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Weird. You mention the Duckpond. Did you apply to UF and didn't get in? From your writing, I understand why.
Surprise, surprise, the first comment on a Florida article is by a Georgia fan. Enjoy your N.C. I would respond to your comment, but I don't think it's fair to be mean to someone who is still learning the English language. Good luck, mate #esol
If we are going to talk history, how about you charge more for your use of the Packers logo. One recent NC, and Georgia fans act like they invented football.
Oh, so you're an old dude who thinks SNL is funny. Gotcha.
Nah, you have to cite sources. Quotation marks aren't enough.
I also have a question—why are you obsessed with Florida?
Do you have any original ideas? Oh, I can think of them already: "2008" "turds" "UF is irrelevant"—can you go beyond that?
When your mum lets you use the VCR, do you watch highlights of the 90s and get mad over and over again?
I figured it out! The Douche of War. I've been trying to figure out the acronym to the worst handle I've seen. I congratulated my friends who are Georgia fans after that deserved win, and then I come here and see y'all acting the same way as before the championship. Ugh.
On the other hand, many of Georgia’s players were able to stay due to draft deferments. I'm definitely not your bro: In 1942, "No. 1 Georgia brought a 7-0 record to Jacksonville to take on 3-4 Florida. What happened turned out to be the biggest margin of victory in the series as Charley Trippi and Frank Sinkwich combined for seven touchdowns to lead the Bulldogs to a 75-0 pasting of Florida." Ugh. Go Gators.
After all the bickering that goes on between UGA and UF fans on here, this comment gives me hope! We don't have DGG—which, by the way, I love "DGD" as a way of showing respect for certain players—but we probably do need something. Good luck against Michigan. #SEC
Do you have any original material? Or is it just the same recycled stuff that you use time and time again on here? This is how boring and predictable it is: I know what you'll post before you post it. Scores from the past, W-L records, weird invective, a strange obsession with UF resulting in nicknames that I'm sure took you far too long to come up with ("turds" and "truck stops" and "chumps" etc.). Worry about your own team.
Urban is Catholic. He was named after a Pope. I am not Mormon nor Catholic, so I'm not commenting for that, but your comment is a) inaccurate b) lame. So, par for the course, I guess.
This is the game that would be the most hype-worthy and probably deserving for both teams.
Ha ha! I also think he's trying to look to the NFL but, you know, I'm not sure if the league looks kindly at coaches who put in MINIMAL EFFORT.
This kind of thinking got Florida into the mess it is in now.
Ummmmm.... I don't think so. It's got some of the best high school football players, yeah, but the state has been raided for top recruits for, of, I dunno, the last decade. State tax: you think a coach actually thinks about that versus longevity/funding/boosters/track record? Top public uni? Yeah, coaches really care if they are coaching at a top academic institution. That's why such Ivy League schools as Alabama, Clemson, and Georgia have had such football success recently—the academics. Lol
Yeah, but now you won't get to obsess over him, which I think was a huge part of your social life.