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Ah, don't mind or let him get to you! At least y'all still have footba... Oh wait. My bad!
I guess the Dawgs don't know there's a real basketball tourney going on.
Reminds me of The Water Boy when at the end he says he "loves his momma" and it flashes up on the jumbotron. Good to see this guy recognize the sacrifices made and be grateful for how it's helped him achieve what he has so far. Best of luck!
Nah, you're giving too much credit... "ChatGPT, write a short article showing comparisons between Joe Burrow and Dalton Knecht with a focus on Knecht's recent accomplishments on the court"
Elliot seemed to have a genuine love and passion for USC especially when he was the interim coach back when Spurrier hung up his hat. Nice pick up!
"We've been working diligently to uncover every way we can nickel and dime you through micro transactions to ensure you're paying us for every thing you possibly can to enjoy this game. EA Sports... If its in the game, give us your money"
It was great getting to see Jennings shine in such a large spotlight. Dude was an absolute beast at TN, so glad to see him have his moment. Too bad SF couldn't pull out the W, because not seeing MaHomes, Kelsey and Reid in a commercial every 2 seconds would have been a huge W For everyone.
LOL, not sure if intentional unless his middle name is 'Busta' or similar.
JTF, my apologies... I was just trying to dig the Dawgs at missing the playoff, NOT saying that y'all have cheated. Just saying y'all understand first hand how much one loss can hurt a team in the 4 team playoff.
I'll take a stab and try to convince you... A team that typically collapsed and unexpectedly lost a game nearly every year since the coach had been there, finally completes an undefeated season while their coach is suspended multiple games, and then the coach bolts to the NFL after 'winning' the national championship. The cheating occurred to help them ensure they make the playoff since they typically shot themselves in the foot before then. After that, they've gotten past the hardest part because as long as you make the playoff then you had a shot at a NC... Right Georgia fans? ;)
And if he'd cheated to win I'd be all for his ass getting fired like he did. I do not want to ever have my team's integrity questionable, and if you don't care then that speaks of your personal ethics.
But if we'd (Vols) won the National Championship cheating I'd want no part of that either. I'm not salty, I'm just stating my opinion. They may have won legitimately when they made it into the playoff, but that doesn't matter if they cheated to make it that far. Doesn't matter if it is Michigan, Tennessee, Georgia, etc. I bet you would care a lot more if you guys had been the ones who got knocked out of the playoffs by them... But, correctly so you were sitting at home so at least something went right this year.
Agreed... NCAA shouldn't have even let it get this far though.
The signs were there that it was Michigan's year to win it all, so they stole it! Great job NCAA as always...
Humble much? There are a lot of changes happening next year, so I wouldn't count your chickens before they hatch or it could end up like this year. Plus its Tennessee's year anyway, we all know that! LOL
I guess we can change our monikers from VFL and "Give my all for Tennessee today" to NILFL and "Give my all for NIL today"
I've got my popcorn ready, and have been waiting for the opportunity. :D
I'm not condoning the response of what happened on campus when Kiffin departed, but I believe that it was the recognition Tennessee had been completely conned by that joker and that would result in our football program being left trying to climb out of the dark ages for some time. So jest all you want, but it was a recognition we were getting screwed worse than when Peyton should have had the Heisman and would be paying for it a long time.
I'm sure EA will be excited to charge NIL prices to help you build and recruit your virtual team.
We also know history repeats itself and what goes around comes around. It may not happen this year, but Georgia will learn humility again. Looking forward to it.