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I almost puke when people say "He's just a kid!" Really, at what age do you consider them "not a kid?"
He also has a Halo that he wears w/ his ring. I've seen it, he's showed it to me before.
You know you really SUX when the Barners boot you arse from the team. WOW!
Bottom line is he isn't on Pruitt's list of players that fit his scheme. Too bad TT is/will always be a DGD!
What a difference makes.........playing at home
His first year mulligan.....nice though
Sounds a lot like YOU have NO IDEA what a badly called game is!
I struggle with Auburn over Georgia Tech
I'm less impressed with Ole Herbie every week. Hell, anyone can change their Top 4 weekly, as he does. "1st few weeks my top 4 will be VERY fluid based on results & learning more about the teams each wk." Really? I thought that was something you did prior to the season. #Herbie!ess.
Didcha have a problem with (3 stars) while he was on the team? I'll go out on a limb and say Prolly NOT! Loser!