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I think that's far too early for them to speculate. Lawrence and Fields will be the Top 2 QBs, so this would make him #3 which would be quite an achievement for a guy who will be tested against a very tough schedule (like Bama). That being said, if Georgia makes it to the NC game, it's not too far out there.
I believe that Fromm declaring kept Mathis from transferring. He knows he will have a legitimate shot at the position and maybe even some sort of multi-QB swap (who knows that the OC will bring). He wouldn't even consider to transfer till the end of the year in which case, Newman will be gone. He'd only do that if Beck is above him in the charts.
Yeah, for Georgia it's pretty simple. We have difficult games in Auburn (that Bama will have to beat as well) and Texas A&M (Bama's sole decent team victory) and then LSU. We win all 3, then it's a big "duh" as to whether we get in. If we lose then we have 2 losses and that's that. It'd be more of a question if we were undefeated at this point and maybe a close loss at Auburn and a close loss at LSU, but it's pretty much all or nothing for Georgia at this point.
Georgia would have an undefeated schedule if they had Clemson's schedule.
LOL. Why no respect for Clemson? Gee, I don't know. Maybe it was that 1 point win over UNC where they got the same # of 1st Downs, barely more yards and fewer time of possession. At least Georgia put up 30 1st downs vs 16, 468 yards vs 297 and 36 mins to 24 mins. Clemson has played whom? Texas A&M. That's it. Georgia plays them in 2 weeks. They also have wins against Notre Dame and Florida and play Auburn next week. How many shutouts does Clemson have again against their basketball schools? ZERO. Georgia? THREE. I'm not saying Clemson isn't a great team, but the best teams need to play other best teams. Otherwise, you are just putting them in because of their name. Alabama has also played nobody other than Texas A&M and so they should be punished as well since they won't make the SEC Championship game.
Yep. Along those lines is why Georgia lost to Texas in the bowl last year. Texas was ready for Georgia and Georgia was not. I'd love to see statistics of the record of teams playing against opponents that they've trashed talked. I bet it's much lower than you'd think. Football is truly a team sport and if the team is rusty or disorganized or low on passion/energy then they don't stand a shot.