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Well, I for one am excited to welcome a team that for once blew a big halftime lead to us instead of it going the other way in a big game!
Clarify...I've been drinking and that's a little muddy...he is probably the greatest ever.
So when the head coach consistently hires the right people to get it done and is able to consistently win throughout shifting eras of the game, maybe we should give that head coach his due credit and realize that he is probably going to land on his feet no matter how many coordinators leave because he has demonstrated that over and over again. I want to beat the guy for sure, but let's not pretend he is probably the greatest college coach to ever live...not some incompetent being propped up by his coordinators. It's Saban's job to build a.program...not offenses and defenses. He hires people for that and his track record is pretty solid.
We did do fairly well against the other school in this discussion recently though.
I hate Tennessee. As such, I want to play and beat them. With respect to Vandy and Kentucky, there are other sports and both of those schools tend to do pretty well in some of them so no, keep Vandy and Kentucky.
Sure wish we could swap Texas for Clemson though. As for the scraps, maybe the big 10 could grab up Oklahoma State and convince the Irish to join.
Rename it the Southern Conference. 2 Divisions ..SEC and SWC SEC Bama Georgia Florida Auburn Vols Vandy South Carolina Kentucky SWC LSU Mizzou Arkansas A&M Texas Ole Miss MSU Sooners 10 game conference schedule. I'm good with that. I think you get back more rivalries then you lose. Bama and Auburn in the West never made sense to me as the conference expanded westward. Mizzou in the East has always been idiotic.
Lol...honest to God I read that as "Careful throwing those shoes in your glass house"
As we are talking Alabama...he could have said cousin Nick, Uncle Nick, Brother Nick...they are all sort of one in the same out there.
Even if he doesn't play this year it would still be a win since one assumes he will eventually suit up and that it will not be on the Gator side in Jax. Hopefully he gets his head on straight
A lot of people are likely putting in a lot of effort to keep this kid on the straight and narrow. I hope it pans out from not only the team's perspective, but his as well. You'd hate to see that sort of talent wasted Maurice Clarett style.
How miserable does your life have to be that as a fan of a team who's program is on top of the world you are here literally as the first poster of another teams media days. A little back and forth is cool, but there you are in your single wide, probably out in Cullman or some other wonderful Bama town waiting to hit send. Get a life man. I know it's tough since the stimulus payments have dried up, but dude...shave that mullet and get out...everyone is hiring.
Oh stop. There are so many UGA articles where Cojones is literally the first to post. Yes I read Gator articles and other teams too. Sometimes I comment. There are Gator fans that do the same and engage in intelligent discussion and some trolling which is a normal thing. But don't pretend you don't have your share of clowns cluttering up other teams stuff. It's an SEC website during the talking season. Get over yourself
If we are all honest, in an era where teams can pay players...everyone should be worried about the U. They pretty much perfected it.
So if we apply the UF Kirby Smart Standard then we can say Dan Mullen can't develop defensive talent then. I mean that's what I'm always reading about underperforming offenses.
By the same token, for someone that has had some clouds around pretty much every where he's coached, perhaps he should have learned to really don't his i's and cross his t's on stuff like this.
But as a head coach, it is Nick Saban's job to make those hires. It's his job to put the right the right places to win. In short, it isn't his job as the HC to build an's his job to build a championship program. He has. Heuphel has built some offenses that frankly, have declined every year he was there.
This is written from a gambling perspective. As such, I'd take a flier on Emory Jones. No, I'm not rooting for the guy, but if I am betting the odds are good enough for me to make some cash and while I feel the Gator offense has many question marks but if those questions are answered favorably then the offensive output should have Emory Jones in the conversation which would make for a solid payoff. That's my head talking. My heart would hope I lose that money though.
Lol. So is Nature Gator Florida's Megan now? "If only the official hadn't blown that call". There are 100 things that every game turns on. You never know how it would turn out if any of those change. That's why you play them for 60 full minutes. Florida got beat. Just like a lot of other teams. But if almost beating Bama is some sort of prize...well. thing is, it isn't.
I don't disagree, but we are talking a college in the metoo era here. It isnt a cut and dry court case. Public Opinion and perception is far more fickle
Yeah, I hate the guy but his seat isn't hot. Even if things go terrible in Florida this year he can just play the rebuilding angle. He would certainly have to make some.personnel changes, but he's not getting fired.
The fan base would never go for it. If they cut him loose that fanbase would be in a frenzy because things had gone really bad. If they have gone that bad, then the transfer train would be packed. How is that situation anyone they would want to bring in. To be clear, I don't think that's going to happen. Just saying that barring a Jerry Sandusky type scandal he's not going anywhere.
Yeah, a lackluster year and more bad stuff about the program? I could see LSU moving on. Not saying that's likely to happen, but it seems to be the most likely scenario out of a bunch of unlikely scenarios.
Josh Heuphel is a zero. They aren't going to fire him until the NCAA rules on any punishment. Even if he goes 0-11, who do you get to come.into that situation?
Yeah, I just don't see Jimbo's seat as warm unless they just implode and drop like 7 or some other intervention by the Gods of Football.