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It's so depressing that UT nearly backed their way into hiring Leach. Would have been their first home run, even if an in the park home run, hire since Jesus was in 3rd grade. Im still VFL, its just such a sad life
As a TN fan i feel bad for all yalls programs geting in trouble 2 be good. UT so obcessed with doing it the right way we only hire coaches that CANT CHEAT! LOL HAHAHA, so dang sad its funny
Bet he not only makes theteam, but becomes a starter. I could see this kid doing some things in the league. Great player at UT.
@gromit I may have missed a couple pressers but the ones that I have seen Pruitt accepted the lions share of the blame. Also, weren't Jones classes quite a bit oversize, inflating the ranking?
What kills me is UT nearly stumbled a*$backwards into hiring a good football coach in Mike Leach but ole Phulmer had to hold UT back yet again!
Lmbo hats off to you sir. I'm a UT fan, and I can't even be hatin. So many Vol fans run that mouth on here and now they gotta eat them words.
This article seems only to take from UGA while giving no credit to the effort of UT. The Vols played hard all game long and actually hung with a way better team. Good for them.
I really hope I'm wrong, but I think the struggles of the past decade will keep a lot of fans home. Net attendance is under 40,000.
Man you act like Butch did no good for UT. He inherited a dumpster fire beneath a bamboo fire, hidden by a mattress fire. He's a good recruiter, and I enjoyed watching UT compete for a lil bit, they hadn't done that in how long?
I don't think the D will be as good as years passed. The O will be better I believe. Hope UT beats email though.
This is a major hit for this defense. Especially with the triple option coming at us. Hopefully the backup can keep up what he was showing last season.
This year could be a 6 win year or could be a 9 win year. So many unknowns on thos team. Yeah they lose alot of gr8 players but the majority of them didnt actually play much last year. I for one think this team has it in them to suprise alot of people and get 8 or 9 wins.
i really don't believe his seat is all that hot. It's definatly not like the national media has made it out to be. Butch has made solid progress with the program, made great staff changes, an is on another recruiting tear. You really think Currie is that eager to roll the dice on possibly hiring another Dooley and becoming the next Mike Hamilton?
This is a huge get for the 18 class. Its shaping up 2 be an amazing class. Hope it holds 2gether, could finish a top 5 class.
Bet they get 10wins and the East. This team just has a feel to it. Sleeper.
I think the total yards by backs alone increases, while rush yards at QB goes down. Alot if Dormady gets the job(while i think passing goes up), a little if its GuaraNTANO
Unless chip Kelly says he's fyi mg to be a vol, butch ain't going anywhere
Where he put a # on it? More=9
Glad he made it 2 East 10, but also concerns me that he'll probably step in automatic #1 db.
I really think they'll be better than most. I see 9 wins. The o-lines solid, RBS aren't bad, wr and te will be OK I believe, and Dormancy/Gaurantano will be a good QB whoever it is. Most starters this year got experience, they'll be fine.
This is a huge get. The 18 class is looking like it may be his best yet, offensively anyways. Hope he signs.
Good for him. Gr8 kid, he deserves the best future possible. Hope his NFL career goes well and we get to keep watching him play. Also, glad he got his degree just in case. Getting paid either way.
I hope JG gets it. I think he makes the offense more dynamic with the running. I'm excited for this season I think they'll be better than most think.
I think Tennessee will be a lot better than most believe. They will compete 4 the east.
Croom could end up being a neck of a steal. Red zone threat.
Didn't Schuler year his Achilles tendon and ends his career due to injuries? He was a great qb at UT. Clausen had an amazing record, especially on the road. Peyton was Peyton. Hopefully one of the young qbs on roster join this list one day.
Man this craps weak. Kid worked his butt off n was throughout his entire UT career known as a hard working player who the coaches favored for work ethic. Plus, when he was dragging UGA or U F defenders didn't he seem 2 love it
I think 121 has a lot more potential than most believe.