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When was the last All TN game competitive? The year of the TN NC?
Looks like about a 3 mth window left to get control of this thing for a full season. Probably less with the milder climates in the Northern states before it gets HOT. Or we push back the schedules and play into 2021 etc..... Hurry Vaccination. I mean really, would you want your kid playing in the midst of this crisis.
Emmertt made the right call. He gets paid to do that. Just like he turned LSU football around when he was at LSU bringing an almost unknown Saban to BR. He just got way ahead of the curve with this Pandemic and probably saved a lot of lives by pulling the plug. He can take the heat and Paul is just Paul. Now let's all shelter in place, watch any replay u like from 2019 and pray there's a 2020 football season.
Get rid of the stupid opposite conference lock games played each yr. Rotate them so all teams have new opponents each year. Alabama has gotten the softest opponent lately with TN and of course Lsu-Fl gets to wreck their seasons early with this matchup. This makes a more interesting schedule at the end not just look at Bama again, they just have to try and get up for the Iron Bowl and they're in the playoffs. Or all they have to do is beat LSU in a rematch. Get real people.
I thought Dhop was the Texans offense. Houston is a crazy trading town. They once traded Joe Morgan to the Reds for basically nothing and of course the rest is MLB & Cincinnati history. Lol.
Losing to Bammer that late in the season would probably never work out but stranger things have happened. At least the right referees worked the last game and of course Gus pulled a rabbit out of his hat at the end.
Ditto that and give Coach Brown a reason to keep coaching. Lsu foolishly passed on him as a head coach long ago and he seems to be a class act.
Ditto, let's get serious but the exhibition season is a Hoot. Now can some 16th seeded team win it all, finally !!!!
Looking back is easy to be critical but I only know we were dancing in the streets in La when the news broke he was leaving. We honestly were jumping up and down high giving. The only time we were happier was when our Village Idiot grass eating goofball Coach was finally terminated for Coach O. It's hard to please our insatiable fan bases but 2 Nattys is pretty high up there. His comments seem to be purely motivational though probably a couple of drafts ahead of schedule.
Bubbatime you are on to something there. He has his statue outside the stadium, all the $$$$ he could ever need, all the records I think, National Spokesman for Aflac, what else is there ? I don't want Saban to go out like the Bear coaching to the end. But I have to say the meltdown just before halftime in the Auburn game was let's just say, Hilarious. So maybe you can add that to your list, upcoming comedian.
Ditto. He just wants to get on the field asap. He has at least 2 years left to shine. Glad he didn't just portal out of the system. O was really big on him when recruiting.
Home field curse is alive in this series. So many times we have been in position to close out that home field win and whoops!!! Some dumb$ss player getting baited by Bammer or a questionable referee call and the W is gone. Glad to have our Homestate Coach who experienced all those gut wrenching experiences in this Series for the extra ingredient to get a streak going our way.
It's experience, time on the field under pressure that is the key ingredient for Brennan. There have been other Joe Burrows at LSU in the past that just played in different offensive systems. You could have plugged in Bert Jones, Mike Miley, Tommy Hodson, Matt Flynn to name a few that could've put up his numbers and possibly won the Heisman in Coach O's system. Brennan is in the perfect system to take the next step.
Just watched the Al game highlights. What a game for Clyde. Legendary stuff. He's gonna be fun to watch on Sundays.
Not sure why one of our fans has to dis Dale Brown, a legend in BR for his recruiting and making LSU BB competitive in the NCAA. We didn't win them all but who does? We appreciate ALL the accomplishments of our players and coaches at LSU past and present. Especially the legends!!!
I like Jimbo and he did a great job at LSU w Saban and w all the current Ex LSU signees and coaches he can't miss at least 8 wins this year. Probably 10. But you can't infer ACC success = SEC success. Especially if you don't have a Superstar QB like Jameson to save the late games. Mond has all the tools to make it happen in Aggieland.
Tua is certainly great. But the left handed delivery QBs have never really had a lot of success in the NFL. Zorn in Seattle was the most successful I recall but I'm sure they were others. Hope he has a great NFL career.
He wasn't good he was GREAT !!! He's a natural fit at LSU.
Thanks everyone, this really helps with my off season football withdrawl !!!
A&M did us a big favor taking Chief Chavez off the payroll. Losing Robinson is tough but I'm sure he is looking for a HC spot sooner or later anyway. Kevin Faulk to replace him is huge and of course he's a Tiger thru and thru. He helped lead us out the dark years with other Tiger legends before many of you readers and writers were even in your diapers. It was a time when we didn't know if we would even be bowl qualified. He helped us beat Fl when they were ranked #1 that year and then we finally got to the Independence Bowl to play and beat Notre Dame. Lsu was finally back on the map. It is so funny to hear students etc that have never even experienced a losing season. And hopefully never again in my lifetime. Faulk finished his degree and is a great example to HS recruits of what is possible at LSU and he'll be able to Coachem up with all of his running back experience. Gooo Tigers !!! .
I don't see how Ga doesn't win it all next season. The recruiting, the portal transfers, the new coaches & assistants, the HC. Seems like it's a good time to be a Dawg fan.
He's definitely earned all that he could be on the football field with a great career. If it was his first dwi he definitely needs better legal advice. Best to just Uber next time.
He's perfect for TN. That means not on our schedule, Lol !!!
Should be a great season in the best division in college football. Roll TIGERS !!!
It all looks and feels good. But I don't think our student athletes should be allowed to transfer within the same conference. There are plenty of other schools Son to show off your ball skills at now that we got you on our meal plan and conditioning program. We just don't need you to get even with Us with that chip on your shoulder because Coach didn't let you play. And now Coach XYZ is ready to beef up his defense and your a perfect fit.
Too much time on their hands apparently. Now they'll have to use that football playing $ to buy their way out of the mess they've gotten themselves into. If they have any $ left.