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"She is a great receiver!!" "How are those kegel exercises helping your moms meat curtains? Her snizz looks like a popped water balloon." "Did I step on a nerve twinkle toes? I will happily meet you anywhere, but you’re a keyboard b!tc h." I'm in Jonesboro, can commute. That's my real name.
"Arkansas has the No.3-ranked 2023 recruiting class according to the 247Sports" That is a garbage metric. To put it into perspective, Texas Tech is #2 and Penn State is 4. Arkansas is 10 out of 13 in the SEC in average recruiting ranking for 2023. South Carolina isn't listed because they have commits. Not a dig at the Hogs, but a dig at the author.
You spout your opinions, but frame them as facts. You are a teenager or you didn't finish growing up yet?
So when the guy that "doesn't know basketball" is right over the guys that do? Is that a paradox?
You clearly have your arms wrapped around his nuts.
A sharpshooter that shoots 39 percent from the field and 29 percent from 3pt range. Doubt he gets drafted. Some of those shots in the tournament?? Ain't nobody gonna draft this guy.
Half the stuff in this article is wrong.
I wish I could be terrible at my job and still make a living. Any advice Glenn?
I was gonna read this, but immediately realized that I don't care about your bracket, even a little. Nonetheless, you got my click.
"Haselwood never stepped into that No. 1 role in his 3 seasons in Norman." He lead OU in receptions and receiving touchdowns in 2021.
Glenn's articles are the living embodiment of what articles would be like if bots could write them. I'm not even sure that he is a real person. I'm not even sure that the bowling trophy is real.
Storming the court is low class. Storming the court is an indicator that you didn't expect your team to win. Arkansas is FAR better than the 5 straight blemishes, before the team gelled, would indicate. The team that is playing right now, hasn't lost a game all season.
Must be nice to have a job where you can be wrong half the time and still get paid to brag about the half of the time that you were right.
Alex Dillard used to set up and shoot from that distance on the reg.
Butch Jones had back to back 9-4 seasons and then got fired the next year.
If Alabama played Cincy's schedule they would be 13-0. This game will be 35-0 at halftime.
You obviously know more about football, than football coaches in the SEC. Can't believe you turned down the LSU job.
This dude is a complete dip5hit. It has become so obvious over the years that he reads stat sheets and box scores and proceeds to write some drivel. Who in all fux hell would punt from their opponents 20 yard line? This guy would probably not make it at a fast-food job.
Razorbacks win easily. Arkansas 20, Missouri 19
That Mississippi State team sure do look goofy wearing Florida uniforms.
Ummmm....NO! AP Guidelines are supposed to rank teams according to their performance. Not necessarily,"How good they think the teams are". The CFP committee is supposed to pick "the best teams". So it makes sense that Cincy would be higher in the AP poll than in the CFP committee poll.
I hope they get in at 4 and play Georgia.
Somewhere in this muddled garb you mention Arkansas recruiting, suggesting something has changed. Arkansas has been between 20 and 30 every season except one for the past 10 years. So their recruiting ranking, as a metric of change, is just a terrible example. Matter of fact, Arkansas has only had 4 recruiting classes in the last 20 years outside the top 30.
Read the rule book: "whose intent to impede an eligible opponent is obvious and could prevent the opponent the opportunity of receiving a catchable forward pass" It even has "intent" in the verbiage goof ball. Or tell me you don't know anything about football without telling me you don't know anything about football. His intention was not to impede. It was to catch the football. Not pass interference.
The defender has just as much right to try and catch that ball as the receiver. Incidental contact, as long as the defender is trying to catch the ball and not intentionally interfere with the receiver, is not grounds for pass interference.
It's easy to look good as a DC when you have the amazing talent that Steele had.