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The State game outcome is why everyone begins the season with a cupcake game. That couldn't happen this year and it shows.
Mike Leach Conflagration will be occurring in the SEC beginning this year. Surely you jest? I don't think so, Shirley.
Mike Leach has more assets at his disposal at Moo State than he had at TTech or WState. He will collect more SEC scalps. I suspected as much.
Stetson will lead the Leghumpers to victory.
UCF are no worse than FSU or Miami. Wait until you guys play a Mike Leach coached team with this years equivalent of a Joe Burreaux.
What's a PAC-12? Some kind of diet supplement?
What type of head injury was it? Blunt force trauma? Malignant neoplasm? Gunshot wound? Inquiring minds want to know.
Experts? 3 guys on the internet. This year, we are all experts.
You have never watched Marty & McGee? NASCAR Ryan McGee? You be silly.
I recommend wearing a 2 gallon zip-lok bag on yer head, baw!
*Testicular Fortitude. But, Oh Hell Yeah!