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Bammers constantly on their knees yet here you are , on a Bama article I might point out, shining Kirby's knob down to the nuts! Oh the irony!
Hopefully Gravedigger broke the curse for us! 4th & 31!
Making the playoffs last year is a bit of a slide? I disagree with zero margin for error. Kirby took over a 10-2 team and went 7-5 his first year and has since won 2 Natty's so there's a little margin for error!
TG was a beast! Nothing but respect for what he and Chubb have gone through with injuries and still accomplished!
On3 has them at #1 after the 2 latest 5 stars committed! We all know that signing day is a long ways off so calm down folks! Just saying that I don't think anyone expected DeBoer to have this kind of success on the recruiting trail in his first year in the South let alone the SEC.
It's your opinion dude, why would anyone attack you? I don't see anything wrong with that post! I agree mostly.
Can't wait to get going! Can we start the season please?
You may want to delete your account the next time a TN player gets in trouble and you know it's coming! You probably won't though, you'll just name call everyone that posts something negative about it! Seems Like I've seen this somewhere before!
So, if teams don't do what Tn does then it's not the right way to do it? You have NEVER been in that locker room or meeting room when Kirby is addressing the players so you don't know what is going on at UGA or Bama or LSU or even TN for that matter. All you know is what you heard and since someone said it then it must be true right? I swear I've seen this somewhere before!
"According to the head coach, the Bulldogs have tried educating, suspending and even dismissing players for driving incidents. Smart also revealed players have been “fined” in NIL payments by the Classic City Collective and confirmed suspensions will be coming for some of the recent incidents." What more could be done? Educating, suspending and even dismissing players! Now gonna hit em in the wallet! Good for Kirby!
Probably about as many football championships you'll have between now and then!
Hump, it's taken me a while but I have finally realized that life is so much better when you're not walking around with a chip on your shoulder all the time. When I first got on here I had just lost my dad was pissed off at everything and everyone and wanted everyone else to hurt like I was so I would say mean sh!t to people to make myself feel better. I have learned to deal with it over the years and have turned my life around, there's still work to do trust me! I just try to live every day as happy as possible and make sure my family is taken care of and happy too. People on here arguing over a football team that doesn't even know they exist, lol! I get it though, I was born and raised in the South and it does just mean more. A little smack talk is healthy! Do I respect Kirby and what he's done at UGA, hells yes i do just like I'm sure you respect what Saban accomplished at Bama. We can talk ish and still get along, I do it with my buddies every day! Roll Tide and a new screen name is coming!
Well, you're actually the 3rd winningest the century but whatever helps you sleep at night!
I've actually seen Kirby at the beach and no he doesn't but the fact that you keep projecting your Kirby fantasies on us is a little weird.
I thought Hutchinson and East Mississippi was where you went to get your grades back up? Weird!!
I can't stop laughing! Well played sir, well played!
Shocked he didn't go #1! Congrats young man, now go make the most of this opportunity!
Hey Hump, hope things are good! Yeah, Little Ronny's brain is still stuck in 3rd grade or it's quite possible that he didn't even make it that high! He thinks calling people she/her is supposed to be a "burn" to people! LOL
Hey little Ronny, go read the whole exchange before you start calling folks stupid you peasant. That is if you can read. Maybe get one of your buddies that at least stayed in school till 7th grade to read to you.
Ron, you have to be one of if not the biggest idiot on here! You keep showing how brainless you are with every post!
If you are able to have someone go back and read to you what i posted please do so. The "I know it is because I just went through 17 years of it with Saban." Was referencing the microscope that UGA is under for their recent success. We get it, nobody is looking at Auburn and you're a little butthurt for it. Bootlicking for Kirby? Because I defend 2 young men that made mistakes I'm bootlicking? Maybe I'm just tired of idiots like you that seem to have a perfect life and don't ever make mistakes. Should we refer to you as the Lord now? You done yet or do you need some more?
I am not a UGA fan as referenced in the sentence above " I know it is because I just went through 17 years of it with Saban." But thanks for reading the whole thing before you decided to throw your infinite wisdom at us! Yes we know that people died in a horrible accident but that doesn't mean that every kid that gets a ticket for speeding is racing. Man, I can't believe how many perfect people are on this site! Kudos to ya'll!
Umm...there's nothing glaring, We're all glad to know that you and your kids are perfect! I'm going to call BS that you've never drove after drinking or drove above the speed limit and yes it IS a mistake. Man, glad I'm not one of your kids.
Why put this in the headline - "Lost the program" This might be the lowest level of clickbait I've ever seen. This has absolutely nothing to do with losing the program so why even reference it? If what Kirby is doing is losing the program then I can't wait for DeBoer to lose it too! And WTF is up with this quote "He’s paid too well to say the same message without seeking active solutions to this problem." 2 KIDS made a mistake and you write an article about whether their coach basically cares or is doing enough? This is why nobody likes the media. 2 teenagers got tickets for speeding, oh no! Have you ever stopped to think that it's magnified in Athens b/c of the recent success? I know it is because I just went through 17 years of it with Saban. And then to finish with this "Stop me if you’ve heard that before." What a douchebag you are Connor.
"Yes, that is exactly what I did, I endorsed it. Can you achieve a lower level of intelligence? My money is on ‘not possible’" I agree with you Hump, NOT POSSIBLE! You know how these mentally unstable she/her identifiers like to take what you say and have it fit their narrative! Poor Ronnie and Dougie need to find each other so they can be complete!
Doug, you are a miserable POS. The only retribution for your ignorance would be for it to happen to your family. Then we could come on here and say "Out with the fellas in the late night. I hope that doesn’t add up to alcohol being involved." Here's hoping it comes true!