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UT tries... But even the biggest UT fan has resigned that UT sucks now. Wait til UT play a soft EOY schedule again and they'll be pointing to next year again.
UGA beat writers are starting to sound like UT fans after finishing the season against the bottom of the barrel competition. Looking at next year like it will be so much better than last. Then then the season kicks off and they find out nothing has changed and even if the players are great, the coach is still no better than Mark Richt or Phillip Fulmer.
Still making excuses for losing this year. What's going to be your excuse next year?
Many of Urbans early QBs failed due to being a square peg going into a round hole. Many of ths QBs were forced into being pocket QBs where they were not using their legs as a threat. Tebow in Denver is an example to me. For 3 qtrs he couldn't move the ball. 4th qtr would come and Timmy was allowed to run. Offense would move and Broncos would come from behind. Today, the NFL is becoming more dual threat minded. With that said, I think the wiser pick at #1 is Fields. Why is it assumed that Lawrence is the lock at 1? Fields is the most logical choice.
Georgia's problem isn't recruiting. Its offensive coaching. Smart, like all defensive coordinators turn HC, has to find the right guy to turn the keys over too. Currently 0 for 2. Jury is out on Monkin.
Its not like UT has a chance to win the East, let alone anything else, anytime soon. Complete demolition and rebuild is probably required.
Last night they mentioned with potential ability of likeness and kind to pay players. This is where the potential to keep players in bowl games. But that only goes so far.
Tell you what. Take away waddle, Smith. Najee and metchie. Now go play a Top 10 team that's practiced together all year in 3 days.
Of all the dumb comments you have made. This was the dumbest. Hiesman votes were submitted last tuesday.
The effort UF put into winning this one is the same they put in to beating LSU. None.
The lead article is why Trask should win the 11iesman. Trask kept the game close with those 3 contenders all on the other side. Even with Pitts and Toney at his aide, Trask was the force that Bama couldn't stop.
Bama 3 headed offensive Monster eliminates all 3 from Hiesman. Take any one out and they don't miss a beat. Hence replacing Tua with Jones and Waddle with Smith and no drop off. Take out Trask and the entire offense has to change. As far as playoff expansion to 8. To keep Championship games relevant. All Championship game winners recieve auto bid. Highest G05/independent recieves bid if above 10. Final 2 spots go to top remaining teams regardless of conference affiliation. Applied to this season you would have 1. Bama 2. Clemson 3. OSU 4. ND 5. aTm 6. Oklahoma 7. Cincy 8. Oregon This leaves Championship game with value. Gives G5 a chance to prove they belong. Makes it unlikely to have more than 3 from one conference, though not impossible.
5 games plus a conference game is not enough. Hence PAC 12 was never in the discussion. Feel the same way about canceling sched games to ensure your teams dont take an unexpected loss. OSU shouldnot be in playoffs. Period
Florida should have absolutely won on Saturday. Which is why you play the games. Unlike the ACC and Ohio State where we can say they should have won those games but you can't say because they refused to play the games in order to protect their playoff interests.
One thing I think is lost in the stats debate is what those stats looks like on the field of play. Numerically, the case can be made for both. When I watch Bama play, I see multiple deep shots to guys who are 5 yards away from anyone. Jones does an excellent job of hitting them in stride whether on whatever the route is, but its rarely a highly contested through because of seperation. Conversely, because of the lack of running game, teams have someone overtop of UF secondary. This puts more pressure on Trask and the recievers. This also creates tighter windows. PFF rates Trask lower because of the windows he thriws into. Watching Trask this year had been a thing a beauty. His ball placement is insane. Recievers make amazing catches as well. But the amazing catches are made in places where defenders are in great position yet have no chance. Mind you, Jones has made some tight window throws as well. I just feel Trask does so at a much higher frequency because of the lack of run game.
Never a good sign when the coach starts blaming the players.
Last night should reveal to Bailey the need to transfer. Pruitt and Cheney will destroy his potential.
How is Mizzou mathmatically still in? UF has 3 game lead with head to head win over Mizzou with 2 games to play.
Talk about being bitter. I think Shakespeare has written shorter monologues. And go talk about Mullens QB choice of Trask vs Franks... At least both have played well. Watch out for that plank Thumper
I just want to say, remeber when we lost to Vandy because we had no offense. Remember when we averaged 25 points a game. Today we are upset because we only won by 21. Every top team has a bad game. We had a bad game and won by 21. Relax and enjoy winnig football.
Vandy beating Florida is unrealistic, not bold. Tenn winning and not choking would be bold.
It's funny that a Tenn fan lists calls a bunch of teams more pitiful than USCe. Meanwhile FSU fans are trying to figure what stage of Tenn they are in. Answer, they are in the kiffin era. They had hope, and within a year they realize it was a mistake.
Noticed you are sulking knowing that Florida us closer to another title and UGA is closer to realizing they hired a muschampion version of Richt.
What beats zone coverage? Crossers, quick slants, and delayed handoffs. Mullen knows how to beat these
I don't think this is a they came out flat game. I think Arky has the pieces to attack some weaknesses and wont drop a pick in their hands. Itllbe closer than the 17 but Florida wins
True. His scholarship to UF allowed him to recieve two stars. Until then he had 2 scholarship offers and no stars.