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Do you post here deliberately, or are you being held hostage?
Megan, there is no way in hell you two maroons can get any dumber.
Hmm. Alleva wanted Miles gone and F. King Alexander overruled him. I bet there is a story here.
He has begun his career in coaching as a recruiter is what I concluded.
No one has a clue what happened. All press releases are filled with weasel words and euphemisms. Accuracy in language is necessary here, and we see too little of it.
Talking heads on TV shows take indefensible positions? Sorry, just post a link to the transcript highlights.
Too many Coordinators leave for an HC job, only to discover they are not capable at that time to do that job. It sucks for them, but rebounding is the only remedy.
Arik's mother Akiba Gilbert played college basketball at UNCC. His grandfather played basketball at Jackson State University.
SDS will give you all your money back if you submit a request.
Television is for imbeciles, by imbeciles. Inhale it, maroons.
Paraphrasing H L Mencken: " . . . they know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard."
You would have a lot more clicks if the headline was "J Fisher in the mix."
A search firm doesn't always make the best recommendations though. The alternative to bad isn't always good.
Having a crew of advisors helps every coach with changes that should be made.