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Dude, did you really write a long,insincere apology/cry-for-help. Then, create a 2nd account to accept the apology and pat yourself on the back. That's impressive. A little sad but truly impressive
Jerry Jeudy career stats Rec: 159 Yds: 2742 TD: 26 Justin Jefferson career stats Rec: 165 Yds: 2415 TD: 24 327 yds and 2 TD isn't a huge difference. Unless, I'm not comprehending the stats correctly.
The entire state of Alabama could disappear, and the only thing anyone would care enough about to miss is saban's football team.
This moron, F@&King Alexander, is the reason Miles didn't get fired last season. He's the one who ruined this season for LSU and demoralized the student-athletes. #FireF@&KingAlexander
Bama fan calling someone else an inbreeder, now that's irony.
He's actually insulting LSU's QB and his own QB with that statement. What a moron.
We know he has a middle school education. That probably makes him the smartest person in Alabama.
Saban's old and Meyer & Stoops are overrated. Herman or Jimbo who is we want.
Dear F. King Alexander, Please, Fire Les Miles then quit.
We lost because Les Miles sucks...period.
Why didn't they carry Les Miles off the field? Haha. He's garbage. Thanks F. King Alexander.