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Beckham is always gonna be a Tiger so don't give up on him.I know you weren't doggin him when he started the 1 hand catch thing. Roll TIGERS.
We've been here before but now after most everybody cleared out is gonna be the time to see Coach O get his magic going and earn that salary. Roll TIGERS.
When are we gonna get the referee story of the most blown calls in the pro playoffs ?? Or a blown call that changed the rule book forever going forward. Please tell me that look the other way CLOWN got fined out the wauzoo and isn't still in the league. Geaux SEC.
Not soooo fast Gators, u know Tebow was in the middle of everything when Lord Meyer was in Gainesville ark ark
Definite upgrade for Ark. Seemed like everybody but the waterboy had a few series against us last year. Maybe we were scoring so fast their QBs were getting tired of going back on the field.He does have an NFL caliber arm too. Roll TIGERS !!!
Not sure if that's moving in the right direction. He's been out of the SEC for a while. Better think that one over Coach O.
I remember he had some big kicks for us and then hit a rough patch, got in the dog house and lost his job. It's the life of a kicker. Normally a change of scenery is a good thing especially w 1 year of eligibility left.
Just loved seeing Nick go nuts at the end of the first half when the refs held the clock for that 1 second. You can't make that stuff up!!! It's gonna be another Wild West next year.
Whoever will pay the big $, how Saweeeet it would be to be in that position. Gooo Joe !!!
Stevens is purrrrrrfect for #18. Right now Coach O too busy with his Council of Advisors deciding who his next DC and QB coach / OC asst is gonna be.
Interesting bowl facts. Wonder why Raymond doesn't move up to DC ? Glad he stayed to keep the N.O. recruiting in focus. With all the departures surely getting on the field won't be a problem for some of these highly rated unsigned recruits.
Perfectly said. And even the Village, Grass eating idiot can back into it. Probably will be the only 2 loss NC HC that was made into a pathetic coach by our bumbling AD with the SUPER DUPER buy out clause. We can only imagine how many times after he got fired Miles wondered what the checks in his account each month we're for. Thank you for leaving for Kansas Village Idiot er Miles.
Great move for you guys. Our Coach O proved it could be done. Now Kirby is gonna have them Dawgs busting out of that doghouse next year. Looks like we're gonna be rebuilding our coaching staff too. The fun never ends in the SEC !!!
Thanks Coach A for helping us win so many games. Hope you carry that success over to Baylor. Looks like a good fit. Roll TIGERS !!!
I'm down w that!!! If you want to talk about full throttle and balls to the walls that was our Tiger Offense. Only sure way to stop it was to sack Burreaux ark ark and that's when he wrapped up the Heisman as the galloping ghost. What a team! Definitely be telling the grand kids some day.
Vary true. Just keep getting the top recruits and watch out for the occasional ACC conference scare and get your team up for a handful of games. O, I almost forgot the monster checks that keep coming. However, when Nick packs it in by then Bamee will pay more and he may want another challenge. Regardless, a class act, good for college football and he's probably graduating these guys which is what it's all about. Roll LSU Tigers !
Hopefully his tragic loss with help put some focus on trying to diagnose this horrible disease sooner.
I think LSU has been the 3 year college career and then go pro leader for sometime. Especially this year with the NC. Having grown up in New Orleans that is a low income place for the majority of the population as well as the whole state. You get a shot at your dream, buy your family a new house, a car and set yourself up. At 21-23 years old for most. Easy call on that one.
In the NC game I thought he had added a little zip on his middle of the field throws. Maybe it was the Crown & coke ark ark. Just SOOOOO unusual for our QB to be great. Thanks Joe and take it to NFL now. Hopefully the Saints will find a way to get you back in NO someday.
Get those insurance policies in place cuz we don't want anything messing the future of these gonna be pros. Roll TIGERS !!!
Sure gonna miss him, what a season. Hope he goes high in the draft. These guys going pro have nothing left to prove in college for sure. Thanks E- H from the Tiger Nation
With the past success King had in the that Coaches system he is probably Arkansas bound.
And we got our GOLD STAR. That should do it for 2019. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS for now !!!!! Come on 2020, I feel that offseason withdrawl coming on. But wait, let's see who's in the transfer portal, could it be? ROLL TIGERS !!!!
So true and if you read the stories of how he was treated when he began at OSU you'll be more amazed. Geaux Joe Burreaux !!!!
No that was some person that forgot how bad it really was. Time makes you forget but he can yearn for then, we'll take NOW. TIGERS #1.
Don't worry Saban will get it going again. He has at least 1 more run in him. The NC should get us recruits that are still on the fence. Looked like Clemson ran out of plays to call. They weren't used to going 60 minutes against a top Sec squad and Lawrence couldn't hit the broad side of a barn in the second half. Sad to see this season is done.
Why do they interview this reassigned $ sponger of the University. Just trying to get back in the headlines talking trash while soaking Lsu for his overpaid salary. Go home Joe.