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In particular, the bowl games that aired on Wednesday in the middle of the day were ridiculous. I wound up listening to it via internet radio at work, and never actually watched the game. So many people work New Year's Eve, and then have other, non-football parties, it just seems a no-brainer to not schedule them that day. New Year's Day makes so much more sense, particularly for "big" games.
Totally agree. Every team has down years, and sometimes you just have to step back and rebuild. Let them get some experience, do their own recruiting, and we'll see a great team in a year or two. And who knows what will happen this year? There is still time left to learn.
I think there is a difference between "tearing down" and reminding these young men that they have codes of conduct to which they should adhere, and that they are often role models for younger athletes. Williams had been given lots of chances to change his behavior, which obviously did not happen. It is not tearing down to say that it's a real shame he could not get it together and act like he should to be part of the team. I would wager his friends and family (those who truly love him) will be reminding him that this is his doing, and that while he can make adjustments to his behavior going forward, he has missed an opportunity here. I hope he gets himself together, because there is talent under whatever attitude issues he has.
Absolutely. We live in Texas and either Shiner or Saint Arnold's ought to be listed. Possibly both.
I wondered if I was the only one who read it that way.
Agreed. I'm truly sorry that young man got hurt. It was a fumble, and even the announcers on ESPN were talking about how we didn't need to see that replay any more, but they were trying to show the fumble. Playing any game involves talent, training, coaching, motivation, and luck, among other things. It's "good" when it falls your team's way, and not so much when it goes the other way. It's just part of the game. And to be clear, I hope Laquon Treadwell is going to be okay. That was a brutal injury, and I'm praying he heals and heals quickly. We can be proud of our win and still exhibit good sportsmanship. It's what being part of the Auburn family is about.