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Why would any premier player want to play college football in Oklahoma, when they are offered the opportunity to play in the SEC? Year in year out, LSU has one of the best defenses in the country.
Adding a professional strength and conditioning coach can only be a good thing. Hopefully, there will be fewer players sitting on the sidelines in both games and practices.
Winning the SEC East should not be the criteria to judge a coach by. Recruiting has always been, and always will be, the key to success in college football. If you need proof, just look at Alabama. Almost any coach could win with the players they have, but overwhelming most coaches do not know how to recruit and keep the top players available.
One more illustration that proves Lane Kiffin has loyalty to no one but himself. If it were not for Nick Sabah, Lane would not have been able to get a head coaching job. If FAU thinks that their coach will be there long term, they will be in for a big surprise. He is simply using FAU as a steeping stone. Hopefully colleges will wake up to his lack of character and quit providing him a platform to influence young impressionable minds.
No doubt about it, Fulmer is a living legend. The question is, why would we want to hire someone his age? Blackburn also has close ties to UT and would give us stability for many years to come.
Hopefully he will bring a toughness that has been sorely lacking in Tennessee football.
Hopefully Butch will hire someone who has the ability to develope young quarterbacks. Two names come to mind: Helfrich and Martin. Of the two, I believe that Tee Martin would be more likely to stay long term. Nothing wrong with bringing back a Tennessee Legend!
Sounds to me like Saban is giving himself a built in excuse if Alabama loses the Big Game.
As a long time Vols fan I am thankful that Butch Jones is our coach. A lesser coach, aka Lane Kiffin, would simply bring in a bunch of trouble makers devoid of character. Butch on the other hand is attempting to instill character in the players who play for him. That's what I think he meant by the Champions of life comment. While that approach is "old school", it still is the best approach.
Butch Jones took over a program that was in complete disarray. Through his recruiting efforts, Tennessee football has returned to national relevance. While the 2016 season fell short of expectations, Butch deserves at least a couple more years to finish what he started.
Amazing how someone can talk trash after their team gets beat by 34 points. When you get beat that bad, the best thing you can do is keep your mouth shut. Can't wait to see how bad Michigan beats Florida next year.
Hard to believe he will stay committed to Vandy with such big time schools interested.
There is a good reason why Kiffin wants to be the best coach he can be, within the next couple of years, if he turns FAU into a winner, he will move on to greener pastures. Hopefully he has grown up and will be a better influence this time around.
Tennessee needs to hire a coach who is a proven leader. Someone who has won a SEC championship. Someone who has won a National Championship. Someone like Les Miles. I believe he would be driven to prove that LSU was wrong t let him go. The Vols fan base would be happy to accept the results that Coach Miles has achieved.
Shoop and Jones should be on the hot seat. It's time for all of the coaches to be held accountable. Every team has injuries, champions find a way to overcome them.