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Man, Darviathar, that is so damn dumb. Joe Burrow said he was going to transfer if he wasn't named the starter after the spring game. After spring game when he met with Urban Meyer and the offensive staff, he was told he was in the lead for the starting job but that the competition was going to extend late into fall camp, so he transferred, and Ohio State's loss is LSU's gain. And I don't blame him if I had graduated early and could transfer with two years of eligibility remaining I would have transferred too. Anyway, what makes Joe Burrow so good is his accuracy. Thus, he is exactly what LSU needs to run its new spread offense. Plus, he is a dual threat mobile QB at the same time. Not to mention, that in the past it was always spread offenses with mobile QBs that usually gave Alabama's defense fits. As Alabama is always very good at stopping the run, but very average at stopping the pass. Moreover, Alabama has to completely rebuild it's defensive backfield this year with green players that don't have any experience. Nobody may have heard of the players in LSU's very talented receiver corps, but that doesn't mean they are not very talented because they are. Anyway, one of those guys is a Texas Tech Transfer, Jonathon Giles, who in 2016 at Texas Tech was a Biletnikoff Finalists that caught 61 passes for 1158 yards and 13 touchdowns before inexplicably being made to sit for the last two games of the season which not only cost him the Biletnikoff Award but is the reason why he transferred to LSU. Nonetheless, maybe you haven't heard of him, but that doesn't mean he isn't good. As far as Ensminger goes, in 2016 he broke seven offensive records in eight games with Les Miles' old antiquated offense that Alabama knew as well as Les Miles did, and he is a very good play caller. Hence, I like our chance of winning it this season as the game is at home in Tiger Stadium, and I almost forgot, this upcoming season will be Aranda's best defense he has had ever at LSU.
Well, Darviathar, if you are going to bring up old ancient history I will too. As no other school has a more storied record of cheating other than Alabama. In fact, the NCAA was created exactly to stop Alabama from cheating. Indeed, most of the current NCAA rules in play today were created specifically to stop specific ways Alabama use to cheat. You name it, Alabama did it. They were the pioneers of cheating. They wrote the book on it. I don't know if that would be something I'd brag about and be proud of. Indeed, most fans and universities laugh at Alabama when they brag about their winning record because cheating doesn't really count. Alabama is not famous because of its good football teams. They are famous because they were the pioneers of new and creative ways to cheat. You name it and Alabama has done it. As no other schools come close to Alabama in that regard. Alabama's cheating reputation precedes itself.
Last season LSU destroyed Alabama's linebacker corps, which is why Alabama struggled so much at Moo State game and one of the reasons why Auburn defeated them a week later. So LSU helped you guys out a little and should get a little of the credit for it.
I'm looking forward to the game this season. LSU looks like it finally will have a mobile QB. It will be running a spread offense this season, the same kind of offense that has always given Alabama fits in the past. Alabama is always very good at stopping the run but very average at stopping the pass. Not to mention, that Alabama has to completely rebuild its defensive backfield with very inexperienced players this season. Hence, given the fact that the game is in Tiger Stadium and everything else I said, I think LSU has an excellent chance to get the monkey off its back this year.
The is cheap you dumb moonbat. Coach O will do his talking in Tiger Stadium. I hope you cowbells are ready because LSU will be ready.
Thorn in the way LSU loses all of those games, as unlike Florida, LSU actually has a QB and he is good. Nonetheless, I can understand your jealousy. As your previous coach was a piss poor recruiter and your new coach isn't very good either.
The reason for the QB problems, Les Miles, and his heavy hand is history. The QB situation this upcoming season will be vastly improved starting this season. Those days are finally ended and a new era for QBs is now beginning.
You could hand the job on a silver platter to Dave Aranda and he wouldn't take it. He has said many times that he hates the public and being in the public's eye. He'd be very miserable being a head coach. If coach O loses his job, unless the new head coach keeps Aranda, he's gone. As Aranda, Coach O, and Steve Ensminger are the three amigos. Coach O trusts both of those two guys immensely and if any one of them falters, it may cost coach O his job.
Coach O doing a really nice job of putting some really good players in the bucket. He recruits year round and it is showing. Keep it up coach, don't let anyone outwork you.
That's one of your problems, you confuse facts for excuses.
If you think that Range Rover was nice, you should have seen that corporate Lear jet he had. Man...that thing was really decked out. I heard he bought it with the profits he made from running all over Ole Miss. Hell, Leonard bought two Lear jets with the profits he made running all over Ole Miss.
Absolutely happy for the Guice family. He earned it and his mother must be really proud. Cool take care of your mother Derrius.
The word was LSU had told Edwards to look around. He came into the camp last month way overweight and only ran 5.2 in the 40. Good luck to him.
Thorn...Coach O inherited the team he had last season from former head coach Les Miles and the team he inherited from Les Miles last season was very deficient of depth in the trenches among other areas of the team. Hence, since that is the team coach O inherited from his predecessor, then it can't be coach O's fault. It's not rocket science. Indeed, it's common-sense but if you are devoid of common-sense, then that's not my problem or my concern. Moreover, Einstein, the OC coach O hired last season had nothing whatsoever to do with any of those lack of depth in the trenches issues coach O and his coaching staff had to deal with last season. I mean, damn, if you are that damn utterly oblivious, then what are you doing even opening your damn mouth and making a damn fool out of yourself. And as far as blaming coach O because he was the defensive line coach goes, that is utterly ridiculous, as he coached the defensive line, but he didn't get to make any of the decisions or call any of the shots. Just like coach O's own defensive line coach today doesn't make any of the decisions or call any shots either. Hence, the blame can only be placed on Les Miles because he was the former head coach.
LSUSMC...All I did was help you demonstrate how unhinged and severely mentally deficient you are while you proved at the same time how much of a very dedicated hater, slanderer, and libeler of coach O you are and how big of a Les Miles brown-noser you still are. Indeed, according to you, it was coach O's fault and not Les Miles' fault we didn't have any depth in the trenches last season, as according to you coach O was the recruiting coordinator, even though the recruiting coordinator is an administrative responsibility and not a decision making responsibility and even though coach O didn't become the recruiting coordinator until late in January 2016 after former recruiting coordinator Frank Wilson left to go become the head coach at Texas-San Antonio. Which only demonstrated that not only do you not know what goes on inside football operations but that you are too damn stupid to even know when it was coach O became the recruiting coordinator. Nonetheless, in your whacko unhinged mind, it was somehow all coach O's fault as opposed to his predecessor's fault we didn't have any depth in the trenches. Indeed, coach Pete Jenkins says he had to go tell Dave Aranda in that game that he didn't have anyone left.
It won't happen. Not only will LSU's defense be very elite, but LSU's offense will also inevitably be one of the better offenses it has fielded in many years. So those hoping and wishing for the demise of Ed Orgeron will inevitably be very disappointed. Moreover, even if LSU does crater and finished 7 & 5 this season, it won't cost Ed Orgeron his job in any event. He will still be around at least one more season. Nobody gets fired in college football after just two seasons.
LSUMC...I didn’t even say anything about Steve Ensminger until you unleashed a totally unhinged and unprovoked attack against him when the subject of discussion I thought was a game LSU played last season. Not only are you obviously dumb as hell and more than a little unhinged and very hateful, but you also must be smoking crack cocaine or methamphetamines or something at the same time. As far as blaming your incompetent Idol goes, whose offense do you think Ensminger was forced to run in 2016 after your Idol was fired for gross incompetence? Meanwhile, if you are too mentally handicapped to see that Bama knew all of the plays coming before the ball was snapped, then that’s your problem and thank God, not my problem. Furthermore, I don’t have a man crush on Orgeron. However, unlike you, I’m going to give the man at least a fair shot to do his job. As I’m not unhinged and a severely mentally deficient obsessed hater, slanderer, and libeler like you and your unhinged ilk are. Enormous ignoramuses like you obsessed haters spoil it for everyone else. Nobody can even enjoy LSU sports anymore, because ignoramuses like you morons constantly inject your negativity into everything related to LSU football and often when it’s not even related. Moreover, no one with brains cares a lick what ignoramuses like you and your unhinged ilk have to say negative about LSU and coach O, as you ignoramuses destroyed your own credibility by constantly slandering and libeling coach O relentlessly, obsessively, and without any provocation whatsoever. Which demonstrates that you Einstein’s are more than just a little unhinged and utterly obsessed. Indeed, you obnoxious negatigers attack anyone and everyone who isn’t utterly stupid and unhinged just like you losers are. Finally, if you don’t like my positivity and me acting like an LSU fan, as opposed to being a butthurt negatiger and hater like you are, then that’s your problem and not my problem. Not to mention, that I couldn’t care less what an enormous ignoramus like you thinks or says in any event. Indeed, why should I or anyone else care, for that matter? Give me a freaking break, crybaby. Now go fly a kite and stop boring everyone to death with your constant negativity all of the time.
@LSUSMC...I hate to burst your incredibly dumb bubble, buddy, but all a recruiting coordinator does is take care of the administrative tasks for the head coach so that the process can be handled efficiently, smoothly, and in an organized manner. Meanwhile, the head coach with the input of his staff is the one who calls all of the shots. Man…I want what you must be smoking. Furthermore, Einstein, coach O didn’t become the recruiting coordinator for Les Miles until after Frank Wilson left for his new job in late January of 2016. Hence, obviously you are not only a very obsessed coach O slanderer and libeler, you are also more than a little mentally handicapped as well. Oh okay, so now we are going from what was a very frivolous attack against coach O to another very frivolous attack against coach O’s new Offensive Coordinator Steve Ensminger. Man, you are full of hate, aren’t you? Meanwhile, I thought we were talking about Moo State all of this time, but all of a sudden like a mentally deranged person, you are expanding your attack from an all-out unhinged attack on coach O, to an all-out unhinged attack on his new OC Steve Ensminger. Wow, what did he ever do to you to make you so filled with hate? Probably the same damn thing coach O did to you. Which is absolutely nothing. Yes, in 2016 LSU was shut out by Bama again in Tiger Stadium, but that was because Steve Ensminger was still forced to run Les Miles’ old ancient and very antiquated offense. The reason why Les Miles’ old ancient and very antiquated offense was so easy for Alabama to stop is that Nick Saban’s defense always knew the plays coming before the ball was snapped. Indeed, for years and years, everyone in the SEC knew the plays LSU was going to run before the ball was snapped, but for years and years, only very few teams had the players good enough to stop it. Alabama was one of those opponents. Damn, you’re apparently oblivious as hell. Lord, please help you. Moreover, Dave Aranda’s defense in 2016 definitely wasn’t a mediocre defense at all. As Lane Kiffin rightly credits Dave Aranda as being the toughest DC he has ever faced in his career exactly because of that game, and who else held Alabama to only 10 points that season? Nobody, yet Steve Ensminger is incompetent because he was forced to run Les Miles’ old ancient and very antiquated offense and Dave Aranda is mediocre because he allowed Alabama to score 10 points against us. Man, okay, okay, I see now, besides being a low-information obsessed coach O slanderer and libeler, you are also an obsessed Les Miles’ brown-noser as well. Apparently, you are still very butthurt because your boy was fired at LSU for gross incompetence. Well, it wasn’t my fault that dude was a bona fide idiot and it’s not my fault that AD’s around the country all avoid that incompetent like he has the plague or something. It’s his own damn fault but I don’t blame them either. I wouldn’t touch that incompetent with a ten-foot pole myself. As far as the offensive problems go, they are all history. Haven’t you heard we have a new OC and a brand new RPO spread/tempo offense with a brand new QB? And oh yeah, all of those depth issues Les Miles left coach O and LSU last season have now been rectified and fixed by coach O and those weak assed defensive linemen that Les Miles left Coach O and LSU last season and that weren’t good enough to be drafted by the NFL last spring have all graduated too. Meanwhile, don’t respond to me because I won’t respond to you again. As you are too unhinged and ill-informed for me to waste time on. Life is too damn short.
I don’t think you could see reality even if it stared at you in the face, winked at you, and then spit in your eye personally. In the Moo State game, our best defensive linemen, Rashard Lawrence, had to sit out the game due to injury. Donnie Alexander got suspended and true freshman Tyler Taylor got his first collegiate start. Meanwhile, Frank Herron was serving out a six-game suspension. Then shortly after the game started, Greg Gilmore got tossed out of the game for a spearing call. Then a few plays later his replacement, Ed Alexander suddenly gets injured and also had to leave the game. Then soon after the start of the first half, true freshman Neal Farrell gets tossed out of the game on another spearing call, and that left LSU at that point scraping at the very bottom of the barrel of the defensive line. As Les Miles left coach O and LSU with insufficient depth in the trenches last season. Furthermore, of the three senior defensive linemen that Les Miles left coach O and LSU last season, none of them were good enough to be drafted into the NFL. Which is very unfortunate because LSU used to always be DLU. Hence, because of the lack of depth in the trenches, in the second half we couldn’t stop Moo State’s running game and because we couldn’t stop Moo State’s running game, the defensive backfield was trying to cheat up a little bit to help them stop the run. However, their OC up in the booth saw what LSU was doing, then called a killer sucker play and caught Tolliver with his eyes looking in the wrong place and scored on an easy pass play. They subsequently did it again in the fourth quarter for another easy score. Nonetheless, had we been at full strength on defense in that game, they would never have scored nearly as many points on us as they did last season. We also suffered from the same issues in the Troy State game last season as well. Unless, you believe that Dave Aranda is just an incompetent defensive coordinator coach. In any event, the truth is we struggled tremendously in the Moo State game, the Syracuse game, the Troy State game, and the Florida game last season because we didn’t have enough depth in the trenches. Meanwhile, if you don’t believe me, then ask Dave Aranda. That’s all I have to say. Anyway, once we got everybody back to playing luckily in the Auburn game, we all of a sudden stopped struggling on defense and at that point we could play with anyone in the country. Now you can choose to continue to ignore that lack of depth situation we had in the trenches last season for whatever reason you want, but in any event, I couldn’t care less what you do, as my mind with respect to you is already made up anyway. apparently don't pay close attention and are not very perceptive, that's all I will say.
Just like you guys embarrassed us last season at your home, LSU will embarrass you guys this season at our home. As you guys will be a revenge game for Dave Aranda. Not to mention, that you guys lucked out and didn’t get to meet our real defense last season. However, Dave Aranda will make sure you guys get to meet them up close and personal this season. There are two revenge games this season for Dave Aranda, you guys and the Florida game are the ones. Anyway, no way LSU drops two in a row to Moo State, especially since we get you guys at home in Death Valley this season. As far as being picked by some idiots to finish fifth, it’s preseason. It’s absolutely meaningless. Those morons don’t have the first damn clue what we got and they are also looking at our schedule and assuming that those two bad losses we had last season to you guys and to Troy State were because of bad coaching. However, they don’t understand that both of those two losses to you guys and Troy were fluke losses. As neither Moo State nor Troy State got to see our real defense last season. Anyway, that won’t happen again this season and Aranda’s revenge will be sweet.
The answer to number one is, of course. The answer to number two is a definitely a hell yeah The answer to number three is Kary Vincent who is not only a track star but also one of the fastest players in college football this season. The answer to number four is those players mentioned right there consist of all elite former top 100 players and two of them were former five-star players and the other two of them were former high four-star players. Hence, the answer to number four is, of course. The answer to number five is the coaching staff will motivate them and get them ready weekend and week out for the very grueling schedule. Plus, unlike last season, thanks to coach O, LSU has plenty of depth on offense and defense. The answer to number six is LSU’s receiver corps is bursting at the seams with talent and the coaching has been second to none with passing coordinator Jerry Sullivan. Hence, the answer again is yes. The answer to number seven is the offensive line will be substantially better than last season’s offensive line. The answer to number eight is probably not, but that’s because LSU is primarily a pass-first offense now, as opposed to a run-first offense as it always was in the past and the additional yards will inevitably be more than made up in the passing game. The answer to number nine is yes, as Joe Burrow is not only a dual-threat QB but his best attribute, according to all his former coaches, is his passing accuracy. As Burrow’s passing numbers in high school were elite and his passing numbers since entering college have actually improved. Not to mention as well, that all of Burrow’s former coaches also say that Burrow is good enough to start at 99 percent of the college football programs in America. Hence, Burrow is a perfect fit for LSU’s new RPO spread offense, as he will reliably be able to get the ball accurately to LSU’s playmakers out in space and that’s all we need for us to be very successful. Furthermore, LSU’s new spread offense is the exact kind of offense that has always given Alabama’s defense fits the past few years. As Alabama is very strong against the run but very average against the pass. Not to mention, that Alabama has to completely rebuild their defensive backfield this upcoming season with very inexperienced players. Finally, the answer to number ten is no question about it. As Steve Ensminger is an astronomically far better play caller relative to Matt Canada. In fact, in 2016 and with someone else’s offense, Steve Ensminger broke 8 new offensive records alone. Meanwhile, LSU’s playmakers in the receiver corps may be inexperienced, but they are nonetheless very talented, and with the extraordinary depth we have at the position and the outstanding coaching, thanks to Jerry Sullivan, it would be mind-boggling not for a few of them to emerge and turn out to be bona fide stars.
The guy is an idiot. Based on one half of one game and the throw he made was to a wide open receiver. Give me a break. What an idiot. Take away the call and no one would even be talking about Tua.
This is sloppy reporting. Parrish ran a 4.5 forty at LSU the day before he committed to LSU. He also exhibited a very strong arm and threw the ball very accurately during his workouts as LSU OC Steve Ensminger looked on. He was by far the best QB at the camp.
The SEC has won 9 of the last 12 national championships. I don't think 9 in conference games will happen anytime in the near future.
The Moo State and Troy State losses were more Les Miles' fault than they were Coach O's fault. As the reason why we lost both of those games was that we didn't have any depth in the trenches last season. Plus, of the three senior defensive linemen that Coach O inherited from Les Miles last season, none of them were good enough to get drafted into the NFL. Thus, last season when we suffered injuries to key players like Rashard Lawrence and Big Ed Alexander, it hurt us tremendously because of the lack of depth that Coach O, unfortunately, inherited from Les Miles. Indeed, that's why we lost those two games to Moo State and Troy State and then struggled so mightily against Syracuse and Florida also last season. Then when they finally returned back to playing again, we came back and beat Auburn and stopped struggling until in the Bama game. As the Bama game was the only game we lost last season at full strength. Because we had three defensive starters out for the Notre Dame game last season, we even struggled somewhat in that game. However, that loss was a lucky fluke more than it was anything else. However, all of the coach O haters were waiting on the sidelines with their fingers crossed hoping and praying for LSU to lose that game so that they could pounce on coach O the instant it happened. In any event, since the Notre Dame game, coach O has done a stand-up job in fixing all of the holes we had on the team last season due to lack of depth, and now we have a ton of depth on the team. Even though coach O was attacked relentlessly for having the number 15 rated team in the recruiting rankings, which is a crock of crap. For instance, look at Wisconsin, every year Wisconsin finishes ranked in the recruiting rankings in the upper thirties or lower 40s year in and year, but every year Wisconsin somehow is always competing for the Big 10 conference title. Is Wisconsin's coaching just better than everyone else? No, not really. It's just recruiting rankings by recruiting services are more of a scam than they are anything else. The only reason they are there is to make easy money off of gullible fans.
Miles took Coach O's usage of the word "patience" completely out of context. Coach O used the word to suggest to everyone not to get their expectations too high for the spring game because only about 35 percent of the offense was installed at that point Meanwhile, since Mile's response was a response to a question about whether he agreed with all of the pundits who were claiming that LSU's ceiling this upcoming season was only 7 games. So Miles took the opportunity to bash Coach O because like the idiot he is and has always been, he took Coach O's use of the word "patience" out of context. Anyway, Miles went on a Baton Rouge radio station the following day and more or less admitted that he had taken Coach O use of the word "patience" out of context. While he didn't exactly apologize for the ugly comment he made, he more or less agreed with Coach O's usage of the word "patience" in that context and said it was a good thing. Apparently, Miles harbors some pent-up blame and animosity from losing his job against coach O that he probably regrets now that he showed. However, he shouldn't. As Miles should have been fired years ago. Meanwhile, Coach O has always been perfectly polite and respectful of former coach Les Miles every time the issue of Miles has come up.
Hmm...the only reason Burrow was third string last season was he broke his right throwing hand thumb late in fall camp and lost the competition for backup QB by default after having led it the entire way. Meanwhile, before the accident, a lot of Ohio State fans thought he should actually be the starter over J.T. Barrett, and if you watch all three Spring Games he played in, you will see why. He was also damn good in mop up duty as a backup too.