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from the looks of a bunch of your posts there Ole Ronnie boy the law isn't the only thing stupid! Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
2008, you sure do run your mouth a bunch. Would you be interested in meeting and talking about it in person?
I heard Mary Beth will throw in something extra for a tip! LMAO - she a DAWG HO!!!!
I was hoping the headlines read "Negan dies in a horrible painstaking fire"! Oh well, there's always next time!
F U! Go back and look at your comments. Hello pot, I'm kettle! Not our fault your son is a sensitive little B!
Dude, I’ve only been on here for a short while but I can tell what an idiot you are. I bet you got beat up on the playground everyday didn’t you? Now you feel the need to project on the rest of us who just want to talk football and not name call and be an A-hole. You know what they say, people in glass houses!
Yea because contracts can't be bought out! Stop making him repeat this!
I'm guessing this guy doesn't like Bama? Being 1-7 in the last 8, or something like that, will do it to you! Look at it this way, we're 1-0 in our last 1, LOL!
New here, Is this dude serious with this book he just published? Does anyone actually read this garbage? GD, i wasn't looking for a synopsis of UGA's upcoming season I was just looking to talk some football.