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Things obviously weren't clicking on all cylinders for UT this year... but I've never seen a team sustain more "important" injuries than UT has. Literally, 4 of 5 of their best defensive players had injuries this year... OLine injuries all year... Kamara was out a couple weeks... It's really unfortunate. How many total injuries did bama have this year? 1?
So I get it... they have a great defense... but UMASS, Kentucky, and North Texas?
I mean... I guess it's a burn? I don't really get it. We haven't been favored to win the East since like 04'... We're 3-0 this year just like Florida... No one is to blame except the media for hyping Tennessee.
Give me Tennessee's healthy backfield over UGAthens banged up backfield every day of the week. And they're probably about the same even when both are healthy.
List of Tennessee's rivals by importance 1) Alabama 2) Florida 3) Georgia 4) South Carlina 5) Vanderbilt/Kentucky 19 of Vandy's 30 victories happened before 1927. It's a cute in state game but, from a Tennessee fan's perspective, call it whatever the heck you want.
General Neyland never lost to Paul Bryant
What's the deal with the state of alaBAMA and feeling the need to claiming National Championships...
With him living in Florence, AL I'd say there's more pressure around him to go to Alabama than to make the leap to Tennessee. His family will support his decision no matter what, however those in the community will chastise him. He's also growing up in bammer's "Golden Age" so I'm sure he doesn't share the same connection to Tennessee that his dad, brother, & uncle do.
I follow recruiting closely and this is honestly the first I've heard of him... I don't know if Butch Jones had the "full court press" on. I'm not dissing Keaton and I'm not saying Tennessee is "above" bammer in recruiting, but sounds like to me it was never an option from the beginning. I'm surprised Saban offered.
I agree, but if Butch & Co. were willing to jump the gun and move him to OL then they must've seen something. Oh well.
If he was struggling to work himself into the rotation with arguably the weakest D-line in the SEC then he probably wasn't cut out to play in the SEC. LB & DL are the 2 hardest positions to transition to from high school to college and sometimes highly touted prospects just don't "pan out." I wish him the best.
Crazy to think about, but if Ferguson wins the QB battle... Marquez North would be the only returning starter on offense. We have a ridiculously young team... and that's a good thing.
Why are we playing the fun schedules during our down years? feelsbadman
Looks like another grueling schedule for bammer this year.
Could possibly be the weakest I've ever seen the SEC at the QB position.
At least it wasn't drugs, rape, robbery, etc... I'm not condoning their behavior, but Alcohol? College kids drinking, who woulda thunk. % chance that an alcohol related arrest would've happened in Tuscaloosa... I'd pretty low. College towns that are "all-in" and "win-at-all-costs" typically would just have the cops take them to Saban and they'd be punished within.
You have the wrong link for Tennessee. It directs you to South Carolina's page.
What is it with the state of Alabama and wanting to claim National Championships?
Cordarrelle Patterson was a 5-star coming out of JUCO and I'd say he panned out... Wasn't sure if you wanted to go in the JUCO direction with this article though.
Mike Farrell (one of the lead recruiting directors at Rivals) just tweeted out that both his mom and dad want him to go to UT, but that Adoree prefers the Gators. He currently lives in California with his sister, but his family is from Chicago. So USC is definitely not out of this. Ultimately, I think it's between Tennessee, Florida, & USC... If Adoree himself prefers Florida, then I would tell the kid to go where he wants and choose the Gators, but often times in these tight recruitments family can play a big role... and this is why Tennessee is still a major player. I hope he's a Vol, but my guess would be Florida.
Where is Marquez North ranked? (in your opinion)
Is anyone really surprised? Honestly?
Auburn is 25-1 all time when Quarterbacked by a player that committed a crime at another SEC school. #WarEagle
Hell, even Forrest Gump could get into Alabama.
"I'm not going anywhere. My wife and I love East Lansing and we plan to retire here" -Nick Saban in 1999 "I'm not going anywhere. My wife and I love Baton Rouge and we plan to retire here." -Nick Saban in 2004 "I'm not going anywhere. My wife and I love Tuscaloosa and we plan to retire here" -Nick Saban in 2013
What's funny is that we could sign 35 this year and we still wouldn't have the full of 85 scholarship players like the rest of the SEC. Thanks Kiffin and Dooley. You guys were the best.