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“Geaux tigers” is what I imagine it sounds like when someone says “go tigers” With SOME THING in their mouth.... also if anyone remembers Bat Dad from the old South Park episode, I feel like that is how fantasy acts in real life.
Speaking of sister fornicaters! Or as u would say, sister feauxrnicaters! Fantasy How’d u do with all ur bets? As I recall ur “expert” guidance was calling it for osu? Hopefully it didn’t cost ur kneecaps, I know ur sis is counting on them! Roll Tide! Or as u probably prefer Reauxll Tide!!
So sick of Bama winning the CFP LITERALLY EVERY YEAR! Except when they didn’t win it last year, or the year before that. So tired of the same 4 teams going to the playoffs LITERALLY EVERY YEAR, except for when LSU made a visit, or when UGA made a visit, or when UW made a visit, or when Oregon made a visit, or when FSU made a visit, or when MSU made a visit! The repetition is old and tiring!
Yea it’s strange how dynasties and back to back playoff visits only exist in College Football and LITERALLY NO OTHER SPORT!!! Maybe there should be a 120 team playoff!? They can start the first week of September!
On a unrelated note. U know who’s probably very upset about this game? lebron. And that’s good enough for me :) Roll Tide!
Yea old dame needs to OFFICIALLY join a conference or sit out every year! (Yes I know they were part of the acc.... for this year alone....)
That’s comforting. Pretty sure when he goes to the NFL he’ll be surrounded by NFL players there too.
As a kid who grew up in the 90’s it’d be great to see the Cowboys being successful again! Buuuuuut Skip needs a reality check lol
Yea u guys really blew us out that year! Not like y’all beat us with some bs miracle, then went on to get stomped by the team that did wIn their division/conference!
I understand what you’re saying Savimus. I like the guy’s statement too. I think it’s a matter of State (local) pride, that you should want to play for the HOME team First. I definitely don’t want to be ungrateful for him offering his talent. But I do like the kids comment.
Yea whenever Bama is involved I prefer the games most people consider boring lol
I think this game should definitely give TAMU loss to Alabama a second thought. I think TAMU should definitely be that #4 team after tonight!
Yes it was!!! I was pretty worried. A td and ep would’ve put them up by 1. I’ve come to learn as a Bama fan, bad things come in “1’s”.
Yea. Who would’ve thought nd was the same choke artist as always!?
I sure hope so. Sucks they get to play that independent crap each year and still have high chances of cfp. Hopefully they stay in the acc and actually add a challenge for clemson
I thought that was why they beat clemson the first time
They’ve barely played 4 games lol. If this is the last bullet on their “resume” it wasn’t very convincing.
Stoic! That guy is a freaking rock when it comes to emotion. Winning big or losing big he always had the same game face. I loved that about him. Be nice if he went on to be a NFL great. Been a few years since Bama’s had a NFL qb that was well known.
I did always kinda respect (hate) Gus..... had 1 more win against Bama then I would like, so definitely had some anxiety anytime they played him. Even this year! Never know what’s gonna happen in that game!
Mixed opinions on this. He beat Bama more times than I like, so kinda glad he’s gone. But at the same time had some rough disappointing seasons at auburn, so kinda upset he’s leaving.
Pretty sure it’s above the coach whether or not she’s on the team. And if players speak out all they do is lose their scholarship. All mutiny would do is bring more females on to fill the spots left by males in the name of PC! Crystal clear they don’t care about winning, why not experiment a little
Definitely don’t wanna see my daughter as a staring qb take a big sack... she has the same hair as Trevor L so maybe she’d be ok! But hate to see it!
Love the fake tigers reference! Don’t forget they’re fake Death Valley too! It hurt my soul... but I rooted for you guys last year! Glad to see y’all stomp some chickpeas. SEC!!!
I mean, any given Saturday.... No win is guaranteed. Highly likely but not guaranteed. Just like actually dying from the virus. Except instead of highly likely it’s highly unlikely...
Banjo what’s that? Do u mean banjeaux? Dumbass lol
Lol yea. Pre Waddle = Much better Post Waddle = Slightly better