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It is so fricking funny how everybody have written off my LSU Tigers after being only the second team in history to go 15-0 beating the first first team to do it for the National Championship. I know we lost a lot of talent from 2019 to the NFL but Coach O and the crew has recruited very well. QB Myles Brennan won't repeat what QB Joe Burrow did no one will but that don't mean he won't have a monster year remember he broke all Mississippi native son Archie Manning's HS records so I'm not worried at all about Myles Brennan. Now let's talk about the rest of the team starting with the best WR corps in the country with Ja'Marr Chase, Terrace Marshall Jr., Trey Palmer, Racey McMath and if Devonta Lee is a WR or S with Kayshon Boutte, Koy Moore and Alex Adams coming in and the TE position will be awesome with Arik Gilbert the best TE in the country coming in and hold overs Jamal Pettigrew and Aaron Moffitt. And when the dust settles on the RB position I expect RB John Emory Jr. to be the bell cow with RB's Tyrion David-Price and Chris Curry change of pace, short yardage and goal-line backs. Now our O-Line will be solid with OT Dare Rosenthal taking over LT and Ed Ingram and Kardell Thomas taking over the OG spots and Austin Deculus returning at RT the only reservations I have is can C Chasen Hines take for Lloyd Cushenberry and we have a bunch of solid backups. Now the best thing that could have happened to the defense happened DC Bo Pelini is running an attacking 4-3 style defense and I say the best thing because of all the positions on defense the LB position was hit the hardest by the departures to the NFL. The D-Line will be ridiculous with the returning players and the recruits coming in it will be a strength. And the secondary will be the best in the country with CB Derek Stingley Jr., S JaCoby Stevens, CB/S Kary Vincent Jr., S Todd Harris, S's Eric Monroe, Maurice Hampton III, Marcel Brooks, CB's Cordale Flott, Raydarious Jones and Jay Ward all returning and the best CB in the 2020 class Elias Ricks with CB Dwight McGlothern and S Jordan Toles coming in. So I'm really not worried at all and yes we lost Joe Brady but people OC Steve Ensminger was the play caller not Brady, don't get me wrong Brady is definitely responsible for the record breaking offense and concepts he brought from the New Orleans Saints and he helped with game planning but the majority of the in game play calling and QB coaching was Ensminger, Brady coached the WR's. So my predictions for 2020 is either 12-0 or 11-1 with the loss maybe coming from Florida or Auburn, LSU is going to beat Alabama for the second year in the row in Death Valley and return to the SEC Championship game win it return to the playoffs and shut all you negative sh@t talkers THE HELL UP! GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!PURPLEREIGN☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔
Mickey Joseph knows what he got coming back in the WR corp and he must really believe in QB Myles Brennan.
That position is likely going to Analyst Jorge Munoz.
I really don't get these kids they don't want to work for anything they want everything giving to them. For example we just lost S Todd Harris for the year and DB Kelvin Joseph would be starting for the undefeated #4 ranked Tigers but instead he's sitting for a year on a bottom of the barrel SEC East team. Now DT Patrick Jenkins decommits he must not be paying to much attention to LSU defense because right now we're down 3 d-linemen and if he was on the team right now he probably be playing. These kids of today don't understand that competition makes you so much better so don't be afraid of it embrace it and if the guy in front of you is better then just apply yourself and work harder at your craft, please kids just stop all the running away because where ever you land you will have to COMPETE.
Kelvin Joseph is leaning towards UK because he feels y'all have a weak secondary and he has a chance to start. I was a big fan of KJ but now I don't know how you can get exited over someone who fears competition and looks for the easy way out.
I know CB Kary Vincent Jr. is listed as a 2 deep S because he's the NB but I'm really curious that neither talented Jr's Eric Monroe or Cameron Lewis is not listed on the depth chart. They're both to talented to not see the field during the season when and where is the mystery even Fr. Marcel Brooks and So. Kenan Jones are waiting in the wings this is just the S position man, nobody should ever ? if LSU is DBU.
Just putting it out there LSU 2019 opponents have a combine 2018 record of 98-57 and 5 are ranked which equates to the 6th toughest schedule in the country. Now when you play 8 games in the best football conference (SEC) in the country you better play a few schedule fillers (lesser opponents) and LSU does just like every team in the SEC.
I know I feel the same way as every LSU Tiger fan out there that Club Joe (Brady and Burrow) gives us our best chance to beat Bama more than any time in the past, plus Clemson laid out the blueprint.
I really hope LB Donte Starks get it together because this kid can ball and when he signed he was a great get for Coach O and his staff.
First of all I'm extremely excited about LSU offense because of QB Joe Burrow, I honestly can't remember the last time we had that type of talent returning at the QB position. The two main reasons we are in this losing streak to Bama is because #1 during the Les Miles era it was the coaching and it wasn't always that way until after the 21-0 National Championship Game Miles just acted like he forgot how to coach against Nick Saban. I remember one of Bama players I think it was Tim Williams who said he love when it was time to play LSU because they didn't have to work as hard because LSU never change anything now don't get me wrong I loved Les Miles but it was like he lost something after that BCS Game. And #2 it was the QB position we were always right there talent wise on the field with Bama but when we needed plays we couldn't even complete a pass, we had one of the best RB talents in the history of college football in Leonard Fournette and when we played Bama they stacked the box with 8, 9, 10 players and again we couldn't complete a pass, ridiculous. The one and only year we had OC Matt Canada we should've beat Bama at home we didn't loss that game by that much and we had WR's running free all night QB Danny Etling either overthrew or under threw at least 3 or 4 wide open TD's which we clearly would've won if we had Burrow in his second year. Now do I think we have a chance this year in Tuscaloosa? Yes I do with both Joe's Burrow and Brady and the new passing game we are going to throw something at Alabama and Nick Saban that they have never seen before from the Tigers and maybe just maybe we throw them off their game. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!PURPLEREIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well LSU did have to lose a bunch of players to get to the roster limit and if you and the coaches know you don't stand a chance of playing then leaving becomes mutual.
With DT Jalen Lee in the fold that's one down and 3 to go in the big man department DT Jaquelin Roy 6'3.5" 289 lbs, DT Jacobian Guillory 6'2" 331 lbs and OC Sedrick Van Pran 6'4" 305 lbs to go. Roy and Guillory are projected to LSU with Van Pran up in the air with Coach O working him hard. So if those 3 commit that will leave two spots in the 2020 class and also Louisiana 5 ranked prospect RB Ashaad Johnson 6'0" 200 lbs is projected to LSU hopefully we can hold on to all those out of state commits and we could easily end up with the #1 or 2 class in the country #1 in the SEC.
First they all are not projected at DT some will be 3 technic DE's and remember we are definitely losing Uncle Phil and Fehoko and depending on the year DE Glen Logan have maybe him to. Of course we need OT's in the worst way but we really need to stock pile D-Linemen because after next year the cupboard could become bare.
I love it there's nothing wrong with a lil confidence but S/CB Major Burns you better be able to back it up, this is DBU you coming in to, so bring it and if you make good on your claim you will go down as a legend in your home state. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!PURPLEREIGN☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔
JUCO SDE Ali Gaye Sr. highlights looked pretty good and at 6'6" 270 lbs has impressive size and once he gets into LSU's weight program he should be able to pack on another 15, 20 lbs of muscle and weight and at 285, 290 lbs is more suited for an SEC 3-4 DE. Coach O and his staff are doing a dam great job on the recruiting trail bringing in the 2019 no. 5 recruiting class and as of right now the no. 2 class and the no. 1 class in the SEC for 2020. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!PURPLEREIGN☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔
Man I thought DT Jacquelin Roy was one of the most loyal commitments but I guess he doesn't want to be a part of with Coach O and LSU is building in Death Valley. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!PURPLEREIGN☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔
Man DE Rashard Lawrence is a BIG DAWG! He will be fine missing spring practices that just mean he will be fresh for summer practices and even fresher for the start of the reg season. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!PURPLEREIGN☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔
bayou tiger, you have to realize something about the OL it never developed cohesiveness they never played together long enough to get familiar with one another. Now if you look at all the successful OL play from HS, Collage and the Pros one thing you notice is they have continuity and they are comfortable with each other. So before you condemn Cregg let's see how his OL play when they don't have so many injuries and they get a fell for each other.
QB Zach Mettenberger will forever be known as the QB who quarterbacked an LSU team that was a first to have a 3000 yrd passer, 2 1000 yrd WR's and a 1000 yrd rusher on the same team in the same year.
Mark Hutson another ex NFL assistant, Hutson was assistant OL Coach with the Cleveland Browns. Coach O is piling up those ex NFL Coaches as analyse hopefully that will improve the Tigers performance.
DE Alec Bryant 6'3" 230 lbs will be a Buck LB in Dave Aranda system especially with that quick first step he possesses. If LSU can hold on to this kid he will be in the mold of J. Cherry who at some point will be backing up K'Lavon Chassion at the Buck position. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!PURPLEREIGN☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔
I don't give a rats ass where things stand now and where they will be later LSU over took Alabama for the #1 recruiting class for 2020 and they're both standing path with 11 prospects. So I really don't care how it all ends Coach O and his staff has proven to be recruiting juggernauts finishing with a top 5 2019 class and having the top 2020 class early it just prove Coach O is on the right track. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!PURPLEREIGN☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔
Man I have no idea what's going on with DT David Cotton? I don't know if he looked at the depth chart and realize he has no chance of starting or cracking the top 3. I don't know if he had a conversation with Coach O and it was decided it was in his or both him and the programs best interest if he transfer. It's in his best interest if he wasn't going to see much playing time this season and it's in LSU best interest because they have to get to the 85 scholarship count and they have to scale their roster down. But DT David Cotton was a very talented prospect maybe extremely undersized at his position but I know the defensive staff could've fond a spot for him. Like the report says he's just exploring his opportunities and could still end up on LSU's roster and that would be awesome if not then good luck DC I hope your future is brite where ever you land hopefully not somewhere in the SEC.
I love that fact that we got another DL prospect and that would be 3 DT prospects Jordan Berry 6'3" 280 lbs (#33 DT), University High DT Jaquelin Roy 6'3.5" 284 lbs (#16 DT) and Haynesville High DT CamRon Jackson 6'5.5" 271 LBS (#24 DT). Now like I said before I love that we are accumulating all these DL prospects, but they are a lil lite in the butt for NT in a 3-4 SEC defense and I know before they see the field they are going to gain weight, muscle and some switch to DE. In this class Coach O and DC Dave Aranda are going to have go after pass rushers they are going to have to find that 3-4 edge rusher in this class to be groomed to replace OLB K'lavon Chaisson. But I love the way the LSU class is forming hopefully we can hold on to what we got and just add to it. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!PURPLEREIGN☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔
I love that fact that we got another DL prospect and that would be 3 DT prospects Jordan Berry 6'3" 280 lbs (#33 DT), University High DT Jaquelin Roy 6'3.5" 284 lbs (#16 DT) and Haynesville High DT CamRon Jackson 6'5.5" 271 LBS (#24 DT). Now like I said before I love that we are accumulating all these DL prospects, but they are a lil lite in the butt for NT in a 3-4 SEC defense and I know before they see the field they are going to gain weight, muscle and some switch to DE. In this class Coach
Look I got why CB Greedy Williams made the decision to enter the NFL Draft but I really don't get DT Ed Alexander decision I mean don't get me wrong he has some skills but he really haven't accomplished anything at LSU because of injuries. And he really haven't paid too much attention to draft eligible players this year because this is the year of the d-lineman and because of his lack of production he might go undrafted and might not sign as a free agent I just think it was a mistake. And one more thing I didn't like with Greedy or Ed they didn't have the decency or respect to have a conversation with Coach O, seriously what are they afraid of he can't make them stay if they chose to leave. That was a weak move by two young men that Coach O held in very high regard and I know it hurt him a lil bit but we should be ok in the middle with NT Tyler Shelvin 6-3 360 lbs, DT Dominic Livingston 6-3 350 lbs, DT Nelson Jenkins 6-4 305 lbs and DT Devin Cotton 6-4 280 lbs. And who knows losing Ed Alexander might open the door and the eyes of a certain DT out of Amite.
Man if there's one kid that I'm pulling for to find success it's QB Lowell Narcisse and I think he landed with the right HC. Frank Wilson should be familiar with him from his days at LSU and I just wish Narcisse all the best in the world and hope he accomplish everything he set out to accomplish.
Man did y'all see the size of OG Kardell Thomas hands when he was holding that helmet? I feLl in love with this kid as a prospect when I saw him at his size running the 4x100 for Southern Lab and I knew right then and there he was going to be a BEAST for LSU. And with RB Tyrion Davis at 6-1 230 lbs he will be the Thunder to RB John Emery Jr.'s Lightning. These two Southern Lab, Baton Rouge Products are part of the class that will finally beat Alabama and bring a National Championship back to Baton Rouge. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!PURPLEREIGN☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔
41 games of experience sub 4.4 in the 40 and he is a CB the one spot we are really thin at he can only help us, soooo THANKS for selecting LSU and now go out there and ball out. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!PURPLEREIGN☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔
I truly believe MLB Devin White will be one of the leaders for all the defensive player of the year awards on one of the best defenses in the country. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!PURPLEREIGN☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔