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Cade Mays and Trey Smith on each end of the O-line will be fun to watch.
Gotta agree. Cajuns are a whole different kind of crazy. I had an 80-year-old woman (LSU Fan) spit on me following the 2001 SEC Championship Game. And they won.
Yea this little b*tch has nothing better to do than sit at his Gma's house and wait for me to make a comment. Its really pathetic when you think about it.
Good thing recruits have a much higher opinion of Butch and the state of the program, than a lot of our fanbase does. With Richmond, Smith, and Mays, there will be 3 Five Stars competing for two tackle spots over the next few years. Move Debord to O-line coach and hire Helfrich immediately.
Man it will be fun to make it 3-in-a-row over the dawgz next year.
Hard not to pull for this guy. As Tennessee fans we will always love EB, but even if you hate UT, you gotta respect what he has fought through and accomplished. Went from being the best Safety in football to finding out that he has cancer. Anybody would have been happy with him just beating that horrible disease, but in true Eric Berry form, he greatly surpassed anyone's expectations and is once again the best Safety in football. Absolutely incredible perseverance.
With Smith and Cade Mays, Tennessee will have two of the top 3 tackles from the next two recruiting cycles. Great foundation for a solid O-line for years to come. Also, a good thing for whoever will be the QB going forward.
Good observation. Dobbs can be inconsistent (See INT's), but he has led the SEC in Touchdowns pretty much the entire season. The kid is electric when he is allowed to be himself.
Mizzou fans need to be quite and feel lucky UT didn't hang 70+ on them.
At least we actually have 6 real National Championship Trophies and 13 SEC Championship trophies in our case. Bahahahahaha. I just looked it up and Mizzou's last championship was a 1969 Big Eight Title. I wonder if its too late to swap Mizzou for Va. Tech or West Va.
Wow. I'm surprised this guy got Dobbs' tread marks off his face in time to do this interview.
I agree that Shoop is the right guy for the job. He went from having to implement his first year offense to having an un-godly amount of injuries before his new scheme could really take hold. With a healthy roster and a year under his belt I bet his defense will be back to one of the better ones in the conference next year. If Shoop does take a head coaching job, then I know a former Texas coach, who has a great defensive mind, that is in need of a job. As for Debord, I would love for rich rod to be his replacement. Doesn't Butch and Rich Rod have some type of history also?
Back in my day it was only Garcia Vegas or Swisher.
I think those are White Owls (White Grape). But just a guess of course. :)
I can see both sides of the discussion. On one hand, RB's have a short shelf life but on the other I really believe Kamara could work his way into the late first or early second round by staying another year. Pretty sure he has already said that he will be declaring for the draft. Reeves-Maybin definitely needs to apply for a fifth year cause I don't know if he would even be drafted right now.
No Kidding. Imagine what he could have done with the amount of carries Hurd got. He almost beat A&M by himself this year, in CS.
Cunningham is a stud and I wouldn't be against him winning it at all, and one of the main reasons is the same as Barnett, Cunningham doesn't have the supporting cast to take the attention off of him. Jonathan Allen will probably win it though, but I think Barnett and Cunningham are more deserving.
Tennessee Bound. Him and Cade Mays in 2018 will be the foundation for a ridiculous O-line.
Like I said, you are a sad little boy, whose life revolves around this site, and talking sh*t behind a keyboard. You never had any credibility, not even from your own fans. I come on this site to read about my team and see whats going on around the SEC, but its little punks like you who just log-in to talk sh*t and bother people that are one of the few downsides to fan sites like this. But I can only imagine how sad your life is to have to make up things so that you can "claim an internet victory." I'm done responding to your sorry a$$.
Bahahahaha. You think because you added that last sentence in yourself that its all of a sudden true. Like I said, you are a punk and the only bet was that IF USCe makes a bowl AND Tennessee wins the East. If Florida wins Saturday(or UT loses to Mizzou or Vandy), I'll hold up my end of the bet. But the head-to-head was never part of the bet. And no amount of BS'ing you do now will make that true. I would feel sorry for you if you weren't such a little punk.
You wait for me or some other Tennessee fan to comment so you can talk some sh*t, and I'm the sad one. You are a punk. I haven't lost a d*mn thing. Tennessee hasn't lost the East. That was the bet.
You are so sad. You must have been one of the kids at Sandusky's summer camp to be this butt hurt.
Yea, Chandler has a lot of promise, and he has absolutely torn it up his senior year. They may use CJ Cotman at running back, he is small but also a top 20 athlete in the country. Maybe they will finally put Berry in the backfield. Hey, we can dream, right?
A stretch is putting it lightly. He would get next to no playing time. Wish the kid luck in the future.
Yup. Barnett leads the SEC in Sacks and TFL and is not a finalist for the Nagurski.
Where you at Bulldawgrock. Lets see this week's picks.
Will be good as a slot receiver or RB in the NFL. Has a lot of the same attributes as Sproles, with a more size.
Ty Chandler the #5 overall back will be added next year, and Tennesssee still has a VERY outside shot at Cam Akers.