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Didn't have to read a thing... Nope to ND in the SEC.
John Ward is truly missed... Every time I hear his voice it immediately takes me back to being a kid enjoying listening to games with my dad and grandfather as we we had the game blasting from the farm truck mending fences, etc.
I do think he's obviously better than Muschamp, but curious to see if he can maintain or build on the success from last year. Rattler was a good pickup, but I still think we need 3-4 years to actually see his full impact on the Gamecocks. I remember being excited about most of the prior Tennessee hires when they showed glimpses of success and look how they all panned out. I did enjoy having the Gamecocks at a more competitive level in the SEC east. Their fanbase deserves it, and LOVED watching the atmosphere in Columbia when Spurrier had them clicking. Never will forget the Georgia night game with Williams-Brice was jamming out in 2012. Good times for sure.
“Coach Jones is completely changing the culture, discipline and overall organization of our football program..." <- Tennessee had the same experience. Good luck.
Further proof college football is going down the Toilet Bowl.
Tim is def a CFHOF caliber player. I can remember the first play I ever watched where he was placed in the game and he just destroyed the defense. Amazing football player, and his career numbers show it!
I don't think success has anything to do with it... If I was 38 and was offered that much money, I'd taken it too.
I think the biggest news coming out of this is how unrealistic his being "ran over" looks. EA Sports motto since mid 2000: "It's the same game as previous years sucker!"
Coach, it is because freedom of speech to the media only exists for them and their agendas. For those who disagree, they'll silence your voice under the guise of protection.
Hmmmm, not much humility present in GA fan base around these parts... You do realize how long the SEC East has been weak and it still took your team how long to finally claim a top spot? BTW, who's the SEC champion? Pfft... I'm not impressed...
I'm probably the only Vols fan that appreciates our unique ability to see our team compete against tough competition each year as it helps paint a picture to the state of the program against teams like Alabama... Here's looking forward to another year of college football regardless! I'm also hopeful that this team can get some upsets under their belt finally!
"...his seventh season in college football" Geeze! He's like the Van Wilder of college quarterbacks!
Pfffft, you're all wrong! At this point how about everyone in the SEC just play everyone each year? Makes the college football season longer, and I could always go for more SEC matchups. :P
We don't play Ole Miss, so we may just stick to mayo or ketchup this year.
Thanks for the reply Mountain Dog! Much appreciated, and he sounds like a name to follow!
Thanks for the reply Mountain Dog! Much appreciated, and he sounds like a name to follow!
Ah, so more consistency there than meets the eye! Thanks for the insight! Just out of curiosity, why wouldn't Glenn take or be given the DC position since he seems to be held in such high regard? (Not trying to be an @$$, just looking for more insight since I'm not familiar with the situation)
I think the biggest factor with Muschamp is how he impacts the culture. It seemed pretty strong before he got handed the reigns. As a head coach the cultures he developed were... Um... Lacking... That being said, he has been on some great teams as a defensive coordinator in the past. We'll see if those head coach stints created damaged goods or not.
Interested to see if Kirby can maintain the momentum for his defense after having so much turn over. This will be a good test to see if he learned how to maintain success from Coach Saban.
This is exactly what I was thinking if somehow TN was mentioned as one of the two! :)
Beautiful... Loving the momentum! Welcome to Rocky Top!
I guess he'll have to wait to use that Aflac insurance...
Realizing why all the 1980's jokes were made for all those years.
They went .500 against Bama so I'm thinking they're just under the realization that their title doesn't really have the strength of undefeated national champions.