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Believe what you want, but honestly I couldn't care less what teams go where. If it isn't a playoff (and if I'm not going to the game), I honestly don't care where the Gators go. Aside from the playoffs, bowl games are basically exhibition games. The game and destination in itself is of little concern to me. What really matters is just getting one more chance to see my team play.
To rebut that point, do you think it was more penalizing UGA for losing, or awarding Bama for winning? To my mind,(most likely wrong) if it is for a playoff spot, it is weighed more heavily that the other NY6 games. But as far as dropping them, who should be ahead? Would you put UGA ahead, since UF beat them and only has 1 more loss because they played 1 more game? If you compare resumes, how do the Bama games for each team compare? No shade intended, serious question.
You have a point Booches. Yeah UF didn't win thise games, but you what game they did win? That's right, Mizzou. It never ceases to amaze me how fans from team A, that got steamrolled by team B, run their mouths so much when team B loses to someone else. What sense does that make? I mean, maybe if your team lost on a fluke last minute play, MAYYYYBE you could do it. But not when your team got straight gobsmacked by the team you're trying to clown. Not a good look.
No, not way off at all. If Bama lost Jones, they would still be a contender to the SEC title. If they lost Smith, same. Harris would make it a little more worrisome. Without Trask, UF would not have been in Atlanta. So yes. If we are talking about one player making the biggest impact for their team, then Trask>Jones, Harris, or Smith. But is he better than any of those players individually? Not my call to make as I'm a biased fan and don't have a Heisman vote. But is he more of a one man band? Yup.
Did he though? He had an outstanding game and season for sure. But Trask was lights out also, so he certainly didn't hurt his case. If I were in Mac's position, I'd be worried that Harris and Smith might split the vote just enough to cost me the trophy. Personally, I think the 4 most deserving players were all on the same field tonight. Jones, Trask, Smith, and Harris all have extremely strong arguments in their favor. No matter who wins it, as long as it is one of those 4, it's hard to disagree.
Good game and Congrats to Bama! The Tide is clearly the #1 team in the playoffs, but honestly, TAMU or Florida would beat ND or OSU. It's a crying shame that 1 or both of those teams will get in because the SEC had to cannibalize itself this year. Ya know, with this covid season, Trask and KT could come back, and Pitts still has 2 years of eligibility. I know, I know. But a guy can dream, right?
A pick that happened as a result of defensive pass interference no less.
Ehh, Toney is really that fast compared to the other skill players. He is probably the most shifty player in the SEC, possibly the nation, but his speed isn't all that great. He gets ran down from behind often. But when he sees you coming, hes hard to bring down. He certainly isn't slow, but not a blazer either.
As much as I hate to, I gotta side with the UGA fans. Fake news here. Seems like someone is a little overly sensitive.
Uhhhh, seriously? You're going to compare Ole Miss, who put up 600+ against bother Bama and LSU last year with Matt Luke at the helm to Arkansas. Now they have Kiffin who will make the offense better, and Florida hasn't live tackled in months. So yeah, I'd say it's not a shocking outcome. Keep in mind, UF was missing key starters on defense. Also remember, UF looked horrible on D last year in the opener yet ended up top 10, so they likely will improve as they get back in the swing of live tackling. UGA on the other hand, took a second half comeback to beat arguably the worst team in the conference. Sorry Arky. So while you can't practice live tackling without actually, well you know, LIVE TACKLING, what you CAN practice is blocking, route trees, etc. Even though I'm not thrilled with the yardage given up, I'd be more concerned if my offense couldn't move the ball against a team that hasn't won a conference game in a few seasons.
What a shocker, a pup is the first to comment. One would assume when it takes a 2nd half comeback to beat Arky, you would have some concerns with your own team. But nope, no self awareness.
Yeah, everyone knows his father said that. Everyone knows that Jones was (is?) A scumbag. Everyone knows that Mullen flew out to talk to the family. Here's what we don't know: Would he have transferred anyway? Was he just homesick and looking for an out? It appears so, unless of course he had the horrible fortune to get another scummy roommate at Oregon....
^ Blitzer beat me to it lol. But yes, that's more like it.
The problem here is that there was no pressure. It was all "what if". Virtue signaling at its finest.
Ok...which one of you clowns hacked TDOW's account. An actual sensical post is not his style. Give us the troll back that we've all come to know.
That's where you're messing up Dan. You gotta do that on the recruiting trail. And you all think it's bagman. Ha! The lack of gag reflex gets waaaaay more players on board!!!
Still salty about the spankings Meyer put on you guys? It's funny how cocky the pups got just off a bye week. Must have pulled a Muschamp and "kicked the bye weeks a$$" because the last 2 outings sure haven't been anything to brag about.