Like college football,baseball,& basketball.

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Walton got hit helmet to helmet that wasnt called. Their was a block in the back on one of bamas runs. Blah blah blah. Wonder what Saby thought of the facemask fumble for 6 last year,or the ending of the 07 game. Its the beginning of the end for Saby. Starting to sound like Spurrier.
Wow,who would have thought that the 5 Emmy awards we won in the last two years the panel was only Ole Miss fans and alums(sarcasm). I guess the network IS real. I know its hard to believe, but when you Ga fans look out into space,behind that big moon that you delusionally see a G on it, there is a lot of stars a lot bigger than the moon. Get over yourselves! You guys are just like Ohio st. fans. No one cares! Go back to your boards! Fins Up!
Don't remember mutant league. My kids love Street Sharks too. I found the complete series at KMart in the $5 dollar box.
OM has the best video dept in the nation. Check out the awards,or just keep living in denial.
You should know. Remember Jackie Sherrill. That's the only time mootown won and it was a dirty program.
You should know. Remember Jackie Sherrill. That's the only time mootown won and it was a dirty program.
Been whipping the yall in every sport recently. When was the last time you beat us in anything? Give me a little bit of the HYDR!
Remember when Dak almost got decapited at the 3 yd line? You need to change your name to Decapitack. Oooh Haaaha I crack myself up!
In the early nineties there was a cartoon called Street Sharks.Good cartoon. Got mutated into half human half shark.Check it out. It was kinda like the Ninja turtles. They say " Fins Up" "Fintastic" "Jawsome"
I'm sure the paid refs will come through for you guys this year. The difference between OM and Bama fans is when we lose I'm not going to cry like you did last year. Steve Shaw needs to GO!
We know another thing too. This is OUR state! 4-3.Another victory over the the trash beneath us. You can wrap it in red and blue.
Baseball. You know that sport you used to rule in the eighties. That we rule since the late 90's. We own ALL sports. HYDR!
Hey dakgotattacked. How's that baseball? 11-1 HYDR!
You can wrap it in red and blue. We own this state. 11-1
This must be Dan Mullen. Come on man,get some sleep. You get delusional without rest. But thus could be Jackie Sherrill too. They are one in the same.( no morals or character)
Just like Derunnya huh? What about Dak and the others that got beat up? Its going to be a long season for msu. Are You Ready!
Adidas has really hurt their business now. I know I will NEVER buy any of their products for going along with the evil in starkville.
You must be drunk too. Your comment makes everyone say "huh".
Hopefully this will hurt msu's recruiting. What parent would want their kids playing for nasty,evil, people. Go Rebs!
Still haven't changed your name to Dakgotattacked yet? When dak gets into sec play he's going to think he's in panama city beach. HYDR!
Christians sin too. The difference between You and them are that they feel bad about what they did and ask for forgiveness and try to turn away from from sinning. Freeze sins everyday, but just not as much as a non believer.
I'm hearing that a lot more bulldogs are going to get arrested. HYDR!
You need to change your name to Dak got Attacked. Ahhh Haaaa haaaa. I crack me up! Keep your Fins Up bulldogs. What goes around,comes around. HYDR!
You 2 are scared,aren't you? HYDR!
Woops,I forgot to put a period at the end. Go away dork!