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TN and A&M are at least #4 and can go higher if the ball bounces their way this year !
Mighty Mighty close to giving the game away !!! Never ever leave Gators unattended or they will take your lunch, dinner and everything you've worked years to acheive LOL !!! Thanks for an instant classic and hope for many more this season. Go SEC !
Definitely. And would love to see them win both. But TN has had so many false "we're back years," just get past UF for now Vols. The timing is right. At home, baby steps.
Hope she knows a little bit about the games. She fits the bill, female, alum etc ....
After reading the story of how the overpaid coach innocently broke the rules you have to remember. He's a coach thrown into an opportunity to make some points w a recruit and the parent. Yes he broke the rules but not like a booster paying this recruit to come play for $$$. At least the Ncaa saw it for what it was. Should he have been fired, not sure but definitely broke the rules.
Don't follow Tn very since they've been down soooo long. If Hooker throws a pick 6 early or Tn can't run the ball it could get ugly. But if they take of business this year they should win straight up.
Agreed. Fl D will be up for the game. Even w/o AR at his best they hung around in the Ky game. Division grudge match and Napier wants this one bad. TN 24 FL 21 in a nail biter. If they knock Hooker out of the game Fl wins.
The new flop and unsportsmanlike flags were for dirty Ds like Bammer and Fl. It's only a game but they can't play unless they try to kill opposing players. They always intimidate refs and apparently review refs.
Good one and very timely. Luv it when SNL writing gets going on SDS. Hats off to all college fans for getting up and out to the hot ass, high humidity stadiums win or lose. Gotta luv it !!!
You have to believe Aggies got caught looking past App State. Looked good against Miami and should be ready for the Hogs. But not so fast....... Not playing at home hurts Aggies and Arkie ball control running game and that ex Bammer LB going wild will pull it out for the Hogs. 24 - 17. That writer is crazy thinking Jimbos Aggies can hit 33 pts in this one.
Glad the Vols are back, hope Napier can rally the lizards and the game lives up to hype. Geaux SEC !!!
They'll figure a way to screw up the new scheduling format, don't worry. It's in their DNA Lol !!!
One thing is certain, by the LSU game he'll have it all worked out and be back on pace for the Heisman. Count on it !
True. He must not watch any film where you fake to the middle and dump it to the wide open, most sure handed player for the first down or the TD
Just beat Bammer instead. I was so happy the game was in BR cuz if it was in Starkville it would've probably turned out differently. You guys are solid all around, just get behind the team and good things will happen.
I'm enjoying any wins this year as we transition into the new regime. Even losses as long as we hang in there. Will be glad if Daniels can just take what's there, keep moving the chains and not force the ball. Boutte missing spring ball is why they're not in sync IMO. It was Burrows 2nd summer when he spent countless hours w his receivers that made the difference. Can't wait to see what another draft will produce for our Oline. I know Kelly loves recruiting lineman. GO TIGERS !!!
Daniels is obviously our best chance at winning right now. The inconsistent line play will continue this season and so we just have to take what's available. If we can't run, which seems to be the case usually, get the ball to the hot receivers or run Forest RUN!!!! Keep the chains moving. Just WIN BABY !!!
I'm not looking past N.M. at this pt. One gm at a time Tigers !!!
We may even be second best in the West some days. The penalties have got to go. We started a new lineman tonight so that can explain some of it butt ... just ask MSU. I still say if Daniels goes down with an injury so do we. Go Tigers !!!
MSU was totally in it until the dropped punt. Why are punt returners fielding punts inside the 10? Our guy caught one on the 5 yd line. He didn't even fair catch and got crushed. Wtf ???? Now we found someone to catch punts maybe we just decoy punts inside the 10. Come on coaches... D played like they're coming together. O line will get better, hopefully. Glad we have Daniels cuz your QB has to always extend plays in the SEC. Boutte missed spring ball so he's not in sync with Daniels like the other receivers. We don't need to waste plays trying to force it to Boutte like tonight. Just hit the open receivers. Go Tigers.
Jimbo should've brought Max in at halftime last week. He just makes things happen with a little blocking.
MS ST's D getting no love from their fans. I hope the Tigers can keep up with the air raid. These Dawgs are dangerous and this is KELLY & staffs first trip thru the SEC. If Daniel's goes down and gunslinger Nussmeier goes in it could get ugly.
Hilarious !!! Thank you cameramen for the outstanding shots away from the field where the real action is !!!