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"Those close to the program" What a reliable source.
Don't disrespect the dead you classless clown. That's way too far. To the rest of the UT fans on the thread, great game gentleman. That's the best college football game I've ever attended.
Nice try, Vols. I'll admit, I really enjoyed that song. Just one problem... remember in the actual song? The devil came here... but ole' Johnny was from Georgia. I think y'all have the outcome backwards. ;) Go Dawgs!
The flagship university in Alabama is the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa... not Auburn.
Yeah... I'm sorry about our fan base. A lot of them are misinformed. Which is the same for most fan bases, but ours just seem to be all over social media for some reason. I'm a football official on a Friday night crew, and anyone who watches football knows defensive players can only block on recovered fumbles or interceptions. They may be trying to say something else, but in any case, they're using the wrong wording and language. Don't take all of us at their level of football IQ.
Aubie... Mark Richt got fired for a 9-3 season. When has that been a BAD year for you guys in recent history...? Chill the hell out.
Exactly. Boar's Head, Magnolia's, Allgood, Cloud, the list goes on. I feel that we have 5-10 bars that could beat most of the bars on this list.
In reference to the War Eagle, at least two schools within driving distance of me begin their home games with the flight of an Eagle like that... and one of them is actually named the Eagles. Go figure.
Yeah... aside from the engineering program, there's absolutely nothing about Auburn that is "just as good as Bama." And I hate Alabama.. I just am realistic about certain things.
This is sad. Not for Bama, for the NHL. The Stanley Cup Playoffs are some of the most exciting playoffs in professional sports, and I love every second of them. GO KINGS GO!
That tweet about Eason failing to recognize blitzes that could've gotten him hurt in the regular season is exactly what I saw on Saturday as well. Eason has some incredible talent, and he's gonna be exciting to watch. However, his ability to read defenses still needs work. He made the wrong decision on a few occasions, and his impressive throws led them to be completions anyway. However, that won't always be the case against SEC defenses. I want Lambert in the backfield (and I think he will be) for at least the first several starts. Let's not throw Eason to the fire so quickly and have him immediately having to make important, yet difficult reads that he likely never once had to make in high school. Let's let the kid actually grow into the QB we all think he's going to be. He doesn't have to start from day 1 to be able to accomplish that.
Didn't even make points worth responding to.. Do you even have a degree? Because I have a masters, but my level of reading comprehension was developed in middle school... yours is clearly lacking since you missed the whole point of what I said. Calling a player a "kid" is not why you should be mad, and if it is why you are, then God help you.
While I think UT is also the favorite, I would gladly put a healthy* Isaiah McKenzie against Evan Berry any day of the week.
The Bulldogs won the College World Series in 1990, as well.
I will have two degrees, including my masters, in about 7 months from now, and I would put my knowledge against yours just about any day of the week. Here's the kicker: I'm a moderate conservative. I hate to say it, but liberals, in general, are NOT more intelligent than conservatives. In fact, most of the population who are uneducated and under the poverty line identify as liberal. So.. I'm not sure where you are getting your ideas that liberals are more intelligent. And I am fine with gun control, I am. Criminal background checks to get firearms is perfectly reasonable. However, a large number of liberals blames guns directly for the mass shootings and death they are involved in, which is, IMHO, an unintelligent stance. Also, if you think these boys deserve ANYTHING more than a stern lecture on how not to be stupid in college, then I have nothing further I can say to you. They're younger than many current high school seniors.
While I agree the coach is out of line, it is most certainly not referring to the players as 'his kids'... are you kidding me with this? That is a completely different subject. And since you brought it up, you're about to have to learn a few things about football teams. First of all, true teams are family. The players should see their teammates as their brothers, who they are ready to go to war with or for any day of the week. The players should also see their coach as a father figure and respect them in a similar way. As a coach myself, respect is inherent in the business, from both perspectives. A coach who refers to his players as "his kids" is a coach who understands his commitment and role in the kids' lives, not only on the field, but also moving forward in their lives. "If I was the parent I would file a formal complaint with the athletic department for posting this garbage on twitter." Well thank God that you are not a parent on any team I've ever coached, because you are a big part of the problem kids' lack of respect for their coaches these days. That said, I agree that the coach was out of line, but I can't believe that's the kind of uninformed, off-the-wall reasoning you decided to use to justify it.
Exactly. I cannot stand Florida, but I'm glad they stuck to their guns and proved to Grier that the players' rights to start is a privilege, not a right. I get so sick of seeing kids who come into programs with the attitude that they're irreplaceable and the program will die without them like they're the second coming of Christ.
CJP bullied ADGM into building an indoor practice facility after he was told when he was first asked "not to press it" when he asked about whether one was in the works yet. ADGM does not like anyone having any type of say whatsoever in any decision that he disagrees with, and he was embarrassed by Pruitt in the media for this. You don't mess with ADGM, he'd fire his mother if he thought she disagreed with him.
^ This guy does not represent our university. Public drunkenness happens so much more often in Athens than it does Knoxville that we have NO room to talk. I feel bad for the kid but he'll be fine, he's got a bright future ahead of him.
I have classes with him... 235 isn't that big, but he's got a decently big frame, reminds me of Stafford's body type. Excited for this season.
Agreed, the Gators should be higher up on this list, as should UGA and UT (those Smoky Mountain helmets are my favorite of any team). Also, side note: The Packers used a 'G' logo first, but our 'G' logo in it's current form was the first one to be used in the oval 'G' pattern as it is. Green Bay modified theirs to look like ours after they saw the popularity of Georgia's design.
Thanks for putting me on the cover of this article Jon. :)
The thing is, he must not actually remember* last season. No one would call Hutson Mason a fantastic QB, so everyone knew we were going to give it to Gurley (when playing)/Chubb... and they still* couldn't stop them. The fact of the matter is that a healthy Chubb will get his yards this season. It's up to the ever-improving defense under Pruitt to make the plays down the stretch to get us to Atlanta.
Three issues. 1) While our logo was similar to the Packers "G" at the time, we were the first to use the oval design (which the Packers then correctly adopted, with UGA's permission). 2) Not really an issue, but Mercer does have a D-1 football team again that took Southern's place in the SoCon when Southern moved up to FBS. 3) "Glory, glory" is our rally song, not our fight song. The fight song is "Hail to Georgia". Still a great article that got me excited for football season!
Regardless of how you feel about the President (I personally don't like him), his points here make a lot of sense. The players are willing to work the NCAA and the AD's to reach some sort of middle ground, but concessions have to be made in order for reform to happen. The NCAA is the one holding out here, and the President laid out a pretty unbiased, accurate opinion on the issues at hand. Don't base your opinions of a good argument on your opinions of the person who is making the points.
I wish I had your confidence. Yes, I think we have a ton of talent this year, on both sides of the ball. Yes, I think we have the talent to beat each and every team on our schedule. But (there's always a but), does our talent outweigh the question marks? I'm confident in Schotty's ability, but many people question if he will transition to the college game effectively from the start. And what about the huge question mark at QB? There's gonna be a spring battle between Ramsey and Park, and either one will be a first year starter with huge expectations to live up to. Do we have enough talent to overcome that? It remains to be seen, but it's enough to keep me cautiously optimistic about this season rather than fully confident, but if you have some hidden info that is fueling your confidence please share with me so I can get just as excited for this season as you obviously are!
While I agree that Georgia Tech is the favorite again this year, somebody either didn't watch that game last year, or is simply delusional. An overtime game in which Mason throws a pick on what would've been the game-winning drive had it led to a TD? Come on, this wasn't UF/FSU... it was two very evenly matched teams. Stop trying to pick fights.
You do realize Nick Marshall was a DB for us, but has not been with our program for quite awhile, right? I believe you meant Keith* Marshall... Come on guys, proofreading is still important.