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Air Raid won't work in the SEC. Look at Leach's record against UDub. In the SEC, Leach is playing UDub every week.
Austin, unlike Brandon, never understood read concepts. His reactions on read plays was completely random. Once he was figured out, he was absolute garbage. The second half of Missouri and the second half of Virginia Tech games are prime examples as they used decoys with the LBs and safeties, and he bit every time. He was horrible at reading and stupidly easy to fool. It's a big reason why 2017 was the second half of those two games for an entire season. You say he was underappreciated, but you are over appreciating him right now.
My grandmother told me as a small child, "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words would never hurt me". She was right.
A few thousand? I'm thinking more like hundreds.
He makes a compelling argument. Everyone should believe his laughable BS because you are from Hazen.
Bo Nix has a better, wait, wait, you said a MUCH BETTER arm than Collin Hill? You lost ALL credibility forever with that statement.
Ha! I'm not reading an article from a simp that watched Bad Boys II. And you even exemplified it by remembering lines from it. That's so cute.
Oh come off it. Sitting out the rest of the possession isn't going to curtail faking injuries. They will just sub in a decoy player or a player with an even replacement. They will still do it. May as well make it a personal foul to fake an injury. That would be about as effective.
What happens when these hate groups begin using imagery of silverware? We all have to eat with our hands? What about chairs? Will we no longer will be allowed to sit? The left is doing the exact same thing the crusaders did. Imposing their beliefs on those that do not wish to share them.
I'm pretty sure they are. Only requirement is knowing and understanding the difference between their and there.
Right, but you would have to actually watch him play to know this. Which, of course, the author didn't do. We are still clicking though and that's all that matters.
I wish that I had a Twitter so that I could immediately copy/paste Twitter on to a web page and call myself a journalist.
Clark had a good game against Ole Miss. Then he got absolutely EFFING TORCHED the rest of the season. I doubt that he even sees the field in non-pandemic years. Reading this, makes me believe that you watched some highlights and looked at some stat sheets and then wrote an article without ever watching a single game. Just like the guy that wrote Hogs stuff last year.
You can't bake a cake without breaking a few eggs. Reducing scholarships helps fix the parity disparities. Nothing else I've heard does. If you know a way to reduce scholarships AND not lose them at the same time, I'd be interested to hear your argument.
I cancel my cable subscription after my teams final game. I'm sure I'm not alone. Could have something to do with the lower numbers. Show it on ABC and the numbers probably go up.
Man stop. The douche is only writing this to generate clicks. Don't give him the attention he is prompting for.
I would suspect that all of those players that you mentioned were marginal academic qualifiers. And that is the reason for the low recruiting service ratings.
Is this "story" about football or the author? A 14 year-old girl called and wants her self prioritization back.
Get rid of the committee. People are idiots and shouldn't be the ones deciding. Formulating a BCS type model with both humans and computers is best. The human polls water down each individual vote and computers don't have opinions.
Hell yeah! Get rid of the committee.
Yeah for sure. Tennessee got waaaaayyyyy better after it fired Butch Jones. Butch Jones won 9 games twice, had 3 winning seasons, three straight bowl wins and two top 25 finishes in 5 seasons. Butch Jones may be the greatest Tennessee head coach of modern times.
This is the worst committee ever. I wish they would take people, as deciders, out of the equation. Make a formula, use the four highest teams, like the BCS used to use. Yeah people decided but the formula diluted each persons input to the point that stray data points didn't affect the overall outcome.
She kicked it 30 yards on a ~line drive. But she can kick 67 yard field goals. Everybody believes that, I'm almost nearly certain.
Chad just needs about 8 more years to get HIS players in the offense. /eyeroll Hahaha Chad Morris......WTF was Gus thinking??
I don't get how people are saying he launched. I think it's just trolling, or retardation.
Dude shut up! He did not leave his feet until AFTER the hit. Go watch the replay, you idiot.