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exactly .. Alabama set the bar several years ago and other teams have gotten better .. Bill Curry could also recruit .. and the jr sr recruits won a national championship 92'under a different coach because of a better defensive coordinator .. You made a good point !
the thing is about coaching ? If You've never have coached it is hard to say sometimes what is wrong .. first .. .. I can spot talent , .. I always could .. some coaches can without anyone's help ( aka the media) now Bama lost some players 2 yrs back that didn't stay .. that hurts the balance of any team . so Last year we went farther than I thought we would .. injuries to the key linebacker Moseley who called most of the defensive strategies .. they lost 2 this year ..( par to course but not what I wanted of course ) ( this years linebackers aren't panning out as 4- 5 star recruits ) it has taken all year for the defensive line to grow into their positions and despite several key injuries . the parity of conferences is evident .. this year we know how it is .. the Crimson Tide are 4th in the SEC in total defense at yielding 319 yards per game. They are 3rd in passing at 183 yards, and 7th in rushing defense at 135 yards per game. They’ve given up 18.8 points per game, which is 5th in the league . and don't count Saban out of the picture He will stick around to about the 2022 season . the moral of the story is Pete Golding got out coached and Nick needs to batten down the hatches of his ship but the deceptive mojo of Pinhead Finebaum ? He is the one that needs to retire ..
end result ... it's all about the money ... soon College Football will be corrupt as the NFL if not already .. I love College Football always have always will