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I have nothing to say other than this gave me a good chuckle to hear.
It would be hilarious to see what the committees decision process was during exploration.
Hopefully when a lot these scholarship reductions get lifted, they can build much greater depth with a lot more utilization of the transfer portal. Likely going from 8 reductions this year to three next year, or even as low as two. Good thing they have a credit of 16 to already work with lol.
Joe's football IQ is rather low. Threw a 10 yard incomplete pass on the scramble instead of throwing the ball to the wide the open receiver that smoked the Georgia defender. That has been all too common with him. Too many mistakes. Can't blame it all on him though. He doesn't call the plays or drop all his catches lol.
Congrats.. to your team finally coming back around to college football after 40 years.
Called this years ago. If there's going to be a professional league, there has to be standards. Wait until they start regulating recruiting on a professional level.
TDOW.. if a goal of your is to hit a nerve over nonsense then that makes you a waste. A bum even.
Here I was saying for some time now that, a long with the unwarranted pomp exuded by seemingly all Georgia fans, Georgia was finally being welcomed back to football relevancy after 40 years of excommunication. Memory somehow eluded me of the fact they haven't had a player as the Heisman winner for just as long. Sad.
Lol I might be the only person in this forum that hopes to see Georgia loses so I can poke fun at their fans for being pompous after 40 years of banishment.
Maybe if we all can just realized that this is not about accolades, just as the committee has shown in many years past, but instead as someothing boosts viewership, money, THEIR own interests... That's all that matters to those with a stake in these matters.
Like how all these Gamecock fans come wandering out of Siberia after decades of hibernation. Just stay on in there.. stay comfortable.
I think at this point the hypocrisy of the committee shows their preference for the Bama branding. TCU has probably earner a bid, despite the loss. OSU as well. But obviously UT should be over Bama. We know the committee is lieing about having UT based lower because of a bad loss because the week before they put LSU at number five with nearly a 30 point loss, and two overall loses (a worse record then the team that smashed them).
Love to see all the worries Georgia fans! Not too worried for UT, though. It's going to be hard to replicate last season anyways, but UT will get theirs. Some will come some will go. Also helps they are recruiting way better on the defensive side now. Naysayers are going to be naysayers.
I don't care who beats Georgia, as long as someone does. Lots of conceit after not being relevant for like 40 years. The unmitigated gall!
Oh wait I see.. so they could justify moving Bama up if LSU were to lose. That's the game being played.
Plus, how could those half wits justify having LSU at t a week ago. UT dominated that game lol. Morons.
Well Hooker got injured SOOOO.... Plus wasn't it always baked into the cake their defense was not great and could cost them... Despite that the committee ranked then number 1 for some reason... Despite knowing that fact. I'd say it's not too shabby playing to your expectations, although it was SC. Bad game, injured QB. Plus, those two score by SC at the end don't count, nor UTs score after Hendon got hurt.. "garbage time" remember.
In other words..."derp derp derp... I'd crawl on my knees for Bama... Derp derp derp, even though they have no significant wins... Derp. And lost to UT. Derp."