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I am sure all of those coaches will manage to figure out what QB to start somehow.
The roster moves of the New York Mets are Gator Content?
I called it. He said he wants to be "the man". Furthermore Mullen has an established track record of using the tight end. With Darnell Washington beginning to emerge last year in the revamped offense he wasn't going to be "the man" but splitting time with another 5 star and an established receiving corps at UGA. The move never made sense in my mind unless it was purely a homesick thing. Good pick up for the Gators though and he will do well there I'm sure.
He should go to Gainesville and those shoes instead of footballs.
We have Clemson scheduled a lot in the coming decade. There is one season where they currently have both them and Ohio State. But yeah, I guess that's weak because Georgia Tech. I'm sure that Akron game will be fun to watch. I do think Auburn will manage to win late, but it'll be worth watching.
People have to want the job. A demanding fanbase, a current dumpster fire with respect to decommits and transfers and the NCAA hammer coming...who wants the job? They need a coach to get them through the coming winter and I can't believe I'm saying this, but get the program to Kentucky and Mizzou's level. Then they can try to get back to their late 90s level.
Oh are we just summing up programs with one cute little phrase like 1980? Let me try for the Vols: Lack of Institutional Control That one will be prominent in your next decade. Dear lord if you are going to cheat at least go all in like Miami and win something. Who cheats and comes up with 3 wins to show for it. And your Natty is old enough to go to the bar and order a Natty...just saying.
So if I follow your logic @Booches, clearly Georgia is scared of UCF because they didn't schedule them and instead opted to add a big old helping of Clemson and Ohio State to their schedule instead. FSU is better than UCF. Why would the Gators pick a worse in state team instead.
As for LSU, I have them bouncing back in a big way and figure them for 2 losses.
You'd assume Bama and Georgia. The third is dicey. Kentucky or LSU maybe?
My thinking is that the Gators will not be as good of a team as they were last year, but still win more games. That team dropping 4 was inexplicable.
I'm not sure coach O's buyout is particularly likely. Seems like if the events happen that make his firing likely (the NCAA assault stuff mainly) then LSU would have plenty of cause to can him, this avoiding the buyout. Barring that he has still managed to get a solid 2021 class signed. I don't see any of these as particularly likely anytime soon.
In UT's defense, Tee Martin was there since Peyton. Honestly this is about as good of a hire as they were going to get. If he can see the program through the coming storm and stabilize it to respectability again then that would be a win. It is a long road back but as an institution Tennessee is certainly capable of getting back. The biggest hurdle isn't Florida or Georgia or even Bama is the UT fanbase.
Lol...takes a dig at the final week while opening with Akron while Georgia is playing Clemson though in fairness both of those games should be equally competitive.
Any rational fan or analyst looked at last season and said be tough and Florida was 50-50 at best with most of the analysts picking the Gators. All that QB drama and they still won the games they were supposed to win and got better where they needed to as the season progressed. I give some props to Kirby for that. Sometimes you need a steady hand and I think it will pay off this year.
They can have a drop off from this season and still be in it though.
There is enough film on Trask that this isn't really a big deal. He is a known quantity.
I'd agree with your assessment. The upside is there, but they need it all to go right. Even then I think it is a 50-50 affair in Jacksonville assuming both teams are healthy. I do think Arik Gilbert is going to Florida though. He will have a better shot at being "the guy" there which is what he wants. I am a Darnell Washington believer now that they've decided to use him some and I think he is going to be great as well...but I do hated to see the Gators get a weapon like Gilbert. That guy will be a huge help to a new QB.
I think the Defense will be better. Not great and maybe not good, but better. The lack of preseason prep time probably hurt a Todd Grantham defense more than most as they tend to be complex schemes. As has been pointed out, they do have plenty of talent and I think the prep time will be key. If you couple that with last season's offense I think they are a playoff team. Of course that isn't the case. There is talent on the other side of the ball, but it isn't the known quantity that was their last season. Their are question marks at all of the positions that were key to last year's production. That isn't to say that there isn't talent, but new players and a likely new scheme to support the strengths of a new QB combined with the already existing questions on defense mean they really need a ton to go right. Honestly it reminds me of UGA at the start of last season. Florida is likely better at the QB position but they had fewer questions on defense. I expect a similar result. I don't think they implode by any stretch and I would not be surprised if record wise they were better than the 2020 team, but that is more because I don't see how that team dropped 4 games. 2-3 losses would be my guess.
NCAA issues nonwithstanding, I think LSU is set up nicely going into 2021. They'll be on the upswing in my opinion.
This would probably be my take if I we're a QB as well...Draft all the receivers and Offensive Linemen.
Lol @oskie. I joined the Army in 1998. I'm currently retired. 1980 was a long time ago, but I had a whole career from E1 to Chief Warrant Officer and 3 deployments in the time since Tennessee last won and it isn't like they are likely to get there this decade.
Tennessee is where Georgia was in the 90s...wandering in the desert that was the Ray Goff/Jim Dohnan era. It is a long road back unfortunately for them. The important thing here is to get a guy that starts then down that road. He may not be the one that gets them to competing for titles, but they need someone that gets them back to being respectable.
They didn't drop 3 this year and they spent half the season with a garden gnome under center. They'll be in the mix, especially if they can get by Clemson in the opener.
Lol @oskie. I joined the Army in 1998. I'm currently retired. 1980 was a long time ago, but I had a whole career from E1 to Chief Warrant Officer and 3 deployments in the time since Tennessee last won and it isn't like they are likely to get there this decade.
He won a lot of games. He'd likely still be there had more of them been against the Gators. You can look at the records alone and make this argument I guess, but anyone that actually watched those games under both coaches know there is more to the story. But at the end of the day, it was his inability to consistently beat the Gators even in years where he had the talent advantage and the east was down that made Georgia fans nuts.
But you didn't. I mean if we'd have had a few more seconds in the 2012 SEC Championship it probably would have been different. Funny thing about a football is 60 minutes. Not 61, not 60 minutes and 10 seconds...60 minutes. A loss is a loss.
"...being born in 1952 and being exposed to the best music ever produced!" lived through the early 90s so you were in fact exposed to the best music ever produced.
As a Georgia fan living over here in Alabama, I always hope he'll go into politics lol.