I am proud father I am faithful Auburn Tigers fan! We put our trust in and love in Jesus Christ. That doesn't mean I am perfect it just means I am forgiven!

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It's clear you haven't watched Muschamp recently. He is not the same Coach as he was at Florida he has kept his temper in check, but idk how with SEC OFFICIALS!
Well it's obvious to nobody gets it! If you got the ball you need to go the distance to do that you need superman! Yes you Cam! CAM NEWTON HANDS DOWN!MIC DROP
Anybody else think that from a distance Kirby Smart looks like Mark Richt?
Auburn wins this game! Just win baby!
Well let's see he won at Vanderbilt and don't take my word for it but nobody wins at Vandy! If you can develope players you don't have to sign all 4 & 5's! Florida is praying they don't Franklin.
Hold up Jimbo left Florida St. I am guessing you don't know the real reason? Jimbo left FL.St because he let Winston run wild and he lost the team! Wait and see but Tex A&M has $10million headache!
Do we really care what this imposter thinks? He doesn't know anymore then the janitor at my school!
I think Auburn should be in more of the conversation because they play a tough schedule if the committee isnt going to award the tough schedule then everybody schedule games like bama! Alabama plays nobody and they lose the only tough game and everybody is so afraid to stick bama where they belong! Does the media really fear lil Nicky? Goat (Lmao) yeah right! Can't be g.o.a.t. if you only play the vandys and the dukes!