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The bottom line is that his sacrifice was really for his own glory!!! He was not indispensable at Alabama. According to recent reports, he is having his upcoming wedding on a reality TV show! Don't know whose dumb idea that was. C'mon that's not the place for a true wedding.
Do maturity, character, and good judgment count?
I refer to the old saying: "May the best team win" Should it be any other way?????
obviously, you have not listened to Spurrier much . That's just the way he talks.
Have you checked the price of a damn ticket these days!!! I don't have an employer or a rich friend to give me tickets!!
I totally agree with Hubertbarnes. the liberal progressive way of things has caused us to lose a lot as humans and as a nation! Wake up people!!!
The problem with all the money spent on the greatest facilities is that the average person or young kid can't afford a ticket to any of the games!
Don't know where you got your information, but I totally disagree. I'm a Bama fan, but LSU should be ranked higher. Have you ever been to Death Valley??
This is only one of the reasons why the average father can't afford to take his sons to a college football game.
And you know the they say, "ignorance is curable. stupidity is forever." He's is the latter category.
He proves by his comments that he's the stupid one!!!!
"Lisping Lou" can't hold a candle to Nick Saban. Never has. I hope for his sake, Notre Dame fails miserably.
Dooley absolutely did the right thing! It's time someone began to clean up the sports program at UT. Good for you Derrek Dooley!! Good Luck Vols!