recruiter and he's proving that so far by looking at his 2017 class. Not bad for a coach who took over a sinking ship. I need to see more from Muschamp and his staff to know whether he's learned his lessons from Florida. Getting 3 more wins from the previous season, still puts SC at a mediocre level in the SEC. Also, having Clemson in their backyard pulling in top recruits, is going to be hard to compete with.
If this is true, then it is definitely a classless act by the Clemson players. If SC players felt truly disrespected, they should have done something about on the field. Unfortunately, you allowed those players to hand you a solid butt whipping. Better be prepared next year.
Look on the bright side Vol fans, you won the championship of life! Congrats Vandy.
I feel bad for the guy. This is a prime example of a good coach in a bad situation. Texas is too much of a political job and I'm not sure who would want a job like that. I'm sure Strong will land at a school that would appreciate him more. There are many schools needing a defensive coach.
All that s*** talking LSU fans did and still lost to Florida. Good job Gators. Look forward to the matchup in Atlanta.
Considering last Saturday's game and previous games in the beginning of the season, Tennessee isn't that talented. The only signature win they have this season is against Florida. At SC has an excuse. New coaching staff and a team that's playing with a majority of freshman.
That would be very interesting to see Kentucky win the east. They would have to win their next 3 SEC games, plus Florida and Tennessee would have to lose a few more SEC games for that to happen.
I really don't understand why he would go to Texas to take a political job. It's controlled by a bunch of wealthy donors who you have to keep happy. Considering the dumpster fire Mack Brown left, Strong really hasn't been given enough time to clean up the program and get his system and players installed. Firing a coach in his 3rd season is ridiculous.
I mean, she does suck people for a living. So she knows all about blowing.
Salty much? I guess you have to pay attention to real football since your team is back to its losing ways. The inbred jokes are old, just like yourself. Try a better come back. DoctorLarry, one person doesn't represent an entire fan base. I've seen my share of Auburn fans giving a piss poor image of Auburn.
Look at this troll again on another post about Alabama. The retirement home needs to monitor it's patients more because you're getting out of hand.
Thanks for showing how ignorant you. Never have I once defended Tennessee. By me clocking on your icon and reading your comment history, you can easily see you have trolled many post about Tennessee. So who is obsessed with Tennessee? I graduated from Alabama and my grandparents and father are Alabama alumni. So I'm hardly a bandwagon fan. I'm sure you're just some t-shirt buying fan who has never attended the college you're pulling for. Also, Alabama is 12-3 against your little Gamecocks and have went on to win 3 national championships since that game. Now please tell me how many championships does SC have??? I have had a run in with you on this site before and keep proving how ignorant you are. I think you might want to go argue with a Vandy or Kentucky fan. Oh wait, Kentucky actually has pulled ahead of SC. I'd be salty too if I pulled for a team that has no winning tradition..Anyone can have a bad century of football right?
I mean who really pays attention to SC outside of your fan base? No one because SC has never really been a relevant program. Second, no where in my previous statement did I defend Tennessee? I think you can use a little reading comprehension skills. Nice try on the come back though. Enjoy losing more games this season.
Didn't think I'd see a SC fan on here trolling another team until they actually had a winning season.
My assessment from watching this game is, Georgia is definitely having some growing pains as expected when having a new coaching staff. I think Eason will improve. He making typical freshman mistakes and next season he should be much better. South Carolina, poor South Carolina. The only positive for them would be defense. Any team coached by Muschamp will have a pretty good defense. Their offense is terrible! Which I know they are a young team but there can't be much hope at this point in the season for any SC fan, that this team will turn a corner. Maybe next season. If the offense is still terrible next season, SC fans should be very worried. Ultimately, I'd rather be in Kirby's position rather than Muschamp. Good luck to both teams.
They are completely delusional and desperate. South Carolina fans will make every excuse for Muschamp. He's a proven failure as a HC. How do you not win at a program like Florida? It may take them awhile but reality will set in pretty soon.
You'll be next Muschamp. Should have stayed a DC.
Just like South Carolina will regret hiring Muschamp.