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"Glenn Sattell is an award-winning freelance writer for Saturday Down South." You must be mistaken...
Both seasons that they played together, look at their stats. Not to mention, if you watched the games, AC had a bad habit of running the wrong play.
I read the garbage that you write and just kinda chuckle. You look up some stats and write an article. You are the laziest reporter I have ever heard of. You do this same crap during the season. You look at a box score without watching a game and then write an article. Dude, literally anyone could do what you do. BTW Jonathan Williams is a better running back than anyone on this list. You poser.
Have you watched State play? Even one game? AC is likely the only remaining win. Tennessee and Arkansas could easily be loses.
If a different author wrote the story, I might be like, okay...but LOL. This guy.......Predicting outcomes for a team that you haven't seen play one game all season. /eyeroll Mizzou game is in Little Rock btw. I wish I could suck this badly at my job and remain employed.
LOL Just stop. Hicks wouldn't have thrown 5 interceptions but the hogs wouldn't have scored a point either. Have you seen Hicks play?
You wrote another article about a game you didn't watch. You did this last week. Staring a box score and making assumptions based on that box score. People that actually saw the game, and then come here and read what you spew, know that you didn't watch the game.
I agree with your unpopular opinion. Starkel is gonna light up some defenses if he stays healthy.
It was 10 to 3 when he started playing. There was a turnover, an ineligible receiver downfield penalty on a score. He kept the offense moving the ball, just got some bad breaks. Starkel is better than half, if not most of the QBs on this list. The author doesn't know what he's talking about. He's certainly better than Kellen Mond and I don't think it's a far cry to say Starkel would have replaced Mond if he didn't transfer.
If you take away the terribly thrown ball behind Knox that he was able to strip from the defenders hands and run with, which was a complete fluke play, Hicks was 6/16 for 49 yards.
I'm a bit insulted that you would write an article grading the game based on the box score alone. You didn't even watch the game!
Way over analyzing this. Alabama's Oline holds on every play and they have for years. They don't get flagged because they hide it so well. Clemson did what Alabama has been doing for ages. They grabbed and held onto Bama's defensive line. Clemson's defensive linemen had their jerseys velcroed or something similar, so Alabama blockers couldn't grab jersey. Clemson's defensive line used hand sweeps to keep hands from grabbing them. Result, Alabama couldn't pass block because they had nothing to grab and their defensive line couldn't penetrate because they were being held. What comes around goes around. It was satisfying to watch Alabama's defensive line begging for holding flags when Bama's opponents have been begging for holding flags for years.
Alabama's Oline has been holding defenses for years and not ever getting flagged because they do it so well. It was wonderful seeing Alabama's Dline begging for holding flags that opposing defenses have been begging for, for years. I swear Clemson's defensive linemen had their jerseys velcroed to their shoulder pads. Watching Alabama's Oline reach for jersey like they are trying to pull Formica off a countertop was oddly satisfying.
The play looked fine. This criticism is unwarranted. The main reason the play failed is because Clemson #44 broke through a triple team to make the tackle. 3 Alabama players couldn't block 1 guy. That's hilarious.
Bobby Petrino was at Arkansas for 4 seasons. You lose all credibility forever.
Do you watch the Razorbacks? Because you seem to have read some stats and few clippings and wrote an article. In other words, you seem clueless. They sucked because they didn't give David Williams enough carries. He was FAR better than anyone else running the ball. Whaley's stats were close but only because he had huge games versus inferior opponents. Hammonds had a few big explosive plays that padded his stats, but overall he was very inconsistent. David Williams consistently had good games versus P5 competition. Had Bielema used Williams like he used Collins in 15 and Rawleigh Williams in 16 this team was bowl eligible for certain and could have possibly won 9 games. David Williams ran behind the same offensive line as everybody else. The offensive line was very good at run blocking. It sucked on pass plays because two guards played tackle all season and couldn't match up to the speed of even FCS defensive ends. The pass rush sucked because they dropped 8 90% of the time. When 6 guys are blocking 3 you aren't going to have much of a pass rush. The problem with the defense was 8 guys not being able to cover 5 receivers. Losing Ragnow was not a big deal, as Zach Rogers is every bit as good as Ragnow. Also with all of the trouble the team had at tackle, Ragnow should have been playing tackle and NOT center. Rogers is just as good as Ragnow at center, but Ragnow is 2X the tackle of any other linemen on this team. HUGE coaching blunder. And what was Cornelius doing that made his injury so devastating? He came into the season slow and overweight and had he not gotten injured, I don't see him making any difference. And you don't even mention how half the players on offense didn't know the playbook. Receivers were constantly running the wrong routes and Whaley consistently tried to run up the ass of the Johnny Gibson while a 6 foot wide gaping hole was opened up on the left side of the offensive line. And Austin better than Brandon? You are totally clueless. Austin is 5'10" and CAN'T RUN A READ PLAY. The freshman backup can, and Austin can't, AT ALL. He never even looks down field he decides in the huddle what he is going to do regardless of the activity of the LBs and the safeties. Brandon had absolute mastery of it, but you want to try to convince someone that Austin is better? Get out of here.
"Playing in Tuscaloosa would be a tough test for the young quarterback, so to have a chance to pull off the massive upset, Allen will likely have to start." In some alternate universe where Austin Allen can run a read play, step up in the pocket, avoid the rush, not stare down his receiver, hit his check down, and call an audible. But outside of that universe Kelley is superior to AA in every way.