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Yeah, I think the loss of practice time will hurt the Dawgs, especially early in the season in Tuscaloosa. Bama does have a lot of talent to replace too, but they aren't overhauling there offense like Georgia. But if Bama is anything short of elite on offense the Defense may keep the Dawgs in it. LAU was the only offense able to pull away last year, though I do think Bama probably could have as well. Question is, will they be that good this year? Either way, that is a tough one. Now by the time the Cocktail Party rolls around I think it will have sorted out and we will hopefully get both teams at full strength and in stride and see where the chips fall.
Oops...meant Clemson in one of those Ohio State slots.
You have to give them their props here. Nobody in the SEC, and maybe the country has bitten off this big of a chunk over the next decade. Virginia and Texas are the weaker teams on that slate. Ohio State, Oklahoma, Ohio State on top of the home and home with Notre Dame that wrapped up last year? Not sure if it will pay off, but also not sure what more they could do with respect to scheduling real opponents.
Easy. We won the cocktail party. I am a simple fan, 2-9 with wins over the Gators and Jackets and I'm generally happy with the season. College football is fun to me...I'll watch the NFL if all I care about is a championship. Not to say I wouldn't like to grab one every now and again, but I won't lose any sleep if those two happen And I know, Gator fans are gonna chime in with low expectations talk. Whatever, maybe you are correct but I grew up in Jacksonville and I have many Old school Gator fans who feel the same way...Beat Georgia and FSU and they feel pretty good.
Could be blowing them off...could simply not want to fly and shake 400 people's hands given the whole Coronavirus thing.
The writing is on the wall at Bama for him. He wasn't going to get a shot until maybe his senior year.
I wonder if some of these type players are seeing the transfer portal changes coming and in turn go to a school like NC where they'll be able to play quickly vs waiting their turn and then after putting up some numbers move to one of the big schools to up their NFL stock. I almost see it as developing into something akin to minor league baseball where the big fish...the Bamas, Clemson's, Ohio States, UGAs, etc. Are the triple A level with the other power 5 schools being Double A ball and your UCFs and the like serving as the rookie/single A level.
Let's see...why would someone at this exact moment in time not want to travel, likely by airplane to a large public gathering? Perhaps those throwing the event should maybe take a look at the news.
I have several Gator friends. We disagree on most things, as you can imagine but one thing we typically do agree on is Urban Meyer's douchebaggedness. Still, what's he going to say? Bet he also thinks Ohio State will win the B1G and probably likes the Utes chances out in the Pac 12 too!
I would agree, but I live in Alabama. I'm not saying Sabans seat will be warm if Bama looses, but the "The dynasty is over" refrain you already hear creep up on Sports Radio is going to go from whispers to full on yelling. It is important for UGA though, I just wish the game was later in the season. If it turns into a shootout I'd like our offense to have gelled a little more.
Look, Conference championships are nice and a Natty would be great, but at the end of the day if we are 1-10 with the 1 coming in Jacksonville I'm generally happy. And for the old school Gator fans...the ones that are lurking and we're fans before Spurrier...maybe even back when he played you know you feel the same. Search your know it to be true. And oh yeah, to #ell with Georgia Tech too!
See, you have exposed yourself as not being a true fan. If you were a real Dawg you'd know that the only real savior would be either Ray Goff or Jim Donnan...we are just too far down the crapper for anyone else. Now go Google who they are and craft your troll reaponse
I agree, but signs are that it will be better even if Newman isn't the second coming of Joe Burrow or Kyle Trask for that matter. Last year was Swift, Cager, or 3 and Out. Newman is at least a threat with his legs. That makes the running game better. He also is a better downfield threat. Even with the "one proven" receiver, that's really all they had last year and they certainly look on paper (all we have at this point) stronger. Darnell Washington at TE is a massive target that will be difficult to defend in the red zone. And they still look very good at running back and have again recruited well. They could not stretch the field last year, be it because of Fromm's armstrength, a lack of receivers around him, or just a boneheaded scheme. The early returns look like that won't be an issue this year and with the way the defense is shaping up Newman will likely not have to be the second coming of Joe Montana. But you are correct, they could be worse but I think most everybody would be surprised if that were the case. Also, barring them laying an egg like SC, it took LSU's offense to beat their defense that looks to be as good. Florida could win, but I maintain the game is at best a toss up at this point based on what we know. Yes, clearly an elite offense was able to get the better of the defense (I think Bama would have as well). Are the Gators on that level? we'll see.
6-4 in the last decade vs. the Gators. Honestly to have the rivalry so close is interesting, typically it is one team pummeling the other for a decade plus at a time. Anyway, yes, beating your rivals is what College football is about. I enjoy it and at the end of the day it is no different than the Gator trolls on here treating it like an automatic that they are going to win this year in Jacksonville.
Mullen's gotta win. The monkey is on his back and I think he is in the Richt boat in that if you are going to be on the wrong side of this rivalry you had better be winning Nattys. Say what you want, but this is at best for the Gators a 50-50 game at this point (it's all talk anyway until teams start playing games and questions get answered)
It is a fair assessment...Georgia's offense could be flat again and lose to Bama and maybe Auburn but be up for the Florida Game (Clearly their best offensive show against actual competition last year). I have been saying the same with respect to "getting the rivalry" Kirby and Spurrier get it like no other coaches from either school in my life. Having said all that, the game will likely decide the East. Tennessee slipping into the fight at this stage would be a huge upset.
I will give credit where due to the Vols and proclaim them the Atlanta City Champions...Our big win against an Atlanta School was vs Tech and Clearly Ga State > Ga Tech! Good Job!
My wife is a Georgia State Grad and neither of us knew they even had a football team.
We know he isn't a Bama or a UGA fan. Lost Ohio State fan maybe?
As currently scheduled UGA would have both Clemson and Ohio State in the same season (30 or 31). That is a long time away so who knows if anyone will care but based on the teams when they made the schedule that is crazy!
Nonsense TheFulmerCup website shows Georgia hasn’t won it at all in the last 4 years. The last year I could find was 2010 so when you print up the bibliography for your “research” be sure to cite your kiester as that is where you seem to be pulling your data from. It would be something akin to the following: Kiester, My. “Random stuff I Made Up.” My Butt, 2020 Published.
Solid Analogy. Then again, I have been calling for this since Spurrier was throwing it all over the place back in the day so I am happy.
I grew up down there in the 80's. The Red and Black outnumbered the Orange and Blue. Then the trend reversed in the 90's. It is a strange rivalry in that one team typically owns the other for a decade plus at a time. We are sort of in a golden era currently with it being fairly evenly matched over the past 10 years even with UGA getting the last 3. It is strange for both schools to be good at the same time. Typically one is good and one stinks but when they are both on top...this rivalry becomes the stuff of legend. Good times.
Take away Huntsville and there really isn't any reason to step foot in Alabama. - A Huntsville Resident
Cowboys won it all in 1995...Last tima a major sports team won it all from Georgia...The Braves, 1995.
He is a returning QB and he is in the SEC (Didn't say returning QB FROM the SEC). The best bit is surely debatable at this point.
And what looks to be a QB friendly scheme...and a Defense that should ensure he has the ball plenty. The pieces are all there on paper. That is why he is getting the hype and folks are optimistic. But again, the only "He's gonna win the Heisman" hype I've seen are from writers looking for clicks or trolls.