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Yea I'm even pulling for UT but I'm sure they're gonna drop the ball today.
I'm calling bs friend. I don't only want Bama superiority. I would like to see conference superiority. And so far only our 5-7 team has shown any of it. (1 pt against a Mac team lol)
That was awesome. Keep it up cam. Hope the kid and his family well.
No relation fortunately for us! One comes from the Heart of Dixie, the other from kenya. I mean "Hawaii"...
I really hope it's a error Lofl. They ain't called the twin states for nothing I guess.
As much as these guys like UT this year I'm surprised Jones is at 7.
Is UT the team that's known for dropping games? I thought that was ole lady.
Come on Legend, they beat Bama back-to-back! Ole lady is pretty good!!!
I always thought their blues were the ugliest jersey in college football. Now they are the second ugliest.
Yea these are pretty shocking. They only favor Clemson by 8!
If Baylor is patient and waits another year I'm sure muschamp will be available.
Probably my second favorite auburn coach ever! My first favorite being gene chizik! Those were the days.
The worst by far would have to be Rebel_LandSharts!!! He probably LITERALLY lives under a bridge.
Rooting for you Mike!!!
5 wins he can definitely get. That's about all my faith in muschamp. I'm just still shocked by the hire. I could see him getting a job out of conference, but same division ?
Don't u wish UGA woulda hired him as HC? He did "pretty good" at Florida!