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Typical sit on a lead OC Ensminger. Needs assistants to do his job. When his contract is up just let Brady take over. That 3rd qtr was shameful but at least we finally got a first down to start the second half. Recruiting is looking up. Great time to be a Tiger.
Ain't gonna no rematch cause that Auburn D is gonna put some hurt on Bama. Typical give no credit after getting wiped Bama fans
Hopefully we can give u guys a game this yr and not another over hyped boring blowout. We will need to score 60 with our leaky defense if we are gonna win and this why we play them. Should decide the Heisman for 2019.
You gotta wait your turn A. We're coming !!!
Finally we will see if we are for real. No more day games hopefully. A night in Death Valley w Mr Burrows as your host Gator fans. Go Tigas !!!
We need both against every Sec school left on the schedule w/o a doubt. We're still playing catch up to their offenses since we never really had an offense