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I would have to agree with you Bamalicious. They are taking the entirety of the game instead of taking it in its proper context and that is how well Georgia adjusted in the second half. Also just for schnitts and giggles let's flip the switch and put Ok in the SEC. They would probably have to play in the West which imho would greatly hamper their status as one of the top offenses in the country. So you see that sword cuts both ways. I would even go on record as to say that at this juncture and looking how porous that defense is that at best they are a 7 to 8 win team in the SEC and that's being generous considering they would have to face Bama,Auburn,LSU,,Ole Miss, and TAMU yearly and two teams from the east that could very well tag them with another loss.Just saying.
Personally I think these sports writers and analyst are taking a little liberty in saying that we dawg fans are upset by Coach Rileys comments. I beg to differ. I and probably a majority of other fellow dawg fans aren't really concerned about his comments because at the end of the day they are irrelevant. His concern should be how to get his team to play 4qtrs of football not 2. Why is he even mentioning Georgia's defense other than the fact that he is on D.K's radio broadcast. Everyone knows that Danny Kannell is a big SEC hater and loves to generate anything that is detrimental toward the SEC. I for one am proud of what the bulldogs accomplished last season and will not let it be diminished by some offhand comments. They were one defender caught standing flatfooted away from a NC. Nuff said...woof woof.
I'm not a big fan of Gary Danielson myself but too many times the SEC would love to keep this quiet. It makes it easier to sweep it under the rug. This is not a new thing for SEC officials badly officiating games. It goes back years. Fill free to research it if you don't believe me. We as fans have a voice but that voice is not being heard. We don't have access to game films like the coaches do, but if we see blatant missed calls and those calls are going one way then you can bet your sweet petunia there are more that we don't see. Something must and needs to be done to correct the situation because it affects the integrity and the outcome of a game. I've seen blown or missed calls that happen right in front of the official. Those are blatant and should be reviewed by the SEC and a fine or suspension or both should be imposed on that official. The replay official could be used more in these situations also. They don't need to affect the game flow. Just keep a record of blown calls or missed calls. At games end they should then see if those blown or missed calls weighed so heavily in one teams favor that