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Can I get No Jackson's White Sox jersey from the Nolan Ryan / Robin Ventura headlock brawl? Lost in what was one of Baseballs greatest moments was No Jackson moving piles of dudes around that field like it was nothing.
We need one of these for jerseys we'd like to have to wipe our kiesters with.
Cobain's unplugged guitar. I could use the 6 or so million bucks.
Yep. And draped over the chair Larry Munson broke in the press booth making the call.
Well there is a first time for everything but yeah, it is a 50-50 game at best right now.
I mean if you are a Florida fan I guess I can see optimism, but at best that game is 50-50 based on what we know and that assumes Georgia's 2019 offense shows up. Again, it's what we know at this point which is basically Jack and squat because people get hurt and stuff happens.
Maybe Mizzou is on the right track, but given where they are in relation to the rest of the East, 2 years seems really optimistic. You can change the system, but they aren't close to TN right now...let alone Florida or Georgia. It takes time, especially in the SEC.
So long as Kirby handles Florida routinely he'll keep his job. Mark Richt would still be there if the 10 games he won most years included the Gators more. Nothing will get a HC from either of those schools run out on a rail quicker than the inability to beat the other. If Mullen doesn't get over that hump in the next year or two, the seat will get hot barring a playoff appearance. Rule 1 of college have to beat your rivals. Ask Jim Harbaugh how hot that seat is getting.
Dude Coach O isn't going anywhere. That guy personifies LSU. They love him and he loves it there and he has been successful. No, he isn't going to reproduce 2019 every year. But he will have plenty of success to keep his job and there is no reason to suggest he won't be in the playoff conversation more years than not.
By the same token, Mac Jones looked very good...throwing to a couple of dudes that went in the first round. Talent at WR matters to the QB. UGA has way more than Wake. These things are what make the college game interesting...things change year to year. I'm cautiously optimistic.
"The wrong one was at UGA last year!" Wonder if Ohio State fans feel the same seeing Joe Burrow hoist the trophy. Yeah, you got Fields, but you let that Joe Burrow guy go as part of it. Good Job.
Kirby's offense under Fromm went deeper than OSU's under Fields. And why are we already annointing Fields based on one good season? Fromm had a great season. You don't know what he will do this year. What if the "One read than run" stuff is true and big 10 defenses figure out how to scheme it. What if the lack ofJK Dobbins in the backfield adds pressure. All we know is Fields had a better year than Fromm last year, but unless Ohio State brings it home who cares. He has yet to carry Ohio State as deep in the playoffs as Fromm did UGA. You don't know what he'll do this season. We do know that the dude they kicked to the curb when they annointed Fields completed one of the best if not the best season in the history of the game, won a Natty and a Heisman, and went number 1 in the draft. Maybe Fields will work out, but it is far from being settled that Georgia was worse off with Fromm. The results on the field will measure that.
But you are on here talking smack about Fromm when all you have is a bunch of maybes, wishes, and hopes. So you are telling me that you'll be able to recruit with that? So you are a young offensive player. Maybe you could go to Bama, LSU, Auburn, UGA, or Florida but you know you'll be on the bench for a while and you want to play. So you look at the up and comers. You can go to Tennessee which is much closer, Maybe A&M. If you want to be part of a real turnaround...hmm, I can play for Mike Leach or Lane Muffin. Why does that kid pick Mizzou? Recent results show they aren't. Maybe if they beat Vandy this year they'll get some recruiting capital. Either way, as a UGA fan in the 90's, I kept my head down and hoped for better times. I'd advise you to do the same. You don't talk smack about top teams when you are terrible.
Fromm over Fields because as a second year coach you don't bench the guy that just won you a playoff game and played you to OT in the natty (Has Fields won a playoff game? I know that kid they chose Fields over had a pretty good year down at LSU.) Hindsight is 20/20, but look at Fromms year. Big win at Notre Dame, Big Rose Bowl Comeback, solid national championship performance. No coach benches that guy for Justin Fields at that stage. Same can be said of the Burrow deal. OSU had no reason to assume Joe Burrow was going to do what he did and be so much better than Fields. It's football, sometimes stuff just happens. The state of the QB room tells me now though that he seems unwilling to have that happen again. Besides, Fromm had one great year. Let's see what Fields does this year and if he brings a Natty to OSU. The only part of this argument that is 100 percent settled? OSU should have gone with Joe Burrow.
So...Burrow was much better than Fields yet Fields was starting at Burrow's school while Burrow was leading his team to what I feel was the greatest season in the history of the game and winning a Heisman. Sometimes stuff happens. It is awfully hard for a second year coach to put a dude that had you in the championship game on the bench. I think now he could manage it, but not then. Plus he'd have had to redesign an offense that once again, had them in the title game. Second year coaches don't do that. All indications are it's not something he'd repeat though.
Are you alleging illegal activity? Or are you just flapping your gums and making excuses?
@booches94 the irony in all that is that the team that went for Fields...the almost winner of the Heisman kicked the dude that actually won the Heisman and put up one of the greatest single seasons in the history of the game. LSU got Joe Burrow and a Natty. I know which one is have preferred.
The Fields/Fromm thing happened for a number of reasons but it looks at this point like Kirby has learned and changed his philosophy given the current state of the QB room. And at the end of the day, let's not let Ohio State off the hook. How many QBs did they start over Joe Burrow? That's criminal mismanagement to the point of Terell Davis basically riding the pine at UGA back in the day only to put up 2000 yards in a season at Denver in the pros.
Calls out Florida and Georgia's cupcake schwdule after getting beat again by both of them. Good Job.
I mean you can talk all the smack you want Gump, but it's akin to me talking ack to a Gator Fan in the 90s. Yeah you've been pretty much owned by UGA at that level. Sontalk away, but it really is better to just bidenyour time until things improve.
With respect to the best "classic" game that has been aired, the miracle on ice was on the other day. I can't think of a single sporting event that meant so much to so many...and 1980 was a pretty big year in terms of sports for me lol.
Yep @JTF. I challenge any Gator fan to convince anyone that Dan Mullen wouldn't love to be in this situation. "Man, I've got too much depth and tallent at the QB position" - No head coach in the history of the game.
Why did Mizzou still stink even with an NFL second rounder under center?
Yet you Auburn has won 2 of their last 10 vs UGA. I know, talking smack is part of the game, but you don't talk smack about weak schedules with respect team that has owned yours for 10 meetings
I don't get this. I mean good, competition is good, but the QB room looks pretty good at UGA next year. I cant see him starting this year and he will be competing with another 5 star next year. Again, I'm good with it, but it seems like their were better fits for him.
Auburn has won six times in their last 20 meetings with Georgia and 2 of their last 10 so feel free to count your own team among those "cupcakes" on Georgia's schedule I guess C21.
Does Hines Ward count LOL. I mean, he played QB and certainly had a successful career at the next level, all be it catching passes vs throwing them. Perhaps the greatest receiver to play QB in the SEC! I know he is not anywhere close to this discussion, but I would liked to have seen Eric Zier in a modern offense. But the answer is Danny Weurffel though Tebow is also acceptable.