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Honorable Mention: Tennessee choking in the CWS.
He's going to the Gators. It's a done deal.
Lol... Georgia boat raced Tennessee with the flu and had the cheerleaders playing in the 4th quarter. We know. They didn't beat anyone though lol. Tennessee though... 1998
South Carolina has the most talented rooster in the SEC and it isn't close.
Yawn. If we are talking about overall history then Yale and Princeton are pretty solid too. Nobody cares C H U M P
GWhite said they don't even have to be good so does the defense even matter?
You can win like 6 games and make the playoff in the B1G. Of course you'll get rolled by an SEC school, but hey
I have checked the score and we have determined that is a lie... Tennessee did in fact lose to Purdue in the Music City Bowl.
You aren't even "better overall" than Vanderbilt, let alone Georgia.
Texas has won a football championship more recently than Tennessee. Additionally they have won multiple baseball championships to Tennessee's none and advanced farther in the tournament this year than the Vols did.
Because you are always running your mouths about Texas not being worthy, yet the last time you won a championship in any of the big 4 sports Hitler was invading Poland.
For a school that has never made a final 4 and hasnt appeared in a CWS Final since Harry Truman was in office you guys sure talk about "other sports" a lot. At least Vanderbilt wins those other sports from time to time. Tennessee is good at nothing and is more Sun Belt worthy nowadays.
Applying that standard then are A&M, Tennessee or Mizzou "SEC worthy"?
They can jump into the Sunbelt or a regional conference more in line with their talent level then. Have they won a title since 1939? Because I don't hear anyone calling A&M irrelevant to the SEC for their football futility.
Tennessee hasn't won anything in anything since Bill Clinton was President but we let them hang around. Texas is more relevant than the Vols already on day 1
it is with respect to durability, or so I hear
They will be good enough to whip the Gators for sure
Has your wife noticed a decrease in tips in the VIP room with all the inflation? I said, I have my Braves. Bama has...well...I guess that Hyundai plant or something