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If we're garbage then you're on par with what comes out of UGA's @$$.
We'll just show a picture of Mullen against FL in recruiting.
It will be interesting to see if Tennessee's offensive production would have any sway in Arch's recruitment. If I wanted to prove I was one of the best then I'd want to show I can beat the Georgia's and Alabama's of the world. I think Ole Miss and Tennessee would have the offensive draw, but I would assume TN has better facilities. Regardless, best of luck to him wherever he ends up! It will be exciting to see him play!
That's all they got? Oh man, they got us.... Pfft... Joke is on them, whatever happens they're getting conned by Lane just like everyone else he's been hired by.
In the past I always thought a Bama loss would be a wake up call, but that was for teams of the past. What we saw this weekend felt very strange as the A&M lead always felt much more than it was. All the dropped passes, penalties, and sacks the Alabama team allowed were things I can't recall seeing from a Saban team in the last 10+ years. Can they recover? Out of all the coaches out there, Nick's the best at getting things back on track... But what we saw from these players? I'm not sure they care enough to fix it. Regardless, their season isn't over so we'll see how they handle their next challenging game.
I'm still thinking Rooster: 21-0 and 1st isn't over.
I think we'll be ok. Until Coach Heupel gives me a reason to believe he's going to be inconsistent like the ghost of UT coaches of past, I'm going to keep the faith. I think it'll be a solid win.
Being a little superstitious when it comes to sports, if I was an Ole Miss fan I'd be a little worried that getting your popcorn ready was associated with watching you having your butt handed to you...
If I were him my next tag line would be, "Get your bacon ready" and he'll be set for life.
"To be fair, the Fearless Prediction was not told in advance that Missouri’s defense made the decision to not attempt to tackle Tennessee’s running backs until they had already gained 10 yards." Did you not watch the B.C. Mizzou game? I thought the Vols would have a pretty good running game if B.C. could run on the Tigers like they did!
"It's all over folks, nothing to see here! Time to get back to the grind!" - Urban Meyer 2021
Man, Lord have mercy on anyone who's a Vandy and Lions fan... That'd be a miserable life to live!
If only they could play Kansas next...
After the BC game I felt TN would have more success against Mizzou than a lot of people on SDS were saying, but this outcome was above and beyond. Boy was it weird seeing offensive production from TN. Hopefully TN can get some momentum and build off of this as a team under Coach H, but time will tell! For Mizzou fans, all I can say is I do hope that you guys can do something with your defensive coaching. I was happy to see TN produce points like that, but I will openly say that the defense just wasn't there. The Tigers either were way out of position, or they just showed no sign of motivation! Best of luck on the rest of your season, and again hope you guys can get this turned around for a positive!
Ah, everyone can troll Gus all they want, but he'll still be laughing his way to the bank loaded with the $$$'s. (I can't believe they lost that game though... But yeah, I doubt Gus will be too hurt in the end...)
Completely agree! If the Bulldogs can beat what appears to be a strong SEC west opponent then it might be a truly special year!
Georgia's Clemson win doesn't look very good, and Vandy is back to the Vandy we all remember... I'm sorry, but I'm not sold on Georgia. Let's see how they play Arkansas and then maybe we can talk...
Nope... But I'm sure he'll probably rant more when I point out Georgia Tech nearly put the same amount of points on Clemson as his almighty Bulldogs offense.
Exactly... The difference with the Tide is that their coaches are able to use these games to learn and improve. If anything, I'd say the rest of the teams Bama play are even more screwed.
I agree, bad QB play has been murderous for the Vols for years; outside of Josh Dobbs...
Dang, was hoping to see Tennessee mentioned... If anyone could use a QB that could help turn around a program it is def the Vols. Regardless though, I wish him success wherever he goes!
The SEC is also winning in the English language department it appears.
Buddy hire or not, we're better off letting him have 3-4 years to try and build his program before making a change. Knee jerk reactions with coaching is what led this whole $#!t show to start with Phil's firing. We've never recovered from that fiasco...
I'm thinking they have a weekly quota of tag lines they must utilize to meet their clickbait goals.
I still hope you're undefeated after that game in Athens... :)
Did they measure his 40 speed, or 0-60 when recruiting?