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He's going to commit tomorrow as he told that Nebraska reporter earlier this week and he is going to commit to LSU because he will become a laughing stock and the bud of jokes for years to come if he doesn'tIn fact, I never believed all of the nonsense about Cincinnati being in the running and as a lot of reporters were foolishly reporting all week long to try to sell their websites by building drama.In fact, I believe the only reason why Burrow even went on a visit to Cincinnati is that it is in his own state and as a courtesy to his former recruiter and now the head coach at Cincinnati. However, I never believed for one second that Burrow actually ever seriously considered committing there.He always knew even before he arrived at LSU last weekend that he would inevitably commit to LSU and he just wanted to sit on his decision for a week to be careful and to ensure that it is the right thing for him to do. After all, it is a big decision for him and people should never rush into making big decisions without much thought and reflection.I wish him the best of luck as he endeavors to lead LSU as the starging QB in the fall.
Actually, it's a no-brainer, Joe Burrow is going to commit to playing for LSU and he would become a laughing stock if he commits to playing for Cincinnati.In fact, Joe Burrow will find himself in a better situation than Dwayne Haskins because LSU is a better football team than Ohio State and plays in a much better conference than Ohio State.Furthermore, he started following some of LSU receivers last night on Instagram. He's going to commit to LSU by Friday at the latest. Take that to the bank.If Joe Burrow is planning to go the safe route by committing to Cincinnati, as a lot of dumb people are insisting, then why hasn't he committed to Cincinnati already? Obviously, because he is not.I mean, LSU has by far the best receiver group it has ever had in its entire history, the offensive line will be very deep and very good, and Dave Aranda's defense this season will be elite and an inevitable top five defense. Which means Burrow should he commit will have ample opportunities to drive the ball down the field for touchdowns.Why would he commit to playing for a very bad Cincinnati team whose very mediocre receivers would only make him look bad and who would protect him in the pocket? Does he want an NFL career or not?Not to mention, that at LSU, he can play against the best competition in all of college football this season. Teams like Miami U, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi State, Alabama, and Texas A&M and all on national television.Who is he going to play against at Cincinnati? Give me a freaking break.At LSU, he will be able to enjoy the best facilities in the country, play in the best college football stadium in all of college football with 102,000 screaming crazy fans minimum, and compete in the SEC West, which is the best division in the best conference in all of college football by far. He will also have a chance to play for a national championship.At Cincinnati, he will have a chance to play for nothing but probably another losing season if history means anything.
A lot of very dumb LSU fans blame Coach O for last years debacles at Moo State and the home game loss to Troy State, which ended the season 12 & 2 and was actually a very good team.Nonetheless, the reason we lost both of those games last season was because we had a lot of key starters that were injured and couldn’t play, which caused us not only to lose those two games but to also struggle mightily in the Syracuse and Florida games too.However, when you point that out to LSU fans, they say that it doesn’t matter because we are LSU and we should have beaten Troy State anyway, and under normal circumstances they would be correct.Nevertheless, on last year’s team, after the starters in the trenches, we had no depth behind them. Hell, in both of those games we lost, we had a senior defensive end playing that had never had to play before in his entire career because he had always ridden the bench.Not to mention, that on last year’s team, we had three senior defensive linemen that were in the rotation and none of them were good enough to be drafted this spring. Furthermore, we were so lacking in depth last season, that most of the defensive linemen had to play entire games without being spelled for a rest.In any event, all of those fans blame Coach O for those two losses, but that wasn’t Coach O’s fault. As last season was his first full season. That was Coach Les Miles’ fault, because he was the one that recruited those mediocre defensive linemen and because he was the one responsible for the very severe lack of depth in the trenches last season too.Hence, no matter how good of a job Coach O does, he is going to be vilified by the contingent of dumb fans that are his very vicious haters. Indeed, those haters will actually even invent crap just to demonize him for it.
If Coach O finishes 7 & 5 this season, I will be leading the charge to fire him. However, that will not happen. As both the defense and the offense this upcoming season will be significantly improved over last year's 9 & 4 and 6 & 2 team.
The team won't regress this upcoming season because it will be significantly improved. The defense will be significantly better than last year's defense and the offense will be significantly better too.
I hate to burst Bruce Feldman’s bubble, but LSU will be significantly better than last years team.For instance, if we land Joe Burrow, and he would become a laughing stock if he actually committed to Cincinnati over LSU, we will have a significant improvement over last year’s QB. As Burrow is not only ready to be a starter, but he has the potential to be very special as well. As his best attribute is his accuracy which fits well with what Steve Ensminger is trying to do.Steve Ensminger’s new RPO spread/tempo offense will be a significant upgrade over Matt Canada’s very gimmicky offense, and according to Dave Aranda, which is good enough for me, Ensminger is a far better play caller relative to Canada.As in the red zone, Canada, last season, was very abysmal, while Ensminger scored 89 percent of the time when LSU was in the red zone in 2016. Not to mention, that Ensminger also set several offensive records during the eight games he was the interim OC in 2016. Hence, if he was that good with someone else’s offense, I can’t wait to see how good he will be with his own offense.The offensive line will also be significantly better and more deep than last season’s offensive line was.The receiver group overall will also be significantly improved over last year’s receiver group because they have all been coached up by Coach Jerry Sullivan, because the competition is better, because they are older and more experienced, and because they will be utilized far better in Steve Ensminger’s new RPO spread/tempo pass first offense relative to Matt Canada’s very gimmicky run first offense. Not to mention, that evitable new LSU starting QB Joe Burrow’s best attribute is his accuracy and passing proficiency.The running back group doesn’t have any big names returning, but at the very least it will be solid. Not to mention, that we will be transitioning this season from a run first offense to a new past first offense.Hence, when you combine all of those things together with Dave Aranda’s new defense, which will be significantly better and deeper overall than last year’s defense, it adds up to more victories, even with the very difficult schedule, than the Bruce Feldman’s and other’s that are down on LSU’s this season are predictingAlthough I believe the national media’s down perception of LSU this season has been tainted by the local media that has been so down and so negative against Coach O since he first took over the job.Anyway, it’s going to be a good season for Coach O because he will be putting a lot of egg on the faces of the national and local media this upcoming season.
But one of those losses came to Troy at home, while another was a blowout loss at Mississippi State Well if you approach anyone of Coach O’s hater an ask them who fault those two losses were last season, they will all in unison not say Coach O. Instead, they will scream it and yell as loud as they can.Then when you mention the key players that were injured and out for those two games and that we didn’t have any depth behind those players, they will say that doesn’t matter. We are LSU, we are supposed to win those games anyway with our depth and especially against Troy State, but coach O lost dammit!Of course, we lost, I mean look at the scoreboard, but anyway how was that Coach O’s fault? He didn’t recruit any of those players playing on the defensive line except for Neil Farrell who was a true freshman.It wasn’t Coach O’s fault that none of those seniors on the defensive line last season weren’t good enough to be drafted. He didn’t recruit any of those players. He inherited those players.It was former Head Coach Les Miles who recruited those players and he also is the reason why behind those players last year, we didn’t have any depth as all.Indeed, it was Coach O’s first season and he inherited those less than stellar players and that lack of depth from his predecessor. In other words, it was Les Miles’ fault we suffered those two early losses last season. As subsequently when those injured key players returned back to playing again, we went on a winning streak.LSU had its worst recruiting class ranking since 2002Well, let’s put that lie into perspective, last year Louisiana produced the least amount of elite talent in the past thirty years. Thus, considering the lack of elite talent in the state of Louisiana, there wasn’t very coach O had to work with. However, he did end up with 10 of the top 12 players in the state, and then he brought in some really nice talent from out of state and some very good JUCO talent as well.Of course, he lost Surtain, but what he could he do differently? Not a damn thing, for over two years Surtain told everyone and the coaching staff he was coming to LSU and then calls Coach O at 11 PM the night before national signing day to tell Coach O he isn’t coming. Well, of course, there is nothing Coach O could do about that or anything else he could do to bring someone else. Yet, his haters are still crucifying Coach O for losing just one player, even though the lost of just one player doesn’t destroy an entire recruiting class.Not to mention, that LSU ended up anyway with the number one wide receiver class in the country, the number three defensive line class in the country, the number 6 linebacker class in the country, and the number 9 offensive line class in the country last year. Which considering the piss poor number of elite athletes the state produced last year is pretty damn good.Furthermore, all of those players, with the exception of the loss of Surtain, met our needs. When Les Miles was head coach, more often than not, his recruits didn’t meet our needs.Moreover, recruiting rankings are just guesses. Look at Clemson’s two recruiting classes before they won their national championship, they were ranked number 16 and number 15. Hence, the people demonizing Coach O for last year’s recruiting rankings are all retards and malcontents.Not to mention, that several of those players, like Dare Rosenthal, Dantrieze Scott, and Jamarr Chase, for instance got ranked considerably higher on 247 Sports final rankings that were issued right before national signing day. However, those last recruiting rankings weren’t counted in the final ranking. So, if anything LSU’s class last season was significantly under ranked.In addition, several players were also hurt in their senior seasons and didn’t get to play in their final season. Which means those players were all under ranked because they couldn’t play or go to camps.For instance, Davin Cotton was a four star recruit, but every referee who refereed one of his games, says he is the best defensive lineman to ever come out of North Louisiana and would have easily been a five star recruit had he been able to play in his final season. Jaray Stevens, the same thing happened to him, as he would have been ranked quite a bit higher too, Chasen Hines and Nelson Jenkins both were injured last season too, which hurt their recruiting rankings as well. But look at all those players offer lists, they were all offered by the elite SEC schools.Hence, those Coach O haters complaining about last year’s recruiting rankings are just idiots that don’t know anything about recruiting and anything about football and are just dumb Coach O haters.As far as the low FPI rankings, that’s the product of local dedicated Coach O haters that poisoned O’s reputation in the national media. But those dedicated local Coach O haters and the national media will inevitably end up with a lot of egg on their faces.As Aranda’s defense will be at least top five if not the best defense in the country, which means we will be in every game we play, and our offense will be quite a bit more productive than it was last season’s offense. I know we have the most brutal schedule in the country, but no way do we do what ESPN is predicting. That’s a product of them swallowing the hater’s Kool-Aid.what kind of season will LSU need to have for Tigers fans to truly feel good about Orgeron going forward?The haters are unhinged. Nothing will stop them from hating on Coach O. He could win the national championship for the next 15 seasons straight and they would all still hate his guts just the same. I never saw anything so stupid and unhinged in my life. with a ton of offensive question marks.That’s not true. We know the offensive line will be significantly better and far deeper than last season’s offensive line. The receiver group is loaded up to the gills with elite top of the line receivers, the running back spot is probably not as great as it was the past six years with Jeremy Hill, Leonard Fournette, and Derrius Guice all playing in the NFL now, but it will be very solid nonetheless, which doesn’t really matter in any event because we are deploying a band new RPO spread/tempo offense that will be a pass to set up the run offense unlike in the past.Thus, all we need is a good QB to pilot the ship, and the three we already have on hand, and especially Justin McMillan, look to be very capable and now it looks like with the addition of new grad transfer Joe Burrow, we are going to be a very good on offense this upcoming season. As Burrow’s best attribute is his passing accuracy.Anyway, I forgot why I never read this website, but I was just got reminded again. It’s because every time I read this website it is just so damn depressing and it’s all based mostly on pure utter nonsense.
The best QB this season in the SEC bar none will be new LSU QB, Joe Burrow. Just thought someone should at least mention that.
Go listen to the press conference yourself, I did several times and that's not what Coach O says at all. It's fake news. He said absolutely nothing whatsoever about one of the QBs possibly transferring after the Spring. I don't know where Ross Dellinger got that from.Moreover, no one else is reporting this news and all the sites that do report it cite Ross Dellinger as the source.Meanwhile, the room was full of reporters, yet Ross Dellinger is the only one of them that reported that news.Nevertheless, when you go back and watch that post-practice press conference, and then listen to that particular part of the press conference over and over again, Coach O never says what Ross Dellinger says he said.Ross Dellinger obviously made a mistake and therefore that news is fake news.