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We're fixing things that aren't broke now. Are we bored, or what?
Ohio State has not beaten Michigan in football for 1537 days.
It's all fun and games until Congress intervenes. These people are baiting disaster.
Not much need for a commissioner in a two team conference, right?
I don't know about you guys, but I tuned in just to watch Taylor Swift's reactions to on field plays. /s
Ole Miss will be better than they have been in decades and still will not win a conference title. A 12 team playoff berth, perhaps.
I hope we're not forming a search committee and launching a nationwide search for a DC now.
Oh, no. Some should re-read the Heisman Memorial Trophy history. Well, anyway . . . the award is given before the bowl games, implicit in that act is the fact that it is given to the most outstanding player in college football in the regular season. That's so easy to understand even a Washington Husky fan could do it.
THE Ohio State University. Ohio State has not beaten Michigan in football for 1491 days.
Ohio State must lobotomize their students in freshman orientation.
"Nick Saban after viral Ferrari video says recruits all way to drive it" My people have no history of proofreading. — Keith Farner
*whuppin' If you've ever had one you'd know the difference.
Ohio State has not beaten Michigan in football for 1461 days. Sports media hates this and has to make someone pay.
Whatever else you guys do, stick with that A&M Cadet culture. That's winning, right there.
And, like Michigan-Ohio State, USC-UCLA, Oklahoma-Texas, and some other games, we get to hope both teams lose.
Some jobs are career killers, some are happiness killers. Some are both.
Danielson's worst trait is misapprehending events in the game.
C'mon, Lane. We want to know what you think, not what you feel. Hell, if we wanted to know what someone felt we'd talk to our wives.
No one has insight to the depth and degree that Danielson does. All Hail Danielson.
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