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Everybody is talking about the gap between Alabama and LSU. It's not just about the gap between Alabama and LSU, it's also about the gap between Alabama and everybody else as well. Because Alabama will destroy Moo State, Auburn, and Georgia just as bad or worse as they destroyed LSU Saturday night. As that is the best team ever in Tuscaloosa. That team is a juggernaut. The only team I see that might be able to give Alabama a game this season is Clemson because their true freshman QB is also unbelievably good. But man...that Quinnen Williams dude beat senior guard Garrett Brumfield all night long like a red-headed stepchild.
Florida's offense and QB are crap. They won't be able to score much on LSU's defense if at all. Meanwhile, LSU's offense currently is far better than it was when it played Auburn, as Joe Burrow is finally hitting his groove and will only improve from here on out and our talented receiver corp are also hitting their stride at the same time. Not to mention, that with the exception of only one starter, LSU's offensive line will also be the healthiest it has been all season. I hate to disappoint you, but this game Saturday in the Swamp won't even be close, as LSU will humiliate Florida.'s because ESPN's FPI is garbage in equals garbage out.
Auburn has a better defense than Florida. Hence, if LSU put 22 points on Auburn, it ought to be able to put up 28 and probably more points on Florida, given the slightly lesser Florida defense and the improving and gelling LSU offense. Moreover, if Moo State could hold Florida to 13 points, I feel like LSU's defense can too and to probably even less than that.
I couldn't care less about ESPN or their idiotic FPI BS. In fact, I didn't even read this stupid article. ESPN's FPI ranking that picked LSU to finish only 6 & 6 this season isn't worth the bandwidth it is wasting. As all it consists of is garbage in and garbage out.
That would be very stupid. We want Alabama to have to prepare for the event that Joe Burrow runs the ball. It gives the Alabama coaching staff something else to be concerned about and more to prepare for. It adds to the complexity of defending against LSU's new offense. Which because it is a new spread offense and the same kind of spread offense that has always traditionally given Alabama's defenses fits over the years, it ought to be pretty effective against Alabama's very inexperienced backfield.
I want to know when Saturday Down South is going to apologize to the LSU family for that steady stream of God-awful articles every single day telling us over and over again how Ed Orgeron is trash and is on the hot seat and how LSU's season was hopeless.
Apparently, Tebow swallowed the coach's talk, but that's all it was. There was no down, as the competition was never close at all. Burrow will have an outstanding season because Ensminger's offense will be better than the pundits claim.
Stick those odds, your Conner O'Gara, and your Andrew Olson up where the sun doesn't shine sideways Saturday Down South. You're nothing but a fake news rag.
Everybody says ad nauseam that LSU lost 90 percent of their offensive production from last season, which is true and if everything remained the same from last season it would be a major problem. However, LSU recognized that issue early on, which is why LSU decided to change to a new offensive scheme that will let them take advantage of the strength of their team, which is in the receiver corps, as opposed to the running back corps. LSU's new spread/tempo offense led by Joe Burrow and a very good receiver corps coached up by receiver guru Jerry Sullivan will not only be very good this season but also very exciting as well.
I know everyone thinks he will end up at Auburn, but Auburn doesn't have room for him. Dan Mullen at Florida may go after him since Mullen likes big strong QBs who can also run. At LSU his biggest problem was he was incapable of making good decisions under pressure, probably stemming from all of the time he missed in high school. If he can figure out how to overcome that problem, he could become a pretty good QB. He also has lost a lot of his previous speed because of his knee issues as well. He looks good there, but he is playing against scrubs.
Damn, I'm betting most of the players on defense last night are getting cut today.
It was a close competition between Joe Burrow and Myles Brennan in the battle to be LSU’s starting quarterback this season. I don't believe that for a second.
Supreme Gump...your name is very fitting because Gumps are some of the dumbest people on the planet. Yes, LSU lost to a very good 11 & 2 Troy State team last season that gave Clemson a better game than Alabama did the year before and because practically LSU's entire defensive line and one middle linebacker, Derrius Guice, and an offensive lineman were all sitting on the bench out with injuries, except for the middle linebacker who had been suspended for breaking team rules. Moreover, the reason why LSU lost that game wasn't because of Coach Orgeron but because of his predecessor Les Miles who left LSU last season with zero depth in the trenches. Under normal conditions, that many players out for a game wouldn't have impacted LSU nearly as much as it did, but it did last year because like I said, Les Miles left LSU with zero depth in the trenches. Not only that but of the four senior defensive linemen that ignoramus also left LSU last season, one of them wasn't even good enough to be a backup and the other three weren't good enough to be drafted. Now anyone that has followed LSU for a long time knows that is very abnormal. Anyway, as bad as that loss was last season, it still pails in comparison to Alabama's and Nick Saban's loss to Louisiana-Monroe, which was a far worse team than Troy State was close to being. Indeed, if you weren't a typical Gump, you could never forget that. Oh well.
Okay let's start off another great day with another great LSU is horrible and the season is hopeless article again today because LSU fans have never heard that ad nauseam right here before 7/24 and we have to make sure they know it. It's like Saturday Down South is trying to run-off all of LSU fans.
Oh great...Saturday Down South says LSU sucks and doesn't want us to miss it in case we haven't heard it already 10,000 times already right over here at Saturday Down South.
I think LSU beats Auburn too. As Auburn only has one returning starter on the offensive line, they have no replacement for Kerryon Johnson, and they lost a few key players in the defensive backfield. Hence, I'm guessing it will be easier for Aranda to shut down Auburn's running game and to pressure the hell out of Stidham. Stidham had his worse outing of the season last season against LSU. Indeed, Stidham is no good under pressure. I'm thinking we can probably pressure him into making a couple of interceptions. And the fact that their defensive backfield won't be quite as good as it was last season, works in our favor because we are not a spread offense.
Uhm...LSU's offensive line will be in the top three best offensive lines Miami's defense has faced in the past couple of seasons and never mind the fact that Miami lost four of their best pass rushers at the end of last season. The reason why Miami lucked out with so many turnovers last season was exactly because of those four pass rushers that they lost at the end of the season. Hence, it is silly for that dumb ignoramus writing this garbage to assume that Miami's pass rush this season will be at least as good as last season while at the same time, he assumes LSU's offense will suck. Indeed, without the same pass rush, there will not be nearly as many turnovers for Miami this season. Not to mention, that when Miami faced teams with better offensive lines last season, they sucked to high heaven. Indeed, they got killed! If any offense is going to suck in that game Sunday night it will be Miami's offense because LSU's defense will be the best defense Miami's offense has faced in the past couple of seasons. I know the national media hate hates Ed Orgeron with a passion and so put him on their hot seat, but nonetheless, he is not on LSU's hot seat. So they are guessing the answers to the offensive questions will be negative. On the other hand, I and most LSU fans are guessing just the opposite, that the answers will be all positive, and we know more because we pay attention far closer and thus know a little more. Not to mention, that Joe Burrow's best attribute is his passing accuracy and all he has to do for LSU to be successful is get the ball out to the playmakers in space consistently. Another strong attribute of Joe Burrow's repertoire is his amazing ability to read opposing teams defenses, which enables him to take what the defenses give and also accounts for why he has thrown so few interceptions in his career. Apparently, this clown who wrote this garbage miserably failed to do any research. Indeed, that's virtually all we get from this very trashy rag is garbage.
I must say that Burrow looks far better in that LSU uniform. I can't wait to watch him play Sunday night.
"I think that's about all the respect he gets right now is what White ended with. Damn...glad White plays defense as opposed to offense.
If the competition was really that close, (which I don't believe for a second), then maybe Joe Burrow isn't nearly as good as we were led to believe. Although there were several people on the inside that told me he was.
TheDawg...LSU will have a better defense than Georgia and the offense will be a wash. Not to mention, that LSU has the huge home field advantage. Sorry, but the Dawgs are going to get the you know what kicked out of them and have to go home with their tails between their legs to go lick their wounds.
Someone tell this severely mentally handicapped lunatic that the only hot seat Coach O is on is on the hot seat of the fake sports media who have been conspiring to get him fired. Sort of the same way that same lame fake sports media conspired against Derrius Guice to make his draft stock fall.
Well, since Joe Burrow has not announced that he is transferring yet, I'm guessing it is Joe Burrow. And the rest of the story is just BS.
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That's right, I knew it since Joe Burrow agreed to come to LSU for his official visit.
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