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I didn't read any of the rants, but holy crap Negan. Post much?
I say it out of respect to KY actually. You guys are the SEC standard to basketball as Bama is to football. Down wildcat! Down! Lol
Hey, we easily did better than Kentucky... I would say that we don't get rid of a coach without a solid plan. Hopefully we've learned that lesson before... *Looks at state of football program*
Kansas must be content with sucking if they go with DeBord. That idiot had all sorts of weapons in the offense at UT and used them horribly. The pure talents of the players is what lead UT over Georgia and Florida while this joker and Butch ran the program.
I am flabbergasted that the TN Vandy game didn't make the list!
I don't see it happening; however, if the new staff can display an ability to actually coach and further develop player, there may be a long shot chance. Personally I don't see why Arch wouldn't want to make his own legacy rather than try to follow in the footsteps of his family. Regardless of where he goes, I wish him great success!
"That’s an interesting comment and one that suggests he didn’t see success in Tennessee’s immediate future." <- He sounds just like a Tennessee fan.
HAHA... Sounds like GA is the new TN which is perfect when you have fans like Corch and Negan in your mist, 'This is our year!' After Kirby gives you some Richt seasons and you fire him you may find yourself in the same position as the Vols, and boy would that be classic.
Agree, they were some great backs to watch! Was sad when Chubb went down at UT, but glad he was able to bounce back from it!
Jim wasn't kidding... That UT OK game was epic regardless of the outcome! The atmosphere was amazing, and boy was it loud. The OK fans that I met at the game were very classy too.
I find it entertaining that you have to call TN fans hillbillies to think you're insulting us (it isn't insulting at all)... Ironically, we don't have to make up a nickname for your fan base. We just have to refer to you as a Georgia fan... Boy that must suck!
He has more interest in Tennessee than his own screen name obsession... Corch, Urban is in the NFL with the Jags and has been for some time now. *Awaiting Corch's retort mentioning Hillbillies in 3-2-1...
You're not alone Gator... Not sure WTH it's going on in the other comments.
Um, it looked like a baseball uniform? What made it incredible? Oh, I guess what was incredible was how much money SDS made from their website ads due to the clickbait headline... You win this round SDS!
I still don't see why hillbilly is insulting? I mean, it's much better than being called a Georgia fan.
Oh no! The Vols are going to suck now! Whatever shall we do! Oh wait, this has no effect at all on anything.
Totally agree with you VFL. This article presumed that all Vol fans drooled over Fleck and that's just not true.
Thanks Dan... And yeah, there's way too much on the latest tenure to comment on. But SDS is going to try! Even after their nearly claiming the second coming after a sloppy end to 2019 and those 6 wins!
Hey Tide, I'm not defending Phil here or his record at his demise... Mainly the fact there was no plan by the leadership to make a change or have a contingency ready when they gave him the boot. My full belief in Bama's success under Saban is you're always prepared to replace someone in your system. I also won't be surprised if that's the case when Saban does finally take a bow. It's truly impressive, but it's all due to leadership and planning. TN has been wondering around headless for nearly two decades now. And doesn't appear to be changing that. At some point something will have to change, but Luke my approach with all the coaches we've had, I'll need to see constant success before I can buy back in.
Tennessee football has been screwed up since they fired Phil as a knee jerk reaction without a plan. THAT is when Tennessee football went in the toilet.
Wouldn't he lose a chunk of his buyout money from AU to take the TN job? And I agree with others, that I just don't think Malzahn would bring much to the table even if TN had the opportunity to hire him... Just doesn't seem like the right choice... And after saying that, that's probably what the leadership will do LOL!
LOL, agreed! I think I'd rather have anything else than McDonald's!