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Well they played an SEC team in a bowl game last beat the tar out of them.
Heuphel has to run an extremely tight ship. The Vols are already likely looking at an NCAA investigation that is likely to involve the phrase "lack of institutional control". Not dealing with this swiftly and harshly would not send a good message. Besides, they are going to be down for some time. No reason not to set that standard now. Just be sure if you are a Vols fan to have the last player to leave Knoxville switch off the lights.
You get that far though and those guys have a season of experience and we're good enough to get to the playoff so I'll take it.
Can Dan the Man snap his 4 game skid and is Oklahoma still scoring on the Gators?
I'd tend to agree. The perception was that it would have been Newman's show last season, JT this year and Vandergriff vs Beck after that. Gunner Stockton wasn't yet in the picture. Either way, while I agree he was likely better than Bennett and Mathis, The timing didn't look good for him.
I see all world almost Heisman Kyle Trask nearly slipped to the third round and was picked just ahead of Kellen Mond. On the plus side, he finally was able to beat Mond...barely.
Mac came out pretty good. He won't have to perform right away with Cam still there and he will have Bill Belicheck in his ear and be in a great organization. Seems like a solid recipe for long term success.
Still, hard to see how the Jags lose here. Best case would be they get a productive tight end for a few years. Tebow should be in reasonable shape and he doesn't have years of wear and tear on his body. I wouldn't bet against the guy
True, but he isn't going to have the wear and tear of a a34 year old tight end either. It also isn't like he's been sitting on his couch pounding natty lites since he left the league either. He should be in pretty good shape just coming out of AAA baseball. Either way, hard to see how the Jags lose in this deal if they do bring him in.
I wouldn't say an easy win at Auburn by any stretch, I was simply saying if there were odds on the game right now Georgia would be favored. It's the talking season so we talk. Eventually we will start playing games and things can change.
I don't see that. The schedule heavily favors Georgia this year. Georgia gets Arkansas (at Home) and Auburn (at Auburn) from the West. Anything can happen, but those are certainly games that at this point they'd be favored in. Florida gets Bama early, a game they'll likely be the underdog in and LSU at Baton Rouge, which is probably a 50/50 right now. Certainly Florida has a few extra obstacles this season as they could beat Georgia, drop those two and still lose the East. Not a knock on them...Georgia had Bama early last year. Sometimes the schedule gets you. We can all agree though, even as two of the biggest rival fanbases in all of sport that yes, Tennessee is in fact a joke.
But you should have a solid shot against FAU in the opener.
UF #1 Concern: Snapping that 4 game losing streak!
He's a grad transfer though. They haven't ever had to sit.
You so realize that he has played in a few games since his USC time, right?
Did they win the National Championship or not? That is typically how Alabama defines their seasons. They are on a different level than the rest of the league.
Well he has done well in some games since then. I like to forget 2020 too, but he had a good year.
Ever? I mean they play Ohio State sometimes...Notre Dame...and Florida this year. Plenty of games I'm rooting for Bama.
Looks like Darnell Washington got some yards. If they can get him in the offense that goes a long way to making up for the loss of George Pickens.
Wow...first post MrTruth I read a bunch of whining in a Gator article that only Began does that.
I can see the ads now...picture it. Schumer and Pelosi's head are superimposed onto the bodies of Tennessee Defensive Backs and the ad fades to black with Larry Munson proclaiming "My God...a Freshman!"
You know, we don't agree often @Nature Gator, but when you are right, you are right. I think that would be a solid ballance, allowing coaches to build programs but also giving players one last shot to impress if they just didn't work out where they signed. Yes, if a coach is fired or bails, players should be able to as well at that point.
It's funny because the Cocktail Party kind of has a history of being a one sided affair over the last half century for long periods of time. Georgia owned the 70's and 80's and Florida definitely got payback over the following 20 years. It is really only since 2008 or so that it sort of pivoted back to a more evenly matched affar. Even up until 2018 is was typically a one team was up and the other down deal though. 2018 marked the turning point for it sort of taking on national interest (at least in recent years) with both teams coming in with top 10 rankings. I expect that will hold for 2021, hence the interest. Rivalries ebb and flow a bit. I remember when I lived in Jacksonville in the 90's the local sports talk personality (David Lamm IIRC) was taking calls on the topic of weather FSU had replaced Georgia as the Gators biggest rivalry. To the credit of Gator Nation, most callers argued that while the game was more important at the time (no arguement there), that they still saw Georgia as the rivalry no matter how one sided it had become (and it was ugly from my perspective LOL). As a Georgia fan, I reciprocate those feelings and consider a 1-10 campaign with the 1 win coming in Jacksonville an OK season.
If the comment is longer than the article, you are too wordy and nobody is reading it.
I feel like the 2020 season may set us back with respect to quality out of conference games. Why? Because the commitee showed you dont have to play any games, let alone quality games to pass the "eye test" and get in. I could see us returning to the late 90's where teams would run it up against bad teams to impress the computers or in this case, the "Eye Test" You look at my Dawgs opening vs. Clemson. I am excited as a fan for that but from a practical perspective, why play that game if you are either school? Just score 60 on a cupcake and don't drop any late games and if you are worried about a late loss, just have your conference cancel the games for you. Same holds for games like the Gators and Texas. The commitee isn't rewarding least if your school is a known quantity (OSU). Having said all that, this is a good game for the fans and at least brings some intrigue. But it is also one the Gators should (and will IMHO) win pretty handily.