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Stupid post.If UGA wins out they are in. That's it. If they lose to LSU in the SEC champ game, the factor is going to be how much by. That south carolina loss is bad, really really bad. Would have been better off getting beaten by TN. Even with wins over Notre dame, Florida, and Auburn, a single loss could be forgiven. Not 2 losses though. I would like to see 3 sec teams make the playoff, but I don't see Ohio state losing at all. And Clemson all but will win out as well. Them two are lock ins. 2 spots open. SEC champ and the next best Sec team get in
We still beat you all with our back ups. You all duck d i c k georgia. You lost to vandy.
What i seen was that the depleted tennessee team fielded a team who physically incapable of competing with the high caliber players of bama. We had 3 rd string backers in. Missing 7 starterd. Reeves maybin and Kirkland would have sealed the edges. Sutton and formean. Our center whos a tank out hurt. Hopefully they get a trip to Atlanta with a more rested healed team. Either way, its not over.
Yeah, some shady calls. But we beat ourselves man..7 turnovers lol.
If tennessee was healthy this would have been even more fun. Missing 4 nfl caliber players hurt us.. But our fill ins play hard.. never quit never. Vols for life. You gators fans don't have the humble heart.
Lol. We kicked your alls a s s and u alI still are complaining. I'm a vols fan..we beat ourselves. With the injuries and adversity it shows the mental toughness that Jones instills enrolled in these boys. Your streak is over.. and ours is beginning. We have several monsters coming back next year with 5 star dormady... heck even Hurd and kamara may come back. Barnett and our whole offensive defensive lines come back. Our receivers. Juann Jennings will go pro his junior year, but now he's going to rape you all. Florida is done. Tennessee is back. Enjoy the streak GAYtors. Coach Jones and the vols are back
And miami better than tn? Their entire schedule is a bunch of weaklings..their only chance to prove their real is win the conference championship and finish undefeated
Tennessee is missing 3 nfl caliber players and they have had to rely on a banged up defense. Once Sutton, Kirkland, and Reeves maybin come back, tn has a front 4 that can raise hell lead by all American Derek Barnett. The vols offense did well last year without the depth they have this year. I like tennessee. They have already played 3 ranked teams and have showed toughness, grit, and skill all at the right times. That and a little gift at Athens
Log bus ride home there buddy. Coming into neyland. We should have Kirkland and Reeves maybin back too . If so. You don't take the lead with a minute to go
Obviously he didn't pick florida or your overrated bulldogs for a reason. Tennessee has the talent to compete for a national title this year. Georgia has another typical team. They will barely finish ranked if they do. Tennessee is back. Your turn to rebuild for years lol
Say what you want, but this tennessee can beat anybody in the nation. They'll continue to get better, especially when reebes maybin and Kirkland healthy. Then Sutton. Out front 4 with our backers is as prolific as anyone in the country. Our offense has yet to be consistent all 4 quarters. They Got chance hall back. They seem to not have as many plays with hurd and kamara in motion ,maybe to make Dobbs more.of a passing threat