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Dear Other Conferences, please stop whining about SEC bias when 2, 3 and 4 lose to unranked or hella low ranked teams and only move down a few spots. Look to Clemson, Michigan and Washington this week for an example. Stop whining. That is all. Sincerely, SEC fans
Humility and reality... a Vols fan that has one and acknowledges the other. Rare indeed. Stay classy.
The targeting penalty is a stupid thing. Especially now that a ref in a play booth can call it retroactively from not even on the field. Soon, football's hardest hit will be the controller on the table when they win Madden for the glory of their college. Another thing ruined by the cult of SJWs.
Oh, there was a football in this clip somewhere?
Well known fact: CMR's teams are Auburn's favorite recruiting aides.
What Bulldog said. Screw SJWs and their safe spaces. Anybody who espouses those kind of bigoted, racist ideologies should be immediately ostracized. Nobody can compare to the incredible racism of BLM and modern intersectional feminism. #feminismiscancer
I'm hoping the South Carolina game Lambert shows up... not the rest of the season Lambert...
It's only new in the reference to the safe space they'll be huddle in when they get back to campus. I am by no means a Bama fan, but would love to see one of the most consistently overrated teams in the last decade get made into a Bammer Biotch.
Uhh... is there a situation the media DOESN'T exploit? They seem to believe it is their jobs to do these kind of things.
Who would voluntarily work for the hellhole of a University that is Mizzou. Whole team should have lost their scholarships for threatening a strike. Gary Pinkel was an idiot.
It's okay man. I'm sure Mizzou would demand a safe space for their quarterback and a 20 point headstart from every team.
He IS from Mizzou. Ground zero for safe space idiocy. How shameful that they were accepted into the SEC right before the whole Mizzou campus went full derp.
I am a Georgia fan and dislike most everything about La as much as the next sane guy, but even I draw the line somewhere short of the Katrina subject. That was a massive disaster and more Nature's fault than anything else. I do apologize for that guy.
Wrong Bulldogs bud... I understand though as the ones in Starkville are printed on toilet paper.
Yeah. I love my state... but our sports teams could start a rap group called Chokes-A-Lot. Between all of our football/basketball/baseball teams, we have like 3 championships in a hundred years. 1980 UGA, 1990 Ga Tech and one of the Braves years... '94 maybe? Nothing for the Falcons or Hawks. Maybe we should rename them because of bad juju. Maybe Redskins is available for the Braves?
Who would want to go to this place after the b.s. that went on last year, even involving the football team. Should pulled the ring leaders scholarships. But it's okay, apparently the word got out and there are 1500 less freshman this class and a 30 million+ budget deficit. Good luck with that.
Didja read the last paragraph? Try doing it again slowly...
Though I am a Ga fan, might I remind everyone of the single year that Auburn hasn't sucked recently. Kinda won a championship that year.
Never thought I'd agree with an Aubie fan, but, yeah, I'm going Vandy as well as being cleanest. I also think that most of the NCAA rules are absolutely ridiculous in a business that brings in billions a year.
Man, ya gotta be at rock bottom if Charlie Sheen has reasonable advice... feel bad for Johnny Football.
Fellow Dawg fan and no, they are not the same. What was our main problem last year? Offense. Why? Our QB sucked terribly. Like more than terribly. Like, lose hope and curl in fetal position kinda terribly. So, yes, Jacob Eason was the most important "home run".
No. 4... absolutely yes, they were a fluke. More like the rest of the division beat themselves. Shouldn't even be SEC team. Go back to the Big 12 (?) or wherever they came from please.
That is what ya get for trying to hunt something about as real as Manti Teo's girlfriend...
Good luck wherever ya wind up bud. Make a good (SEC) decision.
Naw... easy to hate him, hard to justify hating. We'll think of a reason later.
That is tUMISS to you, sir.
I'm a Dawg's fan, but I was a little nervous when they hired Smart. I remember a little statistic about Saban vs. his ex Coordinators. 9-0 with most of them double digit teabags. Here's hoping Smart can at least give us a good year this year.
If she is that upset about how she looks in a nude, maybe she should work out? Do some crunches maybe?
Naw, probably just the money. About 3 mil in the bank for those games probably.