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Country Music basically died with Waylon Jennings. Tim is just another couldn't make it in Rock country singer.
Honestly if you aren't in Huntsville, that kind of describes the state of Alabama.
Im pretty sure you are a piece of $#!+
"You may get another tomorrow." And you may get one at the Citrus Bowl too!
Good assessment. Florida is a real rival, but you respect them. Sucks to get beat by Tech because other than like 1992 or whenever it was Tech got half of a championship maybe, you always feel like you should beat them. And the only game they sell out at home is vs us because UGA fans buy up the tickets. Love beating Florida...just hate Tech.
FSU has more National Championships than Mizzou has division championships. Go sell your nonsense elsewhere.
Eh, I grew up watching in the 80's when it was an annual beat down the other was still our biggest rivalry as it was in the 90's and 2000's. It is only a recent thing that it is competetive...typically it has been punctuated by long periods of one team blowing out the other one.
I'm on your side. Hot Rod had a bad game. Still no issue whatsoever running him out there with the game on the line.
This isn't Mizzou or Arkansas or a program at rock bottom. This is a solid team with a Freshman QB that had a decent year. Therefore you don't just replace a guy to replace him. You have to have a guy that takes you to the next level. Really if you are going to get rid of a guy like Gus you had better have "Your Guy" all but locked up like Georgia when they canned Mark Richt. So to all of the naysayers, who would you bring in?
He completely outcoached the G.O.A.T. that game. And seriously..."That play worked, but it might not have so he is an idiot". What kind of nonsense is that. Everyone you don't give them the ball again? Man you must have coaching offers out the wazoo!
Solid comparison. Richt would put together good seasons and beat Florida from time to time, as well as the other rivals, but he never put them all together. Gus gives you some great wins, but can he get you over the hump? I don't know. But at the end of the day, who out there currently available is better?
He is just covering his bases with the committee in case the unthinkable happens and they get beat. He knows everyone is laughing. He doesn't care...he isn't talking to us. Man it would be funny if Virginia beat them. Won't Happen, but it would be funny.
Somewhere, in some nursing home, Lou Holtz is babbling on to anyone that will listen that Notre Dame should be ahead of UGA in the CFP rankings.
Unless you are still claiming Texas as beating a top 10 team. They have long since been exposed.
Yeah, offensive skill positions, maybe except for running back and that is close enough to not matter, I agree with you. Better schedule? I mean they both played Florida and Auburn and while Alabama is certainly better than Notre Dame we really don't know how much better. They played 2 teams and lost. LSU, sure...that happens and LSU was just better, but Auburn? Pretty far from playoff caliber. so it isn't like Georgia played a Pac 12 schedule or something...they are remarkably similar.
The line and the FPI say it will be close. The only people saying it is going to be a blowout are the LSU and Florida fans. LSU fans...I get it. Florida fans...heck back in the 90's I rooted for everyone playing Florida so I suppose I get that too.
Georgia hasn't even given up 21 points to a team this year. They are better than Florida and better than Auburn and LSU didn't beat either of them by 21.
Silly me. I was simply following recruiting and came to say this was a solid pickup. Guess you won't be in any of the SEC Championship articles then based on this standard.
I'm good with it. Last thing you want is your team buying into all that "Rat Poison". I get why Dabo was doing it...if the unthinkable does happen and Clemson gets beat, he wants to put that in the Committee's head. Georgia is number 4 with the worse loss out of all the contenders. That sure isn't disrespect.
Normally I'd put some stock in Georgia having an advantage due to playoff experience and it basically being a home game, But LSU had no issue going into Tuscaloosa so I don't know. Kirby has been here before. Then again, he has done a few boneheaded things while here too so who knows. It is nerve wracking as a Georgia fan because even if we do what we do and make them play our game that just means it is a close game in the 4th. If LSU dictates the game and it becomes a shootout then it is long over by the 4th unless Jake Fromm suddenly plays like it's the 2017 Rose Bowl.
Why on Earth would I expect a shootout. Georgia hasn't played one all season. If LSU scores a ton of points Georgia will get beat barring some sort of magic that we haven't seen all season. With respect to Fromm, He is a better QB than this. He has shown it in big games. Yes, it was Georgia Tech so I don't put much stock in the results, but Fromm finally establishing a raport with some of those receivers is promising. However Even if you buy into LSU not being great on Defense, it isn't really a Defense you figure on "figuring it out" against either. If Georgia wins, it is because their elite defense shut down LSU's elite offense and stumbled in to enough points to win. LSU typically doesn't score less than 40. UGA typically doesn't give up 20. Something has to give.
From a very real perspective, if this thing comes down to the punter and/or kicker, then it is pretty likely the game hasn't gone LSU's way.