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BaMatArdS hAVe BesT rEcEiVerS CooNS R NeXT CooN cAjUns bETteR wIn oUt WiNDoW cLoSeS tHiS yEaR wITh buRRoWs and BrAdY gOnE wHiLe DeAth sTAr KiRBy kEEps LoAdiNG 5 sTaRs NeXt yEar aNd fUtUre bElOngS tO DaWgS
NoW tHaT MasTeR KirBY hAs sPOkeN PuT Those SillY #FIREKIRBY sINgS DoWN. We LoSt ThE GaMe BeCAUSE ThE pLAYErS FaUlT. Didn't ListEn To ThE MasTeR. WeRenT ReAdY tO pLAy. EvEn ThE We Would WoN If NoT FoR OuR nOt ReaDy PlaYerS GiFTting ThE GaME. SaKeRlInA cRackHeaDS gOt LucKY.
BuT wE GoT mOrE 5 starS thAn CockS & TuRds CombInEd HoW cAn ThIs bE?
SmaRt iS nO RiChT. wE gOt mOrE 5 sTArS ThaN RiChT aNd MullEt EvER ReCrUiTed ComBinEd. MoRe 5 sTaRs bUt Similar rEsuLts.
LucKs GonNa RuN oUt SooN. 5 gAmE lOOsInG stReaK oN The Way. MullEt's DoNe DaNcinG fOr tHe SeaSon. No 5 StArS fOr U.
SillY MeaNingLeSS aWarD dOnT mEaN SqUaT cAuSe EvEryOnE kNowS MullET caNt cOacH, CanT DanCE anD caNt RecRuIT No 5 sTarS. OveRaTeD AwwBuRn GaVe tHem A GaME, a GiFt. BuT nOw PapEr TigeR goNNa gEt U. SaKerlINa goNNa gEt U. BigBad DAWg gOnnA gEt U. OtHEr iNjuReD TigEr GonnA gEt U. I pRedIct 5 GaMe LooSinG StrEak oN tHe wAy foR tUrDs. CraCkhEadS. JoRtS. FloRidUhH. SuxX tO B U.
DoNt WoRRy I cAn sAy iT fOr U. FloriDuHH SuXX, BiGBaD DAWGs hAvE bEttER PlYerS aT EvErY pOsiTion dOwN tO tHe 2 dEEp. GaMe wONt B cLoSE, pApEr TiGerS wIn By 40. MullEt cAnT dAnCe, cAnT rEcRuiT anD caNT wIn ThE bIg Ones. No 5 sTar pLaYeRs GoiNg To tHe TurDS aNYtIme SooN. CrAckHeasDs Get ReaDy tO Loose, lOOse LoOsE.
VeGaS aNd PaWWl kNoW wHo Is GonnA WiN, PapEr TigErS bY 40. FlOriDuH hAs ZerO, zIp, nAdA oF A ChaNcE. LooSe tO pApeR tiGer, lOOse To SaKerLinA, LoOSe tO BigBaD DAWgS. MullEt aInT dAnCInG thIs WeeKeND aNd No 5 sTaR plYeRS ComINg tO hElP anY TimE SooN.
WhAt A wAsTE oF An ArTicLE. IF, If iF....... If PigS CouLd Fly. iF TUrDS cOulD RuN thE baLL. IF MullEt wOUlD StoP DanCiNG aNd InStEad RecRuit OnE 5 sTaR pLaYer. nOOnE oF ThOsE ThiNGs WilL HappEn cRACkHeadS. U wIll LooSe looSE lOOSe. LooSe tO paPeR tIgErs, LoosE To SakerLinA, LoosE To bIg BaD DawGs.
SaKERliNA hAs ZeRo ChaNcE. BiG bLowOuT A ComiNG. pAlMeTTo CracKHeaDS ArE iN fOr A LoNg DaY. We HaVe MorE 5 sTaR PlYerS ThAn SaKerLinA & ThE TurDs ComBinED.
As LonG aS MasTeR KiRby Is aT UgA anD DanCinG MullEt iS WiTH tHeM TurDs UgA WiLL kEEp pIlinG Up 5 sTaR pLaYerS wHiLe tHe TuRdS oNlY gEt ThE scRapS. BuT oNcE iN A WhIlE WeLL gIvE U a 5 sTaR oN oUr 3 dEEp.
MorE 5 StaRs kEEp ComIng FoR BiG Bad DAWgS. DanCiNG MUllEt AinT goT No ChanCe.
ThE oNLy tHinG I LeArNeD wAs ThAt AwwBurN SuXX aNd iS WayYYY OvEr RaTED. HoW eLsE cAn U ExPlAiN TheM lOOsinG tO tHE tUrdS???????? EvEn WoRsE iS tHAT leAd To AnOtHer SillY dAnCe By MullET. GuS aNd HiS pApEr tIGerS R iN TroUblE CusE nOw They WiLL FaCe A ReaL TEaM fuLL oF 5 sTar sTuDs iN The bIG BaD DAWgS aNd tO a LeSSer ExTenT in BaMatARdS ANd A mUCh LessER exTEnT In tHE oTHer PaPeR tIGeRS. aLL lOSSes cOMinG uP fOr aWWbUrn. tuRd cRAcKhEADs gONNa lOOSe tOO 5 GaMe lOOsINg sTReaK oN THe waY. cAnt WiN wIthOUt 5 StaRs.
DanCiNg MuLlET aT iT AgaIN. MoRe sTuPiD dAnCeS aFTeR oVeRrAteD AwbUrN giFtEd tHe LiZarDs tHe gAmE. WoNt gEt nO 5 sTaRs tHat wAy.
Of aLL My FeLLOw UgA cOmmeNteRs U aRe MosT liKeLy A TrOll. MaYbE a LizArD LicKeR iN DiSgUise. U LIttLe CracKhEaD.
BAsiCAlly U sAyInG DancINg MuLLet cANt rECrUit. OnLy 5 sTAr hE gOt iS UgA rEjEcT. MaYbE 5 StAr pLyErs dOn't lIkE HoMo DanCeS.
STOp eXcUsEs GuS UKnOw MuLlET aND GraNtHaM sUXX. PaPeR tGeR bEttEr BeaT tUrDs cAUsE BiG BaD DAWg LooMiNG LaRgE.
DaNciNG MuLLeT nEEdS aLL tHe HelP hE cAn gEt. So oBViOus eVen SpUrrIeR iS tRyInG tO sHoW hIm HoW tO cOaCh. InsTEaD MullEt iS tHinKinG abOuT neW dAnCe mOveS aNd stePPinG oN rAkEs. TUrdS iN bIg tRoUblE. 6 gAMe lOsiNg sTrinG coMinG uP & MuLleT sOOn oN hOt seAt
NoNe oF tHeSe sO cAllEd BiG 3 hAVeplAYeD nO OnE and wONt plAY mO OnE uNtiL SECCG wHen BiG BaD DAWg gONNa eXpOsE tHeiR wEAk A$$ D aNd rOll tHeM OvEr nO MaTTer wHiCh oF tHe 3 mAkE iT tO ATL NO D No dEpTH nOt eNoUgH 5 sTAr pLaYeRs
ITs nOT EvERy oTHeR LeTTeR U CraCkHeaD
WhOeVeR MaStEr KiRbY hIrES BecOmeS ThE bESt AssisTanT. EvEn LoSerS LikE ChAnEy aNd GraNTHaM LooK GooD In AthEns bUt suXX aS sOON aS tHEy LeAvE aNd tHAt Is A FaCt JusT AsK aNy DAwg faN.
MuLLeT AnD tURdS GoiNg DowN. CraCkHeaDs gOt NO O lIne aNd CaNT RuN. 6 gAmE LosInG StrEAk cOmiNG Up FoR LixaRD LicKerS. 36 - 17 cHUmpS.
PaPeR TiGeR sHoUlD LeArn To REcRuiT bEttER. No 3 StAr pLayErs AlloWeD in AthEnS, wE onLY Get 5 StaRs. PaPer TiGer cracKhEadS stARtiNG tO lOOk LikE MuLLet 3 StaR RecrUiTinG MaChinE. nO DePhT wIll ShOw wHeN U pLya ReaL TeamS.
No eXcUsEs GuS Ur PaPeR tIgErs BeTTer cLoCK TheM tURds. CaUsE The gOInG GonnA gEt TouGh AfTEr tHis GimmIE. BigBad DAWg LOOmINg To GeT U. OthER PApeR tIgER aNd BAmaTarDs tOO.
HoW BoUt tHe ReCoRd foR mOsT TimeS GettIng cLOckED By CLeMsOm? Do Not FrET bAMatArd CraCKhEadS, Big bAD DaWGs wOnt LeT ThAt HappEn sInCe We WilL CloCk U iN thE SECCG.
BiggEsT cONcerN WoUlD B If DanCiNG MuLLEt HaS aNy ObCenE MoVes ThaT woUlD DisTraCt ThE AUBuRn PLaYERs. OtHEr THan THaT ThEre iS No Way FloRiDuH cAn wIn.