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Normally don't check back on posts I make but was curious to the response I might get. You are right about a lack of people understanding leadership. Leadership means owning your work and the work of those beneath you. If they fail, you have failed to lead them to success. If they succeed, you have had a part in their success. Either way they answer for their actions and you answer for their actions.
The President did what a leader is supposed to do. Is alerted, started the investigation, made decisions based on findings. But the President and AD do not have direct relationship with the football players on a daily basis. Fitz does. This is understanding the scope of responsibility. Granted, he ultimately bares the responsibility and will have to answer to the board of regents for his responsibility in the matter.
Here's the thing, when you are a leader you are responsible for everything that happens beneath your level of responsibility. It's why coaches get fired. It doesn't matter if you have knowledge or not. What matters is that you are responsible. Joe Paterno may or may not have known Sandusky was a child molester and pervert. He was one of the greatest and admired coaches of all time. His legacy was destroyed by the actions of his subordinate. Why? Not only should he have known, but he was responsible. While these are different circumstances, you can argue that Fitz should have known, 20 years of things happening within his program. Buy whether he knew or not, he was responsible for the safety of every player coming through his program. He had a relationship with every player coming through the program. Every player should have had confidence that they could come speak to him about these things. As a leader, he has to take responsibility everything within his program. Good, bad, and ugly. Sometimes the ugly will destroy a legacy.
Reality is that this won't be a problem after this year. 2 loss teams will make it. 3 loss teams will make it. Undeserving teams will be in over better qualified teams thanks to auto bids.
Had to look it up, but those aren't the top sports revenue unless you purely are talking about the SEC's top 4. Hockey is number 3 bringing in 2.8mil per school. Women's basketball is 4, 1.86 mil. Slightly ahead of baseball, 1.82 mil. However, these are not really big revenue producers comparatively. Men's Basketball 8 mil and Football 31 mil, on average per school are really the big 2 revenue producers. The SEC revenue in each of these is greater and pushes the average up, minus Hockey. But the main point is, there are two major money sports, the rest come out even at best.
This is where legends are made and there have been some legends already made so far. Ty Evans legend with 4 hrs in the series, incl. A Grand Slam. Robertson's catch at the wall. Floyt's 17 Ks. The catch in the bottom of the 10th that allows for game 3. Belosa's 11th inning HR. Then run a palooza last night. Who knows what to expect next. About the only thing missing is a perfect game, but I don't see that coming.
We might see Skenes but it won't be for long. He threw 120 pitches on Thursday on 4 days rest. Another outing on 4 days rest should definitely hold limited reps. But the important part is the top of the lineup got major positive at bats.
UFs schedule is already lined up to be the toughest moving forward. 2-3 P5 non-conference games slotted for the next 10 years.
2 thoughts. First, what if he went to UF with Mullen instead of LSU or Cincy. That Florida team had NFL WRs in Hammond, Cleveland, Swain and Jefferson. It was Grantham's best year as a DC as he got NFL job interviews afterwards. 2nd thought. LSU would not have beat UF that year without Burrow. That leaves UF with a 7 point loss to UGA. If UGA then win the SEC title there is potential for a 1-loss UF in the playoff. So who wins if Burrow didn't commit to LSU. Dan Mullen, because he would probably still be at UF. At the least, he would have had an extra year or two.
Not a single tough schedule? Show me another schedule with 4 preseason top 10 (UGA, FSU, Utah, LSU) plus likely top 25 Tenn & USCe/Kentucky. That's 1/3 of the schedule in the Top 10 and half in the Top 25 if not more. The only way it could be harder is if the switched Arkansas for BAMA. But you say it's not tough so please enlighten us with a tougher schedule.
Fulmer didn't force the SEC get better, Spurrier did. Look at Spurrier's record vs Florida. Spurrier SEC East titles vs Fulmer's.
Only one problem. The first team offense played against the first team defense.
This argument will soon be the same argument for getting rid of football conference championship games. Does the value of the game outweigh the risks. 1st you have the risks to the players. An injury to a star in a championship game could cost a team a national title. Imagine if USCw is riding Caleb Williams next year and he goes down in the PAC 12 title game. But not playing him could cost them a game against a 3 loss Utah. Then you have to look what it means for the teams. Say BAMA beat UGA in the regular season. A championship game could cost BAMA the bye or UGA their playoff spot. Plus do we really need to see two teams play three games. Or what if we're talking about Clemson being a 1 loss ACC Champ. A loss to a 4 loss VA would eliminate the best team in the ACC. These will be discussions now thanks to the expansion of the playoffs. Some will say it's a good thing. This is why I was against it. The regular season lost value and the Championship games are losing value.
An important consideration in the Hurts discussion is the Eagles QB coach is Brian Johnson. Brian Johnson was Mullen's OC and play caller at Florida and Miss St. In his time he coached up, Dak Prescott (Heisman candidate), Franks until he got hurt and Trask (Heisman candidate). Much of the credit goes to Mullen until you see what followed. In 2021 Johnson went to the Eagles, Mullen's offense tanked and was fired. Year without Johnson Mullen teams struggle. The Eagles and Hurts began showing improvement by the end of last year. This year the Eagles offense has soared. This history shows that Johnson has improved the QBs and offenses that he has been on. Johnson should be an NFL OC next season.
He didn't take his hand off the wheel, the coach that asst OC left for the NFL and there was nobody that could replace him.
That's what they said about Mullen in Gainesville, but he didn't fix the locker room. Miles and coach O we're both fired for off the field issues. So far, Kelly doesn't appear any different.
This is the the reality. As the playoffs expand it only becomes more true. Inevitably there may be changes to NIL that make contracts that limit these things from happening. But as a goofy coach said out loud what should be kept inside, these aren't the same teams as two weeks ago. There's no reason to evaluate them as such. With that said, I give credit to Napier for still taking ownership of coaching after the game even though he was playing 5 card monte with 3 cards.
I mean, sure hunt the good stuff. Beamer is a good coach. But Lloyd and Bell was the entire offense. Without Lloyd it was all left to Bell and the offense died.
Completely agree that Deion has elevated all HBCUs. If other HBCUs could pull equivalent coaches and recruits it could change the landscape of College football. However, I don't think there's enough money currently to keep him at an HBCU.
I love how everyone points to CBN or Wes as the problem with Richardson when AR 1) misses several wide open throws a game and 2) has opportunities to run and hands it off when he should pull or throws a bad pass with grass in front. Not to bang on AR. He has improved dramatically since week 1. Reality is you can see improvement and you can see where he needs to continue to work. He needs another year in Gainesville. That simple. Anywhere else and he fails himself.
Milton will start. But the offense will take a step backwards. Milton's issues always came when he got hit and pressured.
Somebody tell AR he can fire the ball at receivers full blast in 30° weather. Them receivers will all have broken fingers.
Sec doesn't have an orange bowl tie in. The orange takes the ACC plus next highest rank. Peach gets two based off playoff rank.
This is the key debate in my mind 49-3 week 1 loss basically on the road vs a 14 point loss in mid season to the same team. It's debatable. Think any PAC 12 team will be another blowout.
12 team playoff would have eliminated all pressure on the UT VS UGA this weekend. Loser would get a bye during conference championship week and potential home playoff game. Winner gets a bye first week and no home playoff game. Also add that BAMA would still be in 12 as well as LSU and possibly Ole Miss. 12 team playoff is bad for college football period.
No, but they have won 3 National titles since then. They have played road non-conference Top 5 teams. They have also scheduled home and home non-con games for the next 10 years that include Utah, Cal, Colorado, NC State as well as Miami and UCF (P5 next year)
Weigman missing time in practice would be a big deal. While there are alternatives to prep him apart from the team, on the practice field is where week 1 and 2 jumps.
I think Tennessee will outright win. They are going to score 40 to 50 and BAMA going to be able to score enough. May get a rematch in SEC Championship
LSU will be lucky to win 2 of the next 6. You've beaten an FCS, Bottom 10 and Miss St.