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I don't get how people are saying he launched. I think it's just trolling, or retardation.
Dude shut up! He did not leave his feet until AFTER the hit. Go watch the replay, you idiot.
Chris could you write more articles with first person pronouns in the title?
You have two kids and are still able to make a living from cam shows? There must be a lot more sick individuals than I thought.
Here's what I would do, if I were a hack pretending to be a journalist. I would start by actually watching the games, so that I would recognize when I'm spewing garbage.
Cine should have stopped himself mid air and made sure that Pitts wasn't going to lower his head as he was coming in for the hit. It looked like a clean hit to me, Pitts reaction caused helmet to helmet contact. By rule, yeah targeting, but dirty? No way.
People said the same thing about Chad Morris at Arkansas. Look at what the same players are doing.
Leach didn't have to play Udub 5 or 6 games every year at Wazzu. He does at State.
Did you watch the A&M-Arkansas game? I doubt it. A&M completely shut their offense down in the 4th and Arkansas kept trying to score. A&M could have easily out gained them had they played 4 quarters. A&M's offensive totals are for 3 quarters.
"each of the last 3 years during Arkansas’ reign as the league’s perennial doormat" It was 3 years, and perennial? And you get paid to write this stuff? Or is this voluntary?
A....A....A <-----Florida University.
Why would you think that a mediocre QB would make a big jump under a coach that has proven that he can't develop QBs??
Chad Morris' staff was not coaching. That's all this boils down to.
He definitely touched the ball, that should have been 6 for Ole Miss.
Chad Morris is garbage. Can't believe Gus hired him. On the bright side, Auburn will be way better when he leaves.
You are giving the Arkansas offense too much credit. Arkansas offense is Jekyll and Hyde. It gels really well on a series or it doesn't. When it was coherent, it burned Ole Miss. When it was bad, it was bad. I don't think any of these numbers are really indicative of Ole Miss' defense. I would expect it to be no better or worse than it was prior to the Arkansas game.
That's typical for SDS. They don't watch any games, they read stats and go from there.
Agreed! Bo Nix is one of the worst QBs in the SEC. Collin Hill is quite good. His receivers haven't done him any favors either.
I'm sure Chad Morris will fix Bo Nix, seeing all the excellent quarterback advancements he made at Arkansas.
This is not going to age well.
Gus has problems developing quarterbacks, so he hired Chad Morris to close the quarterback development gap. LOL
Morris is the water on the Bo Nix grease fire.
He just needs to get Morris the right recruits for his offense and they will be just fine. /end sarcasm
With that said I hope Chad gets a raise and an extension.