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coach o is nothing but gene chizik with a cajun accent. He lucked out with a GREAT TRANSFER QB.... not the super coach everyone thinks he is
They had pitt..... followed by notre dame..... we had UGA followed by OU and their heisman winner..... I’d love to make excuses until January 2020, but I think for sure they had a little bit easier prep for the game
It’s been a long decade for special teams I think.
Lol glad u said it UGARMYRet. Biggie must be a blast at parties! Crowd: “Happy birthday!” Biggie: “Yea!? Who gives a flying f^{< I’m just here for the cake!”
Nope! I will defend every single bad word I’ve ever said about a kicker! Past present and future! Was it these fans “job” to kick field goals? Probably not. Is it the kickers job? Yea! That’s why they call it kicking! That’s why he goes to practice multiple times a week, that’s why he’s on the depth chart as a kicker!!! Crappy kickers can cry all they want but that’s they’re job, and usually their ONLY job! If a kicker can’t kick he’s about as useful as a boat that can’t float! Tired of crappy kickers!!!! They deserve EVERY word said about them!
Talk about kicking a guy when he’s down, beating us by what should’ve been 34 pts wasn’t enough for them.
Well u know espn... at least they aren’t talking politics and social justice while watching the game..... “u guys think theirs enough minority refs out there!?” And so on so forth.
Roll Tide :/ On the bright side I don’t have to worry about them blowing a halftime lead lol
Nice article! Crazy thinking these guys are sophomores/freshmen.
Plus they weren’t ranked #1 last year. That didn’t stop them from claiming the natty lol
I’m sure they’ll find some reason to have a parade
Congrats ucf!!!! 2018 national championship runner ups!!!
Amen! We may all have different teams but we’re ALL Americans!!! Except for auburn fans ......... JK
I’ll always have the memory of pissing in the small rip it cans while on tower guard. Lol. Had to practice my kegals but by the time I was on the 3rd can I was about done lol
My personal favorite was the “never shake your baby” ones! The most I’ve ever learned about power of attorney came from AFN lol.
But yea. Compared to those teams I mentioned, ucf plays absolute trash teams lol.
“Missing the playoff two years in a row!” Waaaa waaaa waaa You only have 2 years in the history of ur program that are even worth an appearance lol.
Tougher schedule would help. But also I would say have 1 or 2 more undefeated seasons. One thing most people overlook is that teams that are considered for playoff, bcs, or even the AP championship are “historically” good programs! Just because u have a undefeated season every once in a while means pretty little in the grand scheme of things. Just ask Boise state a few years back. If ucf becomes a team that regularly wins they’ll eventually get there.
Well You know what they say, “It sucks to suck!” And you guys suck! Kinda odd they couldn’t find a more winning opponent than 8-4 Iowa state. But ISU is definitely a group of upsetters. I’m calling for Iowa state. Maybe we’ll hear more “stories” about how mike leach stole Bama recruits! Lol
Awesome. Not as great as the 10th MTN whites they wore last year in the snow, but those are impossible to beat! I’m actually really excited about this game! Should be 3 in a row. BEAT NAVY!!!!!!
I can’t believe they let a basketball team from kansas put up 40 on them!
Please LSU... for the love of all things holy! Beat these guys and shut them up!
They should do a “pro bowl” type game. Worst nfl players vs NCAA all American players! Lol
Cause it’s history repeating itself. I thought Tua was going to be Tua all night and Jalen wouldn’t play... me and most everyone who thought that was wrong. Good story in my opinion.
ou wins don’t impress me. But they’re practically undefeated now.