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There is a HUGE difference between Freeze frequenting prostitutes and Schiano potentially keeping silent if he knew child molesting was happening. I see a little hypocrisy, but it's not comparing apples to apples.
Don't forget the money they're still paying Muschamp on top of it all...
Don't forget Ole Miss will also likely be looking for a new coach with Matt Lucas not getting it done in the interim role.
I followed this whole thing all season and I'm glad Coach O got the job. I was pulling for him and I'm happy for someone to get their dream job!
Seriously, dude, learn that Auburn is not the "War Eagles" ffs. This is ridiculous for a website dedicated to SEC football to continually get wrong. "War Eagle" is the battle cry. Tiger is the mascot.
That's why there are so many pro athletes who wind up bankrupt or in tax trouble, because they have to pay federal taxes, home state taxes, and taxes in every state they played in that year. Some of them don't realize that and wind up getting in trouble with unpaid taxes they didn't realize they had to pay.
I had really hoped he'd get his sh*t together and grow up, but that's apparently not in the cards for Johnny boy. If this is true, he needs to be a guest of the State of Texas for a long time.
I just pray that's the only list Cam joins OJ on...
I had this same debate with other Auburn fans concerning the NCG. I say conference pride should be paramount in the postseason. Does a dominant SEC not help the entire conference? Regardless, as an Auburn fan, I was still rooting for Alabama last night and was genuinely happy to see the SEC reclaim the title. Time to get ready for next season!
The headline made me think classy move, but the unnecessary "former Nole" in the tweet makes me think calculated move. Everyone not under a rock knows Coker went to FSU first. It was only brought up by Kirk Herbstreit about a million times last night...
I think Lon is talking about the 2004 undefeated Auburn team, not this year's team. Auburn getting screwed in 2004 seemed to be the beginning of the push for a playoff system.
I think it's dumb to have both games on the same day anyway. If they're going to stick to this idea of the "New Year's Six" or whatever, why not have one on NYE and the other on NYD? Spread that love around a little and don't force people to choose between watching the game live and enjoying NYE. Having both on the same day just overloads, IMHO
I agree that he should finish out the title run at Alabama. New head coaches don't coach in the bowl game anyway, do they? I don't think Jim McElwain coached Florida in their bowl game last year. I remember that he was there, but not coaching. Georgia will get their head coach either January 1st or 12th, just sit tight.
I haven't seen Ole Miss referred to as the "Hotty Totties", but that would be kinda funny.
Thank you! I was going to say the same thing. I thought this site was supposed to be catered to SEC fans. If so, then the difference between mascot and battle cry should be a simple thing to keep track of.
"Phoenix" is in Arizona. "Phenix City" is in Alabama.
Where's the "hilarious" part?!? Freakin' waste of time...
It's George Petrie, not Geoff...
Is journalism really an impressive major? Georgia doesn't have anybody majoring in anything any harder than journalism?
This is dumb. I'm no LSU fan or anything, but how is it LSU's fault that the kid decided to go somewhere else? The NCAA is a joke...
And Alabama lost to Ohio State...I love THAT...
Thank you! I was thinking the same thing as I was reading this. I (a dude) love football, but there are some women in my family that are more fanatical about football than I am and understand the nuances better than I do. Also, there will be some guys trying to convince their male significant others to stay in to watch football, too. Just because the SEC footprint is in the old Confederacy doesn't mean that it's the 1860s. It's 2014, guys, catch up!
Every week, when I watch games, I look for contenders for this column and then check to see if any of the ones that made me say to myself, "Sad fans are sad" made it to the column. lol
A&M spends way too much time focusing on their uniforms...
Kind of a douchey thing to say. I could let the first one slide, but the second one is just being a douche.
I would like to see Auburn bring out some orange jerseys once in a while, but for the most part, I'm so glad Auburn doesn't do this "special uniform" crap.
Derek Mason really seems to be way in over his head as a head coach and has been making some terrible decisions. Glad he's Vandy's problem...
Those are not the same and equating the two is ridiculous.