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U nailed it w otherworldly. Repeatedly put the team on his back and carry them to victory while we have almost no D. That's what Heisman winners do.
We're not seeing any improvement at Lsu either. And our DC gets $2 million for the hapless defense we see on the field.
The new SEC schedules will help all the teams going forward. But the New Ball Coach is at UG now. Other than the GOAT there aren't many coaches that are gonna beat UG with their dominant recruiting.
We inherited 2, 5 star bust at Lsu this yr. Things are not always as they are projected. Congrats for the win AU. Wish we could keep you all on the schedule & drop Bammer in the new Sec !
Just glad JD / crew could save the game this yr. With the early play calling at the goal line I have flashbacks of the Miles era WAY TOO often w BK. But we can bask in a W for now. Good luck UF in getting that 6th win to go bowling.
Totally agree. We're just glad yall couldn't get the old ball coach back. Man that Spurrier could coach & recruit at UF.
We tried our hardest to give you guys the game. Meathead calls to the middle of line on the goal line. Going 4 it on 4th & 5. Screwy special teams. But despite it all, Superman took the team on his shoulders again and carried the team to a victory. Thankfully he escaped without any further injuries. Good luck Gators. Billy has yall moving in the right direction.
TN better get regrouped during halftime our this gm can get real ugly 4 Tn.
Everyone forgets this was a road game in a tuff place to play. And it was payback for Utah's loss in the Swamp. This has been circled on Utah's schedule for 365 days and a helluva motivator for their coaches & players. The Gators will improve next week and show up for the UT game.
This may be UF's version of the Curley Hallman years in Tigerland. Time will tell but it's looking familiar though I don't wish that on any team !!!
I also thought we benefited from Iowa taking out S C. It probably took a lot out of them and then have to turnaround and play the red hot Tigers. Then Carson off the bench w the 3 pt bombs!!! It was our destiny this year.
Concerning NIL in these situations, if you're under investigation for crimes etc... you can't transfer until the cases are ruled on in the addition to league penalties.
Our QB has definitely earned it unless it is a Defense only type award.
Awesome, a Prozak lick, LOL !!! I need one of those when day trading also. Thanks doc
The pay everyone equally is an awesome idea but probably unrealistic.
And NO Dogpiles where senseless injuries occur until the last game if you make it that far. It makes you wonder do they have to play Sooooo much Fall baseball. Bodies need to rest to avoid injuries.
Thanks Burglar. I needed a good laugh. Super Bowls over and it's gonna a long winter. Maybe Sec Baseball can fill the bill til then. Geaux Tigers!
Best time of the season. Coach Johnson knows how to coachem up so this should be a fun season. Still gotta put it on the field. Go Tigers!!!
Agree w the article and it's reasons. But overlooking A&M as a significant threat is crazy. Jimbo was 1 play away from at least OT or a W this past season. And now he has a proven OC on board. Shaping up to be a great season. Go Tiger Baseball !!!
Wonder if BK would have reported it if the error was in the Universities favor?
Should help UH recruiting. Heck, with the numbers I'm seeing on my birthdays I hope I'm around and can see football in 2027 !!!
Ita was a catch. Just like back in the day ita was the NO CALL interference that kept the Saints out their second Superbowl. Some officials can't do their job !!! Momma meeyah!!! LOL
Didn't realize these NIL deals were so lucrative. That's a ton of cash for someone that hasn't planned a down at the D1 level. We hear so much about them but I wonder what is guaranteed, terms etc... Regardless if the guy doesn't want to play at your school let them move on. The portal works both ways. Good luck to you guys getting the team back on track.
Makes sense he's a BK recruit from way back that wants to prove he belongs in the Sec and Nfl.
Glad Howard exited asap. Prolly go TCU w his prior HS teammate. LSU was always a bad choice since his Dad had an up & down career there. The name congers up the terrible AU pick 6 game under Curly puke Hallmann Good luck and much success outside the Sec W.