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Nick give it a rest you LOSER!!!!!! Hahahahahaha!
Most of the time Kirk has his head in that well known orifice. His opinions are worth about as much as an ant's piss!
OH? They give points for the loudest crowd no? Who really gives a rats arse about this type of stat!?
Alabama always blows out a sub-par but struggles to beat one that has any depth to it. They couldn't beat a FULL team like Ole Miss!
alabama beats a nobody team by huge score and jumps to #4! BS! BS! BS! TA&M is a nobody team this year! Why is it everyone is so in love with this football team that has one of the easiest schedules in the country?
I agree!!!! Played an Non-Ranked team and almost lost! Not #1 Caliber!
Projected poll is B>S>!!! #1 & #2 played UNRANKED teams and don't get dropped!? WTF