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Yeah, instead of slamming him in front of his co-workers he just slammed him in front of the entire Miami fan base and the entire country. That's not how you toughen up a player.
4. I'm not 100% sold on Auburn this year yet. I want to wait until after the Oregon game to see how good they'll be. For right now, I'd say either A&M or LSU would have the best chance. My stance could change if Auburn impresses against Oregon. 10. History would dictate that odds are we win the NC. Under Saban, we've only gone back-to-back years without a NC twice: his first two years and 13-14.
I don't think I've ever seen a game where both teams deserved to lose before. That fourth quarter was just a comedy of errors for both teams.
We'd go after James Franklin before we even remotely consider Derek Mason. While Mason is doing a decent job with what he has, he isn't doing nearly as good at it as Franklin did. But even with Franklin, I doubt he'd anywhere near the top of the list.
Well, Dabo will definitely be the first person we call, and I think he'd take the job. As for if he doesn't accept the job: I'm pretty sure you could take Kirby off this list because I doubt he'd take the job. I'm pretty sure he stays at Georgia until he retires or gets fired (neither of which seems likely to happen any time soon). Pruitt is an interesting case. If he can make something out of Tennessee, then he'll definitely be on the short list and possibly the second person we call. I highly doubt that we'd really seriously consider Muschamp. He hasn't been able to achieve any sort of sustained success as a HC. Jimbo Fisher is someone we'll probably give a long look at. He's a great coach who's proven he can win. Just like the author mentioned, Pete Carol does not seem like a likely candidate. Another potential candidate to keep in mind that's not listed is Freddie Kitchens. If he can make the Browns successful, he'll make the short list and will be strongly considered.
I'd hardly say that Dabo is locked in at Clemson. While yes, they have a specific clause that increases the buyout for Alabama, it's an amount that wouldn't be an object for Alabama. We would be more than willing to shell out more than twice that amount to buy out Dabo. He is, without question, the first guy Alabama will contact whenever Saban retires. The only question is whether or not he would take the job (I am of the opinion that he would, although I understand the arguments that say he wouldn't) and who would be the next guy on the list should he say no.
I highly doubt Kirby would take the job. There are only 2 ways I see him leaving Athens. Either he retires or is fired. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure he's firmly rooted in place. He's a Georgia boy through and through.
Were we beat on defense? Yes. They moved the ball at will against our defense. We couldn't stop them to save our lives. Did they beat our offense? Not so much. We were basically able to move the ball at will ourselves (we finished with 39 yards less of total offense), but we had a bad habit of shooting ourselves in the foot with boneheaded mistakes in the first half and our coaching staff making bad decisions in the second half (so yes, they did outcoach us). Ultimately, we beat ourselves on offense. They beat us on one side of the ball and we beat ourselves on the other.
I mean, I respect that he's willing to take responsibility and all, but him making his block wouldn't have changed the outcome of that play. There was just no room to run. Clemson was 100% ready for the fake. Plus, in general, running Mac Jones up the middle with Joseph Bulovas as the lead blocker on 4th and 6 isn't a great idea. It was just a bad call all around.
If he does chose Alabama, then my assumption is that either he is REALLY confident in his abilities and believes he can beat out both Tua and Jalen (I don't see that happening, personally) or he doesn't believe he has a future in the NFL and either really likes Alabama's grad program or wants to possibly become a graduate assistant under Saban after he runs out of eligibility.
... based around making stupid calls and calls that anybody could have easily predicted, and all of this without any rhyme or reason or any kind of bigger plan?
I don't think he'll be hired as OC. I'm pretty sure that the job is all but Locksley's. Freeze will probably end up as an analyst or a position coach/Co-Offensive Coordinator.
Yeah, with these reports surfacing that Freeze has been in contact regarding the OC job, it would seem I was wrong on that account. While he would be a solid OC, how he left his old job would give me a little bit of pause to hire him as OC. Offensive Analyst? Sure, no problem. But OC? I'd vote to hold off on pulling the trigger. Also, I'd just prefer for us to hire Locksley in general, I think. But if Saban decides to pull the trigger on Freeze, I would try to keep my cool (okay, I'll admit, I included this sentence just to make a lousy pun). Freeze is a great offensive mind and I'd trust Saban's decision.
Wow, is he really trying to insinuate that Bama fans don't appreciate Saban? That is wrong on every level. And this, my friends, is an example of one of the many reasons why I am losing all faith in the news media.
Mike Shula... I don't even know what to say about that suggestion. Anyways, the top 2 choices for me would be Locksley and McElwain, though I personally prefer to head the direction of Locksley. As for Freeze, there is no chance he becomes our next OC. And honestly, I'm not too big on Matt Canada becoming our next OC. He's a great offensive mind, but I just don't think he's the one we need or want at this point in time.
I honestly wouldn't mind if Daboll left. Honestly, I'm not even sure if I want him back next year. He's more along the lines of Doug Nussmeier in his capacity as an OC. Not bad, but just not good enough for us. There were many times this past season that Daboll's play calling made me really miss Kiffin, and those "many times" were 99% of the season. He's just not as good as Kiffin, Sarkisian, or McElwain.
I would have thought that Harris would go pro and Scarborough would return. I don't think that Harris's draft stock will get much better (probably early 2nd round and a possibility of late 1st round or mid 2nd round), but Scarborough's stock could definitely improve after he failed to live up to the immense hype he had going into this season. He was good, but didn't match the hype.
I gotta say, cheering for Ohio State and Urban Meyer to win a game was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life.
True, but nobody said he was or would be. He'll probably never be as good of a passer as AJ. Heck, he's not even as good of a passer as Tua. But we don't ask him to be the best passer in the country. We ask him to be able to make the big plays, be it in the air or on the ground, with the game on the line and to not make mistakes, and he's way more than excelled in both areas. He's come through in the clutch when we've needed him and he's only turned the ball over once all year. That's pretty dang good. By just about any standard you could possibly use, he is a great QB.
I bet those LSU fans leaving the stadium are so glad that they fired a guy who had won a National Championship, won 2 SEC Championships, and averaged ~10 wins a season and hired a guy who doesn't even have a winning record as a HC.
To be fair, Rocky Top is a fairly catchy song.
Frankly, it's pretty dang hard to stand tall in the pocket when your offensive line is getting abused by the defense like ours was by FSU. I mean, on 99% of those plays where he "extended the play or took off, he was running for his dang life. If he had tried to stay in the pocket, he would have been sacked. The blame there lies with FSU for having that good of a defensive line.
Well, he didn't really get a chance to show how much he improved because FSU was abusing our offensive line on every play and Jalen was forced to spend the whole game running for his life.
Well, in terms of quarterback development, we were able to take somebody who had next to no talent as a QB and had been kicked around from position to position as an Athlete before temporarily settling in at RB until he was called to be a back-up QB because we didn't have one and turn him into a QB who set a few records at Alabama in his one season as a starter. And if you want to talk about 5 star QBs who went to Alabama and then crashed and burned, there are two in recent history: Phillip Sims (beat out by AJ McCarron) and Blake Barnett (beat out by Jalen Hurts, remains to be seen if he truly crashes and burns or if he is able to make something out of his career).
This was also just with two of our backs, and I have honestly seen much better highlight videos of the two.
Um, were you watching the same A-Day Game as everybody else? Jalen was on point and very accurate on the vast majority of his throws. Heck, even his interception wasn't even entirely his fault. Granted, it wasn't that good of a pass, but it wasn't that bad of a pass either. It flew right past the TE's head. If the TE would have been paying attention, the worst case scenario is that he would have dropped the ball and it would have been incomplete. Overall (and especially on the deep ball), Jalen looked a lot more polished as a passer. I do not understand where you got him being "hurried, confused, and off base". I mean, granted, there were a few times where it was obvious that he wanted to take off running, but instead forced him to stay in the pocket because of the nature of the scrimmage. But that was only a few plays.
Quick correction: our '09 team isn't the only team to win 14 games in a season. We won 14 games this year. Also, I would have to say that our '11 team was better than our '09 team.