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I feel like in 2 maybe 3 years we’re gonna be reading stories about LSU firing Brian Kelly.
Still not as cool as the all white 10th Mountain ones from a few years ago. The dcu is cool for “away” colors though!
Probably in a few years unfortunately.
Those are pretty good looking! But as always, Go Army, Beat Navy!
12 outta 14 teams! Not bad!
Not gonna say Bama is GOING to win. But I remember in 2019 when lsu squeaked by Bama then went on to crush UGA and Clemson.
Good catch. My apologies for not following Jim as closely as you…. I’m sure it’s felt like 9 years considering this is the first time he’s managed to beat his top rival.
“9th times the charm I guess.” - also Jim
Be even cooler if they all stood and showed support for the Flag and it’s anthem! Baby steps I guess.
No offense. But big difference between LSU and UK. Patience isn’t as easy to get written into your contract at LSU as it is at UK.
Mixed opinion on the white helmet with them. Y’all were dumb to drop the gray though. really liked those! Gray and orange just go together…. Also the checker pattern at the end of the stripes. Dumb thing to drop.
Dr! Don’t forget instate RIVAL ISU!!! Even though they’re in completely different conferences and the game really doesn’t matter much, they still suuuuuper hate each other. And Iowa won by like a whole lot!!! I’m just a Gump. But I think this is definitely maybe probably Iowa’s year! Oh yea they also destroyed Indiana! They were the team to beat! Last year…
You guys aren’t even the best team in Ohio this year…..
Hey, have some respect. The Cawkeyes beat Iowa state!!!
“Because Georgia IS the next DYNASTY!!!!” - Also to this.
“Alabama’s time is coming to an end!!!!” - Ill take “something that’s never been said before” for 500.
Yup! You notice how they’ve housed a lot of them on military bases? What a HUGE middle finger to the military. “I know you have reasons to not like these people. But now they’re your neighbors.”
I remember I posted on here, I believe right after Joe Burrow won the National Championship, that Coach O is just Gene Chizik with a Cajun accent…. Well to quote myself from a couple years ago. Coach O is nothing but Gene Chizik with a Cajun accent.
I get the feeling that Coach Coop and bubbatime are the same person. Also bubbatime, idk if you are aware, maybe it was set by default. But you can change your logo to auburn in your profile settings.
“Geaux tigers” is what I imagine it sounds like when someone says “go tigers” With SOME THING in their mouth.... also if anyone remembers Bat Dad from the old South Park episode, I feel like that is how fantasy acts in real life.
Speaking of sister fornicaters! Or as u would say, sister feauxrnicaters! Fantasy How’d u do with all ur bets? As I recall ur “expert” guidance was calling it for osu? Hopefully it didn’t cost ur kneecaps, I know ur sis is counting on them! Roll Tide! Or as u probably prefer Reauxll Tide!!
So sick of Bama winning the CFP LITERALLY EVERY YEAR! Except when they didn’t win it last year, or the year before that. So tired of the same 4 teams going to the playoffs LITERALLY EVERY YEAR, except for when LSU made a visit, or when UGA made a visit, or when UW made a visit, or when Oregon made a visit, or when FSU made a visit, or when MSU made a visit! The repetition is old and tiring!
Yea it’s strange how dynasties and back to back playoff visits only exist in College Football and LITERALLY NO OTHER SPORT!!! Maybe there should be a 120 team playoff!? They can start the first week of September!
On a unrelated note. U know who’s probably very upset about this game? lebron. And that’s good enough for me :) Roll Tide!
Yea old dame needs to OFFICIALLY join a conference or sit out every year! (Yes I know they were part of the acc.... for this year alone....)