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This was a gift. Ohio State doesn't merit this appearance.
On one hand, I was prepared to watch the team faceplant while I hoped they didn't. On the other hand I didn't see this coming. Maybe I need better eyeglasses.
True or false: Jerry Jones will not sign a player to upstage himself.
You lost to Liberty University. Did you even game plan the Flames?
The Post-Graduate Scholarship Fund needs funds too, and we're happy to be able to help.
The four team playoff will be Bama, Jawja, Tennessee, and LSU. ;-)
Colonel Brian Kelly loves it when a plan comes together.
No one there backed down. 17 points were scored in the fourth quarter. 31 points in the second half. Football well played.
Preposition in lieu of 1. Instead of; in place of. They gave him a cash award, in lieu of the promised prize package.
The best chicken is right off the charcoal grill out back.
New Mexico will take its money and lose, like they should. Not like Marshall, Appalachian State, Old Dominion, and Georgia Southern.
It's 16.38%. But rhetoric is fun and I won't be denied.