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β€œHe wanted to change, bless his heart, he saw the problems it was giving him on defense,” Kiffen thought.
Well hello, Mr. Self Awareness. How are you?
Cut slack, man! At sunrise here in the South it is 80F and 95% RH. You know.
No one more needs a deep, prolonged, and independent study of history than you, cocky.
I have the same opinions as every TV network,newspaper, social media management . . . every major corporation . . the UN and China. I am the resistance! β€” cockyfan97
Accusations are not convictions and carry no legal penalties.
Mention GG on the Rant and treasure the reactions.
We see the same song and dance from all the characters on the big stage whenever these high profile retirements and replacements occur. The stage is in a different location, the cast changes, but the songs and dances remains the same.
You play for the Longhorns when you don't get an offer from an SEC school. The Big 12 ranks right up there with the MWC, SBC, and Coosa.
Silly me. I thought he was complimenting the Vol crowd experience.
This! This right here is the commentary that keeps me coming back to SDS!
This is the kind of insight I keep returning for!
O has made this statement every summer Stingley has been here.
Let's pretend South Alabama doesn't have a good baseball program and attracts talent, shall we?