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Congratulations Hogs, hopefully Auburn can keep it up as well.
While I agree that Georgia is good enough for that, I really doubt Kirby ‘allowed’ Kentucky to score.
Congratulations champs, Watching the last quarter or so I kept wishing Levis could have thrown like that all season.
I probably would as well ( based on the game) but I doubt they will raise a team from six to three for beating number three
“ Who knew Kentucky vs Ole Miss could bring out so many trolls? ” Alas this is the world we live in. But fun (but very stressful) game to watch.
that is good to know, I was focusing on signing up for Fubo (rather than sling) to get the game on and hadn’t considered that it was playing on both
Yes, while I realize that it was history in the making, I kept hoping he would do it so I could pay attention to one thing at a time
I generally mute so that I dont have to listen to their perspective (then turn it on if I didn’t understand what was called).
Yeah, I feel like ten years is a lot of work to walk away from but if it is a money issue we (Kentucky fans) should go ahead and start a go fund me to give him an extra 10 mil a year.
Agreed, but I really am interested to see how long he will keep this up. This is fascinating.
was surprised to see Kentucky didn’t get special teams of the week lol
I feel like his players can trust him more after seeing him do this, maybe it will lead to better performance in the future.
I understand where your coming from but very few people (of any age) have to deal with being boo’d by 10’s of thousands of people. I think it is distasteful when fans boo even the other team, I think if you want to criticize a team it should be the coach or higher, not the 20 year old player. Just my opinion.
It often feels like (reading these articles) a book report by the kid that forgot to read the book.
Yes Sir, I know there are fans going to be upset about the projections, (Kentucky fan here looking at our ‘projected’ bowl) but its like a. We are two weeks in, b. Its SDS doing the projections. I think that many of the people who comment on this website could do at least as well at predicting the future as SDS.
Absolutely agree, seems unlikely that a Bama fan would have any real reason to have this level of dislike of Kentucky.
He’s not an Alabama fan, he set up a troll account with Alabama as the logo so that he can always claim his team is superior.
Has anyone noticed that we havent seen irresistble in the same place at the same time as Ron?
I think we probably do. I feel like like Scangarello has to be a bit more risk averse with out CRod there for 3rd downs. Hopefully I am wrong.