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YUCK... Playing in Nissan Stadium is a loss in itself. That place feels like a prison.
You have to compete to have a shot at championships, and I think TN is on track across a lot of sports. Also, I don't have an issue with 1998 as that was a great year for TN so there's nothing to ease. If anything TN fans recognize more than ever that the higher you are the harder you fall. Georgia will be reminded of that sooner than later.
Saban does make a great deal of sense. Too bad EA doesn't make a great sports game anymore...
Agreed! Having success in one sport is difficult enough, but to have such a wide array of success is quite something! GBO, VFL!
I know it's just illustrations, but the lack of fans or sparse amount of people were pretty funny... In all seriousness though, it's nice to see the SEC schools constantly improving their stadiums with all the history they contain.
Haters gonna hate, but great to see the Vols fans representing! Nothing like singing Rocky Top in a full Neyland! GBO!
Well said... It sounds like a wreckless (no pun intended) culture that will potentially kill more players and/or families of they can't get their player's to understand how dangerous driving already is. Can't believe that the prior deaths weren't already a wake up call!
Correction Dawgs 2021... Uncle Rico said he could, but Joe actually can! Sadly, it looks like neither could win state though. :'(
Because competitive players typically like to be challenged, win, and win championships. Georgia has proven they can provide that, TN is building strength to compete, and Florida is in a complete rebuild. But if anything it'll go to who can get him the best NIL deal. The days of loyalty and commitment are long gone from college football players and coaches.
I'm sure Brandon was ready to welcome the Canadian Superbowl Champions!
Be nice to pick this guy up so he can play and show how much of a difference maker he is on the field!
I don't know much about this guy, but what little bit I have saw he seems to be a spoiled leech living of his brother's success. Doubt he gets bailed out of this trouble.
Now that's looking at the glass half-full! Who cares if you don't make the NFL!? You can just do what this spammer is doing!
If he can do that, man is a legend! Best of luck to you Hooker! Look forward to cheering for your success on Sundays!
It'll be crazy if they could make it three in a row, but definitely dominating the past two years. Looking forward to college football season to fire back up!
All jokes aside, I think AU is in a holding pattern for a season or 2 till Freeze gets more of 'his guys' in place.
So low that the passing game didnt even bother to show up.
I don't think that insult to Vanderbilt football was necessary... ;)
I hope they get a cigar NIL agreement to make up for the ignorance in this whole situation!
That's any media... Can't just tell the news. Gotta spin up the drama and drag it out to get that advertising money.
I can't wait to see what Milton does with all this rat poison. :)