Im die hard auburn fan alabama hater

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You non playing nobody I don't think it's wise for you to say anything Mr I got my azz handed to me because I don't play nobody Mr 44-16
Are you re re we don't need him just like we don't need you putting words in our mouths Go be bamaturd fan F bama or anything got to do with bama
Petteway missed four games got over 1200 yards what are y'all talking about
He sounds like got milk always complaining about something
Fire gus fill up his bus send him on his way I love auburn and our auburn players I just want the best for our players FIRE HIS BUTT
Fire gus the bus should leave get out of auburn
Fire him 3 years of nothing but a bunch of flute plays
Fire him auburn don't need him 3 year of nothing but a bunch of flute plays
Atlease we went to couple championship past 10 years where did Georgia go
This is about his brother (caylin newton) not cam Newton who care MS paid cam to come and he went auburn