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According to reliable sources, 90 percent of what LSU ran in the spring were RPO plays and on RPO plays, the offensive line run-blocks as opposed to pass-blocks and the offensive line in 2018 was astronomically far better at run-blocking than it was at pass-blocking. Moreover, on the new quick passing game, the QB reads the defense and makes up his mind where he is going to go with the ball before the ball is snapped, so that the QB can get rid of the ball very fast. Hence, the new offense Ensminger/Brady installed in the spring takes most of the pressure off the offensive line. Not to mention the running game should be significantly improved as well cause of the more talented running backs coming into the program as well. Which should translate overall to the offense being much better relative to in 2018. And if that is the case, then LSU should be able to make a run for the natty in 2019 cause the defense should be the best defense since Dave Aranda first arrived in Baton Rouge. Of course, it will be a very interesting game in Tuscaloosa, but I do believe LSU will have a slightly better defense overall this season relative to Alabama's defense.
Run defense worse? Wow, whoever wrote this garbage is obviously smoking crack. The run defense will not be worse because we have two very big and very good nose tackles in the rotation and Breiden Fehoko, who was forced to play nose tackle last season till he tore his bicep, will be playing at his natural defensive end position. In other words, whoever wrote this lame article is obviosly smoking crack.
Very apparently all of the Coach O detractors had their fingers crossed hoping that Coach O and Woodard would inevitably clash. Instead, just the opposite has happened, as Orgeron and Woodard have bonded cause both dudes love Louisiana and LSU very much.
Good! I'm glad Steve gets to stick around for a few more years, hopefully, to mentor Brady. He has always put LSU first and has always been very loyal to LSU. Meanwhile, if the offense does as well as I have a feeling it will do in 2019, he'll inevitably end up getting a raise next year and another extension. Indeed, that will piss off all of the second-guessers.
This list is a joke and has about as much credibility as the incompetent loon who compiled it.
The new flex tight end will be Steven Sullivan who played wide receiver in 2019. Which I think is a brilliant move. As with his 6-foot 7-inch 235 pound frame and wide receiver speed he should be a matchup nightmare for those teams that try to cover him with a linebacker or a safety. are acting like the sky is falling in and we need to panic and then run for our lives and every man for himself. Nonetheless, just cause not many offensive linemen have committed thus far, it doesn't mean that Coach O won't get any to commit. As we have a lot of good offensive linemen in play. Unfortunately, though, Coach O has no power of when they will pull the trigger, but nonetheless, why even panic about it before the 2020 recruiting year ends in February 8 months away? Not to mention, that even if the offensive line doesn't improve one iota, the new RPO spread offense with its quick passing game is designed to take as much pressure off the offensive line as possible. As on RPO plays, the offensive line run-blocks, as opposed to pass-blocks and the offensive line last season was astronomically far better at run-blocking relative to pass-blocking. Not to mention, that new quick passing game is also designed to get the ball out as quickly as possible to also take as much pressure off the offensive line as possible. Nonetheless, during the spring the coaching staff and many of the players said the offensive line was the one unit that had improved the most during the spring. Hence, I'm not saying the offensive line won't be an issue again this season, but if it is, it won't be nearly as big of an issue as it was in 2018. As the coaching staff recognized what our major weakness was from last season and therefore, logically made adjustments to help alleviate that weakness.
Obviously processed out of LSU. As they have been cross training Chasen Hines for the position.
This loon pretending to be a liar is just spreading innuendo cause he obviously is jealous of LSU and Auburn.
You're very wrong and here's why. If LSU doesn't beat Bama in Tuscaloosa, it will be 11 & 1, and that means that if two SEC teams make the playoffs, the second team will be LSU.
You're not very bright if you think a mediocre Texas team that has to replace 8 starters on defense and 5 starters on offense is going to somehow beat LSU on 9/7. Excuse me, but LSU is not an over ranked Georgia team and neither does our head coach always lose his biggest games like clockwork the same way Kirby Smart always does.
Ford was processed out by the coaching staff cause knee surgeries robbed him of a lot of his mobility. As he really struggled at last week's linemen camp at LSU. As his ratings at 247 are also dropping like a rock. Meanwhile, you can't claim Cregg is not doing a good job until recruiting for 2o20 ends. He can't just snap his fingers and make recruits pull the trigger. They pull the trigger when they pull the trigger. Not to mention, that unlike Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Louisiana doesn't produce OTs most years. So LSU has to go far and wide to pull them in. Cregg has been at LSU hardly a full year. Most of these kids are recruited by coaches for two or three years on average. So it's going to take some time for Cregg to catch up. Meanwhile, we are still in the running for Dumerville from Florida and Crawford from Texas and possibly Johnson out of Ohio. And we are in good shape with Van Pran.
He was processed out. He had knee surgeries that robbed him of a lot of his mobility. As he struggled at last weeks linemen camp at LSU in front of the coaches. His rating is already falling like a rock at 247.
The only thing I see is he needs to get his pad level down, but anyway I like his height and his size, as he has plenty of room to pack on more muscle. Not to mention that he looks to have plenty of speed for a defensive lineman as well. The only thing is the recruiting services don't rank JUCOs so he will be given just a standard three-star ranking. So it will actually hurt LSU in the recruiting rankings, but nonetheless, this is about winning football games so the sacrifice is worth it. Not to mention, that I trust the coaching staff's evaluations far more than I trust the recruiting services' evaluations. I hope they get Jacobian Guillory, Jacquelin Roy, and Jalen Lee or Vernon Broughton to go along with him.
Oh, I almost forgot, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Texas produce astronomically far more OTs than Louisiana does. As like this year, most of the time there aren't any in the state. So LSU has to bring them in from far and wide. However, thankfully, Coach O as taken his recruiting effort to a new national level and so far he has been experiencing an unprecedented level of success. Hence, the prospects for higher rated OT and offensive linemen looks to be much better in the future, but it is still going to take time. Nonetheless, in all likelihood this season, LSU will win 11 or more games, which will be like pouring gasoline on a recruiting fire for next season. As the future for LSU and Coach O looks to be very bright, indeed. Which unfortunately for you means you will have to cry yourself to sleep for a long time to come.
Oh okay, I see what it is, you are just another absurd Coach O hater. But nonetheless, Saahdiq Charles was a four-star OT. Austin Deculus, depending up which recruiting service you look at, was either a very high four-star or a five star OT, Dare Rosenthal was a five star OT when he was committed to Nick Saban and then he de-committed from Alabama and committed to LSU as a high four-star defensive end, before Coach O last season convinced him to switch back to the OT position when Coach O saw that the OT position wasn't going to be up to par. Ray Parker is a four-star OT. Anthony Bradford is a four-star OT. Thomas Perry, depending on which recruiting service site you check, is either a four-star or very high three-star OT. Cameron Wire was about as high of a three-star OT as it gets, but that's only because he was hurt his senior year and couldn't play, Not to mention that every good football program in America also offered him. Damien Lewis was only ranked a three-star OG, but that's only because he was a juco. Nonetheless, he was the best offensive starter on the OL last season. Cole Smith was a high three-star at center. Finally, Badara Traore was the number one Juco tackle in America and a four-star. Meanwhile, Coach O inherited two OT's from Miles. One was a senior and the other was a junior. The senior got hurt midway in the season and Saahdiq Charles took his place and the junior entered the NFL draft after Coach O's first season and then wasn't drafted. Hence, the problem you have is like a dumb hater you are not giving Coach O enough time to recruit offensive linemen and enough time to develop the offensive linemen he has brought into the program. As the offensive line is the one position that takes the longest of all to develop. Not to mention, that study after study also indicates that when it comes to OTs, the vast overwhelming majority of OTs in the NFL today were not former five-stars but former three-stars instead. As obviously it takes time to develop good offensive linemen and because Coach O only had two OTs when he took over the team and who were both gone after his first season, then it couldn't be any more obvious that he hasn't been allowed sufficient time to develop the players he has yet. But it doesn't matter cause haters like you are going to hate no matter what. As you obviously have a bad taste in your mouth cause Coach O didn't finish 6 & 6 last season as you were hoping and praying for, but 10 & 3 instead, and before you say that isn't good enough, let me mention that he also lost a starting linebacker, a starting offensive guard, a very good wide receiver, and two tight ends. Then K'lavon Chaisson also tore his ACL in the first game of the season. Otherwise, LSU would have finished 12 & 1 last season. Hell, if Kristian Fulton wouldn't have been hurt in the A&M game last season, that game never would have even been close. Nonetheless, hate cause that's what haters like you do best and I don't want to stop you from doing what you do best.
Uhm...what makes you think that those are the only linemen we are going to get? It's not like LSU can control when recruits pull the trigger. Do you think that Coach O and company don't know we need linemen or something? So they are skipping them in this year's recruiting class. Give me a freaking break. We are going to end up with some very good linemen before all is said and done, but dammit we are not going to get them until we get them cause we have no control over when they are going to commit. In fact, I think we are going to end up on defense with Jaquelin Roy, Jacobian Guillory, Jalon Lee, and the word is Ali Gaye (a Juco) committed this morning. On the offensive side of the ball, I think we end up with either Paris Johnson or Marcus Dumervile and Sedrick Van Pran. However, we won't get them until we get them. So stop acting like the coaching staff aren't recruiting linemen cause I can assure you they are. Also, stop spoiling our parties with your nonsense. As you obviously don't have the first freakng clue about what you are insinuating.
LSU's recruiting, thanks to Coach O and his staff, is off the charts this recruiting season and if LSU finishes 2019 with 11 or more wins, which is inevitable, it will be like pouring gasoline on a recruiting fire. Imagine how good recruiting will be for the 2021 class after 11 or more wins. Indeed, another one or two more years of recruiting classes like this 2020 class, then LSU's level of talent will be equal to or greater than Alabama's. Meanwhile, A&M will do 8 & 4 for 2019 and Auburn will do around the same as A&M, and that means the gap will only widen between them and us. Yes, indeed, the future looks to be very bright for LSU and Coach O. Geaux Tigers!
Well, Fisher isn't going to move the program forward this season. As they already have four guaranteed losses even before the season even starts and that's only going to make it harder to recruit at a high level.
Yeah right, commit to Georgia and watch as Kirby Smart continues to make rookie mistake after rookie mistake that causes him to choke and lose every one of his biggest games, causes him to have a losing record against SEC West opponents, and causes him to embarrass the SEC by losing bowl games to weak inferior Big 12 teams. Actually, recruits today are starting to come to the realization that while Kirby is a pretty good recruiter, when it comes to actual coaching, on the other hand, he's just a pretender who can't possibly get the job done. He's a media darling, but it takes more than being a media darling to win national championships.
One thing I'm excited about is that Steven Sullivan has been moved to tight end in the spring. Which means he will always be a matchup nightmare for the safeties and linebackers who will attempt to cover him. Plus, he is not only very fast but he is also very tall as well. Anyway, I bet he is easily one of the best pass-catching tight ends in the SEC this upcoming year and that this final year for him will launch him into the NFL. Good for him.
Up until last season, Joe Burrow was always a 72 percent passer. However, last year he had about a month to learn a brand new offense and he had to gel with the young inexperienced receivers on the fly. Not to mention, that early in the season, they ran the wrong routes as much as they ran the correct routes. In addition, the offensive line's pass blocking was about as atrocious as it gets. Nevertheless, Burrow and the receivers finally started to slowly gel and the yardage and the completion percentage also improved dramatically. I'm betting that after a full offseason to gel together and with familiarity of the offense that the completion percentage ratio will be about at the 65 percent range.
I'm not surprised in the least that Texas is not in the mix for Zachary Evans. As Texas is after that five-star running back from Tuscon, Arizona, Bijan Robinson. In fact, I thought it was common knowledge that Texas was recruiting Bijan Robinson hard. In any event, I hope LSU gets Evan cause he is a stud and I'd like the keep the pipeline to his school going.
I hope we get his school mate too. Also heard Paris Johnson is saying all of the right things. So I have my fingers crossed for him as well.
I bet he got processed and was sent packing. He was too big, fat, and slow to play in the SEC.
It was a miracle since that Myles' coached LSU team, which was the most talented team in the country that season in 2007 by far, somehow lost two regular season games, yet somehow (via a miracle) lucked out and still made it into that final national championship game and won it easily. Furthermore, LSU also had the most talented team the year before in 2006, but again still somehow lost two games in the regular season, but didn't luck out the same way they did in 2007. As Les Myles' inherited the most loaded team in college football history thanks to his predecessor, Nick Saban.
Coach O knows what the expectations are at an elite football school like LSU better than anyone and no one, especially a Bama homer like Paul Finebaum needs to remind of him that. Moreover, if LSU finished 2019 with at least 11 wins, the best recruits in the country will be eager to commit to LSU. Don't worry Coach O has everything under control. As success breeds success. Just ask Dabo Sweeny. If I was Paul, I'd worry about his buddy Kirby Smart. While the recruits have been pouring into Georgia, the program under Kirby's coaching so far hasn't lived up to expectations. As Kirby has a bad habit of always losing the big games and also losing the bowl games. Not to mention Kirby's bad habit of losing to SEC West teams as well. Kirby better tighten up because if he has that 8 & 4 season, Georgia may kiss his behind good bye and hire someone else who can deliver.
Uhm...last year that loon was predicting LSU to finish 6 & 6 or 7 & 5 at best and for Coach O to be fired at the end of the season. I probably should say he was hoping, as opposed to predicting. So why should anyone believe him or even care what that immense idiot has to say today about Coach O. I mean it's very obvious the loon has a hard-on for Coach O, as he perceives him as being an existential threat to his idol Nick Saben.
Welcome aboard Jermaine Burton. Man after watching his film to me he is almost a complete carbon copy clone of Jamarr Chase. Not to mention, that the only other player that I ever saw do a flip as Burton did in that commitment video is Jamarr Chase. Not only that, but they are also virtually the same exact size at the time of their respective commitments as well. Indeed, Jermaine Burton, in essence, is Jarmarr Chase part deux.