Born, raised and still live in upstate South Carolina. Even though I'm only 15 miles from Clemson, I'm an avid South Carolina Gamecock fan. I love Saturdays in the South during in the falls. Although its a year round thing for me with recruiting, spring practice, fall practice and off season news.

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The Alabama football program practically sells itself. With 16 NCs, 25 SEC championships and a .718 winning record in their 114 seasons of playing football it's an easy sell. I admit he is a great coach because his winning record at Alabama is .817, .890 if you take the 2007 season away after they were forced to vacate 5 wins. But, as I said in the beginning, it has always been easy to get top notch players at Alabama. Compare that with Saban's record elsewhere...Michigan State - .576 winning record in 5 seasons, LSU - .750 winning record in 5 seasons and overall winning record including Alabama - .726 and you can see how much easier it is to succeed at Alabama.
We are the Gamecocks, we couldn't stop anyone with our blocks. Everywhere we played we heard a lot of mocks, Almost everyone in the SEC beat our Cocks!! Go Gamecocks!! "BOOM"
Just because he expressed his views AND he's white doesn't mean he's racist! We have become a country of the PCs calling others racist and other names when someone has a different view or opinion. It's time for folks to stop wearing their feelings on their sleeves and stop listening to the mainstream media pushing their agenda to pit the American people against each other for the sake of creating headlines! Yes, I am white, but I believe all people should be treated equal. If the minorities were being treated unfairly, they should protest. But, people on the inside and outside have their opinions about how different issues should be handled. But, it doesn't mean their opinion is racially motivated. The issue at Missouri was exasperated when the protesters kept asking for more and more each time the university was meeting their original demands. Concerning the players refusing to play DURING football season, this the best time to protest since it will hit the university's pocketbook heavily.
I'm not sure about other states, but in the state of South Carolina it is mandated by law that USC and Clemson play each other and one other school within the state every season. All other schools within the state are FCS schools, so it's out of the 2 FBS schools' hands. I'm sure they are not going to complain about that...just sayin'! Both FBS schools in SC also have at least 1 OOC FBS school besides each other on their schedules every year and have for awhile.
...and the ever so popular, "first down" signaled by the players.
The Gamecock offense is in line with what they were last year. In 2013 they averaged 34.1 ppg and this year it's 34.2 ppg so far. The defense is a different story, in 2013 they held their opponents to 20.0 ppg while 2014 is 35.0 ppg. I realize the offense has left a lot of points on the field this year, but as you can see, the defense hasn't executed well. I DO NOT want to lose Spurrier. Even though he could have made some decisions on offense that may have been a different ending to the games lost, they are scoring enough points to win games.
Iron Bowl...that's Alabama talk for Auburn - Alabama rivalry game.
If it wasn't for college football, the Universities would not bring in millions and millions of dollars that go into the school's coffers. With spring, fall and in-season practices, the players don't have time to make extra money for gas, snacks, going out with friends...etc, like the other students do. I know the athletes from other sports programs spend a lot of time practicing, but not to the extent that the football players do. Besides, the revenue brought in by football help pays for upgrades to stadiums, fields, courts, pools...etc! If it was not for football some of the programs would not exists. It appears to me the college football athlete today contributes much more to the school than he gets back.
Wolfman, I think AL will try to win this game with the aTm's qb intact. With most everyone watching this game, I wouldn't think the Tide would want folks to say the only they won the game is by putting J.F. out, if they win. You would think they would want the win by playing a better game than aTm!! I hope both teams play a clean, competitive game! Just my opinion! I have no stock in either team...just sayin'
You go Nick! The media loves to stir up crap that has nothing to do with playing football. Sure, if someone broke the rules they should pay for it, but Saban told the media in a statement. Why keep asking stupid questions when what most likely be the game of the year for the Tide is coming this Saturday...
The HBC has brought this team to entire new heights never known before he arrived. As a journalist you should be reporting the facts. Your opinions, while not shared by many Gamecock fans, are way out of line. How 'bout going back to the other Carolina where you belong or report without disparaging our great coach.
Slow news days in the land of the great SEC? GO GAMECOCKS!!