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How many years in a row has muschamp gone to the Birmingham bowl?
They should leave it the way it is. The best team in the conference almost always wins their division which sends them to ATL. Playing an above average, but not great, team allows the best team to add another quality win and a SEC title to their resume which gets them into the playoff 99.9% of the time. Also, If they play the second best team that team might have been able to give the SEC two teams in the playoff but adding another win would almost certainly knock them out.
I don't think he will either, his running style doesn't matchup well against bama. He will still be vital for us having a shot though. His running threat will keep the bama defense honest and help open up our passing game which must have a good game if we are to win.
Should root for auburn, if we win out it makes yalls win over us looks better. A win over ole miss will be an average win regardless.
although I see the world through orange and blue lenses I don't see how they beat us either. Our rushing attack vs their rushing defense doesn't bode well for them and Ole Miss just doesn't look like the team that they were expected to be. I think a large part has to do with the DB that got hurt against fsu. Losing a lockdown db can change a defensive coordinators whole strategy.
I don't see why this gets the negative attention it does. He just lost to send his team to 1-5, I wouldn't be in the mood to answer questions either. Then the two questions he replied "next question" to the questioner implied cam was "disappointed" and "frustrated" he shouldn't answer questions like that anyway. When the presser starts trending towards questions that are looking for a headline I can understand him walking out.
This article is basically saying what finebum always says. In almost every game, regardless of who is playing, three factors can be looked at that determine the outcome: penalties, turnovers and special teams. Bama is no exception, don't give bama credit for forcing turnovers then not give the opposing team credit when they do the same
I agree. Everyone wants every big hit to be targeting now. It was a damn good hit... nothing more
We have one of the best defenses in the nation and everyone knows defense wins championships. We have young unproven talent at WR that isn't given a chance to shine do to our lack of a complex passing game. Sean White, while not one of the best QBs in the nation, is plenty good enough to win if the offense was tailored to his strengths. Don't get production confused with talent.
We have playoff talent on this team but with high school coaching just making it to a bowl game will be an accomplishment. Our defense will keep us in most games but with no offense to help them its only a matter of time before they run out of energy in the 4th quarter.
The SEC is probably the conference (outside of maybe the big10 because of the weather) that needs to cover up the least. The author should spend a weekend at ASU and see if she respects the way SEC girls dress afterwards.