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Love to see all the worries Georgia fans! Not too worried for UT, though. It's going to be hard to replicate last season anyways, but UT will get theirs. Some will come some will go. Also helps they are recruiting way better on the defensive side now. Naysayers are going to be naysayers.
I don't care who beats Georgia, as long as someone does. Lots of conceit after not being relevant for like 40 years. The unmitigated gall!
Oh wait I see.. so they could justify moving Bama up if LSU were to lose. That's the game being played.
Plus, how could those half wits justify having LSU at t a week ago. UT dominated that game lol. Morons.
Well Hooker got injured SOOOO.... Plus wasn't it always baked into the cake their defense was not great and could cost them... Despite that the committee ranked then number 1 for some reason... Despite knowing that fact. I'd say it's not too shabby playing to your expectations, although it was SC. Bad game, injured QB. Plus, those two score by SC at the end don't count, nor UTs score after Hendon got hurt.. "garbage time" remember.
In other words..."derp derp derp... I'd crawl on my knees for Bama... Derp derp derp, even though they have no significant wins... Derp. And lost to UT. Derp."
Oh please I hope Georgia loses against Michigan so I can laugh at those insufferable bums!
In reality it was 49-31.. those two touchdowns after Hooker got injured don't really count considering the game was already over as soon as he tore his ACL... but still not much better unfortunately....
Dang put Hendon on some crutches and send him climbing onto the stage lol
Lol people still talking about Bama being in after failing to win any signature games and losing twice. I'd take Ohio over them, UT, or a two loss USC.
The fact morons had Bama ranked above UT, as well as LSU for that matter, with no quality wins, shows how desperate the committee is to get out in front of the playoff expansion. Needing to justify early putting Bama in the running. Sad.
Well I mean they lost by 25. If you think about it SC scored twice in garbage time after Hooker went down, as did UT. At least that's the reasoning every else uses when the losing teams scores in the end. So yeah bad loss, but essentially everyone built their bad defense in to the cake. Wouldn't make sense to take that out now after the fact when EVERYONE questioned their defense well before they made top 5. Their offense is what got them here. Therefore I'm not sure if your reasoning makes any sense to take them out of the top 10.
I saw this coming... But not against SC. Reality check for the Vols defense. Good thing is they can only go up with the garbage heap of a defense.
I think the brazen hubris with which they carry themselves despite the fact they finally have done well, and they can't have an ounce of humility... Mind you not all Georgia fans. You know who you are.
Man Georgia fans are some kind of special. Finally relevant after 40 years and they know and control the world of football. Truth be told they are scared of Huepel and the team he is putting together, pending when he actually starts getting good defensive players to mend the neglect the past coaches did for the program there recently.
Nah UT still over LSU. Makes no sense to put LSU higher but not Bama. But it really doesn't matter unless TCU miraculously loses two in a row and USC loses lol. Hopefully Hooker is okay
After this embarrassing performance my hopes for the future have been quite dampened. I know it's hard to build a defensive juggernaut, but that performance was something else... Sad state of affairs for UT tonight. Go Vols....
That was just an embarrassment of a defensive performance. They should be embarrassed. Smh that was just sad. Go Vols....
People that are contrarions to this fact say "durrrr there was no point durrr" completely ignoring the recent history of Georgia doing the opposite of what they say (running the score up) in many recent blowout wins. I don't buy this nonsense from them considering Fant would have had a touchdown with 4 minutes left making it a seven point game had Hooker not overthrown him by 5 feet. People really expect others to believe Kirby Smart would be comfortable with that. Absolute nonsense. Buuuut... We should just move on by now. However, I'm not going to let people gas light me with their nonsense narrative.
Since we are all writing our own narrative, and that decides matters, just as the committee is doing, I'll just put mine out there to combat any narrative averse to mine: LSU should not get in over UT even if they did win. There I said it. Missouri almost beat Georgia for crying out loud.
Pretty sure most people online can't stand most everyone else online. Because they all hide behind the veil of the internet. Kind of pathetic. It would be more interesting if we could actually talk about things with civility, but that's too much to ask.
I love how all this sad rednecks from Georgia brag so much now they are finally good after like 40 years. What's gonna happen when UT actually has really good recruits to dominate with. They are doing this good with mediocre recruits. Y'all should be a bit humble.
Not sure why I posted on your comment so I'm reposting.
Maybe Alabama just lost some mojo recently… When people feel they should dominate so easily in something and they don’t it’s easy to lose self esteem. They have great players and coaches, just not the touch right now. GBO!