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Just because they had a 30 yard play afterward that doesn't mean that it was not a factor. They still might have had a huge play afterward (maybe not) but anytime there is a 30 yard change in the ball I feel like that it is a factor.
well yes, It is such. I think that, if nothing else, SDS has shown how fans compare their losses to Georgia.
I expected Corch to come here to complain about Mizzou calling a time out with 15 seconds but I guess it didn't affect his covering the spread.
Got to say that I was curious why he was doing that as well. I was hoping that he wasn't thinking like Eddie gran; playing to lose by the least.
100% agreed Bluegrass (and CovDawg). Others can go to Reddit if they want to have childish fights with someone they will never meet.
TFK_Fanboy, I agree and was wondering how long till somebody said this.
Are Florida's uniforms hurting anyone else's eyes?
I wonder if/when Georgia does what it does to us, how many trolls are going to immediately come out with "Kentucky overrated", " Florida/LSU/SC/Mizzou" suck.