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I think Dabo has demonstrated long term success. A down year doesn't change that.
Bet you'd like some.of those Richt 10 win seasons about now though.
Look at you talking smack after you lost. You didn't score on our D either. End result, you lost. The difference of course is we figured out how to score as the season progressed while you guys figured out how to get beat by NC State and play thrillers vs. Syracuse. Enjoy the Music City Bowl.
I take it as a compliment. The number 11 team in the country was going all out for a moral victory. Stoops can still have a historic season for Kentucky and that drive was something to build on for them.
I didn't read all of that, but I assume Negan is no longer calling for Carson Beck.
Yep. There has been no reason to rush him back. I believe he will start in Florida and the team will be as close to full strength as we are likely to see with the exception of Pickens coming back for a playoff run.
When you look at the Gator QB's of the past it's a tough call on Track but you can certainly make the argument either way. Kyle Pitts at TE there is no debating though. He constitutes a "Generational Talent".
Bad year at UGA = 2 losses to the division champs and the national champs and a win in a New Years Six bowl against this week's likely number 2 team. "Special Team" under Mullet = 4 losses to include an embarrassment in a NY6 bowl and an inexplicable home loss to a bad LSU team. We haven't yet seen how bad a bad year is going to get. I'm sure he'll coach em' up.
That timeout and meaningless score with seconds left cost people money lol.
But hey, we do drop one to an unranked team from time to time, so you have that going for you in Jax.
How many did you score in your almost win vs. Kentucky again?
He is clearly the future. I respect EJ for staying and waiting his turn, but this season was his chance and it didn't happen. No reason not to let AR have the remainder of the season and learn. Every minute he plays this year makes him better next year.
He is kind of living the dream. I certainly wouldn't blame him.
So who is at the top of the Gator's coaching search if they do send Dan packing. I wish Spurrier would come back. I'd him when we don't stink for a decade plus!
Good Lord. It's only news if nobody is calling him out. Hating on Gary Danielson is the one thing fans of every team can agree on.
Rapid Reaction...Florida Stinks. From the Cocktail Party deciding the East to one team likely not being ranked. Solid.