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I'm pleased with the result, but high scoring games don't thrill me at all. Give me a 2-1, 3-2, well-pitched, defensive contest all day over a track meet. And that leads me to the following question -- how far behind is pitching from hitting in the SEC (and nationally)? I follow SEC baseball long-distance, glancing at just scores over Spring weekends. I can't back this up with stats, but it seems to me a vast majority of games can be described as higher than high-scoring.
The switch to ESPN causes me concern. The World Wide Leader is not in the best of condition these days. A contract is a contract and Disney will have to honor it, but beyond that ... ?? I've seen some serious speculation that ESPN (in its present form) may not exist at some point in the not-to-distant future. They are tied to the NBA. Currently, the NBA doesn't need ESPN as much as ESPN needs the NBA. How THAT upcoming contract plays out is going to determine a lot of future contracts. I hope ESPN is a top-quality linnear home for a long time. Then I anticipate having to stream SEC games through Apple, Amazon or Google. That's not something I find appealing.
Lane Kiffin has a sense of humor I can appreciate. I'm not his biggest fan (as a coach), but the guy amuses me. Advice to Knox Kiffin -- when it comes time to decide on a college, go where your father isn't. That's not a knock on your dad. The father-son-dynamic in major college sports in a recipe for disaster, IMO. I'm thinking of Saul & Tubby Smith, and the Hawkins (Dan & Cody) at Colorado. If there are others (even successful ones), please feel free to add here. Good luck, Knox.
I don't know if Bo is a 'Goliath,' but I do know if Oregon decided to stop the madness and go full-time with the uniform pictured above, I'd become a Ducks fan.
Agree. Neither team is bad. Boston College, Virginia and some others of that ilk are bad. Alabama can (and maybe will) win the West. Well coached and with a great defense. And Milroe will do nothing but improve from here. Ole Miss? That was a dreadful performance. Let's see if Kiffin can lift them in the coming weeks. I have my doubts.
Alabama needs to significantly improve its running game for Jalen Milroe to shine against top opposition this season. Better pass protection, and non ankle-high center snaps would be nice, too.
Hyperbole season is in full swing. I guess it's asking too much of celebrity talking head to take a measured, contextual approach to analysis. It's not Gargantuan. It's week two of a long regular season.
Your take on Kentucky's football schedule ... I tend to agree. Playing a MAC opponent in Week 1 is getting old. My big in issue is what's coming in Week 2. An FCS team? I get EKU can use the payday, but if I lived the the Commonwealth I wouldn't buy a ticket. Week 2 should be reserved for a Big Ten opponent -- INDIANA. Mitch, get it done. That series needs reviving. And if you had anything to do with it, thanks for minimizing the dreadful checkerboard pattern on the home uniforms this season. What I saw the 'Cats wearing v Ball State was a big improvement.
SC (blanked) in Clemson's general direction, and made a right bloody mess of the Tigers' CFP dreams.
You wrote "Tech tried to come back in 92 ...". I've never once heard that, and I used to travel in the kind of academic circles in which that rumor would have come up. Care to expand?
Clark Lea is not going to win SEC Coach of the Year honors. And he shouldn't. But he's going to get a bunch of second and third place votes. Well done.
I plan to enjoy it, too. I wish the Longhorns had joined the B1G, PAC-12 or some other conference. Having to deal with them in the SEC is going to be miserable. On and off the field. That said, I think this game is close at or around halftime. Texas will be flying early and that may lead to some points. After intermission -- forget it. Alabama wins going away. 38-17 is the scoreline I have in mind.
Prediction -- Scott Frost will spend the 2023 season (and maybe more) in Tuscaloosa as Nick Saban's latest reclamation project. There they can compare national championship trophies (real & imaginary).
First off, the SEC doesn't HAVE to bring anyone in. The SEC could stay right where it is and be just fine for the next 100 years, IMO. In fact, I'd almost prefer it. I used to move in college circles -- presidents, academic gatherings, etc. This I know -- UNC and UVA are closely intertwined. They go back a long, long way in a lot of ways. UNC has much more in common (in most things) with UVA than it does with Duke. And the same holds true when looking the same way at UVA and Virginia Tech. So that is why I maintain they will either move or stay together. Here's another thing I know -- UNC and UVA are snobs, academically speaking. They look down their noses at most around them and think they occupy the high ground. I bring this up because I believe they are more likely destined for the B1G than the SEC. There's lots to like about the next tier (VPI, NCState, FSU, Clemson), but if the SEC had a choice of two ACC schools to add to its roster there's no doubt it would be the Heels and the 'Hoos.
I think you'll find if the SEC goes after UNC, they'll be doing the same with Virginia. Those two will move in lockstep, to the SEC, B1G, or stay put. Duke isn't anywhere near important as UNC in the expansion picture for a lot of reasons. UNC and UVA tick way more boxes, especially together.
While this was a tiny part of the above article, I feel it's worth noting -- if Georgia Tech is blowing up Greg Sankey's phone, he's not answering. Not now. Probably not ever. Sankey might take the call from the Demon Deacons, though. I'm sure most on here know the Georgia Tech-SEC history, so no need to go there. If the SEC does expand (I should say WHEN) this is a list of who I'm certain will get the call ahead of the Wreck -- UNC, UVA, Clemson, FSU, Miami, VaTech, NCState, Wake Forest, Duke, Southern Mississippi, Tulane, every other Southeast-based NCAA D1 school, every D1 school not based in the Southeast, Sewanee, Georgia Perimeter, Gwinnett Technical, or should I say -- everyone but. Now it wouldn't surprise me one bit if the B1G came calling to Atlanta's North Avenue someday, especially after today's news.
Completely agree. See my post below. The mid-majors will suffer, but that's the way it goes. An East-West setup is vital.
It's not difficult, though I think this writer and a lot others want to make it so. Put OU and Texas to the SEC West. Move Missouri there, too. Move Auburn and Alabama to the SEC East. Eight teams in each division. Play nine conference games. Keep all cross-over rivalries. Divisions based on geography are very important. Ask the Big Ten about that. Oh, and ask the ACC how many people who follow college football (I'm one) know who's in their Coastal and Atlantic Divisions (I don't).