Conor OGara or whatever his name is the worst sports writer ever.

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See your hitting the hooch a little early there Wolfman. Get outta here with that JV coaching sarcasm your always spouting. Saban is the GOAT and he's about to roll Drink up a like cigar and have his a$$ smoked by halftime.
Saban is on the Mount Rushmore of college football. Stop hating and just take that a$$ whooping he gonna give ya.
Get outta here with that fascist garbage. Vanderbilt is a great school and has more character than all those pay for play goobs in the SEC. I'm glad to have a school with some class than one that just promotes jackass mentality.
Drink is decent hire but the guy isnt a Malzhan. Pittman isn't Ogeron but hes proven he knows what he's doing against SEC competition.
Just want to see a functioning offensive line and a defense doesnt get scorched over and over. Kirby is a class act. Hope all stay safe and will see yall at the game. GO HAWGS!!
Youre full of it. Of course hes better of at Auburn cause he wont have the weight of being the head coach and all the things that come with it. Not to mention he has more talent in that wide receiver room than our whole team lol. Wish the guy the best and hate he didn't get a fair shake here but were comparing a guy trying to coach up a high school team to walking into an actual turn college with real expectations of success.
Please for the love god stop calling Morris a quarterback whisper. The guy literally hand picked a kid from his previous team instead of working with the overall better talent he had and then the kid comes back and beats him handedly. He hasnt installed his whole offense but he probably has some nuances that run with Malzhan's.
I respect you actually did this for a job. I like the way the broke down the defense with specifics. Just dont get how you blame Odom for everything. The guy hasnt been working with a bare cupboard but hes done a good job. If Mizzou was keeping the in state talent like Pinkel so often did it is a totally different story.
No way will you ever sniff 6 wins this year. Offensive Guru? The guy came from a cushy job he didnt turn the program around be real with your expectations.
Because last year has some relevance opposed to those who played in the Pinkel Era. Give it up there is no longer a link between then and now. Florida and Georgia have come back and that means your down again.
Hahaha 4 games in your dreams. You will learn what it's like to play in the West this year.
Wolfman you have no clue what the hell your talking about. Stop living in the past it's 2020 and the bad man is gone now so dont worry.
Hes already paid dividends for our defense. Odom has proven he can do more with less.
Really clean look I like it alot and can't wait to see them in person. I hope this season starts as planned so we can back to normal.
Cant beat a dead horse. Auburn hasnt won sh!t of late. On the other hand Arkansas has won more than poor Aubbie.
Well my job title says otherwise lil eagle. Keep up that fools gold swag you got there kid. You'll be just like Newton soon enough lol.
Your funny kid, yea Newton does a good enough job of assassinating his own character. Idk what to call you lil tiger or lil eagle?
Idk I see Arkansas the same as Mizzou. Both can claim the toughest schedule in the nation while also installing new offenses. There's no telling if Arkansas will do much this year but hoping we wiil at least put up a fight going into the 4th quater.
Yea…no you’re wrong just because I hope Auburn beats some other when they play doesnt make me less a fan of my team. The real topic is regarding your overratted QB alum. The guy has no character which is why they booted him out of Carolina
Hope they keep the powder blue uniforms which are the best in football.
What do you mean I'm not a hog fan? Just trying to beat in your brain winning at football doesnt make you the best. Hell Alabama may be the best in yhe SEC at football but that doesnt make them the best university. Hell Auburn is better than them across all sports. I agree nobody cares about rowing and field hockey but no way by far are we a laughing stock.
Reminds of a kid here in Arkansas that was 6 foot 200 at 10 years old. Whoever that kids father is has to be living his dream of playing through his kid. Put the man in basketball so he can make more in the long run.
I dont see Mizzou scoring near 30 a game because of the all SEC schedule and tbe hellacious schedule they'll play. The rest of this is definitely doable though.
Good stuff one with guy that looks like he sh!t himself is one ive never seen before.
I said CHAMPIONSHIP. I actually root for Auburn in basketball, baseball and occasionally football. Yes you have the ring from the Newton Days so that puts you in relegated air? Auburn and Arkansas are closer in terms of overall success throughout all sports. Whats your average in the Learfield Cup?
Last time I looked Auburn hasnt won a championship in a meaningful sport in awhile. Your althetic department barely makes a profit outside of the money given from the SEC.