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UF beat AU with back up making 1st SEC start and went TD for TD with LSU into the 4th with same back up making 1 road start in Death Valley and a a close game vs UGA. losses are to 1 and 4 vs bama losses to 1 and 15.
Are you saying UGA is no better than Vandy. Literally the same score as our game last week.
What happens when your coach stays mad about calls from one game is you end up losing to one of the worst teams in the conference. Enjoy your losses.
I bet LSU gives up more points than Auburn did.
Auburn's offense is no juggernaut if you haven't seen. A running freshman QB, solid o-line, and good backs. Not saying that it's not a good offense. But its hardly new or a puzzle. Stack the box and see who is can be more physical.
Actually there are academic scholarships that are provided due to the football program. Fact is, more successful the football program is, the more revenue it receives. The more money it receives the more academic scholarships and other non revenue earning sports the school can afford. To produce a program that is successful you need a good coach (not Muschamp, but hey I hear McElwain is available if you want another former Gator coach), good recruits, good facilities, and good gameday environment. The fact that you don't care doesn't matter. University officials all know it matters.