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First of all you can't compare the 2 seasons, Alabama 2020 season was so watered down because of all the critical players opting out. Even though it was an All-SEC schedule most teams Bama played had key opt-outs so that made the path of the team without opt-outs that much easier. Now the 2019 LSU Tigers played a full schedule beating 7 top 10 teams, 4 top 5 teams and the only team to in history to beat the top 4 preseason teams. That's why there's no debate that LSU had the best season in college football history, look Alabama had a great 2020 season but please it can't come close to what LSU did in 2019. And it's very weird to me that in this world of a pandemic and we not knowing if we were going to have a football season that the National Championship game between Alabama and Ohio St. had some of the worst ratings in decades, go figure.
Remember Tiger Nation everybody breathing was wondering at the time who in the HELL is this Joe Brady? Coach O plucked him from the New Orleans Saints breaking down film and taking care of whatever the Coaches and QB's needed. Now OC Jake Peetz viewed as a young up and coming innovative offensive mind and like Brady, Peetz is taking over an offense with some experience. Look nobody saw 2019 Joe Burrow, CEH, Ja'Marr Chase or Justin Jefferson coming so who's to say with the talent we have on offense that we can't compete for the chip in 2021 we just have to nail down the defensive hire I'm not to worried about offense.
I see you didn't read my post about DE Andre Anthony being very uncomfortable and out of position at OLB in ex DC Dave Aranda scheme. This was Anthony's first year at his natural DE position so like I said those stats were respectable for a first year starter at DE. At least A.A. didn't tuck tail and run and transfer out, no he stuck it out and now he like all the players returning have some UNFINISHED BUSINESS!!!!!
The reason Bama was so good is because they didn't make the playoffs in 2019 and basically all their draft eligible players returned in 2020. Now the same thing is happening in Baton Rouge, these real LSU Tigers couldn't just walk away with a 5-5 record after most of them felt what it's like to be Champions. UNFINISHED BUSINESS! That's the defining message for the 2021 LSU Tigers and with the nice mix of veterans and young talent we will be contenders in 2021.
My wish list for DC is Marcus Freeman but it would be extremely difficult to get him from Cincinnati because he's so close and loyal to HC Luke Fickle. If we wouldn't have wasted that 2+mill on Bo Pelini we could've used that as enticement for Freeman. Now I would like for Coach O to hire Georgia Co-DC Glen Schumann as our new DC because not only is he a great coach but one of the best recruiters in the country. We need our next DC to be great defending against the spread, a great teacher and leader of Young men because whatever Bo Pelini was doing wasn't getting through to the players and last and definitely not least he has to be a phenomenal recruiter.
DE Andre Anthony stats 24 tackles, 5.5 sacks and 5 tackles for lost is decent for playing in his natural position for the first time in his LSU career. Anthony was never comfortable at OLB in Dave Aranda scheme so getting back to putting his hand in the dirt just blew up his confidence. Anthony should have a lot more success in his second year at DE. Having both draft eligible starting DE's Andre Anthony and Ali Gaye back is so huge for LSU defense because without them returning we would've been extremely Young at the DE position now we can take our time breaking the young pups in instead of throwing them into the fire.
I'm not really big on Gilbert LSU needs players that want to be Tigers and it's clearly he don't want to be. So ride out young man and good luck LSU won a Natty without you and we will again.
If you ask me Derek Mason and Marcus Freeman are great and you can't lose with either. But I think my choice would be Georgia's co-defensive coordinator Greg Schumann because he's a hell of a coach and one of the best recruiters in the country.
Let's see we signed Sage Ryan #1 S, Derrick Davis Jr. #3 S and Matthew Langlois who Coach O said is the type of player who could someday wear the #18 jersey. And then there's Zavier Carter a hybrid OLB/S so Khari Gee you can put whatever spin you like on it but you just wasn't part of this class anymore and besides you were able to sign with Notre Dame so just be happy and try not to throw shade.
Word is DE Saivian Jones wants to sign with his HS teammates at an event.
Word is DE Saivian Jones wants to sign with his HS teammates.
LB Raesjon Davis is waiting to see who LSU's next DC is going to be and after how bad Polini defense played this year I kind of don't blame him.
Coach O was up on DT Maason Smith for years there was no way in HELL that big monster of a man was going anywhere else but LSU. And has anyone out there heard anything about DE Saivion Jones signing? Coach O said that Tiger Nation will be very excited about the silent commitments LSU has that will be signing in February.
The defense made some plays but still gave up to many big plays. I backed the Bo Polini hire because he had great defenses his first time around. But I think this defense is so historically bad by LSU standards that Polini can't return if Coach O values his own position. Throw that $2.5 mill. at one of the best DC's in the country and we will get him whoever it is.
Well friend I remember after TJ Finley's first game there were calls for him to replace Myles Brennan as starting QB. One game don't make a season, let's just see how the kid do against Ole Miss. But he did kick Gator a$$.
Look for one or two more decommitments. This is LSU making room in the class for DT Maason Smith, OT Tristan Leigh, DE Korey Foreman, JUCO's, Grad Transfers and other higher prospects of need.
Losing CB Derek Stingley Jr. against no 5 Texas A&M would be so massive. Our secondary would be tremendously undermanned it could end up being Mississippi St. all over again.
A lot of people are down on QB Myles Brennan but I think he's been pretty good. I mean with no spring, his first two starts, WR Ja'Marr Chase opting out so late in the process and playing through a pandemic is a lot to deal with. And through it all Brennan has put together the best two game start of any other LSU QB. From game 1 to game 2 he improved dramatically and he should improve from game 2 to game 3. The true test for Brennan and the Tigers is in the Swamp and by then hopefully the offense is clicking and the defense have improved their rush defense.
HC Deion Sanders is one of the greatest DB's in the history of football without a doubt. But when it comes to coaching DB's nobody does it better than LSU CBC Corey Raymond he will get you in the league. And much respect to Prime Time but last time I checked LSU not JSU is respected as DBU.
I think for my LSU Tigers LB Jabril Cox is going to have a lil something to say.
When this list is redone in a year or two QB Myles Brennan will be #2.
WOW!You this must be your insane attempt at making a funny. There is nothing in the world that could happen that can make Miss. St. vs LSU a 7 point spread that's just ridiculous.
No body peg the 2019 LSU Tigers the greatest football team in college football history before the season started but they were. No body predicted QB Joe Burrow would have one of the greatest season in history and not only win the Heisman but every other award known to man. And no body predicted a 15-0 National Championship LSU Tigers football team before the season started but they were. And no body I mean no body predicted Coach O would win every Coach Of The Year award before the season but he did. Everybody needs to stop looking at what LSU lost and start looking at what LSU have. Because of the great job of recruiting by Coach O and his staff LSU can still field a very competitive team despite all the losses. First, their replacing their Heisman winning QB with a RS Junior who sat and learned behind QB Joe Burrow for two years. And new Passing Game Coordinator has a world of experience Pros and College and has HC experience and is a brilliant offensive mind. The O-Line has to replace four starters but their replacements have some playing time under their belts. The biggest hit was WR Ja'Marr Chase opting out but WR's Terrace Mashall Jr., Racey McMath and Trey Palmer and the slew of young WR's backing them up are as talented as any WR corp in the country and TE Arik Gilbert will be a mismatch nightmare for opposing defenses. As for defense losing DT Tyler Shelvin hurts a lil but we have the DL talent to replace him, we might be young but man they are really talented. The LB corp is going to surprise a lot of people because LB's Jabril Cox and Damone Clark are pure playmakers. And as usual the Tigers will have one of if not the best secondary in the country with CB's Derek Stingley Jr., Elias Ricks, Cordall Flott and S's JaCoby Stevens, Todd Harris and M. Hampton. And the new DC is the old DC, Bo Polini brings his aggressive attacking style defense that's a perfect fit for LSU athletes. So while many of the so called experts predict a down year for LSU I don't I believe in Coach O when he says next man up, we don't blink. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!
What's impressive is my LSU Tigers have four freshmen on this list (most by any team). And it really should be five CB Elias Ricks will be a star and playing opposite of D.Sting will give LSU the best secondary in the country.
I don't think this kid was ever convertible at LSU. Good luck to you where ever you land.
Man I hope we don't lose no more bodies at the DE position because it is the position with the least experience. Maybe Freshman DT J. Roy could come in and play a lil DE if needed.
Man I really hate to lose DE Neil Farrell, but what can you do? We don't come down on the professtionals who are opting out so we shouldn't have nothing to say about the college kids. And Farrell is not opting out to get ready for the draft he is opting out for family, you really can't ? that. I'm sorry to hear about the family stay strong Farrell be safe and we'll see you next year.
Wow they didn't even investigate the situation and just released him. Somebody is going to sign him he's way to talented for his career to be over. And Guice never had any issues at LSU or when he entered the NFL that should count for something.
Coach O is finally getting top notch QB prospects in Baton Rouge. Now we are no longer getting QB's who are phenomenal athletes but 50% passers but athletes who can actually pass the rock. LSU always had the some of the best athletes on the field but was always lacking at the QB position but not anymore. Coach O is becoming a coaching force in college football.