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Kirby Smart is a great defense coach. He needs to get a better offensive assistant. However, I attribute the loss to being beat by a superior team. The Bama defense found its game late but it did ~ blanked the Dogs in 3 and 4. Georgia's defense is good gut not good enough to hold Mac Jones & company out of the end zone.
Best coach AU has had in my memory is about to become junior senator from Alabama. Roll Tide!
How can you say Ohio State belongs #2 and they haven't played a game?! Absurd! Also, if you consider strength of schedule, Bama belongs at #1. Let this stuff play out and then revisit this stupidity.
It spoils the enjoyment of a classic college football bout that was exciting and where both teams played worthy of the playoff berth they were honored with, when fans complain about officiating. Enjoy the games and commend the men for their efforts. Whining about a call is beneath you. Your team was excellent but the other made the plays to win it.
I use an iPad 2 with the latest os version. SDS pages are scrambled mess with what looks like a media player container over the text. Just recently this has become an issue. Same in the FB app or in Safari. Any ideas?
I think Bama may need to drop Shop Talk and go with something like "Talkin' Shop" ( if that's available) and get a different icon, not the same scissors. If the stuff is copyrighted already, they must cease and desist using James' property.