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Many people have become weary of the solitary confinement.
"NFL Analyst"=Some Guy on the Internet. "Experts"=Some Guy on the Internet. "Studies"=Some Guy on the Internet. "Leaders"=Some Guy on the Internet
Abundance of Caution opened for the Stones in '76.
The Skins cannot do enough to get back to where they want to be. IOW, they can't get there from here.
I suspect O has a contingency plan for everyone on his staff by now. You want to coach at LSU tomorrow? Become an analyst today!
" And Auburn fans I no Gus isn’t dumb enough to let Morris run your offense." C'mon, man!
Heh. The Thooners giftwrapped the entire game for LSU.
It will be Joe Burreaux Day, and in his honor they will serve burriteauxs.
I can't do that, Dave. The BCS is dead.
The Aig Bowl will be doubly intense now that Kiffen is involved.
"This week, we just felt that . . . " But was there any thinking in any of this, or was it all emotion?