SDS writers as a whole blows.

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Thank you Tiger TD that means alot. He likes to get on here talk to others cause he hasnt go outside for going on 2 years unless its ST JUDES. Forgive his affection of trolling Mizzou but he actually likes talking to you guys more than you know. I just let him get on my laptop since in home from school. I actually like Mizzou and considerec going there before I got injured for a second time my senior year.
Wolfman talk about me Im a grown man that has already accomplished more in football than you ever have. My little brother is a 12 year old kid battling Pediatric Cancer so watch your mouth. Our father went to Georgia in the 90's and played in the freaking NFL. Your a delusional old man and nobody takes you seriously on anything you say. Keep talking sh!t and one day someone is gonna kick your a$$.
Tiger TD is just confused cause my lil brother punked him a couple days back lmao. He likes to jump on my laptop tume to time notmy fault.
I'm not that bad and I agree with most you said. I got it out fir the fake ole ball coach Wolfman and a few of his disciples lol. Yes we havent won anything lately but I see that turning around. Mizzou will do better after a few recruiting cycles and hopeful stop letting the top talent in your state go elsewhere.
All that matters is this year. Go on and rant about 2012 about how Great You Were. Youre going downhill fast.
Haha Tom Herman doesn't look so hot now. Yea Urban Meyer isn't ever coming back unless it's the NFL.
Unfortunately a building fell on the ZOU and the Tiger fan base.
Tennessee is no where near elite. Georgia and Florida is on another level.
Tell me how great Drunk is again and that he's a offensive guru cause he went 12-1 with someone else's team.
Haha but youve never won the SEC. Just face it your school will never be what you were before. Have fun gloating about that East Championship cause Georgia and Florida are back.
Wolfman and Tiger TD youve never had a Rivalry with Notre Dame ever. You guys dont even have a rivalry in the SEC. Hog fans may be happy for a win in a awhile but Mizzou is feigning for relevancy. Nobody and I mean nobody circles Mizzou and says I want to beat this team.get over yourselves Pinkel is gone and you will never be like that again cause you cant recruit your own state. The best players in your state year after year after year go somewhere else.
MuTigers nothing like Mizzou fan realizing that their back at the bottom.
You're looking more like 1 win and thats if you get by Vandy. The life of a Mizzou fan must be hard right now LMAO.
Haha Tony better to be one that take one like Mizzou is against Tennessee.
Tony Mizzou will never be a powerhouse in the SEC even if got Saban. Arkansas on the other hand has shown it can rebuild. Mizzou will be lucky to beat Arkansas this year your coach isnt showing that offensive genius you guys kept ranting about.
I dont believe your number was ever called.
DB Texas Thank You for your service sir wish more men were like you. Hey Jaxman suck a fat one nobody will ever take your guns away you Freaking Tard they have been sayin that since your a$$ was a kid and that still aint happened shows where IQ is with people spouting BS from no valid sources come on man your better than that. MarshGator89 Florida is amazing I always thought Mullen would right the ship at Florida and yes sir get that KN sh!t outta here that goob just made he has no life and no one to talk to.
It's a good day for Mays glad he got to play. This is just a tune up game though Tennessee has to wait till they play a real SEC D-Line to see what they really have.
He was probably flushing a wrapper down the crapper. That must be his safe place where he eats all his sweets.
Idk about 1960 cause the variuos polls screwed over alot of teams but I know for sure LSU won in 2007. Arkansas has more success historically than Mizzou all around.
"Your My Boy Blue" always enjoyed watching you play just hope your mom and family get bet soon.
Toney The Tiger really be original. Missouri hasnt won sh!t. Mizzou isnt close to what Arkansas has accomplished in this conference. Your not at the level you think. You dont even get the top recruits in your state cause your stadium and facilities mediocre just like your performance in most sports. You know winning 6 or 7 games in football is cute but your nothing special like your coach.
Hey not cool Tiger TD lol. So winning the East when it was garbage and a couple overrated bowl wins dont make you great. Your battling it out with Kentucky for pecking order. You got awhile till you can even be mentioned in the Top 3.
Hey dumb@ss I'm 12. No my Dad graduated from Georgia in the 90's. I just like fooling with the dumb tiger fans thinking you proven more than Vanderbilt in the SEC.