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The kid hadn't played a game in what...almost 2 years? Yes, the article is game is still one game. But watching the QB play last year and to this point this season, it was refreshing and certainly gives you pause thinking that he is likely going to get better. Heck just seeing receivers not have to adjust to deep balls thrown 5 yards short was refreshing. He looked solid. Looking towards next season at this point, you will take it and hope next spring doesnt involve drama at the QB position.
Between him being out and Bennett's recent play should be pretty easy to just sell out and stop the run. If they can then it could be a very long day. Lots of question marks for sure.
Solid analysis and one you can pretty much cut and paste for any recent game. Conversely if Georgia can't run? Long day for them. Enough talking...let's at the game.
And are we going to pretend 1998 was yesterday? Yeah, I get it...UGA is in a long drought. But I enlisted in 1998. I've been retired for 2 years now so it isn't like the Vols are doing so hot there.
Wait...UGA hasn't won a conference championship under Kirby Smart in the last 4 years? You sure about that @usmcvol?
Some teams have coaching staffs that seem to take it a bit lighter than others though.
Tennessee's championship is old enough to drink now. They haven't been close since then and there is nothing to indicate they are within a decade of changing that.
Yeah, go figure that they are talking about their opponent this week. What Gives?
The way this season is going, I wouldn't be completely shocked if they split the season and championship game matchups and play a third time in the playoff. In a normal season, probably not but this year who knows.
Agreed. LSU was the only team that really beat Georgia's defense last year, but I have no doubt Bama would have had similar results. I think those fundamentals hold true today. Georgia's offense looks better this year, but that is a tall order where they are at now. But that's why they play the games and Georgia certainly could win. We haven't seen either team in this type of game yet.
Couldn't be any worse than Steve Spurrier's stint with Washington.
You are right @gatorbait. Georgia should just forfeit. Then again, Mullen should probably.just mail that W to Athens by your logic.
Like a Moth to the fire...GWhite returns to the site of the troll. Literally nothing you so obnoxiously proclaimed all week came true. You said theyd run up and down on Georgia. They had -1 yard rushing. The "Best O Line in the Country looked like smelly garbage" On what planet it Tennessee going to win out except for Bama? Kentucky, A&M, Arkansas and Florida remain for you guys (I'l give you Vandy). None of those are automatic. I thing the Gators and A&M will be favored to win.
So your point is taken, but my inner retro PC nerd is triggered. I own both a Commodore PET and a TRS-80 that were both made prior to 1980. I won't count my Altair clone as programming bit by bit doesn't really fit the modern PC description. The PET is iffy, but most count it but the TRS-80 is unquestionably a desktop computer. The Apple IIC went on sale in 77 as well IIRC. Anyway, like I said, your point is well taken, but you are incorrect.
None of what you said matters. They got beat on the field. Their only loss comes to number 2. Rankings arent based on hypothetical matchups. It was a game the Gators were picked to win and they did not. Their ranking was based on their all universe offense being able to overcome their middle school caliber defense. It did not. A&M has the better loss and the win head to head. No reason for them to be ranked lower.
Keep right on Shreveport for the Independence bowl.
I don't think it was exposed as bad...just not good enough to overcome that defense. Last year LSU's offense allowed their defense to figure it out and it was playing very well by the end of the season. The Gators defense doesn't look like it is getting better week to week. So I meant the team as a whole. The gators don't need a great defense with what they can do on offense, but they do need the occasional third down stop. Where do they get better?
Thats fair...the trolls know who they are.
Solid take. I'd say after today the Gators have more questions to answer than Tennessee.
Down? All Week I have been reading the Vols were back. Did George Pickens stomp on anyone's head?
Oh I said they would win. Certain trolls who have yet to show up told me over and over why I was wrong. They have yet to show. They were in here talking at halftime of the Arkansas game though. Now...Nothing. That is cowardly my friend.
Look, the only offense last year that beat Georgia's Defense was LSU. (The South Carolina game was an everything went wrong game and the Offense didn't show up...The Defense played well enough to win.) That is what it will take to beat this team. a 2019 LSU level offense or the team laying an egg. The later could seems to every year, but who has that level offense if they don't? The Gators? Exposed. Bama? Maybe, but they are getting all they can handle from ole Miss. Georgia beat Tennessee on every level. they were outmatched. Better and improving...sure, but not at the level that the Vol Trolls had been trumpeting all week. They were in the game for a half because Georgia couldnt get out of their own way. THAT'S what happened