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#1 He thought he was pulling a fake out fetch with his dog. (Anyone with a hyperactive lab knows this move)
7. The Col. Bear-sharks will still smell like Arky bacon on Nov. 29. Bulldogs looooove bacon.
The Col. Bear-sharks recieve their ONLY egg of the year!! Thanks for making next week's win in Oxford look less "quality". NOT
Santa Claus is real, the earth is flat, Bo Wallace will win the Heisman, and OJ and JW are both innocent. Yay! It's Opposite Day again!!!!
How many SEC quality team do yall have in the ACC? 0 Secondly, it doesn't matter if the official had IBS and was deciding whether or not to crap his pants. NO PLAYER HAS THE RIGHT TO SHOVE AN OFFICIAL!!! Your posts expose your lack of moral fortitude and respect for the game and the people calling it. Oh never mind, you're a Criminole fan. Duh!
No, he's doing what "true FSU fans" are trained to do. Support delinquent behavior. If that ref wasn't 100 years old he'd have thrown him on his a$$.
I'll tell you what we didn't do, we didn't lose to #19 USC or unranked Florida. Oh but obviously Georgia and Mizzou deserve to be ranked over MSU huh?
Tell me why #2-#25 teams are subject to rising and falling due to quality wins and losses but FSU are #1. Show me ANYBODY in the top 25 that they have played. If I beat 1,000 3rd graders in arm wrestling am I the world's strongest man? Thanks for your confidence in MS State, but FSU is the biggest joke in the conversation.
That's the problem with the new 4 team system. How do you logically put FSU at #1 when you know that #s 2-10 can dominate them? Oh because they haven't lost yet. Defining quality wins and losses is impossible. Can you smear Alabama at the end of the season when Ole Miss is a 4 loss team? Heck no, Alabama beat #1 Miss. State. Ohio state, no logic at all there. I live about 15 miles away from Herbstreit, trust me, he's just as stupid in person.
You keep hanging on to that hope friend. You ask enough and you'll get your "no".
" anytime you can come away with a victory it doesn’t matter what the rhetoric is behind it." Unless you're a 9-0, top ranked Mississippi State up against an 8-1, "not-your-dad's" Bama?Then you're in "trouble". Haha! Dogs beat LSU and get a slow clap. Bamer beats LSU by the skin of their teeth and it's all "RTR! Here comes the Tide!!" Get of the bamer koolaid and watch the game you idiot!!
Croom dawg is 15. Croom dawg is still learning grammar and how to build scentences. Let's take it easy on the little guy. He doesn't know what he's saying. And when he knows what he want's to say, he can't spell it. OK guys? Nobody "loose" your cool.
15 huh? That explains A LOT. Save it for Call of Duty kid.
Troll Miss strikes again! This guy in an idiot.
^ This guy......... fishin for some TSUN love. Not very likely sir. Unless you actually have some cousins in Oxford. Then you might get lucky. Either way #hailstate and #trollmiss.
C'mon guys. Yeah, he admittedly had a few less than stellar games. But Dak and Bo have a higher number of turnovers primarily because they both have defenses that keep them on the field. Other than that, you really don't have a reason to compare the two QBs. And Mariota, please. If we had the Duck's schedule this year they'd have given Dak the trophy already.
Haha! Couldn't agree more. They are like the scrawny, un-athletic kid that's a starter because his dad is the coach.
Whaaaa?!? No Hugh Freeze-when-I-need-to-get-special-teams-on-the-field. To be fair Christopher Smith, he DOES have experience with pressure packed situations. It's just not a good experience. #trollmiss
Hilarious! Ole Miss proved that history lessons don't win games with that Alabama rout. Now you're Bama clones! In no way did I throw harsh vibes about ANY injured player. I know all to well about Chucky Mullins. Both that and Treadwell's injury are terrible. So save your guilt trip. After getting 2 business degrees at MSU, I lived in Oxford for 4.5 years. There are some wonderful people there. But you two exemplify the ugliness of your fan base. Arrogant, rude, and unintelligent crybabies that only spew rhetoric about the "good ole days" and how everyone else is a liar or a cheat. All the while praising your own classyness. As with most of your type, I'm sure you've missed the irony here. So save that classy veil and the history lessons for someone else. Just go to the game, sit on that turd-cutter, chew your lip, and watch your hopes and dreams slip away. Seems like you guys are good at that in 2014. Good day.
Well I'll follow suit with an equally rediculous list of trivial things with numbers beside them. 1. Mississippi State has the longest Egg Bowl streak. (13 consecutive wins) 2. Mississippi State has the largest win of any Egg bowl. (65-0) 3. Mississippi State won the very first Egg Bowl ever. (1901) 4. When we got OUR trophy back last year it smelled like KFC. It's gonna take us a few more years to wash that off. 5. TSUN lost to 2 teams MSU beat. 6. TSUN tragically lost their best player last weekend. 7. Your fan base is riddled with arrogant, whining, excuse-makers. 8. Those stupid powder blue helmets. Ew. 9. Dan is the man. 10. Dak is still a Hiesman contender. 11. Human bowling ball 12. This is OUR STATE!!! But seriously, good luck in the Egg Bowl. It's always a fun, unpredictable rivalry, deserving of every poke and prod we give each other.
Do you have any facts that show that your football team will out-perform the Bulldogs this year?...................................................... Didn't think so. #trollmiss
Mississippi State beats Alabama and Ole Miss! There, I said it.
Oh and Croom Dog, entirety means all of it.
Yeah, why can't he support his classiest of teams in the classiest way imaginable. Sdsbubba get some class like Croom Dog. Oh how classy he is. (Not to confuse the classy Croom Dog, this statement is sarcastic and underhanded in it's entirety)
Maybe they wouldn't throw stuff at Bo if he didn't act so "CLASSLESS". I mean good golly, no class. Where is that good OLE class when you need to make a valid argument? Tsk, tsk, tsk. (Wags finger)
Croom Dog=broken record. Hope you realize that the more you post how classless State fans are, the more classless you become. But don't mind me, troll on my friend. Troll on.