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You obviously know more about football, than football coaches in the SEC. Can't believe you turned down the LSU job.
This dude is a complete dip5hit. It has become so obvious over the years that he reads stat sheets and box scores and proceeds to write some drivel. Who in all fux hell would punt from their opponents 20 yard line? This guy would probably not make it at a fast-food job.
Razorbacks win easily. Arkansas 20, Missouri 19
That Mississippi State team sure do look goofy wearing Florida uniforms.
Ummmm....NO! AP Guidelines are supposed to rank teams according to their performance. Not necessarily,"How good they think the teams are". The CFP committee is supposed to pick "the best teams". So it makes sense that Cincy would be higher in the AP poll than in the CFP committee poll.
I hope they get in at 4 and play Georgia.
Somewhere in this muddled garb you mention Arkansas recruiting, suggesting something has changed. Arkansas has been between 20 and 30 every season except one for the past 10 years. So their recruiting ranking, as a metric of change, is just a terrible example. Matter of fact, Arkansas has only had 4 recruiting classes in the last 20 years outside the top 30.
Read the rule book: "whose intent to impede an eligible opponent is obvious and could prevent the opponent the opportunity of receiving a catchable forward pass" It even has "intent" in the verbiage goof ball. Or tell me you don't know anything about football without telling me you don't know anything about football. His intention was not to impede. It was to catch the football. Not pass interference.
The defender has just as much right to try and catch that ball as the receiver. Incidental contact, as long as the defender is trying to catch the ball and not intentionally interfere with the receiver, is not grounds for pass interference.
It's easy to look good as a DC when you have the amazing talent that Steele had.
I told ya'll Florida is just Mullen's Mississippi State teams rebranded like 40 effing times.
How dare you correct "award-winning" writer Glenn Sattell. Dude's team won third place in the September 1997 Greater Eubanks Bowling Alley's Silver Dollar bowling tournament. He is legit.
The defense hasn't changed. Texas and A&M both had atrocious QB play. Any decent QB will carve up that secondary.
All those comments from the smack talking Florida fans after the GA/AR game aren't aging well at all.
Maybe one of these days UNICEF will get into the College Football writing business.
Nah, you are wrong. The refs consistently call a biased game is the reason.
Not really sure why they even play. Take the players off the field and let's just watch the refs tell us who wins and loses. It would reduce injuries and have no effect on the outcome.
Well, "award-winning" Glenn Sattell and his bowling trophy said it. May as well place your bets and get ready to spend your winnings.
Dan Mullen@Florida = Dan Mullen@Mississippi State = Florida = Mississippi State(When Dan Mullen was there)
Tell Mary that I said hi. It's been a minute.
Playing Georgia, is like playing chess against 16 queens. There was no parity in this game and the officiating was total garbage.
Why did people think that Pittman would have a hard time? Anyone that watched Arkansas play and knew anything at all about football, didn't think that. Under Morris and in the last couple Bielema years there were two consistence things about Arkansas football. One of the biggest glaring problems, Pittman could fix all by his lonesome. It was never about talent or recruiting, it was about coaching. Morris and his staff weren't teaching the players anything. I don't know what they were doing, but they weren't coaching.
You is Alabama's +1. They really needs more nut huggers. Thanks for stepping up.
I just now see that you wrote both stories. LOL....what a dip5hit.
“Maroon Goons 2? Aggies’ new offensive line might be Fishers’s best yet” Also, “o-line among Aggies’ 5 biggest concerns for 2021” Both on the front page. Glenn Sattell what awards did you win? Third place in the 3rd grade book report contest, and what else? Are you bipolar?
"Maroon Goons 2? Aggies' new offensive line might be Fishers's best yet" Also, "o-line among Aggies' 5 biggest concerns for 2021" Both on the front page. Glenn Sattell what awards did you win? Third place in the 3rd grade book report contest, and what else?