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Talk about being bitter. I think Shakespeare has written shorter monologues. And go talk about Mullens QB choice of Trask vs Franks... At least both have played well. Watch out for that plank Thumper
I just want to say, remeber when we lost to Vandy because we had no offense. Remember when we averaged 25 points a game. Today we are upset because we only won by 21. Every top team has a bad game. We had a bad game and won by 21. Relax and enjoy winnig football.
Vandy beating Florida is unrealistic, not bold. Tenn winning and not choking would be bold.
It's funny that a Tenn fan lists calls a bunch of teams more pitiful than USCe. Meanwhile FSU fans are trying to figure what stage of Tenn they are in. Answer, they are in the kiffin era. They had hope, and within a year they realize it was a mistake.
Noticed you are sulking knowing that Florida us closer to another title and UGA is closer to realizing they hired a muschampion version of Richt.
What beats zone coverage? Crossers, quick slants, and delayed handoffs. Mullen knows how to beat these
I don't think this is a they came out flat game. I think Arky has the pieces to attack some weaknesses and wont drop a pick in their hands. Itllbe closer than the 17 but Florida wins
True. His scholarship to UF allowed him to recieve two stars. Until then he had 2 scholarship offers and no stars.
Will be an intriguing debate if UF wins out and beats BAMA. All 3 sittin with 1 loss. aTm has played better offense since BAMA loss. UF has played better defense since aTM loss and BAMA would be coming off a Championship game loss. Who goes to the playoff. I think its safe to say SEC champ is in, ND/Clemson is in OSU. That leaves a potential of 1 loss aTm/BAMA/ND or undefeated BYU/Cincy or Pac 12 shortened 6-7 game season. Good luck figuring that scenario.
Have you not seen what Filipe has done at Arkansas. That team has 0 wins without Him. Because of him next week will be the best team left on our schedule.
That will be a Hiesman producing match up. Looks like a 50-60 matchup.
Pure speculation. But we had guys test positive the week prior to season. They've missed the first two weeks. Logic points to that possibility. Hippa keeps us from knowing.
If I were a UGA fan, I would rewatch the Fl game too. Id want to see what offense looks like. Def didn't see that watching UGA. Talkung about our poor defense making a team look better. Your trash offense made Arky look like the steel curtain. Fortunately you were bailed out by Felipe.
I think Smart/Muschamp comparison is viable. Solid defenses, no continuity at OC. Only success on offense is in a power run game. Continually picks the wrong qb. Yes Fromm was the wrong QB. And elite recruiting classes. One current difference is Kirby is still able to bring in skill guys on offense to a degree. How long will that last?
Your delirious if you don't think Kentucky is significantly better than Arky. Also Felipe did Felipe specials that turned the tide for UGA. UGA is toast unless JT gets cleared medically.
Chill man. If you are worried about Dion stealing recruits you have bigger problems. Take a deep breath and realize it's just an offer. Kids will feel excited about an offer from an NFL legend. It's all okay.
Uga had Bama and AU already on Sched. UF had LSU and Ole Miss. Your upset cause UF didn't add BAMA and aTm? That would give UF the 3 top west teams vs UGA play 1 plus the 4th best. UGA could have added LSU. But face it, LSU and UGA still came out with the best draw adding the 6th and 7th cross division teams
The other consideration, Florida was very much in play for Justin Fields with McElwain and even came for another look after Mullen came on board. Without Franks, Florida looks more attractive to Fields as playing time is why he left UGA for Ohio State. Fields would have seen a realistic opportunity to start year 2 with Mullen.
The lost decade definitely falls at the feet of Meyer. Watch his last year and you can see the team had major flaws. Look at the roster left behind andvthe flaws were glaring. Muschamp couldn't even run a full spring game the next year. Did Muschamp and McElwain fix the problems, no. Did Muschamp take the offense back to prehistoric conditions? Absolutely. Did McElwain stand a chance at recruiting no. Just like the Coronavirus, you have to find where did the problem begin. For UF football the problems started with what Meyer left behind.
Another year of offseason optimism for Tenn. 9 wins is a tall order. It means they beat all the teams they should and the bowl. Taking out the big 3+ OU is unlikely as they got curbstomped by them. Playing UGA in Nov won't help as UGA play it's best ball post WLOCP. 4th item is a multi year stat. Pointless to include. The last item is what matters. Guarantano has been the QB for half the last decade and it hasn't gone well. Those behind him need to step up and push him for the starting Job.
Wuerffel and Dean split reps on a play by play basis. Finished 11-2, won Sec and Sugar Bowl. But only the HBC has been successful at it
It's interesting that you say he is behind because of Kirby and his offensive staff. Wasn't your OC his OC for his first 3 years on campus? So aren't you really saying you OC sux. No wonder y'all scored 3 against the Gators. Chomp chomp
Only lost WR to grad. They just happened to be 4 good WRs. But Grimes and Toneys return is impactful, especially adding in Pitts. Copeland is a stud awaiting his turn. Wells will be a solid replacement for Hammond. Then Shorter should get his waiver After those for are a solid WR class from last year plus the 4 stars from this class. All equals a solid and deep group of recievers. Like this year, who knows who is going to have the big game each week.
Another offseason. Another Tennessee is back to beating good teams because they beat bad teams at the end of the year. When will people learn? UT will have 2 loses in Sep min, 2 loses in Oct min. And then win most of Nov because Mizzou and Kentucky is toughest games.
No. There's not. Are there two potentially great QBs? Yes. Mullen has proven he will adjust system to skillset of players. Unfortunately, Franks injury and Oline caused Mullen to adjust offense mid season. Wasn't til after UGA game when Mullen and staff got comfortable calling plays with Trask and forsaking run game. Next year will have a better understanding of what Trask can do, improved Oline and if Trask were to go down they would be more prepared to switch to Jones or Richardson.
Of the 3 you listed as 1 of 3 you only shot is Tennessee. Of the six you listed as wins, ECU is always tough, Mizzou is a wildcard and the reason to think Kentucky will be different is they will have a QB starting. Considering Muschamp coaches conservative he is always apt to lose a game he should win and win a game he should've lost. With that, ceiling is 7, good season is 6 and likely a 4 or 5 win season.
UF beat AU with back up making 1st SEC start and went TD for TD with LSU into the 4th with same back up making 1 road start in Death Valley and a a close game vs UGA. losses are to 1 and 4 vs bama losses to 1 and 15.
Are you saying UGA is no better than Vandy. Literally the same score as our game last week.
What happens when your coach stays mad about calls from one game is you end up losing to one of the worst teams in the conference. Enjoy your losses.