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Around that date he also decided to make healthier life choices and saw an episode 1 of a documentary. Never saw anything after so hope he's still making progress
Thats a solid group of guys, welcome to lexington!
Its only a matter of time we look at MSST again as a guaranteed win
True story, our graduating kicker is going out as the programs all-time leading scorer and made 2 game winning last second field goals the season before. He's from Alabama and if yall would offer scholarships i bet he would have been a roll tider
That 2pt conversion tho. Also, that Florida game makes me sick. NEXT YEAR!!!
You the man SJ, and a role model for all. Thanks for the two years and giving the program your all
He was gone. Gotta think much bigger picture here
Screw off paris. Great news for the KY D to have everyone back
Dude, he will be a true junior next year :)
I like you. We actually had a pretty decent line, just no real outside threats to deter D's from stacking the box
That was supposed to go to bryinchip up there ^^^. Had a few classes in that ROTC building, you said it exactly and appreciate hearing the support. We got robbed and still had a chance to win it. Go cats
Ill give you the onside kick was dumb, but not the 2 point conversion or decision to pass the ball. Our bruising RB was out of the game, and the ball hit the receiver in the hands. Sorry you are absolutely wrong on that one. Glad we went for it. How did your bowl game go?
Yea solid player, but didnt do much this year
Who would win the Royal Rumble? I might go Floridas guy
And why i like the early signing period more than i dislike it. We're great at prospecting recruits before bigger programs, get a commitment, and then a decommitment. Understandable, and see this as a help in locking in players
Byanchip you couldnt be anymore wrong. 7 wins is a step forward from where we were. When you win 1 sec game next year it will be the same. You know, you have to rebuild a program brick by brick. We've won championships before Cal, and will continue to do so after him like the reasonable Akranksas Vol stated. Thats your own fan telling you youre wrong and continued with legit comment. You sir suck
Haha. Broke back is right except also in 76.* The story with Bear goes, we gave Rupp a Cadillac which in return disrespected Bear and the football program causing him to go else ware. Your welcome Bama. No one said we were going to win the national championship or were even close to that caliber of team/play. We're just little ole Kentucky finally seeing some success after putting some money into football and seeing progress/results. At this time we are amounting to our realistic goals, is tennessee?