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I'm not sure I agree with the "unravel so fast" narrative. It may seem that way to someone on the outside looking in, or casual fan. But to true blood, sweat, and tears fans, we see what is going on. Napier said it would get worse before it gets better and things needed to be completely restructured. It seems like a lot of shaking up is happening, which to me at least, seems like a good thing. Sure, there are a lot of lower level recruits, but how long has the staff been there? They had days to make a dent in relationships years in the making with players and other schools. Now if next year on NSD it's all 3 star guys, then we can hit the panic button. I'm personally all for giving this guy time.
Also, performance wasn't solely based on football. Class/team meeting attendance, grades, etc all plays a part.
Also, numbers came into play. Just because you had a certain jersey number before, if someone else wanted it and they outperformed you on the field, they would have the option to take it. Basically anything and everything in the department was up for grabs based on performance.
*Don't shoot the messenger!!!* This is word of mouth at this point!!! This is what I was told by someone that has a brother that works in the UF athletic department, but not directly with football. Supposedly there was a meeting in which the team was told that EVERY position was up for grabs and EVERYONE had to earn their spot and NOTHING was guaranteed to anyone. This was regardless of player, experience, class, eligibility, or previous stats/performance on the field. This allegedly angered many players, Hopper among them. The staff told them that even after a spot was initially earned and a game started, players would be expected to earn their starting role every week on the practice field. At this point, hopper allegedly made a smart comment to the coach. The coach then said that things like that were what was wrong with the current culture and were what they were focusing on fixing. Any player that felt that way would either need to fix their mindset and buy in, or find a new home. Supposedly G. Dexter talked him back out of the portal originally and told him he would be able to earn his spot easily. However, over the weekend Hopper Supposedly had friends/family in his ear telling him he didn't have to show them anything, that his play on the field spoke loud enough if they couldn't see that then they didn't deserve to have Hopper on the team. Again, all word of mouth. I can't confirm or deny. Simply what was passed on to me by someone that has a connection, albeit loosely, to the athletic department at UF.
Kirkm,if you watched all the games from the bases you say, you weren't seeing much combat yourself, so stfu about it. Those of us with high op tempo in actual forward positions didn't have the luxury of watching those games. Effing POG's sitting in the rear are always the first ones yelling "YOU WEREN'T THERE!"
I doubt they care. It appears to be a burner account based off the post history.
I didn't think anyone would top negan, tdow, corch, or various other uga trolls. But here we are. This man singlehandedly took the crown from uga as worst fanbase on SDS. Uhh, congratulations?
This is the second post of tour like this I've seen. What is wrong with you?
Went a little far with that one, didn't you bud?
Gump, Yes, I am "Seriously." Bama was the 2021 CFP Champs. Its easy to look up. 80, Ho is it trolling if I'm just pointing out a fact? It would be trolling if I pointed out said fact and took a shot at someone. The later, I did not. Wildcat, Witless? I don't think that would be accurate considering I'm right. Again, it is easy to see for yourself. Bama played OSU in Miami for the 2021 CFP Championship.
I believe you have me confused with someone else. If you go through my comment history, I said exactly none of those things.
No kidding. But they are the 2022 Champs ya dingus. Championships are recognized for when they're played, not the season they follow.
(he already has the haircut) "So you're saying there's a chance...?"
I want to see ND in there for reasons besides UGA missing out. It would be hilarious to see Kelly ghost his team for a chance to coach another that he thinks gives him a better shot to win it all. Only to have the team he shafted make the playoffs, and hopefully win, and him not get his name in the books as the coach.
They should have Auburn play UCF. That would make for interesting back stories.
Well, I'm originally from Florida before moving in middle school,my grandparents went to UF, my father played fiotball at UF, an uncle played baseball at UF, UF is closer to where I live than UGA, AU, Bama, about the same distance as FSU but no family ties to FSU. I guess take your pick of any of thise reasons haha.
Mountain, took the words out of my mouth. Not to bash the hire, or Kelly, but all any SEC fan has said for years is that ND only looks good because of the bums they play, and any time they get in a game with a top 10 team they get boat raced. Now all the sudden he's great? I don't get it. Again, not to bash Kelly, just pointing out the how fickle people's opinions can be. Personally, my opinion(as if it mattered) is the samebon this hire as any other. We'll see. Either boom or bust. Leaning more towards boom, but we'll see.
It's interesting that Belk is a defensive coordinator. He was our quarterback at Lowndes High when I played. Won a few state titles while we were there. Lost touch after school since he went to college, and I joined the Marines. I heard he was coaching, but no idea it was on the other side of the ball. I could easily see him at Florida since it would only put him about an hour and a half from home. Wonder if he could slip an old teammate a few tickets? Haha But seriously, regardless of whether or not he comes to Florida, I'm glad the see an old friend having success in life. He's a fine man and deserves it. He definitely held us accountable as a teammate and would do great things for the character of the team.
Believe what you want, but honestly I couldn't care less what teams go where. If it isn't a playoff (and if I'm not going to the game), I honestly don't care where the Gators go. Aside from the playoffs, bowl games are basically exhibition games. The game and destination in itself is of little concern to me. What really matters is just getting one more chance to see my team play.
To rebut that point, do you think it was more penalizing UGA for losing, or awarding Bama for winning? To my mind,(most likely wrong) if it is for a playoff spot, it is weighed more heavily that the other NY6 games. But as far as dropping them, who should be ahead? Would you put UGA ahead, since UF beat them and only has 1 more loss because they played 1 more game? If you compare resumes, how do the Bama games for each team compare? No shade intended, serious question.
You have a point Booches. Yeah UF didn't win thise games, but you what game they did win? That's right, Mizzou. It never ceases to amaze me how fans from team A, that got steamrolled by team B, run their mouths so much when team B loses to someone else. What sense does that make? I mean, maybe if your team lost on a fluke last minute play, MAYYYYBE you could do it. But not when your team got straight gobsmacked by the team you're trying to clown. Not a good look.
No, not way off at all. If Bama lost Jones, they would still be a contender to the SEC title. If they lost Smith, same. Harris would make it a little more worrisome. Without Trask, UF would not have been in Atlanta. So yes. If we are talking about one player making the biggest impact for their team, then Trask>Jones, Harris, or Smith. But is he better than any of those players individually? Not my call to make as I'm a biased fan and don't have a Heisman vote. But is he more of a one man band? Yup.
Did he though? He had an outstanding game and season for sure. But Trask was lights out also, so he certainly didn't hurt his case. If I were in Mac's position, I'd be worried that Harris and Smith might split the vote just enough to cost me the trophy. Personally, I think the 4 most deserving players were all on the same field tonight. Jones, Trask, Smith, and Harris all have extremely strong arguments in their favor. No matter who wins it, as long as it is one of those 4, it's hard to disagree.
Good game and Congrats to Bama! The Tide is clearly the #1 team in the playoffs, but honestly, TAMU or Florida would beat ND or OSU. It's a crying shame that 1 or both of those teams will get in because the SEC had to cannibalize itself this year. Ya know, with this covid season, Trask and KT could come back, and Pitts still has 2 years of eligibility. I know, I know. But a guy can dream, right?